Best Betting Odds for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is massive at the moment, with the UFC being the most recognisable brand currently. It’s not the only promotion around however – MMA is growing worldwide.

And with seemingly infinite possibilities in a sport that allows the use of basically every martial art imaginable, there are many markets for punters to put their money on. Time spent grappling? Successful punches connected? The chances of Steven Seagal running in mid-fight and destroying the lot of them? Go for it – starting with this Sportnation £10 credit.

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Most Important Reasons to Compare MMA odds

The odds can be very difficult to keep track of as depending on the bettors, they tend to change. If a number of people are betting on a particular fight, the MMA Odds Comparison of a fight will keep shifting right from the time betting opens till the time the fight starts. Just like any other sport, finding value in the MMA Betting Odds UK is the most optimized way to win money on a regular basis. If you are not betting on the value by knowing the Bookmaker Odds for MMA, your long term success might be difficult. Even when you’re winning many wagers without any knowledge of the betting odds, it is unlikely to make a decent profit on the whole. Therefore, the main reason for knowing the best bookmaker MMA odds is to be able to place bets with an online bookmaker that gives good odds, so that you have a greater chance of winning.

The betting odds determine whether you should bet on a particular fight or not. For example, if you are studying an MMA fight and suspect that someone has a 60% chance of beating the other fighter, then you will have to see if your betting odds are better than that. For example, if your odds are letting you gain profit if the first player wins 60% of the time, then you should bet on him.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the Best Odds

It is a known fact that the online odds are often better than the offline odds because they are drafted by taking all the previous data into consideration. Many punters prefer online odds than the offline odds as they are updated very frequently. However, not all highest odds betting sites offer the same betting options or betting odds for each fight. The number of fights and the betting odds change dramatically from one bookie to another bookie. The offline bookmakers usually don’t take bets on the MMA fights, and even if they are taking bets, they will present you with not so feasible odds.

As a result, online bookmakers have emerged as a more popular means to place bets on MMA fights. The online bookmakers work efficiently to give us the best odds with legit operations. They allow you to bet with just minimum amounts, adding a lot of excitement to the fights. The Best Bookmaker MMA Odds of these fights are constantly updated within regular intervals for every fight. You can double-check to see if these fights are licensed and regulated in your country for successful betting. If you’ve not yet taken a step into online gambling, then our guides to the top betting sites UK and top betting apps will prove very useful.

The History of Betting Odds in MMA:

The history of Mixed Martial Arts can be traced back to ancient Greece, where people used to fight in the Olympics. MMA is considered to have originated from the hand-hand combat titled “Pankration,” where people from different art forms used to compete. The title ‘Pankration’ is derived from two words – Pan and Kratos – leading to the meaning “All Powers.” The competitors of Pankration had two rules – no gouging and no biting. It was celebrated as a popular event that people started betting on it. The competitors were considered heroes and legendary subjects by common people.

After many years, India has adapted this habit of recruiting athletes as soldiers to safeguard the nation in order to take advantage of their strength and knowledge. With people branched into various countries, many new styles have been developed. Judo, who travelled around the world, has started an art form known as Jiu-Jitsu, which enhanced the idea of mixed style fighting. On the other hand, people started claiming rights for their new martial art forms, and each of these art forms was associated with the betting odds. These mixed art combats had taken place for decades before they became popular in the US.

In MMA, the participants not just fight against the opponents but also learn from them in order to be shaped as well rounded fighters. During the shorter span of the art form, they need to learn the other’s art and fight accordingly. Therefore, the Best Bookmaker MMA Odds in this art form are extremely challenging. For example, if a Jiu-Jitsu fighter is against a kickboxer, the kickboxer should know that he should employ a defensive mechanism to train with these fighters because they know chokes, submissive holds, and locks. As a result, the history of best betting odds for MMA is unique from any other sport.

Types of MMA Odds Formats: 

There are three types of odds that are used in any sport, and the case is the same with Best Betting Odds for MMA – Decimal Odds, Fractional Odds, and American Odds. Any bookmaker will be using one option which is indigenous to the location he is from and will give you the other two formats as an option, by changing the configuration. The American odds are the oddest type between three, as they are only used in the Bookmaker Odds for MMA. At, we have an MMA Odds Comparison tool, which lets you go through the odds in all the formats. For a few matches, we don’t give the fractional odds as they are going out of business by being extinct.

Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are mostly used in continental Europe, though they have become more popular in the UK in recent years too. Understanding decimal odds is easy. You just have to remember the stake and profit included to make reasonable bets. For example, when a player is at 1.49 betting odds, and if you are betting £100 on him, you will have a total of £149 on him, including the profits and the stakes. You would win your stake and the profit of £49 as profit. Similarly, if you are betting on an underdog with a £100 at 2.65 odds, you would win around £265, including your stake.

Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are used in the UK and Ireland. They are represented as fractions like 2/1 or 7/5. They are perhaps a little harder to understand than decimal odds, but still relatively simple. If you bet £10 on a 2/1 shot, you will win £20. So you receive £30 in total, including your stake, if your bet wins.

American Odds: These odds are not often used in the UK and Europe, as they are unfamiliar to most punters in those regions. They are a representation of how much you will need to bet to win £100. For favourites you are always risking the money to win £100, and with underdogs you risk £100 to win the amount. If the odds are -135, you have to bet £135 to win £100. If the odds are positive, for example +350, you risk £100 to win £350. Decimal and fractional odds are simpler to understand for most newcomers to sports betting.

How Are MMA Odds Being Calculated? 

Unlike the point spread betting in the Football, the MMA fights are pretty straightforward. As there are no teams to get points, the bets are usually either each way or money line. The money line is considered as the most simple bet, while prop bets, parlays, and other types of bets are specific. The Best Betting Odds for MMA will tell you how much you can win a particular bet and not just the odds of winning a fight. As a result, you don’t have to win the fight in order to win the bet when you can determine the bet value. For example, if you are betting on a fight conducted between a regular fighter and an unbeaten fighter, the odds for the unbeaten fighter are low as everyone will bet on him. It means if you are betting a $100 on him, you can only gain a profit of $10. However, this is a sure bet, but the value for the bet is less leading to smaller profits. Even if you lose the bet, you just need a couple of bets to recover from your loss.

The key to finding the MMA betting odds UK is that you pay a stake with the probable result which you have determined. Understanding and calculating odds are important for the favorite betting if you are looking to win at least 25% of the total stake without any loss. On the other hand, betting on the underdog doesn’t need a lot of interpretation, but it is risky compared to the favorite betting. At, we have an MMA Betting Odds Comparison tool that filters all the past and future events that are relative to a fighter. It considers all the parameters and gives the best odds for both the favorite and the underdog to give you decent winnings.

For example, consider two fighters.

Player A (-250)

Player B (+150)

In this bet, Player A is the favorite with -250 odds, which means a person has to bet $250 to win a $100 profit. If at all Player A loses the match, you’re going to lose $250 without any profit. Player B is considered as the underdog with +150 odds, which means if you bet $100 on Player B, you can win $150. If Player B wins the fight, your profit will be $150, and if Player B loses, you will lose the stake. If you are also a fan of tennis, check out our in-depth look at some of the best tennis odds available.

Odds Betting Strategies:

  1. Moneyline Odds: The most simple betting option in MMA Betting Odds UK is the money line where everyone bet on the favorite. Sometimes, the odds of a predictable fight can change based on the moves of the fighters. Sometimes, they even change before the fight as more bets keep rolling when the public starts inclining in the opposite direction. So, in case you have seen some odds, you shouldn’t be jumping on them positively as they offer no guarantee at all.
  2. Prop Bets: The prop bets are interesting as they come in different types. The most common prop bets are parlays, the under/over bets, and the fighter specific bets. Few bookmakers are also known for placing weird bets on the fighters’ moves so that the punters can predict them beforehand to win the profits.
  3. Total Rounds: A fairly common MMA bet is the total rounds bet, which asks you to predict the number of rounds a fighter will last. The bookmaker will give you a number predicting the total rounds for a fighter, and you, as a punter, should select less or a number of rounds.

The Most Important Betting Markets in MMA: 

The best MMA markets are known to offer plenty of MMA bets on every match. Especially since the last two years, the number of markets increased rapidly. The prices are competitive on most of the bookmakers, and whenever there is a big night or a Bellator, most of the sportsbooks add the Best Bookmaker Odds for MMA on their homepage. Therefore, you can do your own research according to our odds, our reviews, and our guides and choose the preferable betting market for you for safe betting.

MMA Odds Comparison FAQ:

Question: What factors should a punter consider before calculating MMA odds?

A punter shall have all the information about the fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, his style, his previous record, and his current form.

Question: Can I place my MMA bets using Paypal?

Yes. Most of the betting markets support Paypal as a feasible option. If your favoured bookie doesn’t allow Paypal, you can often use other e-wallets.

Question: Is Live Betting Available in MMA?

A lot of top betting sites offer live betting in MMA when there is a UFC night or a Bellator because of the popularity these events have.

Question: Are bookies allowed to give us live streaming?

Some bookies do offer live streaming of many sports, including MMA. You need to check with your favoured bookie to see what sports are streamed live on the site.

Question: What is the Best MMA Online Betting Site?

As mentioned, the best betting sites are the ones that offer live markets. These sites will also display the MMA odds comparison UK with new offers and enhanced prices so that you won’t regret using them.


Most of the bookmakers offer Bellator and UFC events with the Best Betting odds for MMA. These odds are usually driven by the algorithms that are used to analyze the trading software. The Bookmaker odds for MMA comparison by can help you find the best odds for any match that you want to bet on. Be wise while choosing a bookmaker to open an account with to get the best value out of your bets.If you are interested in cricket or football betting then  will help you to find the best betting odds for cricket and best odds football.

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