Best Betting Odds for British Open 2021

Our British Open Odds Comparison

Any golf fan worth his 9 iron knows the Open is one of the biggest golfing tournaments in the world - and if you didn’t, that’s your first lesson in golf betting.

Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more, in fact just down below you can find out how to find the very best odds for the Open Championship, as well as some pointers from our team on golf betting in general (hint hint: this £30 bet credit at William Hill is a good shout).


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Most important reasons to compare odds

Anyone serious about finding highest odds betting sites and the best betting odds for British Open golf has to be thinking about using a British Open odds comparison before putting their money down - golf is one of the most subjective sports on the planet, and unless you’re analysing every single stat about every single player, we think a British Open odds comparison is the best way to find the best prices, pronto.

You may not think the British Open betting odds UK can vary too much between bookmakers, but you’d be so wrong. Odds can vary massively, and in fact sometimes there are purposeful differences in the numbers between operators due to disagreements. The point is, without using a British Open odds comparison you’d never know if you’re getting good value for your bankroll or if you’re being practically robbed, so we can’t recommend comparing odds enough.

Online vs Offline: chasing the best odds

Even in this day and age, there are still many long time punters who prefer to do their gambling in betting shops rather than online. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, we’re not here to judge, but the cold hard facts are that you are almost definitely getting a better price if you gamble online.

The numbers are just preferable, more often than not, and more than this online gambling gives you the opportunity to review your bet and odds in play. Say the dynamic of the tournament shifts after a decisive hole - as an online punter you have the chance to either stick with your guns or go pedal to the metal and double down. Whether it’s the best golf odds, the best cricket odds or the best tennis odds you’re looking for, the choice is yours.

It goes without saying that if you want to find the best betting odds for British Open then you should at least give online gambling a look into. If you follow our guide to using a British Open odds comparison on British Open betting odds UK, you should have no problem scoping out the best opportunities to add to your bankroll come tournament time.

The history of bettings odds in the British Open

The Open Championship first began in 1860, making it literally the oldest golfing tournament in the world, and was first played in Scotland, over three rounds of the twelve hole course. In those days, well off gentlemen literally made a living off playing for bets, most notably a man named Allan Robertson, who was widely regarded to be the best golfer of his era. British Open betting odds UK have been a part of this championship since its inception, making this tournament a must for anyone interested in online golf gambling.

In fact, the first Open Championship was devised after Robertson’s death as a way of determining who the new greatest golfer would be, a story that elevates the name of the great player even more. Robertson’s legacy lives on in the modern day, as now punters can get the best betting odds for British Open all around the world. Here’s a short rundown of the different odds formats used by sportsbooks:

Decimal odds

These types of odds are used in Canada, Australia, Continental Europe and New Zealand, and are shown as a single decimal number. This decimal is the multiplier applied to your stake, should your bet come in. E.g. a £1 wager at odds of 2.0 would win £2 profit.

Fractional odds

Fractions odds are mainly used in British Open betting odds UK and Ireland. They show the ratio of your stake to potential winnings, so a £1 at odds of 5/1 would win £5 if it came in.

American (Moneyline) odds

As the name would suggest, these odds are mainly used across North America, and are shown as a number accompanied by either a (-) or a (+). The minus sign (-) is used to denote a favourite, the plus sign (+) for the underdog.

An underdog with odds of +1000 means that if you put £100 down and it comes in, you would win £1000. On the flipside, a favourite with odds of -1000 means that to win £100, you would have to wager £1000.

How are odds being calculated

Bookmakers use a blend of stats and historical data, including form, when deciding on their sportsbook odds. The more information about any given sport, the closer the British Open betting odds UK will be to the actual probability of the events occuring. In this case, golf has a fantastic history of stats and regular form updates, so you know the operator’s odds will be as close to the real thing as possible.

Obviously as a punter you’re trying to get the best betting odds for British Open, but you’ve always got to remember that the odds are there for a reason. Very rarely will you be able to get the edge on the bookmakers, which is one of the biggest reasons we recommend British Open odds comparison to everyone thinking about betting on the tournament.

One thing you can learn to do though, is calculate expected value, which is found by doing a short mathematical equation. You must multiply each outcome by the probability they will occur, and then add the numbers together to give you a single number. That number is your EV, or expected value.

The higher the number, the better the bet - roughly speaking. That’s not to say that every bet with high EV will come in or that every bet with low EV won’t, but it’s a formula used to give punters some information as to how profitable a potential venture may be. Some of the best betting odds for British Open will have most certainly technically been negative EV bets, because the EV number is an indication as to how much you should expect to mathematically gain or lose if you made the same bet an infinite amount of times. It’s like a score of the bet’s probability, and can be very useful when trying to decide which British Open betting odds UK to back.

Odds betting strategies

There are many online gambling strategies you can utilise to get the best betting odds for British Open, although a great many of them are unpopular with bookmakers. Honestly, if you blatantly achieve success with any of these betting strategies and the bookies notice, you’ll probably have your account restricted in some way, or maybe even banned altogether. It’s worth throwing a few mug bets into the mix - these are bets specifically aimed at markets without any available bonuses or promotions, and are speculative at best - to throw them off the scent, and using a British Open odds comparison service will come in very useful.

The arbitrage betting strategy is one of these tactics. Here you’ll be looking to find discrepancies in the odds set by multiple bookmakers. The goal is to find a situation when you can back a bet with one operator, and cover the cost by laying a bet with an exchange. If done properly, the idea is that you’ll win either way, which almost sounds too good to be true, and - well - it kind of is. As we’ve already mentioned using this strategy with British Open betting odds UK could easily get you banned from operator’s websites - so it’s a risk - and more than that, it’s hard. It’ll take a lot of practice to get right, so it’s not like you can go placing wagers willy nilly.

It’s usually used in conjunction with or alongside the matched betting strategy, where punters use the bonus offers and bonus bets to GUARANTEE themselves profit. There’s hardly any risk with the matched betting strategy; as the only empty wager you need to make is the one needed to qualify for whatever bonus it is you’re about to utilise, making it perfect for British Open betting odds UK. However, matched betting is very unpopular with bookmakers, and there’s always the potential for user error, which means it’s far from risk-free as a whole.

Like many of the most popular sports around, British Open betting odds UK are available pretty much all year round, similar to how it’s often possible to find the best Wimbledon odds or the best US Open odds for tennis. With the vast number of golfing tournaments going on throughout the year, there’s always an outright winner bet going somewhere. Remember, a golfing nobody can become a dark horse with the bookies after just one good round, so always be sure to check the British Open odds comparison so you can find bookmaker odds for the British Open whenever anything changes throughout a day’s play. .

More markets will open up closer to the tournament date, so check your favourite operator when the tournament starts for promotions and offers.

Odds comparison FAQ

Q1: Is my odds comparison service free?

Many British Open odds comparison services will charge you to compare the best betting odds for British Open, so be sure to double check the fine print before you make any commitments. The last thing you want is an unexpected hit to your bankroll, that’s never good.

Q2: Is there really a difference between online and offline odds?

Yes, there’s a massive difference between online and offline odds. Firstly, more often than not, you’re literally just going to find better prices online than you would in the shop. On average it’s widely agreed online odds are much kinder. Secondly, choosing to bet online gives you the option to adapt your bet slip and/or manage the situation in play.

Maybe something went terribly wrong and you need to cash out, no worries, because your phone is your portal to your account. All this in addition to the fact that you have access to a crazy amount of promotional offers online that just don’t have the same weight elsewhere.

Q3: Am I managing my bankroll properly?

One of the best tips any successful gambler will give you is to manage your bankroll properly . You should always make wagers relative to the amount of funds available to you. It’s both healthy and a smart way to do your gambling, as the absolute worst case scenario if you’re trying to maximise your profit margin with online gambling is missing out on a great offer because you had no available funds.

Odds change all the time, so always make sure you’ve got the ammo to take a chance when it comes along.

Q4: Is this good value?

British Open betting odds UK will vary in value, but the constant has to be your gut feeling. Always ask yourself the question: is this a good value bet?

The expected value formula is great for giving you a concrete answer, but before long it’ll come to you when you see it. The more you play, the more often you’ll notice when the odds are a little out of proportion, and the more intuned you will become to being able to find the best bookmaker for British Open odds.

Q5: Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

Always be asking “is this the best price on the market?” If it doesn’t feel like you’re getting value for money, there are many things you can do to ensure you either avoid the bet or get to the bottom of it. With the many British Open odds comparison services out there, you should have no trouble comparing any given price to the next one over.


The Open Championship is a great place to test out your gambling skills, especially if you’re into golf. These major tournaments are where golfing heroes are born, and it only takes one outlier to sink a putt before the odds skyrocket.

The Open Championship is well worth using an odds comparison to scour, as it’s one of the most traditional golf tournaments in the entire world. You’re bound to get some amazing promotional offers around the time of the tournament, and combining those with all the tips we’ve given you in this guide should be a good start to your golf gambling adventure. Before you get betting though, you might want to check out our other guides to the best betting sign up offers and best sports betting sites. Or, if you've got a specific sport in mind, head on over to our greyhound betting UK and horse betting system guides!

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