Best Betting Odds for UFC 2022

If you’re not watching sports and wagering on the Ultimate Fighting Championship by now, we’re running out of reasons why you should be (Bruce Buffer’s beautiful voice being most compelling).

Aaaand nowwww… Here’s our guide to the very best odds on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and trust us, you’re going to need some help – why not start with this £40 money back from Unibet? The Ultimate Fighting Championship is composed of about every martial art you can think of, over 10 different weight classes and at one point, former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar (don’t ask).

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Most Important Reasons to Compare Odds:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has had a reputation of being a violent sport full of political pressure, sports controversies, and regional glitches. Several other rules have been included, like the mandatory need to wear gloves and the classification of weight divisions. However, with time, the UFC grew and led to the formation of “The Ultimate Fighter Series.” As soon as the TV show started, people took over the hype. They have turned UFC wagering into a global phenomenon and started investing in it through Bethard and other sites.

Understanding the the Ultimate Fighting Championship Odds Comparison is needed in order to make informed choices while wagering and placing your bets. By understanding the Best UFC Odds, you will know what a specific bookmaker is going to offer in the UFC wagering market. This way, you can make informed choices. In case you are ignorant of the odds, it translates to you not being able to understand the winning potential of the bets available. Knowing the UFC Wagering Odds UK will help you in determining whether a particular wager is worth it or not. The payout of the wager is calculated based on the Bookmaker Odds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship with a combination of money that’s at stake and the relevant odds.

Online vs. Offline: Chasing the Best Odds:

best ufc oddsEven though UFC wagering is known to be popular, it is not as popular as other sports. As a result, you can use the advantage of bookies potentially mispricing bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship wagering market. These kinds of mispricings won’t happen as often in the offline UFC Wagering. It is difficult to hunt for the best lines when you are wagering offline, and as a result, there is less possibility that you would be able to calculate the difference between winning or losing your bet in the long run. The offline bookies will often tempt you to place bets on certain contests even before you gain adequate knowledge about the fighters. However, the online wagering odds are not like that.

You can have all the data that you need to make confident bets, just with a bit of research. With the bigger picture in place, you can know who the better fighter is. In the online wagering market, the online odds are generally better with fewer of the distortions that can occur in offline wagering. The Best Betting Odds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship odds entice the players with information allowing them to wager on their most favourite fighters with full-fledged comprehension.

The History of Wagering Odds in UFC: 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has shifted all of its major operations to Las Vegas as it started getting prominence. Las Vegas, which is considered as the capital of gambling, had been explored by the trio – Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell who collectively laid the foundation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Ortiz had taken the Ultimate Fighting Championship into the limelight with his brash antics so that people gave him all the attention that he needed. Liddell, on the other hand, has become the most sought out fighter with his incredible knockout power. Ken Shamrock has made a re-entry just to prolong his rivalry with Ortiz, and their fights kept the company even popular.

Starting from there, the Ultimate Fighting Championship has gained all the popularity it needed till the Ultimate Fighter Series came into the picture. With the broadcasting affinity that it had, UFC has turned out to be a popular sport for people, especially among teenagers who love high intensity sports. Suddenly, people started wagering on underdogs just to take risks instead of going with the favourites for bets. As a result, the bookies started calculating the odds and assigning the plus and minus signs to the players.

Most sports odds change from time to time through the years. The history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship wagering odds is interesting because the contest format has changed over the years. As a result, the wagering odds are also different for each contest. When you observe the sports odds in the American Odds format, you know that the favourite of the sports odds is usually represented with a minus sign, while the underdog is represented with a plus sign. The odds are highly impacted by the bettors who wager around £100. In some cases, you have seen a -110 or +110 wager, this means that the vig that a sportsbook collects on the UFC bet is £10.

The sportsbooks have to make money, and in order to meet the needs, they calculate £5-£10. For example, if you see odds between Player A and Player B as and Player A (-165) and Player B (+135). In case you have decided on Player A for your bets, you would have to bet £165 to win around £100. In contrast, if you are wagering on Player B, you just have to bet £100 to win £135. However, wagering on the underdog is a bit of risk, which is why not a lot of people do that when making their bets.

Best Wagering Odds for UFC Odds Formats:

  • Decimal Odds: These sports odds are the easiest type to understand. In order to calculate the results using the decimal odds, you just have to multiply your stake by the decimal number. As you might have known already, a stake is an amount that you wish to bet.
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional wagering odds are popular because they are most favoured in Ireland and the United Kingdom for bets. They have grown their prominence due to their use in horse races. They might look a bit confusing at first glance, but they are not too hard to work out.
  • American odds: American odds are usually calculated based on the money you have to wager to win an amount of £100. The odds are usually displayed with a minus or plus sign. The symbols also determine if you have to bet more than £100 or less than £100 in order to win £100 from your bets. Working with the American odds might sound a bit confusing at first, but with time you will get accustomed, and you might even find them more appealing than the other two odds formats.

How Are Odds Being Calculated? 

Most sports odds change from time to time through the years. The history of UFC wagering odds is interesting because the contest format has changed over the years. As a result, the wagering odds are also different for each contest and vary considerably from other sports, like odds on Formila 1 or the odds on rugby, etc. The sports wagering odds are calculated by the bookmakers by taking into account the statistics, expected performance of the players, and public view, to which is added the vig, or the profit that the bookmaker would make.

UFC Odds Betting Strategies: 

betting odds for ufcAs you all know, the Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters are pretty versatile. Therefore, even when a fighter is so good, they are going to have certain weaknesses that can be advantageous. Both the strengths and weaknesses of a fighter get displayed in the way he fights. For example, if you observe a powerful striker, you can see that he will try to keep the fight on and win it with adequate kicks and punches. On the other hand, we have a grappler who is going to keep the fight on and win it by submission by going down on the mat. As a bettor, it is important to take ample time and understand these styles. Each player has their own signature style that is represented in the way he fights. Whenever a fighter is trying to dictate the fight pace, you can mark the weaknesses of him and calculate your odds based on that. By wagering on the underdogs in such cases, you can send the favorite to a loss.

  • Arb Wagering: A bet that is made using the strategy in which the bettors make bets on all the possible outcomes of the event to guarantee a profit irrespective of the volume. Arb wagering is known for creating odds in favour of the bettor while ensuring that all the eventual outcomes are less than 100%.
  • Matched Betting: Matched wagering is the method of taking advantage of the bonus bets offered by different bookmakers. By doing this, you can cover all the potential outcomes of the sport through multiple bets. You can definitely make a bet with each profit irrespective of who wins.

Wagering on UFC comes in different options like the money line, the victory, or the total rounds. All of these bets are different from each other, and they require different strategies in order to make confident, calculated bets.

  1. Money line Betting: A bet where you pick a fighter who is going to win the fight is known as the Money Line Bet. You don’t have to place wagers of bigger size or in multiples for these bets. You can even place smaller bets to get paid on a pro-rata basis. The Ultimate Fighting Championship money line wagering comes down to the simple betting where you guess if you are going to win the fight or not.
  2. Parlay Betting: A parlay bet is where you can find more than one outcome as you combine them into multiple stakes. Commonly referred to as double, you can extend a parlay bet to as many stakes as you are comfortable with. In other words, you are taking two fights and are staking one winner in each one just to be safe. Alternatively, the players can also opt for prop bets where they combine two or more outcomes to form a parlay.
  3. Victory Betting: The method of victory wager lets you bet on how the fight finishes and who’s the one that’s going to finish it. For example, if you think that McGregor is going to win with a knockout, and if he does, you will win all the odds that are placed on him.
  4. Total Rounds Betting: The total rounds wager is also quite similar to the under/over bet in any other sport. However, instead of guessing the points and checking if they are more or less than the points set by the bookie, you will have to bet about the total rounds. The under/over bet is when the player wagers on the rounds through which the bout lasts. If a particular bout is going to end midway in the round after finishing the two and a half minutes of the round, the bout is assumed to last for the first half of the round.

UFC Male Weight Class: 

  • Heavyweight (265 lb)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lb)
  • Middleweight (185 lb)
  • Welterweight (170 lb)
  • Lightweight (155 lb)
  • Featherweight (145 lb)
  • Bantamweight (135 lb)
  • Flyweight (125 lb)
  • Strawweight (115 lb)

UFC Female Weight Class:

  • Featherweight (145 lb)
  • Bantamweight (135 lb)
  • Strawweight (115 lb)

UFC Odds Comparison FAQ: 

Q1: Is your odds comparison service free of charge?

At, we update you with the best Ultimate Fighting Championship odds comparison without any charge. Here, you can find the coverage of all the Ultimate Fighting Championship contests with absolute data before you place your bets. We give you the statistics of the players, their strengths, their weaknesses, their wins, and losses so that you can make wise decisions for your bets.

Q2: Are there differences between online vs. offline odds?

The best wagering odds for the Ultimate Fighting Championship can differ between different bookmakers and also between offline and online. The online odds are usually calculated by keeping all the past data in the picture. This is also true for placing bets on other sports too such as tennis and football, so make sure you can always make an informed tennis odds comparison or general comparison between odds. As a result, the online odds are made with special offers that are exclusive to the punters.

Q3: How often are the odds updated? 

At, we work hard to deliver the live updates across all the contests in the world. We observe all the bookmakers and provide odds for all the matches as soon as we can with the help of quick monitoring and cutting-edge software for bets. As a result, UFC wagering odds are updated at regular intervals throughout the day.

Q4: Do you store all the old wagering odds data?

All the old odds are stored in our archives for precise wagering calculations. Punters can use the data to form their own calculations for bets as well.

Q5: How long do UFC fights last?

There are some metrics which can be considered to calculate the time that of a UFC fight:

  • The first round of UFC lasts for 5 minutes
  • Typically, a fight can go till 3 rounds – which counts to 15 minutes on the whole.
  • A title fight will have a maximum of 5 rounds – which counts to 25 minutes on the whole.
  • UFC title fights are relatively less in number, and not all of them will go till 5 rounds. Therefore, when you are making a bet, you don’t have to let the title fight skew the number. You can only consider the first three rounds feasible.
  • A lot of fights go for a decision, at least half of them. In other words, any fight will go for 15 minutes, which is why you shouldn’t bet on a duration less than that.
  • Looking at the extremes, a fight that ends in the initial 30 seconds vs. the one which is going for 15 minutes – the longer fights are more in number than the shorter fights.
  • A large number of fights end somewhere in the middle of the second round.

Bringing all of these things together, most of the fights in UFC go anywhere between 30 seconds to 15 minutes in which a reasonable number ends in the first 5 minutes, and most of them end in the third round. Based on these observations, it is to be noted that the average duration of the fight is around 8-9 minutes.


The UFC contests are straightforward in nature and they create major scope for straightforward strategies, honest bets, and transparent handicapping. As a punter, you can bet on the winners, the length of the contest, the number of rounds for which the bout will last, the end of the battle, and the positions for bets. With our Best Wagering Odds for UFC, UFC Odds Comparison, and the UFC Wagering Odds UK, you can bet wisely. Be sure to have a read of our guides to the best betting sign up offers and top sports betting websites before placing your bets!

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