Best Betting Odds for Tennis 2022

Find the best Tennis predictions for all matches!

Tennis has always been a favourite of sport-based punters. It’s, quite literally, back and forth almost constantly - we too have dealt with the turmoil of watching a tie break go on for an eternity.

Every cloud though, tennis allows for some exciting live betting options due to the nature of the sport, so it’s literally all fun and games in the end… just don't lose. Below you will find the best tennis odds for the latest tennis matches below - or why not check out the possible £100 in bet credits at Bet365 right away?

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Most Important Reasons To Compare Tennis Best Odds

The value of odds will instantly affect the potential winnings of a tennis bet. Thus, it is important to bet on the odds offering the best value as the formula for calculating odds always remains the same.

Many sports betting sites are present in the market of the United Kingdom nowadays. If you are a novice in the world of sports betting, what you may not know is that the bookmaker odds for tennis can differ between operators. Some of them offer the best betting odds for tennis while others can provide odds of less value, making the best tennis odds comparison vital. If you are placing your bet with any operator X, Y, or Z, you might find different odds rates for your chosen bet when you are betting online. That’s where the benefits of odds comparison lie. Below is an example to help you learn why comparing odds is essential.

  • If you bet £100 on a win of Player A, whose tennis betting odds UK is 13/10 on X bookmaker means you can win £130.
  • If you bet £100 on a win of Player A, whose tennis betting odds UK is 32/25 at Y bookmaker means you can win £128.
  • If you bet £100 on a win of Player A, whose tennis betting odds UK is 31/25 at Z bookmaker means you can win £124.

For the same value of risk on that same match of tennis, we see that the wins of a successful bet with provider X will yield £6 greater than the equivalent bet with Z bookmaker. Here provider X offers the best betting odds for tennis. The interest in tennis best odds comparison is, therefore, apparent, especially when considering that the same bookmaker does not always offer the greatest odds.

Online Vs. Offline: Chasing Tennis Best Odds

Betting online is much more convenient than betting offline. There are multiple reasons why online betting can be both more lucrative and easier than betting offline. Earlier, people used to place bets in land-based shops, and they had to utilize the odds provided by the shop. Some people did not even have a choice of gambling because the shop may be located too far away or be inaccessible. Now, you can not only play online but also compare the best betting odds for tennis and go with the one that provides the best bookmaker odds for tennis as per your needs. It also saves punters a lot of time because you don't have to travel and check which land-based shop offers the tennis best odds.

Furthermore, you are in a position to bet with the best bookmaker in the UK by making a tennis odds comparison online. Check out our guides to the best sports betting sites and online betting offers to find the best tennis betting odds UK.

The History Of Betting Odds In Tennis

Tennis is a huge multimillion-dollar sport with a large number of events and professional players. The straightforward nature of the game and hierarchical arrangement of games, points, sets, and matches offers a tremendous range of betting opportunities.

Just like other sports betting, tennis odds determine how much a bettor will win from any bet placed, on the basis of how correctly they have predicted the result.

Most early wagers were simple, often with just two possible results. Odds were rarely used and most wagers were adequately taken at 'evens'.  Intertops were the first known online sports betting site on the web in 1996 which allowed tennis betting. It was regulated by the then-new and only one of its kind Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Intertops site is still running today, but it is very old and has not been able to keep up with the times. Intertops does not have a UK gambling license and does not legally accept UK customers.

Depending on the country you are located in, you will see the tennis betting odds displayed in either of the following ways.

  • Decimal odds– This format is typically displayed everywhere in mainland Europe and the southern hemisphere. Example: If the decimal odds of Andy Murray beating Roger Federer is 4.0, and you place a £10 back bet on Murray, your possible return is £10 x 4.0 = £40. In Decimal odds for every pound you spend, you’ll get that amount along with your initial stake.
  • Fractional odds –It is a standard format in the UK and Ireland. Example: If you place a bet of £10 on Andy Murray to defeat Roger Federer at 4/1 and he does, then you will win 4 times your original stake, which is £40 as well as receive your stake back.
  • American/Moneyline odds – This format is commonly used in North America. Example: To determine the payout of a Moneyline wager, you need to divide the Moneyline by 100. In this scenario, divide 240 by 100 to get a decimal figure (2.40). Then divide your preferred stake (£10) by the decimal (2.4) to work out your potential payout: 10 / 2.40 = £4.17.

Even if you are quite educated as a tennis tipster or a bettor is, sporting events can be subjected to human error. Yet, the probability rules help to decide whether an outcome is likely to occur or not.

How Are Tennis Betting Odds UK Being Calculated?

The top bookmakers calculate the Tennis betting odds UK by thoroughly analyzing the match, the players, the form of the players, previous matches between the players, recent matches played by the players, any recent injuries, the surface the match is to be played upon and all the relevant statistics. This analysis is then combined with their in-house commission, and the public view towards the match, to come up with the Tennis best odds UK.

Tennis Betting odds express a possibility (also called 'implied probability') of a particular specific outcome. Let's take an example where a player is placed at around 1.25 to gain victory in a Grand Slam match. These odds show what the bookie believes as the player's chance of getting that victory in the match.

The answer is a formula: Convert the decimal odds into the implied probability.

Implied probability = 1 / the decimal odds

1 / 1.25 = 0.8 = 8%

If you understand the probability shown in betting odds, then you can get amazing wins while  betting. It is crucial to know how you can convert odds into the implied probability as it is going to help improve your possibilities of future success when you are betting in Tennis.

What will be the profit of a punter if they place a specific bet on a favourite player and the player wins the match?

Profit = (Stake x Odds) - the Stake

Let's say a punter places a bet of £10 on a player at odds of around 1.75 to get a victory in a forthcoming match. Here is the amount of profit he or she shall make:

Profit = (£10 * 1.75) - £10

Profit = (£17.50) - £10

Profit = £7.50

As per this example, the punter can make a profit of around £7.50 on a £10 bet.

How to Calculate The Best Tennis Odds Expected Value?

The formula for calculating the Expected Value is easy. Here is the formula.

(Probability of Winning) x (Amount Won for each Bet) – (Probability of Losing) x (Amount Lost for each Bet)

To determine the Expected Value for tennis betting, you have to fill this above formula with relevant decimals odds and follow these steps:

  1. Find out the required decimal odds for every result - win, lose, and draw.
  2. Calculate the possible wins for each of the outcomes by multiplying the stake by the relevant decimal, and then by subtracting that stake.
  3. Divide one by the corresponding odds of the outcome so as to calculate the particular probability of the outcome.
  4. Substitute the aforementioned information into the aforementioned formula.

Odds Betting Strategies

With many online bookmakers offering good odds regarding outcomes on tennis matches, punters are now able to find the type of bets that suits them the most, making tennis betting even more popular. Also, the online bookmakers are not always able to precisely set the odds at "exotic" markets giving a certain benefit to the bettor.

In addition, tennis is a dynamic sport that enables you to place bets through live betting effectively. It is important to note here that in tennis, it’s typically not a team but a player on whom you depend, unless it is a doubles game. So, you can make a more thorough analysis of an event, and accordingly, the chance to make an accurate prediction increases.

Top tennis betting strategies include:

  • Tennis arbitrage betting: This strategy requires bettors to place two bets: one back bet with a bookmaker and a lay bet with an exchange on the same event. The goal is to secure a profit regardless of the outcome of the match (provided no mistakes are made). In order for arbing to succeed, the back odds have to be higher than the lay. While arbing may sound attractive to prospective bettors, it is a recipe for account closure - bookmakers frown upon the practice and when (not if) arbing patterns are identified, account restrictions will swiftly follow.
  • Tennis matched betting: Another popular betting strategy used for tennis bets is ‘matched betting’. The concept of matched betting relies upon the fact that many online bookmakers offer extensive bonuses and promotions. So, all you need to do is place bets that are backed by a bonus or promotion so as to reduce your risk of loss.

As you gain experience in tennis betting, devising your own strategies for betting will become more straightforward. Use our Tennis Live Scores 2022 guide to help you along when you are in the throws of placing your bets.

During the summer months, there is almost always some tennis match or another underway and available for you to place bets on. There are numerous betting markets for tennis, including the popular Grand Slams, the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open, ATP World Tour, WTA Tour, the ATP Challenger, the ITF and Davis Cup. However, there are two UK tournaments that truly stand out for bettors and we recommend that you focus on comparing both Wimbledon odds, and odds for the British Open.

Apart from the standard betting options such as betting on the winner of the match, here are a few other betting options you can consider:

  • Set Winner

This betting option backs the winner of an individual set and marks them as the set winner rather than a match winner. Punters can back their favorite in this area whether it be the first or last set of the match.

  • Tournament Winner

This betting option is more of a long-term betting option enabling you to bet on your favorite to win a specific tournament. Patience is key here as most of the tournaments last for one week or two.

  • Winning Margin

Punters are also able to bet on the number of games required to win a match, which is difficult to foretell and hence, is a high risk betting or betting on high odds.

Types of Tennis Bets

Tennis bets can be of multiple types.

  • Singles: A single bet is a bet with one line. It is usually an unconditional result bet. It could be any single bet like the winner of the next set or the next point. When betting on singles, it is good to examine odds comparison websites and the latest betting offers as bookies will compete to grab best singles bets.
  • Multiples: Multiple betting is popular in Tennis, with the accumulator being the most common one. An accumulator with three matches is known as a treble. You can find offers for multiple betting options on Tennis using accumulator insurance or enhanced bonuses. However, multiples betting has some limitations. You cannot place an accumulator if matches are combined, but you can bet on many events within a single round if you wish to do so. You can also combine multiples between events and matches provided there is no direct link. Remember to be very careful when betting like this, as your multiples will depend on the event with the lowest payout terms.
  • Handicap Betting: Handicap and Asian handicap betting are common in Tennis with most bookies offering this bet type as pre-event or for in-play bets. Handicaps can be utilized in individual games, sets, and matches, any game where there is an overall score. Asian Handicap betting will try to make each team have an even chance of winning, so that proper evens will be given on each team.


Tennis is now considered as one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting online, with a large number of betting options being available to punters, both in terms of bet types and markets. A variety of bookmakers now provide new features for tennis fans, including the introduction of live streaming, in-play markets, and attractive in-play offers. No matter if you have long been a tennis betting enthusiast or are relatively new to tennis betting, you would lookout for the best bookmaker tennis odds. Our best betting odds for tennis help punters to gain the maximum amount of profit. Find out the best tennis betting odds UK today with

Looking for more betting guides? We've just created our ultimate Ecopayz gambling sites guide!

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Best Betting Odds for Tennis FAQ 

✅Is your Tennis best odds Comparison free of charge?

On, our Tennis Odds Comparison is free, and we present all the best odds in the UK, which are reliable and trustworthy.

❗Why should I not rely on my standard bookie?

You can rely on your standard bookie, but as we explained above, comparing odds and placing a bet is a wiser move. A difference in odds means a difference in winnings.

💻Why should I bet online, not offline?

Online gambling opens up a wide range of possibilities, giving you a chance to bet on the highest odds. You can compare and even use bookies not based in the UK. The choice is unlimited. Land-based betting shops are limited, and you may not even find the odds or the betting options on rare sports.

💡Are the odds published by different bookmakers really that different?

Yes. The odds published by each bookmaker generally include their commission as well as every bookmaker keeps their margin of profit. Depending on a lot of these factors, bookmakers set their odds. It is a great idea to use a Tennis Odds Comparison like providers before placing a bet on Tennis or any other sport to maximize your profit.

🔎Where can I learn more about odds comparison?

At, you can learn a lot from our tips, reviews, and odds comparison. We have a lot of resources for new and experienced players in the UK. We display the Best Betting Odds for Tennis that help you win.

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