Best Betting Odds for Snooker 2021

Anyone who thinks that snooker is boring should watch Ronnie O’Sullivan hit a 147, because if you’d had a punt on that you definitely wouldn’t think it was boring - the fastest cue in the West.

You’re wondering how to find the best snooker betting odds online, no doubt? You’ve found the right place. Here are our tips to finding the best snooker odds online - including this £30 in bet credits with Betfred - to help you get the most out of your sporting wagers. You never know where the cue ball's going.

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Most important reasons to compare the best Snooker odds UK

You can find a lot of bookmaker odds for Snooker on the internet and a lot of sites offer Snooker Odds comparison tools. It is vital to use this comparison tool to find out the best betting odds for Snooker even if you already have an account with a single online bookmaker, and you have no intention to sign up with a new one. Why? This is because the offered odds and their comparison not only functions as a competition between different online bookmakers, but also gives you accurate and comprehensive information about a particular match and the bookmaker's view for the bet you wish to place. The information you get is very valuable as it guides you towards winning decisions when betting on high odds, as long as you know how to use them. In short, odds demonstrate which party has the best chance of winning and the profits you stand to make if you win your bet with a particular bookmaker.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the best odds

Before online betting came into existence, punters used to place a bet from local betting shops. Now online gambling is gaining huge popularity, and people are moving from local betting to online betting for ease and variety. You can only bet maybe with two or three local shops when you are betting offline. However, when betting online, you have a huge selection with some best bookmaker Snooker odds avialable too. Often, you can also pick up free mobile casino bonus and exclusive mobile bookies offers, so it's worth betting online just for this!

There is a lot of differentiation between an online and offline bookmaker on factors like trust, credit, ease, and so on. However, what about the odds? Are online betting odds better than your local bookmaker? Of course, without a doubt, yes! Online betting enables users first to compare odds and then to select the best betting odds for Snooker. Whereas locally, you have to live with the bookmaker odds for snooker provided to you and you do not have the chance to explore or predict. Online bookmakers hold licenses and take steps to protect you from fraud or scammers. To be more confident, you could read our expert reviews and snooker odds comparison before placing your bets.

The history of betting odds in Snooker

Today, betting is a hobby for many in the UK and abroad. These days punters can bet on lots of snooker events in the world. Because the competition is so fierce, punters get great prices and easy and quick payouts from bookmakers when they place a bet online. However, this was not the case earlier. Betting was seen as risky and was illegal in many parts of the world. Now it is regulated and much more safe, especially when it comes to online betting.

Earlier wagering was very simple with usually just two possible results. One of the better for example, placed a bet on heads, and the other one on tails. Odds were hardly used, with best taken at evens. It worked for evenly matched cases, but in reality, things are hardly even. Bookmakers were the ones who laid the actual odds, making a 'book' enclosing multiple outcomes or results.

Today, things are absolutely different. Snooker betting odds UK have multiple formats like Decimal, Fractional, and American. Let us take a look at each:

  • Decimal: Decimal Odds is a reflection of the profit you will make for each unit placed on the bet. For instance, an X bookmaker's Matchbook is giving odds of 1.65 for Team A to win. It means that for each £1 you wager on a precise result, you receive a profit of 65p should Team A win plus your stake back.
  • Fractional: Fractional odds is one of the oldest or traditional way people expressed betting odds. They are a simple representation of the profit you will receive for a specific amount you will bet. For example, let's say bookmaker X is giving odds of 5/2 for Team A to win an upcoming event. The odds of 5/2 mean that for each two units punters bet; they will get five back as gains. This means that if you wager £200 on Team A, you would have got £500 gain or profit in return along with your initial stake of £200.
  • American: Also known as Moneyline odds, mainly used by the people of North America. Although they appear complicated initially, it is good to know what these odds display, especially when talking to American nationalities or when hearing their podcasts on various sports events. There are 2 types of Moneyline odds, namely the 'minus' Moneylines and the 'plus' Moneylines. "Plus Moneylines" means if a bookmaker is providing odds of minus -120 for a team to win a game, you place £120 on that outcome; you will get a gain of £100. "Minus Moneylines" means if a bookmaker has offered odds of +180 for a team to win a game, you bet £100 and win £180.

How are odds being calculated?

If you want to become a great bettor, it is extremely important to understand how Snooker betting odds UK work and how they are calculated. In general, odds are calculated by bookmakers based on a thorough analysis of the game and the relevant statistics, combined with the commission of the bookmaker and revised with the public perception on the match.

Bookmakers display their Snooker betting odds UK in decimals, fractions, or the American format. Although they all look different, they all mean the same thing in the end. All odds are a display of the probability of something happening. Bookmakers deal in risk measured by probability.

How are Snooker odds calculated

Let’s see how are Snooker odds calculated.

Whenever you see two digits separated by a slash, i.e. 10/1, this is known as fractional odds. From this, you can calculate how likely a given event is to happen with a calculation. For ease of explanation, let’s replace the numbers with letters i.e. 4/1 becomes A/B. Here is the calculation: Probability (%) = B / (A+B).

  • 9/1 can be calculated as  1 / (9 + 1) = 0.10 – There is a 10% chance that the event will happen.
  • 4/1 can be calculated as 1 / (4 + 1)  = 0.20 – There is a 20% chance that the event will happen.

How to find out the Expected Value

Punters can calculate the expected value by using this simple formula:

(chances of Winning) x (value Won for each Bet) – (chances of Losing) x (value Lost for each Bet)

To determine the expected value in snooker betting, punters can use the formula given above, using decimals odds and follow these steps:

  1. Find out decimal odds in event of - win, draw, and lose.
  2. Calculate all the possible winnings against each result. You need to multiply the stake with the decimal, after which you need to subtract the stake.
  3. Divide one with the odds to determine the chances of that result.
  4. Replace this info into the given formula above.

Odds betting strategies

If you want to win while sports betting and not lose money to the betting providers, you should research, learn and use the different odds betting strategies, till you can devise your own betting strategy based on experience.

Here are some of the famous betting strategies:

Strategy 1: Fixed wager

This means that you always bet the same amount, no matter how much you might win or lose. This gives you a better option of not using your entire stake, but it also means that your chances of getting a potentially massive win are also capped.

Strategy 2: Martingale

In this strategy, in the event of a lost bet, you double bet your stake so to cover what you lost with the next winnings. This gets you a quicker way to boost instead of fixed wagers. But keep in mind, that you are increasing your losses this way if you keep losing bets.

Strategy 3: Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequences run like 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on. It is based on adding the two preceding numbers together. To apply Fibonacci sequences to your sports betting, you would place a bet of £1 on a football match, if in case you lost the bet, then you would push your stake to £2 in the next match. If this is lost too, you would make a bet of £3, and so on.

Strategy 4: Low percentage bankroll betting

This is an interesting betting strategy that requires the punter to bet a very low percentage of their wagering budget in accordance with the odds. This conservative betting strategy is used by professional bettors as it lowers the risk of losing large amounts of money. Everyone will occasionally go through a period where they hit a losing streak. Using this strategy helps you play responsibly.

Strategy 5: Arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is a sports betting strategy created to take advantage of pricing discrepancies in the betting markets. It means placing two or more wagers on a single sports event so that all possible outcomes are covered. In the right situations, these wagers will return an overall profit no matter what the result of the event is.

Strategy 6: Matched betting strategy

Matched betting is a method that mathematically guarantees a profit from bonus bet promotions offered by betting providers.

There are numerous betting markets for Snooker, including World Snooker Championship, Premier League Snooker Tournament, Masters Snooker tournament, UK Snooker Championship, Welsh Open and China Open.

Here are some of the betting options you will come across when betting on Snooker. Mark that this list is by no means complete but illustrates some of the most popular betting options.

  • Match Outright – Select a winner of any particular snooker match, and if they win, you win.
  • Tournament Outright – Make a bet on a player to win, not just for a single match but for the entire tournament.
  • Frame Betting – A great betting option for in-play betting. Bet on who will win individual frames, just before they begin or as they are occurring. Most bookmakers will update their odds in real-time to enable you to do this. You can also bet on the overall score in frames through the game.
  • Handicap Betting – Bookmakers will set handicaps, an imagined deficit for the match favourite to overturn and win by, or the underdog a headstart. This can give better odds than betting simply betting outright.
  • 147 Break – You can bet on a single player to get a maximum or simply for there to be one in a single game or tournament, regardless of who gets it.

Snooker Odds Comparison FAQ

Why compare betting odds with best Snooker odds comparison?

By comparing the bookmaker odds for Snooker with, punters can significantly increase their profits not only from a one-off bet but overall annual winnings.

Blunders to Avoid When You Are Betting Online

There are several mistakes you must avoid when betting online where the odds play a major role. A few are:

  • Intuitive Bets – There are many sports out there to bet on, but guessing at an outcome is not the way to win bets. Nor is making an assumption. Let's take F1 as an example here - it's likely that Lewis Hamilton will win a race, but you won't get the best F1 odds by betting on him. Why not try predicting second and third places, which are likely to reap much greater rewards.
  • Knowledge is power, when it comes to sports betting. You may believe in your intuition, but betting is really all about numbers. Research and understanding of the sport is a must, as is learning about different types of bets. Horse racing best odds are often found in accumulators, whilst the best betting odds for golf are often found amongst the side markets and the same could be said for rugby betting odds.
  • Do not get overconfident – A general tendency to be overconfident when you either have your first win, or win a large amount can easily lead to a careless attitude. Go slow. Remember, betting should be fun.

Best betting odds for Snooker and how to find them

All bookmakers are not the same, and the best betting odds for Snooker offered by some bookmakers can help them stand out of the crowd. Our best bookmaker Snooker odds comparisons specialize in providing you with the best snooker odds available. That's not all we provide either, we also have multiple odds guides that give you a better look at how to make the most of the market, whether it's having the best tennis odds comparison, cricket odds or even betting odds for MMA. If betting on Snooker is your passion, though, then you should look out for those bookmakers who offer some great odds and are serious about the entire thing.

You can go through our list of the best bookmakers offering Snooker Betting Odds UK to look out for the online bookmaker that really suits you best. With our list, you even find operators that offer streaming of popular snooker events as well. The best bookmakers on the web are not stingy with their bonuses and competitive odds. Bookmakers are not afraid to provide punters with best betting odds for Snooker. At, our experts have found the best betting odds for Snooker on the internet and can help you find a sportsbook that fits you best.

As a snooker fan, you'll definitely want to win more often than you lose when it comes to your snooker betting and finding the very best betting odds for Snooker is the best way we know to make sure that you're winning the table when it comes to your snooker bets. The best betting odds for Snooker means the best potential winnings for you.


Betting is interesting and exciting, but can also be challenging. Our experts at are here to give you a helping hand, whether it be for finding the best bookmaker snooker odds, best betting odds for Snooker, or promotions available to punters in the UK today. Why waste time looking for the best betting platforms when we have everything on one easy to use site offering the best Snooker odds comparison?

Make sure to check out our other comprehensive guides, such as our Ecopayz gambling sites review, latest Android Betting apps and best online casino welcome offers, to help you along your way!

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