Best Betting Odds for US Open 2021

Our US Open Odds Odds Comparison

It doesn’t get much more exciting than live betting on tennis, especially during a major tournament, and if you’re wondering how to get the most out of your bankroll, wonder no longer.

Below is our guide to finding the best odds on the US Open, including tips on great offers like this £30 in betting credit at 888. Tennis betting isn’t easy (especially if you’re banking on Nadal to win in straight sets and he bottles the whole thing *terrible flashback*) so take note.

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Most important reasons to compare odds

If you’re not already aware,  US Open odds comparison services are very easy to find and use. There are so many bookmakers on the modern gambling scene, with such a variety of markets and US Open betting odds UK, that you’d be a fool not to compare the prices before you put your money down. This is true for all methods of gambling and ranges from NBA odds comparison, Tennis, Football and even Esports, and is especially true with online gambling. The odds can rapidly change at times and the numbers can be so varied that a US Open odds comparison before you wager anything just seems like the obvious choice.

If you’re utilising one or more betting strategies, it’s even more essential that you don’t skimp on the US Open odds comparison, as the slightest difference in odds can have a big impact on your overall profit margin. To get the best US Open betting odds UK, it’s almost essential you compare the available odds beforehand.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the best odds

Still searching for the highest odds betting sites? Despite the ease of use of online gambling and the tools at the disposal of online punters, a massive number of people still choose to do their gambling in store. It’s definitely the minority, as nowadays the benefits of online gambling are massive in quantity and quality. To find the best betting odds for the US Open, you absolutely have to be doing your wagering online, because the ability for a punter to compare odds with other global bookmakers at the click of a mouse is directly relevant to digital gambling - and almost essential to maximising your profit in the modern day.

In addition to how easy it is to find the best US Open betting odds UK, you’ll also find significantly better odds online, more markets and more varied ones, an ease of use that can’t be matched by analogue gambling and a ridiculous array of promotional offers that simply cannot be contended by gambling shops.

The history of betting odds in US Open tennis

The history of sports betting is a long and complicated one, with various accounts stating that even the ancient Greeks used to wager on sporting events - although there was likely nothing as big as the US Open in those days. Then though, it was likely a seedy back alley event whereas now it’s a legitimate hobby in itself.

In fact, the US Open is actually one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the entire world, once being called  the US National Championship. At one point, this competition only allowed members of the United States National Lawn Tennis Association to enter, but now it’s one of the most inclusive tennis clashes in the entire world, and is made up of men’s and women’s singles and doubles, as well as mixed doubles and of course the best betting odds for US Open.

Below is a rundown of the various odds types you’re likely to encounter while betting online on the US Open:

Decimal odds

These are the odds formats you’re likely to see if you’re betting in Australia, Continental Europe, Canada or New Zealand. They’re written as a decimal number, and show you how much you’ll win if you wager £1. For example, a £1 bet on odds of 1.50 will return 50p profit should it win (£1.50 total return, 50p winnings and £1 stake back).

Fractional odds

Odds formatted as fractions are mostly used in Britain and Ireland. They look something like this: 7/1, and represent the ratio of your stake to the potential winnings. In this example, a £1 wager would win you £7 (plus your £1 back).

US Open betting odds UK will almost always be formatted like this.

American odds

These kinds of odds are a little different, much like everything in the US. Favourites to win are shown with a minus sign (-), which tells the punter how much they need to wager to win £100, and underdogs are shown with a plus (+) showing how much you would win if you placed a £100 bet.

For a quick reference, if I played Nadal in the Wimbledon final (see here for the best Wimbledon odds and the best tennis odds), American odds would list my chances at winning as something like +200,000, meaning if you put £100 on me to win and it somehow came through, you’d get £200,000. Nadal might be listed at -300,000, meaning you would have to risk £300,000 to win £100.

How are odds being calculated

In order to calculate the best betting odds for US Open, bookmakers use a formula consisting of: statistics, historical data, form, public and expert opinions and many other minor relevant factors. The more data available to the bookmakers, the closer their calculated odds will be to the event actually happening. Popular sports have plenty of data available, meaning the odds on any sportsbook will generally be a good reflection of the actual probability - but if you’re looking for the odds for Adele to have the next Christmas number one, you’re into speculation territory. These types of bets are big risks.

Realistically, you’ve always got to face the reality that the US Open betting odds UK set by bookmakers are there for a reason - they are the numbers that make them the most money. You’re going to find it very hard to get the edge over the operator (although your chances are significantly lower if you don’t use a US Open odds comparison) and the odds you’re placing are never going to be a true reflection of the real life chances.

A key component to realising the best betting odds for US Open, is calculating expected value. This is a short mathematical equation used by punters to work out roughly how profitable a wager could be. It is found by multiplying each outcome by the probability they will occur, and then adding those numbers together. The result should either be a positive or negative number, that represents the eventual profit should you make that wager an infinite number of times. It’s by no means an absolute indicator of the best betting odds for US Open (although the higher the expected value the better) and you won’t win every positive EV or lose every negative EV, but it gives you some idea as to the potential value of that bet to your bankroll.

Odds betting strategies

Over the years punters have developed many strategies for gambling - and by extension online gambling - each as intricate and difficult to master. Using these tactics with a real life bookmaker, online or not, will probably get your betting account banned and/or restricted if noticed, which can be a real shame if that bookmaker has a reputation for providing the best US Open betting odds UK or the best British Open odds if you're a golf bettor.

One of these strategies is the arbitrage betting strategy, in which punters place multiple bets with different operators at similar odds to cover all their bases. It’s not something that can be employed all the time, and requires you to notice the correct moments to utilise it. It works best when used on a sporting event that only has two outcomes - a tennis match, for example, when a given player can only win or lose. These brief opportunities appear when bookmakers disagree on odds, or - even more unlikely - when a mistake is made in deciding what odds should be used. Because this strategy guarantees profit at the best of times, it’s perfect for using in conjunction with the best US Open betting odds UK.

It’s very similar to the matched betting strategy, where punters make expert use of bonus bets to guarantee themselves profit. There though, it’s about literally making profit out of nothing, as you’re essentially taking the bonus bets offered to you by new bookmakers and turning them into real money you can take out at will. Both of these strategies will help you take advantage of the best betting odds for US Open tennis.

Obviously, one of the most popular markets in US Open betting odds UK is the overall match winner, which has the punter pick who they think will be the most likely to win the entire match. It’s the most obvious market to put your money on, and will offer the most straight forward odds on the internet.

The great thing about online betting on tennis is that there’s opportunities to bet on every single set, and because of the natural breaks in play, many opportunities each match to review your options.

US Open Odds comparison FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers, about the US Open odds comparison process:

Q1: Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

You’ve probably been told this a million times, but you seriously should check the service fee you’re going to be charged by the odds comparison provider. There’s nothing worse than utilising an odds comparison service to back your bets, only to realise that you’ve been charged extra for the pleasure and have to kiss goodbye to a large slice of your profits.

Q2: Are there differences between offline and online odds?

Yes, more often than not you’ll find a massive difference in online odds compared to offline odds. The fact is, the straight up numbers are preferable online, and more than that the promotional offers are on another level. The difference between the bonus offers online and the additional deals offered by betting shops is massive, and we can’t recommend online betting enough to punters looking for a good deal.

To get the very best US Open betting odds UK, it’s always preferable that you use online bookmakers.

Q3: Am I managing my bankroll properly?

Perhaps the most important habit of an online gambler is bankroll management. To make the most of US Open odds comparison and get the best betting odds for US Open tennis, it’s essential that you ensure you’re always in a strong financial position. It’s about asking yourself if the bet you’re about to make really has a chance of improving your bankroll total - if it doesn’t, you need to double triple check you definitely can afford it.

It’s just about watching your well being, but it’s also about making sure you have the funds to take your opportunities. Imagine using all your bankroll on a rollercoaster but unsuccessful weekend of sport, only to see your favourite operator is offering an attractive bonus promotion on Monday.

Q4: Is this good value?

Most experienced punters have a good idea of value when they see it, but if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, see our section on calculating expected value earlier. Although the actual expected value calculation involves some mathematical thinking, value is something you get a gut feeling about.

It’s about asking the question: “is this wager really worth risking my stake?” on a regular basis.

Q5: Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

When looking at bookmaker odds for the US Open, you may find yourself thinking that there are so many popular operators nowadays that it’s almost impossible to know where the best prices are. If you’re someone who’s always looking for value, it’s hard to ignore the US Open odds comparison services on offer, as they are vast and widely accessible online.

Prices vary massively between online bookmakers, so it’s always worth asking yourself if you could get more money on a different website before you commit to anything. US Open betting odds UK are varied based on which bookmaker you’re looking at, so remember to check before you bet in order to ensure you have found the best bookmaker US Open odds for your chosen wager.


The US Open is one of the greatest tennis tournaments of the year, and a great time to employ the matched and arb betting strategies. Otherwise, you’ve got a ridiculously vast catalogue of markets available (as always with the tennis) and a chance to utilise one or multiple of the many US Open odds comparison services available to you.

You should find it no problem to get the best betting odds for US Open tennis, and if you manage to employ some of the tips and tricks we’ve demonstrated in this guide, you’ll have no issue making profit either. We'd also advise that you take a look at our best betting sign up offers and top sports betting websites guides, which offer plenty of useful information for bettors. We've also got specific guides on various sporting events, such as our best greyhound betting sites and horse betting system guides.

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