Best Betting Odds For Rugby 2022

Not since Roman times did men make money from betting on blokes literally clashing into each other with force, but here we are. We wager most sport-based punters aren’t betting on Rugby, but why?

Aside from the obvious (*cough cough*, this £100 bet credit bonus at Bet365) Rugby is immensely exciting, can almost always go either way and occasionally has a gang of New Zealanders pulling crazy faces at the opposing team. Here’s our guide to the best Rugby betting odds around.

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Most Important Reasons to Compare Odds

As a new betting enthusiast, you might wonder why is it so crucial for you to know about the best betting odds for rugby and to make a rugby odds comparison. Are they different, or have the same origin and mechanism? Well, to answer your question, they are different from each other. If you’re thinking that you may gain exceptional expertise just by understanding the odds of one kind, or of a particular sport, you’re in for an awakening. Odds work differently, albeit in small ways, and change from sport to sport. For instance, the best betting odds for Formula 1 cannot be interpreted in the exact same way as the odds on rugby teams and match outcomes. It is best in our interests to know these differences so that we don’t end up making mistakes and losses that could have been avoided by referring to a guide like one for rugby betting odds UK players can use. The odds in a rugby match are challenging to track because there are several types of bets that people are investing in throughout the game. The variables change all the time, depending on the stakes and the performance of the players of the respective teams.

To understand what odds to pick and how you need to learn how to compare them. The best bookmaker odds can only be determined by browsing through the different sites to land the best bookmaker rugby odds. This works just like you buying gold or foreign currency. The making charges or transaction fees differ from website to site, depending on their policy. Hence you weigh your options carefully and then put your money. The best rugby odds comparison will give you a chance to earn a bit or a lot more than you might usually, had you settled for mediocre bookmaker odds for rugby.

Online vs Offline: Chasing the Best Odds

When you’re a novice punter, you may know about online gambling, but there may be a feeling of apprehension behind it. Online betting and finding the best bookmaker odds for rugby correlate, given how many new offers and opportunities online bookmakers give the punters to earn more than their expectations. However, our guide will weigh both the options for you and reassure you to pick online betting at top betting sites UK for the following reasons:

  1. Save on time: As an online betting punter, you won’t ever have to leave the comfort of your home to go to a bookie’s office to place your bets. The sites online will give you the best bookmaker odds rugby could offer as a sport. All you have to do is register and play. You can also bet on the go using their mobile-friendly site or their betting apps for Android or iOS devices.
  2. Better help with odds comparison: The availability of online betting and a range of bookmakers means that you can more easily compare the odds on offer from different operators.
  3. Several payments and withdrawal methods: To get the best betting odds for rugby, you will come across sites that have a varied selection of payments and withdrawals that will give you a choice to place bets on a higher amount by paying directly through your account instead of risking carrying cash to the bookie.

The History of Betting Odds in Rugby 

The history of rugby as a sport has been disputed over the years since there are several versions of it. One of them tells the tale of how a football player named William Webb-Ellis started running with the ball in his hand in a match of traditional football back in 1823. The other state similar or different versions of players who integrated picking the ball by hand and running along while playing old school footie. This step was observed in several teams in the 19th century in public schools. The first official set of rules for rugby were established and devised in 1845, with the Blackheath Club being the first to leave the Football Association and move to rugby in 1863. The Rugby Football Union was founded in 1871, and that’s how the sport gained its status. However, the sport split in 1895, with the  Northern Rugby Football Union, comprised of teams from Northern England, splitting from the RFU over the issue of professionalism. They went on to separate from the original union by making their own set of rules which became the sport of rugby league.

The odds of a rugby match are hard to determine, which is why the punters should read this guide to know about the best betting odds for rugby explained. There are three kinds of odds, namely decimal odds, fractional odds and American odds, each of which is calculated differently.

Decimal odds explained: This format of odds is represented by decimal points. For example: If it is said that a player has 50.00 odds, for every £1 that a punter invests, the payout shall be £50. So, if your minimum bet is of say 10 dollars, you would earn £500 upon winning the lottery. This is the most common type of odd picked by punters.

Fractional odds explained: The fractional odds can be solved very quickly. For example, if your odds are said to be ⅔, the original amount of your investment will be multiplied by ⅔ and then added to the principal amount.

American Odds explained: This kind of odds is more commonly picked in America since it shows a punter what he needs to bet to earn £100 or what his exact payout shall be if he places a bet of £100.

How Are Odds Being Calculated

Both codes of rugby involve two teams in a duration of 80 minutes with one interval, but there is usually an underdog playing against a stronger team.

Handicap betting is one form of rugby betting that is popular. This is where a team is given a negative or a positive score depending on their chances of winning the game. If you back the team with a negative handicap, they will need to win the game by a score that is greater than their handicap for you to win your bet. If you back the team with a positive handicap figure, they can still lose the game but you will win your bet as long as they lose by less than the total of the handicap.

Other factors are influencing the decision, which includes the makeup of the team, the form of the players, the line-up and strategy, weather, audience and others.

Odds Betting Strategies: 

As rugby is a sport with varying odds, it is in the best interest of punters to understand their approach to find high bookmaker odds for rugby. A successful rugby odds comparison can only be made if you have a game plan to make the best out of your investments, which comes through the best rugby betting odds UK punters can find. The best rugby bookmaker odds can be found by using methods like the arbitrage betting strategy and the matched betting strategy, which is explained below.

  • Arbitrage betting strategy: All the online betting operators you find online will have a different set of odds for you to play with. This is done to invite more punters and to keep the environment competitive. When you visit various operator sites’, you will notice how these odds may differ marginally or by a significant number. Since Rugby is already a very competitive game, the difference between the odds arbitrated by these bookmakers isn’t very different. But the top betting bookies will often gain the advantage of winning the pool of customers by putting up unbelievably attractive odds that other small bookmakers can’t match. These are gaps of 5 to 10 dollars, which means you just found the best bookmaker rugby odds for yourself by betting on several platforms to cover all the possible results by checking the odds on each betting across both teams.
  • Matched betting strategy: Matched betting strategy involves using the offer of your favourite bookmaker’s offer of bonus bets to your advantage to gain the best odds possible.
  • lncome bonuses of bonus bets provided on a minimum bet. A new punter can put the minimum bet on odds that he knows will get him a sure shot return and then leverage the bonus bets in portions across the other kinds of odds to maximize his earnings through multiple positive outcomes. Any losses on bonus bets are not regrettable since they were an extra shot. This reduces your risk, but you may lose out on a bonus bet by betting on the losing team as well.

These strategies are of help only if you learn to make the best of your rugby odds comparison. Guides like ours will tell you all you need to know about rugby betting odds UK bettors can find, but it is ultimately up to you to use your knowledge, experience and one of these strategies to win effectively.

If you’re new to rugby betting, you may be amazed at the different pools of markets the sport has. While games like football and cricket are well known for their tournaments, rugby has its fair share of championships as well. The ones which attract the most bettors are:

  1. The Rugby Championship
  2. The Rugby Europe International Championship
  3. Super League
  4. World Rugby Under 20’s Championship
  5. Dubai Sevens
  6. NRL

These are a few of the big names that attract a multitude of punters, both recreational and professional from across the globe. However, betting on ruby of either code is especially popular in Britain and Ireland, though southern hemisphere countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also places where plenty of rugby punters reside.

Odds Comparison FAQ

We have a series of FAQs to tell you about the five mistakes to avoid while making your bets and choosing the best betting odds for Rugby.

Q1: Is it essential to understand the betting odds?

It is of utmost importance that you understand the rugby betting odds UK players use so that you can make a proper rugby odds comparison. While betting is only half a part of the entire game, knowing your odds and placing the right bets is what will help you earn your stakes back. Learning about odds and how to compare them will bring you closer to the level of expertise you wish to have in rugby betting.

Q2: Is it necessary to find a particular bookmaker?

There is a range of betting operators online that you can pick from, but you must choose the right site because it affects the bookmaker odds for rugby. Visit the websites you may want to register with, read their policies, conditions, offers and bonuses. You can also check for the interface, user experience and payment options reading online reviews and guides like ours that give you an unbiased take on the performance of the site when betting on high odds.

Q3: Is your odds comparison free of charge?

Our odds comparison on our website is available free of charge. We also cover a whole variety of other popular sports. With us, you can review the best odds for cricket or football best odds, as well as the best betting odds for rugby, all available at a click of your mouse.

Q4: What is the difference between online and offline odds?

The difference between online and offline odds tends to vary. However, as a punter it is logistically easier to find the best odds online as compared to searching for adequate odds offline.

Q5: Should I stick to my standard bookie?

It may do you well to change bookies if you are using an offline bookmaker. Online bookmakers can be switched depending on finding better offers and odds elsewhere.


Guides like our rugby odds comparison help you understand the intricacies of betting odds. By understanding the betting odds, you can fully comprehend and estimate the likelihood of you winning the bet, and the profit you stand to gain if you do win. While understanding the rules of a sport and visiting standard guidelines may help you bet on the said game, it is also very essential for a new bettor to know how to find and pick the best betting odds for rugby to maximize their winnings. Choosing the right bookmaker is essential if you want to have an enjoyable and profitable time when betting online. While we understand there are very few legitimate sources for reference online, our rugby betting odds UK guide has covered everything you would need to know to place your successful bets equipped with all the knowledge you need about rugby odds comparison and even markets such as football, tennis and MMA odds comparisons. We'll even make sure you pick up all the latest online betting offers and best bookie deals before you get betting.

Whether you are looking for the best bookmaker rugby odds, betting tips or betting strategies, is your one-stop solution. With our expert and comprehensive operator reviews and comparisons, we help you find the best bookmaker for your needs, in addition to the bookmaker odds for rugby, the best tennis odds and odds for UFC that will bring you additional gains.

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