Best Betting Odds for FA Cup 2021

This is our catch all guide to getting the best odds on the FA Cup. Luckily for you, it’s never been easier to compare odds on FA Cup games and find a proper bargain.

Although the games can be unpredictable (we’re looking at you, League 2 sides) that just makes the betting possibilities with the FA Cup even more exciting and possibly lucrative. Take advantage of our odds comparison and great deals like this £30 betting credit at 888, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

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Why you need to use our FA Cup Odds comparison

The FA Cup is one of those tournaments that all football fans get excited about, just like England to win Euro odds. It doesn’t matter whether you support Premier League titans like Liverpool or non-league teams like AFC Fylde, as everyone knows that this epic competition can throw up all manner of upsets.

Such is the public interest in the FA Cup that all bookmakers will be falling over themselves to give you evermore outrageous odds for the tournament. Sifting through all of the bookmaker odds for FA Cup matches would take you a long time. But we are here to give you a much more efficient way to find the best bookmaker FA Cup odds.

By getting top FA Cup betting odds, UK football fans will know that they will be in line for getting the biggest possible profits should luck be on their side. After all, there’s little point in putting down a football bet unless the odds were capable of giving you some decent winnings.

Online vs. Offline: Cashing the best odds

The UK is famous for having plenty of betting shops on its high streets. While there is nothing wrong with putting down your FA Cup bets at a betting shop, if you are looking for the best betting odds for FA Cup matches, you’d be much better served by going online. You’ll be able to scrutinize and take advantage of any FA Cup odds comparison.

This is because there is simply much more choice in terms of online bookmakers. More choice means greater competition, which in turn means that betting sites will be keen to offer you evermore generous FA Cup betting odds. UK football fans are also well-served by the nation’s relaxed gambling legislation that makes it perfectly safe and legal to enjoy a range of fully licensed and regulated bookmaker sites.

This means that you can simply use our FA Cup odds comparison to see which bookmakers give you the best price for your bets on this epic tournament. So while you could always trudge down to a solitary high street bookmaker, if you’re looking for the best betting odds for FA Cup matches then you’ll need to keep it online.

The history of betting odds in the FA Cup

We can’t talk about the best bookmaker FA Cup odds without giving you a quick overview of how people have historically bet on this football tournament. The FA Cup has been running since way back in 1871, and you can be sure that football fans didn’t take long to start betting on the winner of these matches.

But what are betting odds and how do bookmakers display these odds? The basic thing to understand is that odds attempt to show how likely an event is to happen. So you could bet on odds for Leeds United to beat Arsenal in the FA Cup, or you could bet on odds for Harry Kane to score for Tottenham Hotspur in their next FA Cup match.

Here are some of the main ways that bookmakers display their betting odds:

Decimal odds explained

Decimal odds are easiest to understand as the lower the number, the greater chance the event has of happening, while a higher number makes it less likely.

So for an FA Cup match between Derby County and Manchester United, Derby could have high odds of around 7.00, while United as the favourites could have odds of around 1.40 for a win.

You can calculate your returns from decimal odds by multiplying the odds by your betting stake and then just take away your betting stake. So if you’d bet £10 on Manchester United to win you’d get £4 in profits.

Fractional odds explained

Fractional odds will be displayed at many UK betting sites. The first number in the fraction would represent the potential profits you’d make, while the second number represents your betting stake.

For example, an FA Cup match between Portsmouth and Arsenal could have the underdogs Portsmouth with odds 6/1 of to win, while the favourites Arsenal could have odds of 3/8.

So if you’d backed Portsmouth to win with a £10 stake, you could get £60 in profits.

American odds explained

There’s a chance you might also see American odds displayed. This displays the favourites with a minus sign that shows how much you’d need to bet to make $100. The underdogs’ odds would be shown with a plus sign that shows how much you’d win with each $100 you’d bet.

How are odds being calculated?

All bookmakers will put in plenty of effort into formulating odds that give you a fair chance of winning, while making sure that they stay in profit over the long-term. This will be factored into the tennis best odds as well as football.

They do this by calculating the expected value for each bet that they put on. For FA Cup odds this means looking at all of the probabilities for different sports scenarios happening, and then weighing them up with the potential betting habits of the punters.

A good bookmaker will usually be able to ensure that they balance the odds that they put on. This would mean that the bookmaker stands to make a profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event.

They are able to do this by setting odds levels that are equally weighted so that enough people bet on the favourite winning and enough people will try their luck on an underdog triumphing. You should have a better understanding on how FA Cup betting odds UK are calculated.

Odds betting strategies

As betting on the FA Cup with the best football odds can be notoriously unpredictable, it’s been interesting to see how some football fans have tried implementing some betting strategies that are designed to help them win their bets.

You’ll have probably heard about matched betting. This is where you sign up to a bookmaker, claim any bonus bets, and then bet on a match. You’d then go to a betting exchange and bet with the same stake on the same odds but for the opposite result. This would mean that you’d get the bonus bets and manage not to lose any money regardless of the outcome of the match.

Some football fans also swear by using an arb betting strategy for the FA Cup. By doing this you’d try and spot any discrepancies in the odds put on by bookmakers to guarantee yourself a win. It’s a complex strategy to put in place, but it could sometimes help you get a winning result.

However we should mention the fact that most bookmakers will frown upon these kinds of betting strategies. If they catch you giving yourself an unfair advantage, then you might find that you will no longer be able to use their sports betting services.

When you bet on the FA Cup, you’ll probably be betting on the winner of a match, or the outright winner of the whole tournament. However, there’s plenty of value to be found in alternative betting markets.

These include options like who will score the first goal, what the correct score will be, and even whether the game will go to extra time or penalties. Don’t forget to try handicap betting to get better odds for the favourite to win.

Odds Comparison FAQ

Need help with our odds comparison? Here we’ll take a look at the five most common questions that newcomers to sports betting need answers to.

Q1: Which bookmakers are featured in the odds comparison?

All of the bookmakers in our odds comparison have a great track record for putting on consistently excellent football odds. In addition to this, they are all fully licensed sports betting sites. This means that you’ll enjoy a legal, safe and profitable football betting experience.

Q2: Can I trust that you’ll show me the best odds? is a completely independent sports betting resource that is unaffiliated with all of the bookmakers featured in not just our FA Cup odds comparison, but other sports too. This means that we have nothing to gain by putting one bookmaker’s football odds, tennis odds or even cricket odds ahead of the others. As a result, you’ll always get a fair and accurate picture of which bookmaker has the best FA Cup odds on the market, the best NBA odds on the market and the best snooker odds available.

Q3: How up to date are the odds on display?

Just as bookmakers will always be changing their odds, our odds comparison will be updated in real-time so that you can get an accurate price for the FA Cup bets that they are offering.

Q4: Do I need to keep checking the odds comparison?

You might have your own favourite bookmaker, but we would recommend that you come back to our odds comparison to make sure that you’re getting the best possible price for your FA Cup bets. This is because our odds comparison is completely free and it can instantly compare the odds from all of the best football bookmakers.

Q5: How can I find the best odds for other football tournaments?

We won’t just help you find the most competitive odds for the FA Cup. We’ll help you get the best Premier League odds, as well as the best bets for European leagues so that you’ll enjoy top La Liga odds too.

We couldn’t miss out giving you a chance to bet on the best Champions League odds, and therefore it’s only fair that we highlight the top Europa League odds too.

Putting the best FA Cup betting odds to good use

The FA Cup is a big favourite among football betting fans. While there’s nothing wrong with betting on leagues like the Premier League, if you’re looking for more value for your bets, it’s hard to argue with FA Cup betting. Here are some key things to factor into your FA Cup bets.

Betting on the giant killers

The knock-out format of the FA Cup makes it perfect for creating all manner of upsets. Recently we have seen plenty of shock results such as Wigan beating Manchester City in 2013, and Bradford City triumphing against Chelsea in 2015. Even Shrewsbury Town came close to knocking Liverpool out of the FA Cup in 2021.

Such is the adrenaline of FA Cup matches that all football fans will be keen to spot when the next instance of such ‘giant-killing’ takes place. This also means that there’s plenty of value to be found in identifying when a bookmaker’s FA Cup odds are simply too good to miss out on.

The biggest giant-killing acts tend to take place in the earlier stages of the competition with the third-round being notorious for delivering some memorable upsets. But bear in mind that a shock result can happen at any stage of the FA Cup.

Noting the line-ups of the FA Cup teams

Given that the FA Cup takes place in the middle of the regular season, certain teams may field under a slightly weaker line-up when compared to their league matches.

We have seen teams like Liverpool featuring a team full of youngsters in the early rounds of the FA Cup as they save their best players for their bid for the Premier League title.

Similarly, struggling teams like Norwich City have also opted to play with a weaker line-up in recent FA Cup matches as they aimed to concentrate on staying in top-flight football.

All of this can make for some very interesting FA Cup football matches, and bookmakers will often get their odds wrong before the final squad line-ups have been announced. So be sure to get your FA Cup bets in early before the bookmakers change their minds.

Factoring in home advantage

It’s always interesting to see how bigger clubs fare when playing at smaller clubs in the FA Cup. Many legendary teams can often come unstuck when faced with anything from a particular vocal home crowd to a shockingly bad pitch, which is something you have to keep in mind when on the best betting sites with high odds.

This is why it’s always a good idea to factor in home advantage to any FA Cup match. Something about the FA Cup always brings out the unexpected in any game, and there will be many players for teams from the lower leagues who will be out to impress in front of the home crowd.

Obviously home advantage can only go so far, and the majority of bigger clubs will get a winning result whether they play away or at home. But by looking at the form of the two teams, you’ll get a much better idea of whether home advantage could turn a decent FA Cup bet into a great one.

Don’t forget about extra time and penalties

Given that the FA Cup is a knock-out tournament, it means that there’s always a chance that a match could go to extra time or even penalties. These present many interesting betting challenges, as things like a team’s fitness and mental focus can all play huge roles in how they fare after the first 90 minutes.

Keep an eye on whether a team has had a particularly punishing schedule over the festive period as this means that they could start to fade as the match goes on.

Similarly, don’t forget that live betting gives you an excellent chance to take advantage of the ever-changing odds whenever important things happen in the closing stages of the game. This could be anything from a top player getting an injury or even the manager deciding to bring on another forward in a desperate bid to stay in the competition.

We should also note the fact that many bookmakers will stop their regular football bets once the standard 90 minutes of the match have finished. So be sure to make a note of this before you lay down your FA Cup bets.


It’s clear that you should have no shortage of choice when it comes to finding a decent bookmaker for your FA Cup bets. This means that it’s up to you to make sure that you get the best possible value for your FA cup betting.

But why not let us help you in your quest for the best FA Cup odds? After all, we are able to give you the best price for your FA Cup bets from a massive amount of bookmakers.

Plus we are a completely independent betting resource, and our odds comparison is totally free too. All of which should mean that you’ll never be short of ways to get the most competitive FA Cup betting odds. Remember to visit our best mobile betting apps such as the best cricket betting apps, and best bookie deals to make sure that you're maximising your betting experience!

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