Best Betting Odds For Football 2022

Everyone and their reserves have put money on football at some point in their lives, but it’s another thing to crunch the numbers and make a smart bet on your chosen team - that’s what we’re making happen.

Does anything feel as good as your backed team scoring in the final seconds of the game to bag a fortune? The answer is no, so here’s our overview of the best betting odds in football right now - £30 in bet credits from 888 -whether you’re a red, a blue, or some shade of pink.

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Most important reasons to compare odds

As a beginner, you might ask - why do I need to compare Euro 2021 betting odds before betting? However, if you ask seasoned pros, they will tell you it is a crucial step in the process of betting with Bethard and other sites. Here are some reasons you should compare football odds and find the best betting sites with high odds:

  1. Understanding how the market works: Before you place a bet, as a punter you need to research and be informed about football as a sport, and how football betting works. This can be a challenge for someone who has just started betting. Different bookmakers have different odds that they publish. Once this is published, punters place their bets. Understanding the different odds published and comparing them can give you a better idea of the market. With time, you will realise that odds are largely a reflection of the expectations of the general audience from a particular team.
  2. Getting the best return on your stake: even if your stake is the same amount on two different betting sites, the performance you get might differ. The purpose of betting in the first place is to maximise your return. There are generally small differences between odds published by different bookmakers. You, as a punter, would want to make sure you get the highest returns possible. This makes Football Odds Comparison essential.
  3. To enjoy the betting journey: The history of football betting shows how much people have liked football as a sport, often considered as a religion such is the passion surrounding it. Not only do such people follow the sport, but also the teams and players very carefully. Football Odds Comparison and getting the best deal can be a motivation for beginners and can help them enjoy the process. In olden days, betting was a recreational activity - and remains to be so for many today. Therefore, what’s better than getting the maximum money you can, while enjoying football betting too? Best Bookmaker Football Odds can help you understand and get insights on your betting journey.

Online Vs Offline - Chasing The Best Odds

Bookmakers have different ways in which they calculate the odds of a specific football team winning a game. This depends on a lot of factors like the players, how they have been performing in the last few games, their popularity and even the coaches that train them. After assessing the odds, bookmakers publish them on their sites. You can also go to certain bookmakers physically and place your bets. However, is betting online really better than betting offline? The answer is yes! Football Betting Odds UK can give you the reasons why you should bet online and also compare odds:

  1. You can compare odds online: betting offline means going to a bookmaker in a physical shop and placing your bet. This takes away your power as a punter to compare odds listed and advertised by different bookmakers. To make sure you are placing your money with the right bookmaker, it is important to compare odds, which can only be done online.
  2. Save time: in today’s world, we don’t have time to ‘stand and stare’. How can the younger proportion of the population be expected to physically go to the shops and spend all their time there? Moreover, it is difficult for them to look for different bookmakers offline and compare odds physically. In addition to that, travelling can take up a lot of time. So why not leverage technology lying in your hands, pockets and desks to save time and make more money? Our guides to the best bookmaker UK and best online betting deals will supply you with all the information you need to get started!

History of Football Betting Odds

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Football players are almost as famous as any film industry celebrity or politician. However, football betting was not so popular in its early days. Betting on football matches was more friendly, mostly amongst a group of friends. If you wanted to place a formal bet in those days, it would’ve probably been complicated.

As the sport became more popular, more and more people started following it religiously. Official football betting became more widespread in the 1960s, especially in the UK. Following this period, the sports fans saw a lot of popular leagues come up, which are famous even today. Initially, the concept of ‘fixed odds’ was all that was on offer, but betting has become a lot more sophisticated and developed since, especially in the online marketplace. This changed over the years. Now you can bet on football on betting exchanges or even live in play as you're watching a game.

Different Odds Types

Football Odds  and Euro 2021 betting odds winner have different forms of representations. Some are more popular in particular countries than others. Understanding, reading and interpreting football odds is a primary step in betting, especially for beginners. Odds not only tell you what people think about a particular team winning but also the profit or total payout you can get. It might be confusing and a little complicated in the beginning, but with time you will realise it is a great skill.

Best Betting Odds for Football can help you read odds that have been published by different bookmakers. There are three central representations of reading odds, these are fractional odds, decimal odds and the American Moneyline odds.

  1. Fractional Odds: This form of representation is more prevalent in the UK, and is more widely used. It might be a slightly stricter representation because of the calculation you might have to do. This form is represented by a slash, i.e., “/” or a hyphen, i.e., “-”. So when a bookmaker says the odds are four is to one, this is written as 4-1 or 4/1. This can also be considered as the ratio between your profit and your stake. So, for every £1 you put in, you will get an advantage of £4 and so, your total payout will be £5 (this includes your £1 stake).
  2. Decimal Odds: The Decimal odds style of representation is more prevalent in other parts of Europe and Canada. It is a relatively easy way of understanding your payout. If a team has 5.00 odds, this means you will get back £5 for every £1 that you put in. If you want to find out your total payout, you only need to multiply the initial stake with the decimal odds.
  3. American Odds: Also known as Moneyline Odds, this is the most popular odds representation format in the US, but can be a little more complicated to understand. These odds are represented by a positive (+) or a negative (-) sign. If it is a positive number, it shows your profit on $100 that you wage. So if the odds are +150, you will get a profit of £150 for every £100 you put in, making your total payout £250. Negative odds represent the amount of money you have to wager to win a profit of £100. So if a particular team has odds of -130, this implies that you have to wager £130, to get a profit of £100. This makes your total payout £230.

It is useful to understand the above-mentioned representations of odds. This also makes odds comparison easier. In addition to this, it helps you know the game and which team is expected to perform better than the other. If you're looking to get into a couple of other sports as well, try our best tennis odds or best greyhound betting sites guides.

How are football odds calculated?

Different bookmakers swear by different methods of calculating football odds, but the odds they ultimately publish are most commonly very close to each other. There are a variety of factors that come into play while determining odds. Nevertheless, most of these calculations depend on sound data that is collected over time. Bookmakers usually have access to this data, which they use to predict the different odds.

  1. Previous results: Data analysts and bookmakers heavily rely on the last few games that a team has played. This shows what form the team is in and if they are predicted to win or lose against their opponents. The winning graphs are essential to predict odds accurately.
  2. Team Dynamics: The dynamics between the team players is of great importance in a sport like football. Football is a game of coordination and teamwork, and so the team dynamics need to be accounted for. If there is proper coordination between the players and the coach too, there are higher chances of winning.
  3. Injuries: Some injured players can be a massive loss to the team. With a single player not playing a game, the score can drastically be affected. To consider this is a crucial step to predict the odds.
  4. Money Projections: Sometimes, bookmakers might know that a particular team might lose, but they also know how popular the team is. They take advantage of the loyal fans and followers of the team and might change the odds. These odds will win them more money. Odds, when published, are not only the actual data analysis results. This takes into account the public popularity and demand of the team and its players too.

Odds Betting Strategies

There are different betting strategies that professionals use to win more money. Two popular ones are Arb Betting Strategy and Matched Betting Strategy. These are explained here:

  • Arb betting strategy

Also called arbitrage betting strategy, this strategy involves you taking advantage of different prices offered by different bookmakers. You might not be able to do it on trending betting days when there is stricter monitoring by the bookmaker management. It is difficult to find the perfect opportunity to see an arb. This is a popular strategy, but not for the most popular matches.

For example, there are two teams, A and B playing a game, and there are two betting sites X and Y. Site X has 2.4 odds on team A, while site Y has 2.4 odds of team B. As a punter following the arb betting strategy, you will place £100 each on Team A at X and Team B at Y. Your total stake is £200. If Team A wins, you win £240 back, making you a profit of £40 overall. This will also be the case if Team B wins. So, no matter which team wins, you have got both outcomes covered.

  • Matched Betting Strategy

This is another popular low-risk strategy. This strategy makes you take advantage of promotions and welcome offers that bookmakers offer. People who follow this strategy often go to different bookmakers to use this offer the first time they place bets with them. This strategy does not depend on your luck as a punter. You bet on both outcomes, on winning and losing of a specific team, which rules out your chances of losing money. In this case, all results are covered. So, if you put £5 in for a team winning and £5 for the same team losing, you don’t win or lose any money. However, because of the promotion, you are entitled to a bonus bet. Using these bonus bets, you can make more money without betting anything in the first place.

Along side our football betting odds tips, we have carefully selected reviews such as best online bookies for football to ensure that with your new secured knowledge you can place bets confidently with only the best bookmakers.

Football is followed in different intensities across the globe and there are various football leagues across the world, each with its own impressive fan following.

Leagues: Leagues like the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League are extremely popular in Europe. This makes information and data readily available on the internet. So, betting on leagues like these helps you make more informed decisions about the bets you place. Another prestigious league that sees many punters is the German Bundesliga which is a fierce competition amongst teams in Germany. Different leagues have different odds for teams, but there is a huge fan following base for each one of them.

Countries: In the UK, as well as many parts of Europe, football is one of the most predominant sports and competition between bookies is fierce. If you're one of many bettors that focuses on football, then you'll no doubt be looking the best Premier League odds, potentially La Liga best odds and of course the very best FA Cup odds. If that's the case, then our comparison tool and betting guides were made for you.

Odds Comparison FAQ

Q1. Is your odds comparison free of charge?

Yes, the odds comparison service is free of charge. We have a lot of different odds comparisons from MM odds, to tennis and to more niche markets like our Counter-Strike odds comparison.

Q2. Why should I not rely on my standard bookie?

You can find good value by comparing odds on offer from different bookmakers. It is best to confirm with reviews and then place a bet when you have made a detailed comparison of the odds on offer from several bookmakers. Be sure to read up on our blacklisted bookmaker online and blacklisted casinos online to make sure you choose a reliable, trusted operator for your next bet.

Q3. Are there differences between online vs offline odds?

There can be differences between the odds you'll find online and those in a betting shop. It is a good idea to use our betting guides to help you compare them more effectively.

Q4. Are the odds published by different bookmakers really that different?

Yes! The odds published by a bookmaker generally includes their commission as well. This saves them from losses and ensures they get a part of the bet. This commission varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. The vig or the overround is the commission they receive. The purpose of Football Odds Comparison is to help you find the bookmakers with the lowest commission, so you can maximise your payout.

Q5. Where can I learn more about odds comparison?

Following tips from our experts on Football Betting Odds UK is a good way to kick-start your journey. Apart from this, we at provide informative and helpful Odds Comparison to help players in winning. Remember, these tips are also useful for cricket betting sites - among many others.


Our Best Betting Odds for Football can give you the perfect overview you would need to start your journey as a punter. Football Odds Comparison is an efficient way to make sure you are maximising your profits and minimising risks and losses. The Football Betting Odds UK review is a collaboration of the best experts in the field, to help you win more money and understand the game. Best Bookmaker Football Odds will help you understand the psyche of different bookmakers and potentially also beat their odds to win more money. Before placing any bets, you might also want to check out our gambling sites PayPal and best bookmaker apps for free bets guides.

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