Best Betting Odds for NBA 2020

Our NBA Odds Comparison

When it comes to basketball, there is no bigger or better competition than the NBA. As a result, it comes as little surprise that a huge amount of punters now place bets on games from across the pond. However, finding the best betting odds for the NBA is not always easy, with so many bookmakers now delivering markets in this area. NBA odds comparison helps punters to ensure that they are taking advantage of nothing but the best prices online, bringing about attractive potential winnings at the same time.

Why Compare NBA Betting Odds?

Whether you are new to the world of sports betting or consider yourself a seasoned pro, it is always important to compare the odds found on different bookmaker sites before staking your own money. Bookmaker odds for the NBA will often differ considerably, some sites choosing to specialise in certain areas, with basketball potentially being one such area. The prices offered by bookies should give punters the chance to make some significant winnings when betting on the NBA, whether it be an upcoming game between the Golden State Warriors and the LA Lakers or an outright punt on the Toronto Raptors winning the Championship. So, before you start backing your favourite basketball teams and players, be sure to check out our NBA odds comparison page, allowing punters the knowledge that they are utilising nothing but the best betting odds for the NBA.

Online vs Offline: How to Find the Best NBA Betting Odds UK

Previously, the only way to place bets was in high street bookmaker shops. However, advancements in technology now mean that the majority of bets are now placed at online sportsbooks, with many such platforms catering for basketball fans. One of the main advantages of placing bets online, rather than offline, is the ability to know the exact prices and potential returns on offer. As such, NBA odds comparison pages are vital for punters, with online bookies also delivering a variety of additional features in order to help you along the way. Bookmakers offering the best betting odds for the NBA are likely to also deliver when it comes to in-play basketball markets, promotions and potentially even live streaming, with each adding to the overall user-experience.

The History of NBA Betting Odds

The NBA has been around since back in 1946, having been widely regarded as the biggest and best basketball league in the world ever since. However, it has only been in the last 20 years that fans of the sport have been in a position to bet on their favourite teams and players, whether that be with their high street or online bookmaker.

When it comes to NBA betting odds in the UK, punters will wish to view prices in a way that suits their needs. The odds are the price set by bookmakers for a particular outcome to occur, whether it be for the Chicago Bulls to beat the New York Knicks or Lebron James to be the highest scoring player in an upcoming NBA game. Punters should be on the lookout for the best betting odds for the NBA, with your expert knowledge of basketball potentially leading to value bets, which potentially provide significant winnings. In terms of the way in which NBA betting odds in the UK are displayed, the following are likely to be on offer to punters:

Decimal Odds Explained

As the second-most common method of displaying NBA betting odds in the UK, understanding decimal odds is hugely important. Also known as European odds, decimal odds are relatively simple to calculate, with your stake multiplied by the specific odds being your potential payout. For example, in the event of a punter staking £5 on the Los Angeles Lakers to win their next game in the NBA at odds of 2.1, a successful bet would result in a total payout of £10.50.

Fractional Odds Explained

Fractional odds are popular for bettors in the UK, while they are also widely regarded as the oldest format, having originally been used in horse racing and now regularly included in NBA betting odds UK bookmakers feature. Fractional odds are, unsurprisingly, delivered as a fraction, with the second figure being the amount that must be bet in order to win the first number. For example, the Golden State Warriors may be priced at odds of 2/5 for their next NBA game, meaning that £5 must be bet in order to make a profit of £2.

American Odds Explained

Depending on the information gained via NBA odds comparison pages, American odds may have to be understood from time to time. When it comes to American odds, there is normally a clear favourite and an underdog. The favourite will come with a – symbol, while underdogs will have a +. For example, if an in-form Toronto Raptors are facing the Atlanta Hawks, then the Raptors are likely to be given odds of around -200, while the Hawks will be available to back at around +300.

How are NBA Odds Calculated?

When it comes to calculating  NBA betting odds in the UK, bookmakers take a number of factors into account when it comes to the NBA. With betting on basketball having become hugely popular over recent years, bookies must ensure that odds are accurate, with punters waiting patiently for what they deem to be high value bets. With that being said, the following factors are generally considered when delivering NBA odds:

Form – It is not uncommon for NBA teams to go on winning streaks, with each victory bringing further confidence, heightening their chances of coming out on top next time out in the process – which can be reflected in the best betting odds for the NBA.

Players – The players in which NBA coaches have at their disposal is also likely to have an impact upon a result, with injuries and suspensions being taken into account as a result.

Motivation – If one team needs a win to reach the playoffs, while their opponents are already out of the running, their enhanced motivation for victory could see them offered shorter odds.

Head to Head – The head to head records of NBA teams are always interesting reading, with recent results also likely to have an impact upon how odds are calculated.

Home Advantage – It is well-known that home advantage is significant in the NBA, with those playing in front of their own fans regularly coming out on top.

NBA Betting Strategies

In addition to ensuring you are always able to find the best betting odds for the NBA, there are a number of strategies available to punters hoping to regularly beat the bookmakers. While there is no one strategy that guarantees success, the following have long been popular for bettors:

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

Also known as arb betting, this form of wagering on the NBA will involve exploiting the odds found on different bookmaker sites. For times when price differences are clear, punters can guarantee that a profit is made, with multiple bets being required in order to take advantage.

Value Betting Strategy

For basketball fans who have an excellent understanding of the NBA, including the players and teams involved, value betting may well be for you. Your knowledge surrounding the sport may well be better than that of your bookmaker, meaning that you may disagree with the odds being offered. In the event of a market being, in your opinion, priced incorrectly, a value bet may well be possible.

The Most Popular NBA Betting Markets

Those searching for the best NBA betting odds will quickly see that there are a huge number of markets available with online bookmakers today. However, it is the following which are among the most popular at present:

1×2 – As with many other sports, betting on the winner of an individual NBA game is still the most popular option for punters.

Total Points – Depending on the players on show, punters may also wish to bet on the total number of points scored during an NBA encounter, whether it be over or under a set figure.

NBA Outright – Those who are looking for a more long-term bet should consider betting on which team will win the NBA title, reach the end of season Playoffs or win their Conference.

Half Time/Full Time – Which team is on top in an NBA game will often change on a regular basis, making betting on who will be on top at half time, as well as full-time, an appealing market.

Quarters – NBA games are made up of four quarters, with the possibility of overtime being needed too, with many bookmakers offering markets surrounding specific quarters as a result.

Most Points – The likes of Lebron James, James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo regularly finish NBA games as the highest points scorers, with online bookmakers today giving punters the opportunity to bet on such an outcome.

NBA Odds Comparison FAQ

When it comes to the NBA odds comparison, the following are some of the most commonly asked questions, along with our expert answers.

1. Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

There may well be charges involved when odds comparison sites are involved, with punters being recommended to only pay if they are really going to benefit from the services on offer. While NBA odds comparison sites are certainly useful, paying for such services in order to access the best betting odds for the NBA is not necessary thanks to the free service we provide right here on

2. Why should I not bet with my standard bookie?

There is nothing to stop punters signing up with more than one bookmaker. As a result, NBA odds comparison sites will quickly allow punters the chance to see where the best prices are found. As such, betting with your normal bookie may not be the wisest choice, making signing up elsewhere well worthwhile.

3. Are there differences between online vs offline odds?

The best bookmaker NBA odds are regularly found online rather than in betting shops, and it’s also worth noting that not all high street bookies will accept bets when it comes to the NBA.

4. What is a value bet in the NBA?

Punters who are able to regularly find value bets are likely to be in a good position to add to their bank balance. A value bet arises when your feeling is that a particular NBA market has been incorrectly priced, based on your opinion of the teams involved.

5. What should I consider before placing my first NBA bet?

Before placing your first bet on the NBA, it is important to come up with a betting strategy and budget, which will ensure that you stick to bet types and markets in which you are comfortable with. Having done so, carry out research, taking into account the form and player availability surrounding the teams involved, and then make sure you have found the best NBA betting odds in the UK for your chosen selection.

NBA Odds Comparison Conclusion

It should now be abundantly clear as to just why odds comparison sites are so important when it comes to finding the best betting odds for the NBA, with such platforms ensuring that punters are taking advantage of nothing but the very best basketball odds on the web. With so many bookmakers delivering odds surrounding NBA games today, there is no reason to stake on unappealing market prices. While there are no guarantees when it comes to betting on the best basketball odds, it is all the more attractive when you know that you are utilising the best NBA betting odds in the UK.

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