Best Betting Odds for Champions League 2021

Our Champions League Odds Comparison

Alert: best Champions League betting odds right here people - and with the crackers that pop up in Europe every year, we think you’ll need a bit of expert knowledge. Enter

Here you can quickly find the best Champions League betting odds in the UK - meaning it’s never been easier for punters to wager on this legendary football tournament. For deals like this up to £100 bonus at Bet365, read on.

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Why you need to compare bookmaker odds for Champions League football

Anybody who’s searched for the best bookmaker Champions League odds or Euro 2021 odds will know that there are plenty of options out there. This is because this tournament is probably the biggest club competition of the year. As a result, all decent bookmakers will be desperate to put on Champions League betting odds UK customers can use to lay down their bets.

The sheer quantity of bookmaker odds for Champions League football means that it would take you a long time to find which betting sites with high odds are giving you the best price for your bets. But our Champions League odds comparison service can instantly help you find the best value bets.

This is because we are able to instantly scan all of the odds for anything from the group stages to the actual final to make sure that you’re getting the best betting odds for Champions League football. What’s great is that you can even use this service to find the best Europa League odds too.

Go online to get the best bookmaker Champions League odds

It’s hard to believe that little over a couple of decades ago you would actually have to go to a betting shop to put down your football bets. But thanks to the rise of internet technologies, you can relax at home and browse football odds from a massive range of quality bookmakers.

The online domain is packed with betting sites who will be competing to give you the best in Champions League betting odds. UK customers can therefore pick and choose from all of the odds on offer to make sure that they are getting the best value bets possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re betting on English clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, or European titans like Barcelona, Juventus or Bayern Munich, as all bets are treated equal in our Champions League odds comparison. So while there’s nothing wrong with visiting that old-fashioned betting shop, if you want the greatest selection of odds for Champions League matches, you’ll need to take your bets online.

The history of betting odds in the Champions League

The Champions League took over from the European Cup in 1992. It basically takes the top league-winning teams in Europe and puts them together through a series of group stages and knock-out rounds.

While massive clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan and Liverpool have had their fair share of success in the Champions League, it’s important to note that smaller sides have been capable of delivering plenty of upsets. After all, Bayer Leverkusen came close to winning the Champions League in 2002.

As a result, you’ll find bookmakers will offer plenty of bets for this tournament and Euro 2021 winner odds. From outright bets on the overall winner of this year’s Champions League to bets on the winner of each individual match, there’s plenty to choose from.

But it’s important to get your head around the different odds formats before you lay down your Champions League bets. While most bookies allow you to switch the odds formats, it never hurts to boost your betting knowledge when using Champions League betting odds UK.

Decimal odds explained

If you’re new to sports betting, then you should probably stick with decimal odds. These are very easy to understand as the team with the lower number is predicted to have a better chance of winning.

For example if Chelsea was playing Bayern Munich and they had odds of 3.80 whereas the German club had odds of 1.83, it would mean that Chelsea were the underdogs while Bayern Munich would be the favourites.

Fractional odds explained

Fractional odds are used at most UK betting sites. They represent the profits you’d made on the left side of the fraction, while your original stake would be on the right side. So if you saw Manchester City with odds of 6/4, you’d get £6 for every £4 that you put down.

American odds explained

Some sites may even give you a chance to bet with American odds as part of their Champions League betting odds UK. This puts the favourites with a minus sign next to a figure that indicates how much you’d need to bet with to make £100. Whereas the underdogs would be displayed with a plus sign next to a number that indicates how much you’d make with a £100 bet.

How are odds calculated

If you’re keen to make decent profits from your Champions League bets, you’re probably going to want to know how odds are calculated. We could take the time to explain how things like ‘expected value’ are used by odds compilers to make sure that a bookmaker comes up with a ‘balanced book’ in their Champions League betting odds UK.

But it’s probably better just to say that bookmakers will aim to make sure that enough punters put down bets on all expected outcomes so that the betting site makes a fair profit. They are able to do this purely through putting in plenty of research into any given sporting event.

This means that there’s always a chance that the bookmaker could get things wrong. As such, you’ll be wanting to put in as much homework as possible into your Champions League bets. By doing so, you’ll hopefully spot whenever any Champions League odds have been undervalued.

Odds betting strategies

When it comes to the Champions League, you know that you’ll be betting alongside many other punters. As such, it can be incredibly difficult to find decent value in any Champions League betting odds. This is why some football fans have sought to implement some seemingly ingenuous betting strategies to successfully predict the sporting outcomes and still walk home with a tidy profit.

There’s a pretty good chance that you might have heard about matched betting strategies. These aim to give you guaranteed wins regardless of what actually happens on the pitch.

Matched betting works when you put down a bet at one bookmaker’s site, and then you go to a betting exchange and bet that your original bet won’t win by using the same odds with the same size betting stake. This means that you will be able to unlock whatever bonus bet deals are on at the original bookmaker’s site without losing a penny on your bets.

There are also a few arb betting strategies that work in a similar way, but you have to try and use the difference in odds at different bookmakers to try and balance your bets to give yourself a guaranteed win.

While both strategies have their merits, they could cause you to get banned from using bookmakers’ bonuses. As a result, you’re probably better off just looking for the best football betting odds, rather than trying these tricky strategies with Champions League betting odds UK.

Most punters will probably put down their bets on the winner of each Champions League match. You’ll find that the final will get the greatest coverage, but whenever top teams like Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain or Juventus are playing, you’ll also find plenty of interest in the Champions League betting odds UK.

Betting on the outright winner of the Champions League is another good option, although it can be risky to try this bet too far in advance of the tournament.

Odds comparison FAQ

We realise that many people might be new to odds comparison services like ours. But just to help you out, we thought that we’d provide you with a handy FAQ that will help in finding the best Champions League betting odds UK. This will go over how our odds comparison service works and why it could be a trustworthy option for getting the best Champions League odds.

Q1: Is it free to use the odds comparison?

We are glad to announce that our Champions League odds comparison service can be used completely free of charge. We believe that punters shouldn’t get charged a penny for any betting advice, and this extends to making sure that you get the top Champions League odds.

Q2: Which bookmakers are in the odds comparison?

You’ll find all of the best bookmakers currently available jostling for top place in our Champions League odds comparison. These include some of the longest-running bookmakers and some of the most innovative sports betting sites. All of these bookmakers will be fully licensed and regulated so that you can be pretty much guaranteed a safe, fair and legal way to enjoy the best in Champions League betting. You can also visit our blacklisted bookmaker online and blacklisted casinos online guides for more info on which providers should be avoided for now.

Q3: Is the odds comparison impartial?

We want you to know that our betting resource is completely impartial and this means that our odds comparison is run completely independently of outside interference. The only way that a bookmaker is going to get to the top of our Champions League odds comparison is by putting on the best odds on the market.

Q4: How accurate is the odds comparison?

Our Champions League odds comparison service is automatically updated to reflect the current prices on offer by the nation’s best bookmakers. This means that you will always be able to instantly browse all of the latest odds from a massive amount of sports betting sites.

Q5: What other football bets does the odds comparison cover?

We’re proud to give you access to the best odds for all other major sporting events. Obviously we had to include the best Premier League odds in our odds comparison service, but you can also get the best La Liga odds for the best value bets on iconic Spanish teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Don’t forget that we’ll even help you find the best FA Cup odds on the market too.

Best ways to bet on Champions League football

When you’re betting on the Champions League, you’re pretty much betting on the ultimate club football tournament in the world. While competitions like the Copa Libertadores in South America are undeniably thrilling, it’s hard to compete with the sheer quality of the teams and players in the Champions League.

As all of these Champions League clubs are so well-known, it can sometimes be difficult to make winning predictions and get any decent value from your bets. So be sure to take a look at the following simple tips to get a touch more success with your Champions League bets. Just don't forget to use our Champions League odds comparison.

Be aware of the latest transfer news

The Champions League tournament format is split up into two sections. You’ll find that the group stages take place in autumn, while the knock-out rounds occur during spring. As a result, the winter transfer window in the middle can mean that each competing team gets a chance to update their squads by making some big signings which should be factored into any Champions League odds comparison

As a result, a club who might have long odds at the start of the tournament could suddenly get much more promising by the time that the knock-out rounds come around. Recently we’ve seen teams like Borussia Dortmund prove to be a great example of this thanks to the signing up of the young star striker Erling Braut Haaland. So be sure to make a note of the most recent signings when you use the best betting odds for Champions League football.

Stay updated with player injuries

Similarly, injuries to key players could mean that a hotly tipped side in the group stages could be a mere shadow of themselves in the knock-out rounds. As a result, you will need to stay informed of all of the latest injury news to key players in each of the relevant Champions League sides when using the latest Champions League betting odds UK.

Recent editions of the tournament have seen clubs like Tottenham Hotspur having their chances dented by the injury-enforced absences to strikers like Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min.

Obviously the bigger teams will have plenty of quality players in reserve. But when it comes to losing their talisman players, just about all top clubs will feel the effects of their absence. All of which means that Champions League betting can often be anything but straightforward even if you have the best betting odds for Champions League football.

Factor in home advantage

While the Champions League final is usually held at a neutral stadium, all of the other Champions League matches will provide plenty of opportunities to factor in home advantage into your bets.

This is obviously important for all group stage matches, but things really get going when the two-legged knock-out rounds take place. Recently we saw the likes of Liverpool coming back against tough odds in the second-leg of their semi-final appearance against Barcelona to book their place in the Champions League final. Much of this was down to the fearsome atmosphere that was created at Liverpool’s home ground at Anfield and it shows how important home advantage can be.

However, it’s important to note that home advantage can only take you so far when you use the best betting odds for Champions League football. In the same year, Tottenham managed to stage an incredible away performance in the second leg of their semi-final clash against Ajax. So be sure to balance home advantage with the merits of each of the competing teams when you evaluate any Champions League betting odds UK.

Anticipate the unexpected

While the Champions League gathers together the best teams in Europe, this doesn’t mean that this tournament is immune from some massive sporting shocks. The past few years have given us all manner of Champions League upsets, and it's a good lesson to learn before you put down your bets.

Identifying these Champions League shocks ahead of the event is never going to be easy. After all, who would have been able to predict that Celtic would beat Barcelona 2-1 in 2012, or that Bayern Munich would lose 1-3 to BATE Borisov in the same year?

But the key thing to remember is that these sporting upsets do happen, and it’s a matter of spotting when these Champions League surprises could occur. If a big team is suffering from a lack of form and an underdog has had a good run of results, then it could definitely be worth putting down a bet on a sporting upset, particularly if you use the best betting odds for Champions League football.


If you’ve made it this far down, you’ll have everything you need to get the best odds for your Champions League betting. You’ll know that our odds comparison service can give you the best Champions League odds for each stage of this legendary tournament, and you’ll also know that you’re getting access to some of the nation’s best football bookmakers. We'll even help you scoop up the best online betting deals.

As a result, you can enjoy betting on the Champions League safe in the knowledge that you stand to get the biggest possible profits from your bets. Now all you need to do is pick the winner of this legendary football tournament.

Want more sports? You could always head over to our guides to online betting cricket and the best greyhound betting sites. Or, if you're looking for advice on payment methods, be sure to visit our gambling sites PayPal guide.

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