Best Greyhound Racing Odds UK 2021

On this page, we’ll show you how to find the best greyhound racing odds explained in detail. The tips and tricks on how to find the offers and concessions you can use to make your profits nice and healthy.

Finding the best greyhound betting odds is a vital element of learning how to profit. If you can bag that bigger price on every winner you have, then your bankroll will notice too! Using things like greyhound best odds guaranteed daily, while implementing other offers, too, can have a massive impact. You will find greyhound racing odds explained in full detail below.

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Bookmakers offering the best odds.

At we have a list of our favourite bookmakers for the best greyhound odds that can be found when betting across all of the greyhound stadiums in England and beyond. We will specifically list greyhound racing odds, explained in several ways, showing how you can apply offers and other concessions to suit your needs and put you in a good place to enjoy profiting.


When it comes to bookmakers, Bet 365 are generally considered one of the best all-rounders for every sport you can bet on. They have a reputation for brewing the overall best betting odds UK has to offer. They have the best betting odds for football, especially when incorporating top-drawer offers such as the generous “2up” offer.

Their greyhound betting odds and a wide choice of markets speak for themselves. Bet 365 are very good for offering prices for a wide variety of races too. This means you can bag a value price, early on, if the dog you think should be a 3.0 odds runner is 6.5 odds with bet 365. Coupled with the fact bet365 offers greyhound best odds guaranteed [BOG], like many of our other recommended bookies do, this is a great advantage.

Getting value for money is the main aim in sports betting and, done repetitively, will most likely produce results. Greyhound best odds guaranteed is found with most of our recommended bookies, but it is best to check. There are also time restrictions when greyhound best odds guaranteed bets apply from. For example, after 10 am GMT with William Hill. When placing your bet the BOG sign should be displayed above the race card and will also appear on your bet slip with most bookies, after bet placement. However, the beauty of bet365 is they have no restrictions on their greyhound best odds guaranteed concession offer, providing the bet is placed on UK greyhounds that day and is a pre-race bet and not a long-term bet, like ante-post. Ante-post bets are great for finding big value in the greyhound derby odds. The derby heats begin in June, annually.

William Hill

William Hill are up high on our rankings among the best for greyhound racing odds. We rate William Hill for similar reasons to bet365. They have a great choice of markets to choose from, early prices generally available on an above-average range of races, a good selection of “special” bets (some of them unique) and they offer greyhound best odds guaranteed too. Bets that qualify for greyhound best odds guaranteed do need to be placed after 10 am. We do not deem this a major hindrance, due to the fact that some greyhound odds for the later races that day are not even issued by this time anyway.

Another cool thing we love about William Hill is they offer three-bet boosts per day that you can use on your greyhound racing odds. The generous thing about these is even if your bet boost price drifts (gets bigger) the greyhound best odds guaranteed concession still applies!  William Hill also offers good betting odds for tennis and odds for UFC, which is becoming ever more popular over here in the UK recently.


We have found 888 are quite unique in the way that they are sometimes prepared to “go against the grain” and offer “stand-out” prices on greyhounds. Of course, this doesn’t apply to every race, but value can be found daily with 888, so keep an eye out, especially in the morning and afternoon if you like taking value prices. 888 do not currently offer the greyhound best odds guaranteed concession. However, 888 do offer [BOG] on their betting odds for horse racing, which is very useful. More about ‘when’ to find the best greyhound racing odds are mentioned further down this page.


Coral has long been at the forefront of greyhound betting. They own several greyhound tracks including one of our favourite tracks, Romford.

Their Romford track produces many great races, ranging from the average daytime BAGS graded race, right up to the best Open races around. A great track and mixture of races, well worth a visit if you ever fancy attending a track.

The markets Coral offer are great, with competitive greyhound racing odds. Look out for their greyhound odds on specials markets, such as distances and trap challenges. They offer unique greyhound odds specials bets at good odds. Like bet 365, they also offer single meetings in their special bets, which is not widely found elsewhere. greyhound racing odds explained.

Coral also offers the greyhound best odds guaranteed concession, there are currently no time restrictions, but greyhound best odds guaranteed is only offered for the dog bets placed that day. We always recommend double-checking time restrictions.


We select Tenbet for the same good greyhound odds reasons as 888. Although not as consistent with value prices, Tenbet randomly takes chances and offers bigger odds than its competitors. Tenbet does not offer greyhound best odds guaranteed concession, but value can still be found on the occasions when they offer these inflated odds.


Betfred has been consistent players with their greyhound odds. We like them for their good choice of markets, they price their dogs reasonably early and have a good selection of special bets, including single race meetings that not all good bookies offer.

We also found that Betfred is also sometimes ’stand-out’ value with their greyhound odds. We have found a good time for this is in the morning after 9-10 am, for the forthcoming afternoon or evening meetings. The value prices can be taken earlier, but soon shorten once numerous, wise value-seeking bettors do the same thing!

Betfred’s greyhound best odds guaranteed time restrictions are currently 7 am, which is pretty relaxed, but please do check this when investing as things do change over time.

Best time to get good odds

This is a very crucial element, so be sure to read. We keep mentioning the importance of using value to your advantage when it comes to getting the best greyhound racing odds. The main part of finding value is actually knowing ‘when’ the best time is to find these greyhound racing odds, explained in further detail below.

So, let’s cut to the chase. From our experience, we have found the morning and afternoon the best times to find value and will specify in more detail these reasons. Let’s assume you’ve picked your favourite dogs for the morning or afternoon. It is wise not to wait until just before the race to bet on these. Why? Because most bookmakers do not adjust their books together until around 11 am. This gives ample opportunity to find the best greyhound betting odds and still be able to qualify for the greyhound best odds guaranteed concession, allowing for any time restrictions that may apply to, for example, William Hill.

Where to find the best odds – Stadium, desktop or mobile

Now, this is a question that would have been a different answer many years ago. But a lot has changed since the internet has become such an integral part of everyday life.

Years ago, a professional punter looking to get a bet at the best greyhound betting odds would visit the greyhound track and seek out a good price. But now everywhere is connected and news travels within seconds!

Prior to mobile phones being popular, even as late as the late 1990’s bookmakers at the greyhound tracks employed people called “Tic-Tac” men; these guys would stand on the opposite sides of a greyhound track and signal greyhound betting odds to each other as forms of sending communication. Signalling would typically involve touching their hands, head or shoulders. Both hands on the top of the head would indicate odds of 9/4.

If we were to give our honest opinion on how to find the best odds on greyhounds it would be to practice what we briefly described earlier on in this article; We mentioned several bookmakers who are good for odds in different ways. We described bet 365 and William hill as being the best all-rounders for their consistency and a huge variety of prices, while still having many of the best greyhound odds prices available.

To get the best greyhound odds you need to be regularly checking. The best prices do not last forever, so the more often a bettor checks these greyhound odds, the higher chance that you’ll be able to bag them super-value greyhound betting odds. Obtaining value prices, consistently, and repeating this process will put you at a much higher advantage of winning overall, on average.

So, in a nutshell, online would be the place to find the best greyhound betting odds. Whether this is on a mobile or desktop would, of course, come down to personal preference. Most modern greyhound racing odds websites have almost the same functionality, market choice and menu choices available as the desktop versions do. It is arguable that some mobile versions seem slightly faster to navigate around, especially with the standard common markets, such as win and each way markets.

In summary, the best greyhound odds would be found online and by using several habit methods. Checking the regular good “all-round” bookmakers. Intermittently checking the other bookies mentioned earlier, such as 888 and tenbet.

Ante-Post betting

Ante-post betting provides the opportunity to grab a great value price on a greyhound that you think will shorten in odds, nearer the time of the event. If your prediction is right, you could potentially be holding a huge price about a greyhound that is now a fraction of those odds!

The most common annual event that greyhound bettors would be looking to find these valuable ante-post bets would be in big events, such as the greyhound derby odds.

The English greyhound derby is a prestigious event and has large prize money, and the greyhound derby odds are quite large before the heats of the event get underway.

Many dogs enter this race, due to these two factors. Greyhound bettors like the fact that they can obtain huge greyhound derby odds about their favourite dog, due to the competitiveness of the race. When placing these ante-post bets a bettor would typically be hoping their dog has a few good runs either before the event or during the early heats of the derby event. If this happens, the dog will most likely shorten in price and therefore provide great value to this greyhound derby odds ante-post bet.

The dangers

But this comes with a cost! Bagging these inflated greyhound derby odds comes with a certain kind of risk, sometimes. If your dog fails to actually run in the event and is withdrawn from the event beforehand you will lose your stake, unless the bookmaker you have bet with is offering an offer called “non-runner money back” concession.

Other greyhound events that are good for gaining value with ante-post bets: [Please note, some of these dates could possibly change, but have been accurate in recent years.] 

  • English Greyhound Derby*.  TOWCESTER, JUNE
  • Scottish Greyhound Derby. SHAWFIELD, MAY
  • Irish Greyhound Derby. SHELBOURNE, SEPTEMBER.
  • East Anglian Cup. YARMOUTH, SEPTEMBER
  • Select Stakes NOTTINGHAM, JULY
  • Golden Jacket  CRAYFORD, FEBRUARY
  • Scurry Cup  HARLOW, OCTOBER
  • Association Cup.

[*The English Greyhound Derby is by far the most prestigious dog racing event in the entire world.]

Daily specials

Greyhound racing has different offers available as well as different “specials” markets. Offers such as each way extra places, money back if second, bet “X” amount and get free bet. To save the ramble, here’s a brief list of a few greyhound racing odds explained that can be found regularly over the past few weeks, listed below.

In the following chapters, we’ll be looking at the actual “special” betting markets that bookies offer.

BETFRED: Bet £30 and get a £10 free bet

BOYLESPORTS: Moneyback if second to the SP Favourite 

PADDY POWER: Money back if second or third to the SP Favourite

QUINNBET: Money back if second to the SP Favourite

The specials markets bookmakers offer.

Special greyhound bets can usually be found under the Greyhound menu, then selecting “specials”, or can sometimes be found by scrolling further down the page, within the greyhound’s menu.

These “specials” markets are aimed to offer a bit of excitement to your bets and allow people to somewhat customise their bets to their needs. For example, if you wanted one single bet that lasted the entire meeting, then these types of bets could be your choice! Special greyhound racing odds explained in the following paragraphs.


Distance markets are available with a few of the bookmakers on our list including Coral and Ladbrokes. Distances special betting is most common on a single meeting. A typical distance market would be priced as such below, as an example.

  • OVER 30 LENGTHS – odds 13/8
  • UNDER 25 LENGTHS – odds 13/8
  • BETWEEN 25-30 LENGTHS – odds 7/4

The above length calculations are based on a 14-race card here. These ‘total’ lengths are a combination of the distance between the first dog and the second dog in each race.

Trap challenge

The Trap Challenge is one of our favourite longer-lasting bets. With this bet, you’re betting on a trap number (sometimes called box number) to have the most wins of the meeting. 6 or more winners per average racecard [20 to 28 races], usually secure a win.

William Hill Hotbox

William Hill offers a  unique market called “hotbox”.

This is like the Trap Challenge market, but with this bet, you get points even when your dog places. A common bugbear for Trap Challenge punters is the disappointment of your dog coming 2nd in several races and being unlucky, sometimes costing a win on the overall bet. The option of your dog coming 2nd and 3rd and still claiming credit gives a little bit of added security, pending your preferences of course. Here’s how the bet is structured:

Points awarded after every race:

  • 1st = 3pts
  • 2nd = 2pts
  • 3rd = 1pt

*Dead heat rules apply to this also.


Favourites specials betting is structured a little bit like the hotbox above, except the points values are a lot higher.

Here’s the points for bet 365s favourites markets:

  • Winner = 25
  • Second = 10
  • Third = 5

We hope you have found this greyhound racing odds guide explained well enough to put into good use.

In summary, if you try some of these suggestions we have made and work out which suits your betting style best. Get into a good routine of checking for the best greyhound racing odds and being shrewd about the times you check for them, as well as the offers that are available, such as greyhound best odds guaranteed and other offers described earlier. If you rinse and repeat these processes, your profit potential will increase.

Greyhound FAQ’s

🐶 How to win at greyhound racing?

There are a few things to consider when selecting your dog to bet on. But punters forget finding the best prices are equally important to finding the winners. Our brief guide shows clearly how to do this and some greyhound racing odds tips to consider, to help your overall profits.

⏰ What time is greyhound best odds guaranteed?

Our full guide about finding the best greyhound racing odds and greyhound best odds guaranteed includes the best times to look for greyhounds and specifies any current time restrictions. This invaluable information is worth a read. Enjoy.

🤷‍♂️ How often do favourites win in greyhound racing?

Fewer favourites than more win, around 30%. This is the reason our guide explains strategies such as value betting and each way can provide more profit and be the wisest choice. We also provide strategies and walkthroughs to become a good greyhound tipster today.

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