Best Betting Odds for Formula 1 2021

F1 is the only type of motor racing you even need to be paying attention to, especially if you’re a punter looking to branch out. There’s a massive market, plenty of action and fast cars.

What more could you want? Well, possibly £30 in bet credits from Betfred, but other than that you’ll find everything you need to smash into the F1 betting markets down below – don’t be sticking your money on Hamilton every week. There’s more to F1 betting than that, and he’ll lose eventually… probably.

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Most Important Reasons to Compare Odds

In case you’re new to betting, the first and most important thing that you should learn is to understand the different types of betting odds. It is known that betting usually provides us with the ability to predict the results of an event. Just like any other market, the case is similar to F1 races. Although odds come in different types, each bookmaker has its own odds when it comes to the races. Therefore, it is important to compare the odds of the best bookmakers to make decent money. For example, if you are rolling dice, there are six different outcomes that you can experience. If you are betting that a person will roll ‘one’, the possibility of it to happen is 16.67%. Similarly, when you are betting on a particular automobile, the probability of it winning is (1/n*100)%. The Best Bookmaker Formula 1 Odds will make you understand the likeliness of a particular thing to happen. Most of the Formula 1 Betting Odds UK represents the odds either in the fractional form or in decimal form.

  • Formula 1 Odds Comparison can help you in understanding how likely an event is to happen.
  • Formula 1 Odds Comparison can help you understand about the money that you can win.
  • Formula 1 Odds Comparison can give you clarity about the complexities in the event.
  • Formula 1 Odds Comparison stands as a guide for explaining the odds to enable you to calculate profits and losses.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the Best Odds

A key difference between the online betting odds and the offline betting odds is the credit. With the online sites, you can only use the money that is right away with you.  This is not the case with the offline bookies, who let you wager with the credit. In case when you have lost based on the credit, you will have to pay at that point. While this might turn advantageous to few bettors, most of the time, it is a disadvantage.

The best odds are always clear when it comes to online gambling. You don’t have to worry about money management or the level of discipline through the Best Bookmaker Formula 1 Odds. Even when lost, you can track the wagers online and calculate your own odds to prepare yourself for a possible win. Another disadvantage of offline betting odds is that they can figure their betting habits over a long time, which is why you can’t trust the same bookie and win again and again.

Online betting is a predictable option because of the best betting odds for Formula 1 available. Even if you are an introvert, you can place wagers with ease because of the online interfaces. These interfaces come with many benefits, based on your own figures and needs. That being said, you can find the bookmaker odds for Formula 1, and go with the best bookmaker in the town. However, if you’d like to bet on the go, then we’d recommend you have a read of our guides to the latest Android Betting apps and mobile casino bonus providers.

The History of Betting Odds in Formula 1:

The first United States Grand Prix was won by Bruce McLaren of Cooper-Climax, back in 1959 at Sebring. This 1960 United States Grand Prix edition was held at Riverside, California, in 1957, where Stirling Moss has won his first United States Grand Prix. Even though there are many other F1 races apart from the United States Grand Prix like the United States Grand Prix West, the former is the most known since the 1970s. When Formula 1 quit Watkins Glen after the win of Alan Jones’ back in 1980, the Grand Prix was resumed from happening until 1989. It is 1989; three races were held in which Alain Prost has won the first, followed by Ayrton Senna in the next two races. F1 has been considered as one of the most acknowledged automobile brands that stand as a synonym for speed, ever since.

  1. Circuit de Monaco: During the last eight seasons, the Winner of Grand Prix is from the pole position. But if we observe the races since 2007, at least four of the races have the starting three positions finish gracefully at the podium. As a result, the pole sitter has the highest odds in this race, as it is difficult when it comes to overtaking.
  2. Circuit de Catalunya: The last decade has been very predictable for this circuit as all the winners came from the pole position. The 2011 winner was an exception, as he started at the 2nd position. However, F1 is adjusting this circuit to make it easier for overtaking, but if they are not making any changes, you can bet at the grids.
  3. The Yas Marina Circuit: Hosted at Abu Dhabi, this circuit also favors the qualifiers. However, it is reported that the track officials are asked to change the course towards overtaking, which is why we are not yet sure about the betting odds.

On observing the history of the F1 races, it is seen that most of the circuits are repeatedly adjusted in order to accommodate the overtaking opportunities. But with the adjustments, it will be difficult to predict the Best Betting Odds for Formula 1 and to pick the winners instead of just going with the pole. Most of the races are won by the pole positions or by the aggressive passers who start even in the 3rd position or farther.

Types of Formula 1 Betting odds:

There are too many ways in which the bookmakers usually express their odds from different parts of the world in different formats. For example, a British gambler would prefer fractions while a European would prefer decimals. Apart from these, there are special odds known as American odds, specially written for the Americans. Bookmakers will always offer Best Betting Odds for Formula 1 in different formats to cater to all kinds of players. The most common betting odds are:

    1. Decimal Odds: Decimal/European Odds will provide gamblers with a number as you can calculate the total returns, including the stake. For example, if you have a bet with decimal odds of 3.0, and your stake is 10; the profit is usually 30. To calculate the profit from any odd, you can simplify the stakes with this odd and subtract the stake from the number to get the profit. You can convert the fractional odd into the decimal odd, by just dividing the top number of the fraction with the bottom number. Decimal odds will allow you to extend flexibility so that you will gain interest in learning about matchbooks and bet fairs.
    2. Fractional Odds: Fractional odds can lead to inaccuracies, but most of the UK bookmakers prefer the fractional odds just because they can be established in patterns. For example, when you take the stake and multiply it with the fractional odds, you can see the profit that you can win. Say your odds are 5/6, and your stake is 100; your profit would be 5/6*100 = 83.3. In most of the cases, the step-up of the odds can create larger gaps, and the step down can create discounted odds. This innate flexibility makes the format a little less accurate when compared to other formats.


  • American odds: The American Odds will enable the gambler to know about the profits if he is betting 100 and if the odds are above 2.0, or how much he has to bet in order to win 100 if the odds are below 2.0.

How are Formula 1 Odds Calculated?

There are multiple markets that stay available for every individual in each season of the Grand Prix. The Formula One gamblers can be involved with bets on longer options while the bookmakers calculate their odds. Most of the time, the odds are calculated based on the positions of the racers. The popular odds of the Grand Prix are found in the Driver’s Championship, where we can find a man with the maximum points in the campaign. Besides, there are other factors that the bookmakers consider while calculating the odds like the tire sets that the teams are allowed to use. Followed by the chewing time of the tires, the bookmakers also keep a solid track on the rule changes both during the off-season and during the season.

A bookmaker will also see that the team strategies and execution are also important while calculating the odds. More often than not, some teams can make quirky and capable decisions which help them in giving an edge to the race. By planning minute things like pit stops, few teams can create huge differences that can enable them to win. Another factor that the bookmakers consider while calculating the odds is the weather. Hot weather or rainy weather can create a harder impact on the results.

Formula 1 Odds Betting Strategies:

  1. Constructors’ Championship Odds: The championship market is very similar to the drivers market. These odds will tell us to bet on the manufacturer who provides the best cars along with the drivers in the campaign. Each manufacturer has two cars for every Grand Prix, which is why you can just bet on the basis of the points by estimating who will have the highest points at the end of the tournament.
  2. Grand Prix Outright Winner Odds: Every Grand Prix has an option that allows you to bet on the winner. This bet is known as the money line bet, which is extremely easy. Few bookmakers refer to it differently, but this bet is all about the winner who takes the chequered flag. The Money line bets are easier to predict because you will always have a set of drivers who you know has a higher probability of winning the race.
  3. Driver vs. Driver Match Bets: If the result is being prohibitive of odds, you can always opt for the alternative prop bets, known as the Match Bets. A sportsbook will allow you to pick two drivers in the Match Bets, and the punter can decide who will end up in the high position. In some cases, you can even opt for the three drivers and choose one in the straight fight.
  1. Fastest Lap Odds: The fastest lap market is difficult to predict when compared to other F1 betting markets. In case you have observed the entire 2018 season, you can see the winner is not the one who has done the fastest lap. It is always some outsiders who deliver these laps out of the contention on the field. Even when a driver is far from winning, he can still be open to speed, and it just takes one exceptional lap in order to win this fastest bet.
  2. ‘Will a Safety Car Appear in the Race’ Bet: There are numerous reasons why a safety car appears in the race. There is a separate market which allows the gamblers to see if this can happen or not. In modern-day, the vehicles are deemed to be safer, which is why the profits made on this bet are relatively low. In case the weather is bad, the possibility of a safety car being called out is more. Therefore, reliable weather can play a huge part in this particular bet.
  3. Podium Finish Odds: Formula 1 Races do not have each way bettings, but to compensate them, we have Podium Finishes. In each Grand Prix, you can bet if a selective driver will finish the podium in the top three positions. This is a safer betting option because the winning probabilities are more with a single stake on the possibility.
  4. Pole Position: Pole position is a popular betting market where you can wager if the driver who has the pole position will reach the qualifying portion of the Grand Prix. If at all, the driver at the pole reaches the portion, you will win the bet with a decent profit.

Irrespective of the betting markets, there are always certain F1 drivers who can benefit you in every bet. The most outstanding driver in this season is Lewis Hamilton, who won his 5th title back in 2019. He is back with his Mercedes automobile for a new campaign. Following him is Valtteri Bottas, who won two pole positions and held a record for the highest number of fastest laps in the last campaign. Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari is another challenger of Hamilton who has a total of 5 Grandprix victories. The remaining three of the top six are Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, and Max Verstappen, who are worth watching across various markets.

Formula 1 betting odds FAQ:

Q1: Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

The odds comparison at is free of charge. We analyze each betting market with in-depth focus, we list out all the factors and then write odds so that there won’t be any miscalculations about them. Our Best Betting Odds for Formula 1 are accurate. With a record of historical data about all the F1 races, we don’t just list out the winning probabilities but will give you odds with valid reasons, without charging you a penny.What’s better is that we have a wide range of odds comparisons like the best tennis odds to more niche markets like the best Counter-Strike odds comparison.

Q2: Why should I not bet with my standard bookie?

Betting with the standard bookie might make them understand your strategies. Even when you win in the short term, you can’t make good money in the long run by using the same tricks. You will not receive any new promotional offers/bonus codes once you have played with them for a period. You won’t be able to take advantage of their perks, which is why you have to switch between multiple bookmakers for your own good as well as an adrenaline rush.

Q3: Are there differences between online vs offline odds?

While the offline bookies will allow you to negotiate, you can’t wisely wager because you won’t have any historical data associated with the F1 racers. In contrast, you can observe all the related data of the Prix and the drivers before wagering online, making it preferable. You’ll also have a whole host of different payment options; just take a look at our online bookmakers that accept Skrill and EcoPayz gambling sites for a great insight into all the different types of options available.


The best UK sports betting sites for Formula 1 odds usually will give you the probabilities of an event to happen while allowing you to work out the money that you can win through a bet. Our betting odds comparison tool will give you odds in all the markets and formats. On top of that, we will also give you the sections to win so that you will have the complete knowledge of betting odds for Formula 1 and others the Esport game odds, Rugby game odds and Horse racing betting odds etc.

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