Best Betting Odds for Golf 2021

If you’re into golf, this one’s for you. If you’re not, then wake up. Golf is one of the most popular sports in the entire world and a MUST for sports-based punters.

You need to know who’s teeing off and when, how their form has been, the weather around the playing ground… actually, scratch all that, just read our guide to the best golf betting odds. Way easier, leaves plenty more time for beer - and browsing this banging bonus £100 bet credits at Betfair.

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Most important reasons for golf betting odds comparison

If you decide to bet on a golf tournament, you have to do it at a physical bookmaker’s shop or the bookmaker’s website. When you go to choose your bookmaker, you will realize that every bookmaker offers slightly different odds for the same game. You can see these through a golf betting odds comparison or two for upcoming events.  The differences between the prices can often be marginal, so it is important to know how to spot good value. To know what the differences are and how you can choose the best odds, you should first compare them. Our best odds betting for golf can give you the perfect picture of how golf betting works.

  • Get the best deal: in the case of golf where there are several players in the same game, it is more likely that the odds published by different bookmakers might have some differences. The odds published by them will show you how much the payout will be with the stake you put in. So, it is better if you compare the different odds to find out where you will get more money back with the same amount as a stake.
  • To understand golf: for a game of golf, there are about 140 players in a single tournament on average. Amongst these players, there are favourites and ‘no-hopers’ or underdogs. Predictions about which player will win the competition affects the bookmaker’s odds. As a punter, you will understand your profitability as soon as you look at the odds published. This will give you further insight on which player, the favourite or the underdog, is predicted to win. It will also help you analyze how the bookmakers strategize and publish odds, thus making you understand golf as a sport better. Golf Betting Odds UK can help you understand the sport even better in a shorter period.

Online Vs. Offline: Chasing the Odds

As a punter, you can place your bets both online and offline. Offline betting means you have to go to the bookmaker’s shop and place your bet there. Online betting is when you can go on to the bookmaker’s website and gamble online there. It might be difficult for you to get used to online gambling initially, but with time you will realize it is more convenient than offline betting, and many punters prefer this to offline betting.

Some reasons why online betting is better are:

  1. Saves you time: offline betting means you have to go to individual bookmakers and place your bets there. Not only does it take time to travel to these shops, but also socializing in these shops might take up a lot of your time. If you are the one who loves to physically visit stores/shops and socialize, offline betting might be worth giving a try.
  2. Helps you compare odds: there are online odds comparison sites like that help you get an overview of different odds published by different bookmakers, all at the same time. If you want to do this offline, you might have to go to different shops to find out about the odds they have published. Bookmaker odds for golf can also help you determine which bookmaker charges how much commission, and as a result, you can increase your payout rate. Golf odds comparison is a must-do for the punters who want to understand how to compare odds. This becomes easier again with mobile betting - so be sure to have a look at our top betting apps, latest Android Betting apps, or cricket betting apps guides.
  3. As well as convenience, you can sometimes find better value odds online. This is due to online bookies having fewer overheads than those who operate in real, bricks and mortar betting shops. Better value is not guaranteed, of course, but it can be found if you are prepared to put some time in and be patient in your search. Our Bet365 ratings have certainly been boosted by great odds on a variety of golf events.

The History of Betting Odds in Golf

Golf has been a popular sport to bet on for several years now, especially after online betting came into the picture. In an average golf event, there are about 140 players to start with.

There are different betting odds for golf, which are of utmost importance to any punter to understand. Reading and interpreting golf betting odds might be overwhelming at first, but you will later realize that it is a must-have skill in the world of betting. Different bookmakers also stream golf tournaments live. These are interesting to watch, but might be relatively boring for beginners who are not into the sport themselves.

The three main ways of writing and reading golf betting odds are decimal odds, fractional odds, and American or Moneyline odds. Our Best Betting Odds for Golf give you a detailed explanation and thorough understanding of the different betting options. These are nothing but various forms of representation of the same number. However, the decimal representation of odds is the most common and widespread in golf. This is explained below:

Decimal odds: this representation of odds is generally in the form of a decimal. So, for example, a player has 45.00 odds of winning the game. This means that for every £1 you put in, your payout will be £45. So if you put in $10 as the stake, your payout will be £450. This includes your profit of £440 and your initial stake of £10.Fractional odds: this representation of odds is the easiest to interpret. For example, if the odds are 4/5, your profit will be your odds multiplied by the initial stake. Your stake will be your profit plus your initial stake.American odds: this form of odds representation shows a punter what his payout will be if he places a bet of £100 or how much he has to bet to win £100, by depicting a plus or minus sign. It is more common in the US and South America.

How are Golf Betting Odds Calculated?

Golf is different from other sports where there are only a couple of teams competing. In this case there are several players competing at the same time. There are different factors that affect the winning chances of players. There are favorites in golf and underdogs, also called ‘no-hopers’. It is a sport where the odds tend to be more volatile than other sports. As soon as there is new information about the on-goings of the game, the odds tend to change drastically.

Bookmakers have different formulae of calculating odds. They are generally based on their research on how the players are going to play, have played in the past, etc. There are other factors like the weather, the course situation that also matter. For example, sometimes the course is rougher than other days. On these days, some players can play better than the others. Some players play better at specific times of the day, like early morning or when it is colder.

A professional bookmaker relies heavily on statistics and historical data about the player and the tournament. There are certain trends and patterns they can pull out to predict the chances of particular players winning. Another important factor that affects how golfers play is wind speed, when the golfer has to adjust his golfing techniques and strokes. There are some days when players are injured and might not perform the way they usually do. The commission that the bookmaker charges is also generally incorporated into the odds, as is the public perception of the players.  

Odds Betting Strategy For Golf Betting

For a sport like golf, punters usually develop a solid strategy that works for them. A punter needs to be able to score long term profits because of the pace of the game. There are different methods like Arbitrage Betting Strategy and Matched Betting Strategy, that people use mainly as beginners.

  1. Arbitrage Betting Strategy: Arbitrage betting involves finding back odds on a particular event (such as a particular golfer winning a tournament) that are higher than the lay odds for the same event. After a calculation, you can secure a profit by placing both a back bet at a bookmaker and a lay bet at an exchange. While arbing does theoretically result in a profit regardless of the outcome, it carries significant risk in terms of the potential for errors, and will also eventually result in the closure of your betting accounts.
  2. Matched Betting Strategy: In this strategy, you will leverage the bookmaker’s offer of bonus bets or other promotions. For example, some bookmakers have a welcome offer where they let you bet for £50 if you bet £50 first. So, if you bet a £50 bonus bet on a player to win and then lay that bet, after performing a calculation, you have all outcomes covered. The player will either win the game or lose the game. So you will win one of the two bets you have placed, and if the calculation was correct, you should secure a profit either way. However, as with arbing, matched betting will lead to your bookmaker accounts being closed.

Apart from these strategies, there are other things you have to take into account when you understand golf betting. There are different betting options available for punters who want to get into golf betting. For example, there are options where you can bet on the winner of the tournament, or bet on specific players who you think will place first, second or third. This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. This is another reason you have to be careful about the bookmaker you have to choose.

Reasons for using golf odds comparison

Our best betting odds for Golf can help you analyse the characteristics of good bookmakers. Also, you might have to follow specific players for a long time to understand their form, strengths, and weaknesses. Some golf players perform better on individual golf courses and particular events. Data analysis has a significant part to play in this too. You might want to go through some historical facts and statistics of the game in general and specific players also. This might help you pull out trends and patterns in golf. Thus, our golf odds comparison provides you with a convenient tool to do all of the above, and more when looking for the best golf British bookmakers.

There are numerous golf betting markets available for punters around the year. The most popular events include the PGA Majors, the PGA Championships, the US Masters, the Players Championship, the Ryder Cup, the US Open, the Open Championship or the British Open, and the World Golf Championships.

The two main tours are the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The PGA Tour is famous in the US and mostly has American players too. However, the European Tour is more prevalent in Europe, parts of Asia, and South Africa. There are generally multiple games in one tour, where the winner of the trophy is the man who earns the most money in that specific tour. Looking to broaden your sporting horizons? Try our best tennis odds or online betting cricket pages.

Golf Betting FAQ

Q1. Is odds comparison that important?

The only answer to this is YES. It is essential for any punter, especially a beginner, to know the importance of odds comparison. Golf is a complicated game and might have varying odds published by bookmakers. This makes it even more necessary for punters to compare odds. Competition amongst bookmakers can sometimes lead to your gains too. You have to compare odds online to understand the differences between different bookmakers, calculate your payout rate, and make a smart and informed decision about which bookmaker to choose. Checking our guides to the best Betting Odds for Golf can help you understand the different odds that are published by bookmakers online.

Q2. How do I choose the right bookmaker?

There are no benchmarks for good bookmakers and entirely depends on you as a punter. Some punters believe it is more critical for a bookmaker to be known and reputed, even if the odds they offer are not the best. However, all bookmakers should be transparent and honest, should hold legal licenses and regulations, and should be able to provide multiple betting options and payment options. This will not only make your journey more exciting but also make sure you understand golf betting in-depth. Our Bookmakers Odds for Golf can guide you with your decisions and bets when looking for the highest odds betting sites.

Q3. Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

Yes, our odds comparisons, operator reviews, top tips and strategies are all available free of charge. At, you can make a golf betting odds comparison between all the leading online bookmakers without incurring costs.

Q4. Are there differences between online and offline odds?

There are differences between online and offline odds, sometimes they are not too huge, and sometimes they are. As a punter, one main advantage you will see when you bet online is you won’t waste time going to different bookmakers comparing odds. You can do it on your computer or phone with a few clicks. You'll also be able to make deposits with a massive variety of payment options; as seen in our online bookmakers that accept Skrill and EcoPayz gambling sites guides.

Q5. Why should I not stick to my standard bookie?

Answer: Sticking to one bookie blindly can make you unaware of the different options available in the market. You might be losing out on more lucrative opportunities available as sometimes, other bookmakers publish better odds. Our Golf Odds Comparison can help you understand how to choose the right bookie, as well as help you find the best bookie deals or highlight the extensive Irish bookmakers list.


Golf is an intense sport that can promise a long-term profit if you are patient enough to understand the complexities of the game. Our golf betting odds UK can help you be an expert punter, and we've also got a range of advice stemming further from golf, including MMA odds, tennis odds and cricket. Sometimes, golf can be challenging to understand at first. However, over time, you will realize golf is an interesting and exciting sport, with a lot of potential. There are different forms of odds and ways of referencing prices by different bookmakers and various betting options, all of which can be measured against one another by doing a golf betting odds comparison or two. There are so many betting options only because there are so many players in a single game. Take a look at our Bet365 ratings for great odds.

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