Best Betting Odds for La Liga 2021

Our La Liga Odds Comparison

Don’t just wait for the Premier League to do something exciting - you might be waiting for a while - to make your wagers. Football betting is about more than just England, believe us.

With our La Liga odds comparison you’ll be able to easily find best betting odds for La Liga 2021 to give you a head start on the competition. Here’s a bit about odds, football betting in general, and a few tips from our expert panel at - try this £30 welcome offer at NetBet for a start.

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Why you should always compare the odds first

Anyone who has any experience with gambling whatsoever will know the benefit of comparing the Europa League latest odds on a given market offered by multiple bookmakers, and while once this took a lot of effort, now it’s just a click away. Odds comparison has never been easier (demonstrated nicely by our La Liga odds comparison), so there’s no excuse for being caught out by the bookies.

One of the key elements to keep in mind when it comes to finding the best Bookmaker Odds for La Liga is that odds can vary massively across operators, and this can change your potential profit exponentially. There’s simply no need to miss out on the very best betting odds for La Liga, not when all you need to do is take five minutes to look at any number of odds comparison sites. If you’re going to bet on football, you might as well make sure you’ve got the best football odds.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the best odds

If it can be believed, many modern day punters actually still prefer to make bets in the flesh, trudging on down to the local shop everytime they want to make a bet. There’s nothing wrong with that, but nowadays, the benefits to wagering online are stacking up.

Comparing odds is unbelievably easy online, which gives bettors a good chance to find the best bookmaker for La Liga odds that you are happy with. What’s more, online betting also gives you the opportunity to play absolutely anywhere, including in-play betting, which is something that doesn’t really work in the brick-and-mortar gambling shop.

Our La Liga odds comparison alone is proof that online gambling offers a ridiculous array of options simply not available in person - not to mention how easy and safe it is compared to other modes of wagering. All this in addition to the exclusive bonuses and promotions bookmakers offer online, we’re running out of reasons why you should be doing most of your wagering online when it comes to euro 2021 betting odds winner.

So, get reading our best mobile betting apps and best sports betting sites guides to get yourself betting online in no time at all!

The history of betting in football

Although betting on football likely existed as far back as 1800, it’s hard to trace such things given the nature of it. At the beginning, offered markets on any given game consisted of a person shouting numbers outside a football stadium, and it wasn’t until Littlewoods introduced the idea of the pools that there was some organisation to the world of football gambling.

La Liga (the Spanish premier football league) was set up in 1927 after much debate, only consisted of 10 teams in the beginning, and was actually dominated by Athletic Bilbao largely as they took home the 1930, 1931, 1934 and 1936 league title (although Barcelona won the very first title in 1929).

By 1930, John Moore of Littlewoods was a millionaire, and placing money on the weekend games became a thing done by many rather than something done occasionally by some. The success of these pools can easily be demonstrated by the fact that they still exist today (in some form). Sky’s Super 6 is basically the same format as the original football pools, showing how forward thinking of an idea it was by John Moore.

And there it is: the name that brought football betting into the forefront of every sports fan’s mind. Sky Sports was established in the early 90s, and basically reformatted the whole top flight English league into a spectacle of sport. Games began being shown all across the week, transforming football (and by extension football betting) from a weekend pastime into a full time hobby. This was one of the first markets to use a fixed odds model, something that’s stuck around even into the modern day. This success didn’t stick to England, and by the mid 1990s lucky Sky Sports viewers could watch football from Europe’s top five leagues at will, with bookies following suit soon after, offering La Liga Betting Odds UK players can use within a relatively short period of time. These are the best betting sites with high odds.

Decimal odds explained

Decimal or European odds are popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course Europe. They are singular numbers written out as decimals used to denote how much a punter will win from £1, should they place the bet. The number shows you entire winnings, not just the profit you stand to gain.

Fractional odds explained

Fractional odds are mainly used in Britain and Ireland, so expect to see this odds format as the default when browsing La Liga betting odds UK players can access, and are the prefered global odds type due to the mega bookmakers that use them.

They are written as a fraction, using a “/” (e.g. ⅕) and show the ratio of the profit to the stake. For example, if your stake is £1 and you win at odds 5/1, you’ll get £6 back (£5 winnings and your stake back).

American odds explained

American or Moneyline odds are used pretty much exclusively in the United States, and are formatted a little differently to most methods of odds display. Favourites are listed with a minus sign (-), showing the amount you need to wager to win $100. Underdogs are listed with a plus sign (+) showing how much you would win for every £100 staked. In each of these situations, the initial wager isn’t included in the price.

How are these odds being calculated?

In short, it’s not easy to understand the exact process that goes into calculating the mathematical odds of something happening - bookmakers themselves use a mix of historical data and public opinion to do this, before subtracting a small margin to increase their chances of profit. The easiest way to imagine it is with a football game. Two teams, one must win: it’d be easy to assume that the chances were 50/50, but then take into account the outside factors (team quality, recent form, historical meetings) and the odds will likely change dramatically - which furthers the need for effective La Liga odds comparison opportunities.

You’ve always got to remember, operators don’t set their odds based on the actual reality of something happening, they set their odds based on how likely they think their customers are to put money on those odds. This is very significant to you as a punter, as it essentially means that you’re playing a game of bluff with the bookmaker themselves when it comes to La Liga Betting Odds UK.

To give yourself a slight edge over the competition, we suggest you look into ways to calculate the expected value of a given bet. This is done by: multiplying each of the possible outcomes by the probability that they will occur, and then adding them all together. Obviously, the higher the number, the better, and this statistical analysis formula can be used to help inform your wager and help you get the best betting odds for La Liga.

In football, the odds are calculated using sophisticated data analysis of past events, public opinion and expert knowledge. All this is readily available, giving you the best betting odds for La Liga with the most informed numbers at your disposal.

Odds betting strategies

There are many betting strategies used by punters in modern day sports betting in addition to being able to conduct a thorough La Liga odds comparison, but one of the most popular ones at the moment is the matched betting strategy. It’s not hard to understand why this is a popular mode of betting: it involves placing a qualifying bet in order to receive a bonus, then using that reward to back a bet, while also laying it on an exchange, to guarantee a profit.

This method is very popular among sports fans, as it has the potential to capitalise completely on the bonus offers given by a bookmaker and sidestep some of the trickier parts of getting the most out of your welcome offers. This method can also be used multiple times with multiple operators, making it a great way to maximise your total profit.

Another method to consider is arbitrage betting, which is more focused on finding a quirk in back and lay odds than focusing on what could just be considered the best betting odds for La Liga. Arbing involves backing and laying a bet in order to secure a profit regardless of the outcome. To do this, you’ll first need to find La Liga betting odds UK for a back bet (i.e. betting an outcome will happen) and then a corresponding lay bet - so far, so simple. However, the back bet odds need to be higher than the lay. For example, if you find La Liga Betting Odds UK users can use for Real Madrid to win at 2.00, but you can lay Real Madrid for 1.80, then that would be an “arb”. Arbs are very rare; the lay will usually be higher than the back, but if you can find otherwise, then you can lock in a profit regardless of how Real Madrid perform in the match. Sounds too good to be true? It is: arbing is fast-paced as bookmakers will try to cut odds to ensure their back bets are always lower than lays, so it’s easy to make a mistake amidst the mayhem, and bookmakers will also restrict or ban your account if they notice arbing patterns. As a result, it’s probably best to avoid arbing altogether.

Most of the time, if you’re putting money on a football league, you’ll probably be going for the outright league winner and/or top scorer over the course of the season when searching for La Liga betting odds UK. Quite unique to those using the best bookmaker for La Liga odds, you’ll want to focus your money on other markets. For the last 50 years, the La Liga title has pretty much shifted from Barcelona to Real Madrid, and the odds for either of them to win it are very low. Similarly, the top goal scorer market has been ruined by the miraculous talent of Lionel Messi since his birth - pretty much putting money on anyone else to get the golden boot would be madness.

We recommend betting in play and on some of the smaller teams in the league, because spoiler alert, Messi always wins. HT/FT speculations are great fun for inplay betting, and the First/Last Goalscorer is also a regular appearance that gives punters a great way to put their faith in the team talisman. These are some of the most popular markets available for La Liga football betting, but there are also more niche areas like: total yellow cards, fouls, total corners that offer riskier but way more generous odds.

Odds comparison FAQ

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you use an odds comparison site and/or place a wager. These are all things newcomers might not initially think about, but they’re all essential to making sure you have the very best online gambling experience and getting the best betting odds for La Liga.

Q1: Is your odds comparison service free?

Many La Liga Odds comparison services will charge you a fee to use their checker, but the La Liga Odds comparison does not, and never will.

Q2: Are odds online better than in store?

Long story short, they usually are (though there might be the occasional enhanced odds offline that say otherwise, the general rule is that online odds are preferable). Not only are you likely to find more favourable odds online, but you're going to have access to a seemingly limitless selection of promotions and offers on the operator’s website. You'll also have a wide range of payment options; take a look at our online bookmakers that accept Skrill and EcoPayz gambling sites  for more info on alternative payment methods.

Q3: Am I managing my bankroll properly?

Any successful punter will tell you that bankroll management is one of the most important abilities to have as an online gambler, and this is specifically true for online sports betting. With so many options for niche markets and outside wagers, coupled with the intricacies of in play betting, it’s easy to get excited and improperly use your funds. It’s essential that you always ask how much you can actually afford to wager on a given market, in order to keep your play as enjoyable as possible.

Q4 : Are these odds good value?

An innate sense of value takes some years to accumulate, but hopefully it’ll come very quickly with a bit of practice. It’s all about your gut feeling - does this really have a chance of coming in and how much is it worth to me? - because ultimately overestimating the value of a wager can be the difference between making profit and losing out.

Q5 : Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

It’s always worth asking if the odds you’re going to take up can be beaten, because more often than not they can. Our La Liga odds comparison goes some way to showing you that checking your prices will always be a crucial factor.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to check your odds against the market, even if you’re not using an odds comparison service, it wouldn’t make any sense to back a bet without checking around. La Liga betting odds UK can be found all over the internet along and can be coupled with our effective La Liga Odds comparison, with an almost infinite number of bookmakers to choose from, why not let the computer do all the hard work for you?

There are multiple ways for you to make odds comparison work for you, and we highly recommend you give it a try the next time you’re thinking about placing a bet with the use of the best La Liga Betting Odds UK. Check out our best Premier League football odds, best FA Cup football odds, best Champions League football odds and best Europa League football odds pieces for all the greatest European football odds.

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