Euro 2021 Odds to Win

There really is no better place to find better Euro 2021 winner odds than right here at Why? Because not only are we footy fanatics, we also know all of the top UK bookmakers both inside and out.

We’re not just here to tell you what the best UEFA Euro 2021 winner odds are, we’ll direct you to where you can find them as well. By using our odds comparison here at, you can find the best up to date odds in the UK in real-time.

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Who Will Win Euro 2021?

euro 2021 winner odds

Euro 2021 Betting Odds Winner – Your No. 1 Comparison Tool!

The Euro 2021 betting odds are always going to chop and change right up and until the tournament starts. With the UEFA Euro 2021 betting odds winner comparison here at, you can check and compare the real time odds with all bookmakers from now until the tournament starts. If in-play betting is your thing, you can also keep tabs on the live odds as well when you’re betting on Euro 2021.

Why Shop Around for the Best Odds?

When it comes to buying flights, you’d usually shop around for the best possible prices for every trip you make. You don’t simply buy your tickets with the same airline you did the last time. The same logic applies when shopping around for the bests odds on the winners for Euro 2021. The bookie you used last time might not necessarily have the best odds this time around. Euro 2021 betting odds winner prices change and are updated on a regular basis – so you need to keep your finger on the pulse!

Euro 2021 Odds to Win – Common Formats

Betting odds UK are commonly displayed in three different formats – fractional, decimal and, more rarely, American. Before backing your winner for the delayed 2020 Euros, it’s important to get yourself acquainted with how each of the three works.

Fractional Odds

These are classic odds, with roots in Shakespearian times and some times referred to as ‘UK odds’ by overseas bookies and punters. Although traditional and common here, they are the most complicated to figure out at a glance. The numbers on either side of the fraction reference either side of the outcome. For example, let’s say you backed England to win the Euros at odds of 2/1, you’d stand to win £2 for every £1 that you stake.

Decimal Odds

The most common form of odds used elsewhere in Europe, decimal odds have become more commonplace in UK bookmakers since gambling moved online. Decimal odds are easier to read at a glance and your potential winnings can be calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds. For example, if you stake £30 at odds of 2.5, then your total payout would be £75. That figures it the total payout – for total potential profit, simply subtract your stake from the overall payout amount.

American Odds

To the untrained eye of the UK punter, American odds might look complicated, but actually once understood they are simplest form of odds to read. There are two types of American odds to be aware of – positive and negative.

With positive odds, the number refers to the amount of profit you stand to make from a $100 bet. For example, odds of +200 mean you stand to win a $200 profit plus your $100 stake. With negative odds, the number refers to the amount you’d have to stake in order to make a $100 profit. For example, odds of -200 would mean you’d have to bet $200 in order to make a $100 profit.

Where You Can Find the Best Euro 2021 Winner Odds

The bookmakers determine their Euro 2021 odds to win based on the teams that are playing and the number of possible outcomes based on the betting markets. At the end of the day the bookmaker wants to calculate the probability of each outcome as realistically as possible as its fairest for both parties. On the one hand, they profit more the less you win. On the other hand it’s a competitive market and they need to offer the best possible in order to convince you and other punters to bet with them.

The competition naturally ramps up during big events on the sporting calendar, such as Euro 2021. That’s why signing up to a few different bookmakers and shopping around is key if you want to enhance the value of your Euro 2021 bets. You can find out which UK bookmakers are offering the best Euro 2021 winner odds in real time here at Our experts have reviewed and compared almost every single active bookmaker in the UK for 2021.

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Strategies to Improve Your Euro 2021 Odds to Win

If approached with caution, you can improve your overall Euro 2021 odds and chances of winning by implementing a couple of popular betting strategies. We should point out though that the bookies aren’t daft these days and will be wise to certain strategies – so approach modestly and with caution. If you’re completely new to football betting in general, then by all means take a look below and get acquainted with the two betting strategies below. However we wouldn’t recommend implementing them to enhance your Euro 2021 odds to win at this stage – we’d wait until you’ve built up a little bit more experience.


Arb betting strategy involves betting on opposite outcomes on different sites to ensure that you will at least get some money back. In order to do it successful, you need to exploit price discrepancies in the market and know where to find the best Euro 2021 winner odds. For example, if you were betting on England vs Scotland with the arb strategy, you’d find one bookmark offering the best odds on England winning and another offering the best odds on Scotland winning. You’d then back the those respective outcomes on the two different sites. If arbing works well, you can profit using the best bookmaker odds – in the worst case, you’ve covered at least some of your losses.

Matched Betting

This is a betting strategy that involves taking advantage of the various welcome offers and special Euro 2021 bonuses that bookmakers will be offering for the event. Essentially, it involves using bonus bets to cover both outcomes of a particular game in order to turn them into real cash. Matched betting is legal in the UK but the bookies are wise to it and aren’t huge fans. It’s therefore essential to read the general bonus terms and conditions for the bookie before implementing this strategy.

If you’re used to betting the footy in general, then you’ll probably be quite familiar with the majority of the markets where you’ll find Euro 2021 odds to win. However, special tournaments also bring special odds and betting markets as well – and it doesn’t come much more special than the Euros. Below We’ve detailed some of the more Popular winning markets for Euro 2021.

Euro 2021 Tournament Winner

This is simplest and most outright bet that you can place on Euro 2021, predicting the ultimate winner of the tournament. To find the best Euro 2021 winner odds, the earlier you place your bet, the better. For the best value you should place your bet ahead of the tournament starting. Ahead of the tournament the bookies’ favourites are England, France, Germany, Portugal and Belgium. Also in with an outside shout are the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Group Winners and Round Bets

If you want to take a step down from betting on the outright tournament winner, you can bet outright on the teams you think will win each group. For example in Group D England are the favourites ahead of Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic. Beyond the groups you can bet on how far you think a certain team will get – for example, backing Spain to reach the semi-finals.

Match Winners

Once the tournament starts, the most exciting and frequent way to bet is to find the best Euro 2021 odds to win each game. You can either back one team to win a single game or build up an accumulator with multiple selections. You can also enhance your odds and the value of your bets by adding extra betting markets here, such as winning margins, goalscorers and both teams to score.

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Our Top Five Tips to Improving Your Euro 2021 Odds to Win

Make Use of Our Odds Comparison

Once again, at we provide you with the real time Euro 2021 winner odds being offered by all top UK bookmakers. The number one best away to find the best odds will always be to shop around – and comparison sites like ours make that easy for you.

Read Reviews

As well as proving you with an odds comparison, we also have expert reviews of all the bookmakers that we recommend. Included in our detailed bookmaker reviews is a rating out of ten. Therefore you can find out if a bookmaker is good and trustworthy overall as well as offering the best odds.


Pretty much every bookie will offer you some form of free bet or welcome bonus when signing up to the site. Bonuses are a great way to boost your Euro 2021 winners odds and potential profits if used correctly. As well as welcome bonuses, the top UK bookmakers will be offering specials for Euro 2021. Be sure to consistently check back to our UK bookmaker reviews, where we’ll update you with the Ero 2021 bonus specials as and when they appear.

Betting Tips

Ahead of the tournament, and as the games start to kick off, keep an eye out for our expert betting tips. WIth our betting tips, we carefully analyse each game based on the stats and facts, before ultimately offering the best tip for each game provided with the best odds for said tip and where to find it.

Keep Up To Date

Just like the weather, Claudio Ranieri’s tactics and Wayne Rooney’s hairline, odds change all the time. Therefore it important to check back on a daily basis to keep yourself up to date with the latest Euro 2021 odds to win.

Euro 2021 Odds to Win – The Conclusion

To conclude, let’s summarize what to look out for if you want to find the best winning odds in the run-up to Euro 2021. Firstly and most importantly, always use our odds comparison to find the bests odds with the best and most trusted UK bookmakers. Secondly, consider the betting markets and the types of bets you want to place on Euro 2021. From backing an outright tournament winner, to placing a bet on England to win the Euros, to match bets and the golden boot, there’s a lot to get involved with. Lastly, remember that odds are constantly updated and therefore checking back and comparing them on a daily basis is key t making your Euro 2021 bets successful!

Euro 2021 Winners Odds FAQ

🏆 Who are favourites to win the Euros?

Euro 2021 is a wide open tournament, with more potential favourites going into this one than perhaps any tournament previously. This is because some of the usualEuropean titans such as Germany and England have been joined by the likes of Belgium. You can find a full list of the Euro 2021 favourites and current odds here at

🇪🇺 Will the Euro 2021 tournament definitely go ahead?

Plans are in place with most countries detailing how many fans will be allowed in stadiums with full details Everything can change from day to day nowadays though, so to keep up to date, click here and bookmaker this page for updates.

⚽ What are the best Euro 2021 predictions?

Ahead of the delayed Euro 2020 tournament we’ve got the very best Euro 2021 betting tips. Here you’ll find top quality expert betting tips that offer the best odds and value for Euro 2021 games, groups and the Euro 2021 winner overall.

❓ Who qualified for Euro 2021?

In total 24 nations qualified for Euro 2021 and will compete in the delayed tournament in June. These teams have been split into six groups each with four different teams – both seeded and unseeded. Make an informed betting decision, view the full list of countries and groups for Euro 2021 at and make sure you take a look at our Euro 2021 bookmaker recommendations.

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