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Latest Euro 2021 Odds

With the Euro 2021 tournament making a delayed but very welcome appearance in June, you may be one of the many people placing an online bet for the first time. Either way, you'll want to do it with the best euro 2021 odds.

Whether you have chosen to place a wager using 10bet’s 50% matched bonus up to £50, you're an experienced bettor, or have a detailed plan to profit from Euro 2021 — this page is for you. This includes if you want the England to win Euro 2021 odds  (not gonna happen). Read on for all the odds!

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euro 2021 betting odds

Regardless of whether you're that experienced bettor or just somebody who's only ever placed a bet on the outcome of the Grand National before, you'll be looking to have the most exciting experience possible. Some of that will involve getting the most value from the Europa League latest odds or whatever bets you place during the tournament.

With an event like Euro2021, especially after the last year's events, emotions can run high with markets and Euro 2021 odds shifting significantly in a short space of time. This means that searching for the best odds can make a massive difference to your profit at the end of the day. This might not seem like a good use of your time, but as you'll soon see, it can end up being quite a lot of money, especially if you intend to place wagers throughout the tournament.

If you want to come out of Euro 2021 with the most profit possible, you'll need the best UEFA Euro 2021 odds, and there are some things you need to know to make sure this happens.

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Odds will vary, even for the events like Euro 2021

If you've been placing bets for more than five minutes, you'll know that odds can vary for precisely the same event. They can vary between bookmakers and between bookmakers and exchanges. They can change as the event gets closer or by significant events like team sheets being announced. There is a definite advantage in checking out the Euro 2021 odds across several bookmakers before placing your bet with so many factors to take into account.

In some cases, that advantage can be pretty significant. If you can back a winner at 8 somewhere else instead of at 6 with your usual bookmaker, the benefits are quite obvious. However, in reality, the differences aren't usually that vast, and the gaps between different bookmakers can close very quickly.

For that reason, there is very little benefit in simply checking every single bookmaker and exchange every time you want to place a bet. Not only will it take you forever, by the time you have checked all of the bookmakers, but you'll also find that any Euro 2021 odds discrepancy between them would have soon been corrected, and any advantage will be gone.

Suppose you are to take advantage of the difference between Euro 2021 odds at one bookmaker over another, rather than wasting your time checking each site individually. In that case, you could be better off visiting a site that instantly points you in the direction of the Best Betting Odds UK. This will be covered in more detail shortly, but you will have already realised that this is really for online betting only.

Advantages of betting online

If you do not usually bet online or have never placed a bet online before, there are some compelling reasons for doing this rather than visiting the high street. First of all, betting offline can be time-consuming as you have to travel and limit your choice wager and Euro 2021 odds to what that particular shop offers.

On the other hand, many bookmakers, including all of the best UK bookmakers, have apps you can download to your phone so you can bet on the go instead of making a special trip to the bookmakers. Not only that, these apps allow you to take advantage of special deals like the best UEFA Euro 2021 odds cashouts and changing odds that you might not see on your trip into town.

The other advantage of having the apps for all of the major bookmakers on your phone is that you can place a bet on whichever of them you want, something that is simply not possible to do in the real world, as the choice will be much more limited.

Getting started and understanding the odds

If you are all new to this, however, it can be a lot to take in. If all you've seen before is the racing results online or on TV, your first visit to a bookmaker's website will look very different – starting with the odds.

While you may have seen fractional odds like 7/1 before and known what that meant, things like 13/8 might be a bit more confusing. For this reason, many bookmakers websites offer the choice for decimal odds, which are usually easier to understand for the beginner and very useful when comparing odds. After all, it's easier to see quickly that 2.45 is a larger number than 2.25 rather than spend time working out if 2/1 is better odds than 13/8.

How do bookmakers calculate the odds you see on their websites?

The next thing to consider, which is particularly important in this tournament, is how Euro 2021 betting odds are calculated (you'll see why in a moment).

Typically there are many factors to be considered in a football match, some quite obvious, such as the relative abilities of the two teams, current form, and if any star players are present or absent due to injury. Another critical factor for Euro 2021 odds would normally be home advantage and support from the crowd, which can significantly raise a team's performance.

These are much harder for bookmakers to quantify UEFA Euro 2021 odds as only a fraction, if any, of the number of supporters at Euro 2021 will be attending games, even for the countries hosting each particular match.

This is mainly because a home team who would typically have the majority of support behind them will not now have that advantage (as has been shown by results in the premier league over the last 12 months). Secondly, any team bolstered by a particularly robust and possibly intimidating support (as shown by Iceland the last time around) would also not have this benefit.

It might be easy to assume these factors cancel each other out, but that is not the case. This is also true with the variation in format. If the tournament goes to plan, the matches will be played over many countries instead of the usual one or two.

When you take all of this into account alongside the usual vagaries of a tournament, where it is first a league and then a knockout competition, you can easily see the obstacles faced by bookmakers when calculating odds. You can also see that with such a mishmash of factors and unique circumstances, many of the Euro 2021 odds will vary across bookmakers and how vital getting the best Euro 2021 betting odds is to make the greatest profit.

Using betting strategies to boost profits

Betting strategies are nothing new, and any experienced bettor will have used or heard of nearly all of them. If you are a beginner, however, there is one betting strategy you should be aware of. It is something you will no doubt come across as soon as you go to place your first bet, and it involves bookmakers bonuses and is better known as the 'matched betting strategy'.

The premise behind it is quite simple. Bookmakers want you to bet with them, so they offer incentives for you to do so. These incentives usually consist of free bets (or, more rarely these days, a deposit bonus). By a 'free' bet, the bookmaker means that once you place one bet, they will give you another one based on the stake of your first bet.

Doing this might not sound like a great money maker, as you could lose both your initial and the free bet, but there is a technique to turn that free bet into a profit. As well as bookmakers, there are betting exchanges that allow wagering against a specific result (otherwise known as laying). By laying your back bets, you make the first bet a nil transaction (so you've not lost anything), and you make a profit on the second.

Matched betting can be a drawn-out process, but you can make a handy one-off sum by repeating this at each bookmaker who is offering a bonus (which, you'll soon find, is nearly all of them). It may not be for everybody, but a tournament like Euro2021 provides an excellent opportunity to do something like this when you consider that there may be better offers because of the tournament and the chance to take advantage of the best Euro 2021 betting odds.

What is the value of sites like this for getting the best odds for Euro 2021?

Once you understand the basics, however, there are some other things you need to take into account before placing your first bet with an online bookmaker at Euro 2021 odds.

Firstly, you should never dive in blindly and just pick the first bookmaker that Google throws up in a search. You could be better off visiting a few review sites to find the best bookmaker and the best deals. They will usually have knowledgeable, full-time staff dedicated to this who know exactly what to look for and could possibly not only save you time but also from making a bad choice or two.

Those same sites may well have done your homework for you and can often present you with the best odds for any event you were thinking of betting on. This is particularly important for Euro 2021 odds because of the focus placed on it by the number of bookmakers looking for new business. For the reasons you've already seen, markets can move very quickly, so it could be to your advantage to look closely at these sites for the best Euro 2021 betting odds.

While it is true what they say about opinions, everybody has one, and with a high profile tournament like Euro 2021, those 'opinions' will be everywhere. The significant number of people wanting the attention from becoming a Euro 2021 predictor will make it hard to work out what you should consider, what you shouldn't when deciding which bet to place, and where to place it.

This is where those sites serve yet another purpose. While a lot of what you see, hear and read about Euro 2021 will be based on short term research, the people that work on these sites work on this kind of thing 24/7 and probably have a better handle on things and the best Euro 2021 betting odds than some celebrity venting on Instagram.

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How to get the best Euro 2021 betting odds

If you are thinking of placing a bet for the first time, then Euro 2021 could provide an excellent opportunity to get things off to the best possible start. There will be a large number of offers for new accounts and ample opportunity to take advantage of a strategy like matched betting to make an even greater profit.

Even if you are an experienced bettor and have benefitted from all of these things years ago, you will be able to see the unique opportunity of a tournament and the best Euro 2021 betting odds.

With the amount of focus on the event and the emotion of it being the first 'big' tournament since the pandemic, it will be getting even more attention than it usually would, with all the participating teams desperate to win.

Once you add the additional factors of smaller crowds and the obvious logistical factors that could stop a team from playing as well as they potentially could, it is easy to see the challenges faced by bookmakers when generating the Euro 2021 odds for each match, and the overall Euro 2021 winner odds.

What should be equally obvious is that with this much variance, regardless if you are taking advantage of an offer or following a strategy, having the inside line on the best Euro 2021 betting odds for every event is key to making as much as possible from betting on Euro 2021.

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