Best Betting Odds for Basketball 2021

If you don’t know much about basketball - don’t worry, because someone around here does. We’ve figured out exactly how to find the best basketball odds in the UK so you don’t have to.

So if you don’t know your Michael Jordan from your George Michael, we’ve got all the information you need down below. Basketball wagers can get pretty complicated, although if you’ve seen The Last Dance or Space Jam then you’re part of the way there - check out this £30 in bet credits on 888 to get you started.

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Most Important Reasons To Compare the Best Basketball Odds

Although you may have registered with one bookmaker, we advise you to go through our best Basketball odds comparison to understand which bookie on the web gives you the most competitive odds. Once you know which one, the same amount of bet you place with them will yield you better profits.

We advise this whether you're looking for Golf betting odds (another popular American pastime), betting odds for MMA or even if you're looking for Rugby betting odds — we know, a strange one for US fans, but it's relatively popular overseas.

Besides, the Basketball odds comparison also helps you learn about new bookmakers, which you had no idea about. It may be possible that being a new one in the market, a specific bookmaker offers other deals like a generous welcome bonus or bonus bets or spins. It may have a better VIP program. The internet offers you a plethora of bookmakers to choose from. Using our basketball odds comparison, you actually widen your knowledge and use it to your best advantage.

Furthermore, odds keep changing regularly. Who has the time to go their individual official website to check the odds and then decide? Our basketball odds comparison can do all this work for you. Sit back and relax and just focus on your bets.

Online Vs. Offline: Chasing The Best Odds

Many punters who are new to online gambling may not feel secure when placing a bet online. However, let us assure you, placing a bet online is probably the best decision you will take. If you want to place a bet with the best betting odds for basketball, you cannot stick to your land-based shop. You need to extend your search, and that is possible only when you look online for the best bookmakers.

Online gambling offers the best bookmaker odds for Basketball because the selection is enormous and you can compare all the odds easily. Offline bookmakers may offer limited odds and it would be far more difficult to compare the odds that each offline bookmaker is offering. To get the best bookmaker basketball odds, it is advisable to place a bet with an online bookmaker. Besides the best odds for basketball, you are also welcomed with sign-up bonuses, bonus bets, and even VIP passes to some exclusive events if you are enrolled in their loyalty club. With the emergence of the best betting apps UK, betting has never been easier.

The History Of Betting Odds In Basketball

It is crucial to understand about the main odds associated with placing bets on Basketball — this is of course a much different experience to placing bets with F1 Odds, as Basketball is primarily a US-focused product.

Money line basketball betting:

Money line markets are the most used and most straightforward market for a punter to understand the cost of a bet. This form of basketball betting is merely placing money on a particular team to win the game. For instance, look at these money line odds for Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz:

Boston Celtics: 3.440

Utah Jazz: 1.364

In this example, if you staked £10 on the Jazz, you would get a return of £13.64, which covers your £10 stake. The profit you gain would be £3.64. Nevertheless, if the Celtics had won, you would lose your £10 as well. In the case where the Celtics win, your return would be £34.40, comprising your initial £10 stake, which would give you a profit of £24.40.

Handicap basketball betting:

If you learn how to use Money Line betting, betting on the handicap can become a helpful tool when one team is highly favored over the other. With handicap basketball betting, to handle the observed preference in ability, bookmakers allow a handicap to level the playing field. The handicap number is factored into the final score to determine the game's result for the bet. It means that the handicap result is, at times, different from the actual result. For instance, look at these two handicap bets:

Indiana Pacers: (-7.5) 1.862

Golden State Warriors: (+7.5) 2.050

If in the case where Pacers won the game (100 – 96), bets on their handicap would lose in reality. In the bet, they started the game with -7.5pts, and therefore we have to subtract 7.5 from their total score. This presents the match outcome 92.5 – 96 in favor of the Warriors.

If, in the case where the Pacers won 104-96, the adjusted handicap result is 96.5-96, which means the Pacers still win, also known as "covering the handicap."

Totals basketball betting:

It is also known as Over/Under betting, which means the combined points scored in a match will be "over" or "under" a fixed number. For instance, look at the total's odds for the Sacramento Kings vs. Miami Heat below:

Under 210.5: 2.110

Over 210.5: 1.962

If you had bet £10 on the match to be over 210.5 points, and the outcome was 116-98 (an aggregate total of 214 points), you would make a profit of £19.62 (£9.62 profit). If you had supported the total score as under 210.5 with the odds of 2.110, you would have failed the bet.

NBA odds are displayed in three popular formats. These are:

  • Decimal odds: The most commonly used method, where your stake is multiplied with the odds to get your profit.
  • Fractional odds: These are the ratio of the amount (profit) won to the stake
  • American odds: Also known as Moneyline odds, this is a type odds which lays out the amount of money a player must bet in order to win $100.00, or the amount of money the player wins on a bet of $100.00.

How Are Basketball Odds Being Calculated?

The first step taken by bookmakers is to create their lines based on who they think is most likely to win the match. From here, the odds are defined by how the public thinks the result is going to come out. As more and more money goes on one side of the line, bookmakers tend to adjust their betting lines. The goal of every bookmaker is to balance the odds between the favorite and the underdog as best they can so no matter who wins the match, it is them who make money. The more popular sportsbooks and casinos have a tendency to lead as they are setting the odds themselves, while smaller operators try to stay close to the changes. This can provide a great opportunity and seize on the potential value from a slow-moving line.

In the world of sports betting, even just a half-point movement can see people flood to that side of the line because there is so much value there. The bookmakers not only make money from losing bets, but they also make money by charging punters to use their site in the first place. This is why the house always seems to win. However, smart bettors will use a margin calculator to work out how much of their profits go to the bookmaker. The wise move it to use a best bookmaker basketball odds with the lowest vig.

Odds Betting Strategies

Basketball betting strategies are similar to betting strategies used in other sports. The game of basketball is using the same betting laws and rules known to you from other sports. .

You can get a number of basketball bets with any bookmaker. Keep in mind that the game of basketball is quite popular now worldwide and though most sports betting strategies are quite similar, basketball has a few special features. Achieving success in basketball betting, a punter needs to take these specifics of basketball betting in account while betting on a game.

  • Arbitrage betting: Also called spreads, or arb betting, it uses a spread between the odds set by bookies. Since combined odds decrease a bookie's profit margin, bettors are quite active in using arbitrage betting to get more benefits. To engage in arbitrage betting, punters need to select a number of bookmakers offering low-profit margins and with the highest max limits for betting. Here, helps you by listing all the best bookmakers who offer the best Basketball odds with the help of our Basketball odds comparison. Arbitrage betting is made possible because of the bookmakers' different views about certain athletes and teams. In case there is any question regarding any of the upcoming sporting events, the distinction between profit margins placed by the different bookmakers grows. In simple words, bookmakers consider the odds in a different manner. This difference gives rise to this arbitrage betting that enables bettors to get a victory regardless of the result of the match.
  • Matched Betting: At, we show you how to profit from basketball bonus bets and offers using a method called matched betting. Our basketball odds comparison tool and the other comparison tools help you identify which bookie is offering you the best signup and welcome bonuses or even bonus bets. This way, you can sign up with the bookmaker who provides the best betting odds for basketball and also grabs their exciting offers. You can also find guides on other sports, such as cricket betting sites.

The most popular basketball betting market is the NBA (National Basketball Association), although certain betting sites do support other leagues for basketball betting. The most popular betting options are point spreads (betting lines, handicaps), moneylines (head to head, match winner) and point totals (over unders).

These are only the most famous, and there are many more betting options available for each basketball game of the period. However, it's best, to begin with, these three betting options, as they are the most easy to understand. Further, once you gain enough knowledge and understanding about these betting options, you can play with the other exotic markets in the upcoming seasons.

In fact, the most profitable Basketball punters generally focus on one of these betting options. It's quite usual for veteran Basketball punters to concern themselves only with points spreads, while a few focus only on points totals. To become a successful punter, it is vital to specialize. Find which markets suit you the best and become a pro at it.

Odds Comparison FAQ

Q1. Is your Basketball Odds Comparison free of charge?

On, our Basketball odds comparison is for free. We offer you all the relevant details and easy to implement tips to learn more about the Basketball Betting Odds UK.

Q2. Why should I not rely on my standard bookie?

Before you rely on any particular bookie, it is important to do your homework, so you know where to place your bet on. Your bookie may be good and may provide you with good basketball betting Odds UK residents can use, but if there are others in the market that offer you the best betting odds in basketball, the best snooker odds, the best tennis odds or even going more niche and finding the best betting odds in CS:GO, why not give it a try and maximize your profits.

Q3. Why should I bet online, not offline?

Online gambling opens doors for a huge variety of competitive odds and because the casinos are licensed and regulated, you can trust them and take advantage of the best betting odds for basketball. Further, to avoid confusion, you can use our basketball odds comparison and finally decide which bookmaker to use to place your bets on by carefully checking all the basketball betting odds UK. Check out our gambling sites that accept PayPal and best bookmaker apps for free bets for tips on betting online.

Q4. Are the odds published by different bookmakers really that different? 

Yes. The odds published by each bookmaker generally include their commission as well. Every bookmaker depending on various other factors sets their odds. While the bigger bookies provide more competitive odds, you can use our comparisons to check out what suits you the best.

Q5. Where can I learn more about odds comparison?

At, you can learn a lot from our tips, reviews, and odds comparisons. We have a lot of resources for new and professional players in the UK and we display the best betting odds for Basketball.

Basketball Betting Odds UK

Basketball betting odds UK punters have a number of top online bookies to choose from. Those we feature on the website, are recommended by us because they are known to offer great betting odds for basketball.

Each match in the EuroLeague and NBA will be priced up alongside many other competitions on the site. Whether it is taking place during the regular season or during a playoff contest, the odds will be the same. The prices are available in either decimal or fractional form, and this can be changed from the bookmaker's settings.

Fractional odds are always available with many basketball betting tips sites using this format, as it is commonly used in the UK. If you placed a £10 bet on a 2/7 shot, you would get £12.85 should it be victorious.

As well as being a fantastic way of monitoring the live scores and results, online betting sites offer alternative markets such as handicaps and points spread, and these offer basketball punters much better value. Usually, these will be set at 17/20 or 10/11, which is odds-on but offers far better results. A £10 wager on a 10/11 shot would return £19.09.

Open Multiple Accounts

Bookmakers' odds for basketball are different for all bets on a single match. We know that the main reason for comparing odds is to maximize the potential winnings of your bet. However, it would be rather ineffective if you just compare and place a bet only with your registered bookmaker. Comparing the best betting odds for Basketball would not be beneficial if you do not have an account at several bookmakers.

For instance, if you want to place a bet on the European basketball match between Poland and France: Provider X offers a 9/10 for the success of the Blues against 7/10 at Provider Y. If you only have one player account at the provider Y, you can only potentially win £170 for a bet of £100, opposed to £190 if you had an account at provider X. On the other hand, if you had opened an account with both the operators, you could then bet on the Best Betting Odds for Basketball and thus get the maximum winnings for your basketball bet.

Of course, it's also worth checking that your chosen bookie has some special offers on - such as the latest William Hill deposit code or the latest BetVictor sign up offers.

Conclusion takes out the manual work out of odds comparison to save you time and inform you of the best basketball betting odds UK punters can find. We advise you to come back regularly to see all the latest tips and updates on the basketball betting odds UK bettors can use. Usually, the bookmakers tend to be strong in one area and weak in another, but in betting, anything can change.

With, you get monthly updates, proper analysis of the most popular betting sports and bookmaker reviews. We'll show you how and where to find the best bookmaker odds for basketball, the top betting odds for rugby, golf best odds and you can even find the best greyhound betting sites. That's just the tip of the iceberg, it's harder to find a sport that we don't cover!

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