Premier League Betting Odds Today 2022

Find the best Premier League predictions for all matches!

The Premier League receives a huge amount of focus from bettors, with the division providing thrills, spills, rivalries, thrilling matches, intrigue and many questionable refereeing decisions *cough cough * VAR *cough cough*.

Finding the best odds for the Premier League remains a constant necessity for bettors (on that note, here’s an amazing possible £100 in bet credits with Bet365) and to find out why this is, how odds work, and how we at have striven to provide a fantastic Premier League odds comparison service, read on…

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Most important reasons to compare odds

Simply put, being able to find the best betting odds for Premier League bets and UEFA Euro 2021 odds means that a bettor is finding the best “price” for a potential bet. If you can find good odds, then your potential profits will be as good as they can possibly be. Conversely, bad odds mean that though a bet can potentially win, the potential payout is not as high as it might have been if the bet had been placed after considering a Premier League odds comparison. A winning bet is a winning bet, but the payout from that bet will always be dependent on odds - and the odds can be hugely variable between different bookmakers.

As a result, finding the best betting odds for Premier League matches and Euro 2021 winner odds is imperative for all bettors. In fact, the best football odds are always imperative regardless of what you are betting on; finding the best FA Cup odds, the best Champions League odds, and so on should always have a place in your betting routine. With bettors dedicating time and energy to researching their bets and carefully making their selections, it naturally follows that in achieving the best value for the bet they place, utilising all of that understanding is crucial.

We at have therefore endeavoured to provide an outstanding Premier League odds comparison service, so that our readers can always find the best bookmaker Premier League odds available.

Online vs offline: Chasing the best odds

For the modern bettor, there are two options available when deciding to place a bet: a conventional bookmaker, often found on the high street, or an online operator. Interestingly, there is usually a discrepancy between the odds offered by each type of provider: often, the best Premier League betting odds UK bookmakers offer can be found online in comparison to conventional offline bookmakers. There are a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the most persuasive is that overheads for running online bookmakers are lower, which means better odds can be offered to punters - similar to how an ecommerce store can often undercut offline stores in terms of price.

It’s also worth noting that when betting online, it’s also simpler to conduct a thorough Premier League odds comparison than it is when betting at a brick-and-mortar bookmaker thanks to the odds comparison service, and this is true of almost any sport be it a golf betting odds comparison, tennis or the NBA. You should therefore be confident that while betting online, you will be able to find the best Premier League betting odds UK bettors are able to access. Our guides to the best bookmakers in the UK and best android betting apps will have you betting online in no time at all.

How odds are being calculated

It is, unfortunately, impossible to say how each individual bookmaker calculates their best betting odds for Premier League matches. Most modern bookmakers use a proprietary formula that pertains to their own business goals and profit expectations, and these formulas tend to be well-kept trade secrets. We can suggest that the best Premier League betting odds in the UK are calculated by weighing factors such as previous performances, bettor behaviour, analysing statistics, and various other mathematical elements, but ultimately, bookmakers’ individual methods remain entirely their own. The same remains true whether they’re calculating the best La Liga odds, the best Europa League odds, or for any fixture you might find in a Premier League odds comparison - best betting sites with high odds keep their exact methodology to themselves.

How to calculate the expected value

One aspect of betting that many people are unaware of is the concept of expected value. If a bettor places bets that have a positive expected value (usually represented as EV+), then over time, they should stand to make a profit. Conversely, if placing bets that are EV-, then the bettor will make a loss over time.

EV can be calculated using the following calculation:

  • Amount won per bet multiplied by the probability of winning
  • Minus
  • The amount lost per bet multiplied by the probability of losing
  • So: (amount won per bet x probability of winning) - (amount lost per bet x probability of losing)

Calculating EV and betting in an effort to achieve long-term, consistent profits is incredibly complex, and should thus only be approached with caution.

How are Premier League odds calculated?

Again, there’s simply no way of knowing exactly how bookmakers are calculating their best betting odds for Premier League matches. Most bookmakers will consider all of the factors we mentioned in this first paragraph of this paragraph, apply their own profit expectations, and then set their odds accordingly.

Odds betting strategies

There are two betting strategies that are particularly reliant on odds, so let’s look at each of these in more detail:

Arb betting strategy

An arb betting strategy involves finding a bet at a bookmaker on an event and then finding a price to lay that bet (i.e. bet against a specific outcome happening) that is lower than the price of backing the event. For example, if you used the Premier League odds comparison to find odds of 3.00 to back a draw to happen in a football match, and a lay price of 2.80, then that would be an arb. This means that after performing a calculation, profit can be secured regardless of the outcome of the event, as the user has bet both for and against each strategy - however, this only works because the back odds are higher than the lay.

Matched betting strategy

Matched betting primarily involves securing a profit through the use of bonus bets that are provided by bookmakers; backing and laying the same event - as is the case with arbing - but instead using bonus bets to place the back bet rather than cash funds, and then ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome of the event. Most matched bettors will look for close odds in order to ensure the best profit from a single bonus bet; i.e. if the back bet is 5, matched bettors will want the lay odds to be anything between 3 and (in an ideal world) 5 in order to guarantee the highest profit.

Both of the above methods sound great; a way of “locking in” profit from betting. However, there’s a big problem: bookmakers will swiftly restrict or outright ban any account they believe to be matched betting or arbing. Such restrictions are commonplace, as bookmakers have invested in sophisticated software in order to identify suspicious betting patterns to ensure they can take action accordingly. In addition, both methods only “guarantee” a profit if everything goes exactly as it should; bets are placed perfectly and always on the same event and no mistakes are made - because if there is a problem, then it’s possible to make a (potentially substantial) loss. As a result, we absolutely do not recommend arbing or matched betting even if you find the best Premier League betting odds in the UK; it’s simply not worth it.

The Premier League is a hugely popular competition for bettors, so finding bookmaker odds for Premier League matches is relatively straightforward - but we thought it worth discussing just how many markets you will be able to find prices for when seeking the best Premier League betting odds in the UK. Most bookmakers offer a genuinely impressive array of different markets beyond the conventional 1X2 option, including - but not limited to - the following:

  • First, Last, or Anytime Goalscorer - betting on the player who will score the first or last goal, or on a player who will score at anytime during the match
  • Correct Score - betting on the score at the end of 90 minutes
  • Half-Time/Full-Time, or HT/FT; a bet that treats each half of a match as a separate bet)
  • Over/Under Goals to be scored in the match, usually ranging from Under/Over 1.5 goals through to Over/Under 5.5 goals
  • Both Teams To Score; bettors can bet on “yes” or “no” options
  • Winner/BTTS - a combined market that is becoming more commonplace, whereby bettors choose the match winner and whether both teams will score

Odds comparison FAQ

Below, we’ve sought to answer any stray questions you might have about comparing odds and our own dedicated Premier League odds comparison service, so that you can be confident you know all you need to know about where to find the best betting odds for the Premier League.

Is the odds comparison service free of charge?

Absolutely; our service allows you to access the best betting odds for Premier League matches without any cost to yourself - so you can always be certain you’ve found the best possible price for your chosen selection.

What if the best odds are not available through my preferred bookmaker?

It’s highly unlikely that a single bookmaker will ever be able to offer the best odds for every single selection, so betting with different operators can be important if you’re hoping to find the best possible odds every single time. It is, of course, still advisable that you research any bookmaker who is showing up in the Premier League odds comparison if you are unfamiliar with that operator. To learn more about a particular brand, you can read through the reviews here on, so that you know exactly what to expect when you sign up.

Why do odds differ between bookmakers so significantly?

For bettors, the discrepancy between the odds of each bookmaker can be more than a little baffling - after all, it’s the same event, with the same amount of information available on that event, but the difference in odds is stark. Ultimately, the reason for this issue is related to the fact that bookmakers use their own methods for devising their best Premier League betting odds, so there will always be a difference in how statistics are interpreted as well as the profit margin built into an individual operator’s odds.

Are there differences between online and offline odds at the same bookmaker?

Above we discussed the fact that online odds can often be lower than those found in conventional betting shops, but you may be wondering if the same applies to bookmakers who have both on and offline operations - such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, and so on. While it might be expected that the odds would be consistent across both on and offline platforms, this isn’t always the case. Often, the online odds are more likely to be the best Premier League betting odds available for the same reason we mentioned earlier - the lower overheads associated with operating online in comparison to running a physical betting shop.

What happens if I place a bet and later find better odds?

Placing a bet with a bookmaker is effectively entering into a legal contract, so the bet will always stand - it’s unfortunately not possible to cancel the bet and place it again at preferable odds.

An introduction to enhanced odds

You may see references to “enhanced odds” at a variety of bookmakers’ websites. These are odds that bookmakers have improved in order to capture the attention of bettors; many bookmakers will send push notifications or post on social media when they enhance their odds. Enhanced odds can be the best Premier League betting odds UK bookies offer, but they tend to be rather short-lived; most will be removed within a few hours of being posted.

For bettors, enhanced odds are typically to be treated with caution. Yes, a bookmaker is offering odds that are “better” than the odds they were originally offering on a particular market - but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily offering the best Premier League betting odds in the UK for that particular market. After all, if a bookmaker who generally offers fairly poor odds enhances their odds, then the enhancement is likely to only make their odds comparable to those offered by bookmakers who generally offer excellent odds - so there’s no guarantee enhanced odds will always be the best betting odds for Premier League matches.

As a result, it’s still always worth checking the value of enhanced odds against other bookmakers, just so you can see where the best value truly lies.

Understanding odds fluctuations

One aspect of odds that we thought important to mention is the way that odds can fluctuate over a period of time. There are a number of different reasons for this:

  • Odds often fluctuate based on announcements relating to the event in question. For example, you’ll usually see football odds shift considerably when the team is announced around an hour before the start of the match.
  • Odds also change based on bettor behaviour; if a particular selection receives a high volume of bets (or if a favourite seems to not be drawing the same attention as bookmakers assumed it would) then the odds can change to reflect this.

For bettors, these fluctuations inevitably give rise to the question of whether there’s a “best time” to place bets - but realistically, there’s no way to ‘game’ the system. While you may want to wait for team selections or board prices to be announced just to see what happens to the odds as a result, there’s no telling how odds may change as a reflection of bettor behaviour - so there’s no way of ever establishing a best time to bet. Instead, focus on ensuring you are happy with the odds you receive at the time you place your bet; if you can satisfy this requirement, then how the odds change is relatively immaterial. Ultimately, focus more on finding the very best betting odds for Premier League matches the time you place your bet, and feeling confident in the odds you have managed to find, than trying to predict how odds may change in the run-up to an event.


The need to ensure you are always able to find the best Premier League betting odds UK punters can use is paramount, and always will be - odds are hugely influential over your entire betting experience. Thankfully, you can now utilise a reputable Premier League odds comparison service courtesy of Using our service guarantees you three particular benefits: effective time management, a simplified process for finding great odds, and - most importantly of all - excellent odds for your potential bet so that you’ll always be able to access the very best price for any bets you place throughout the season.

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