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Bingo has been a popular game for many decades now, and is a fixture of many people’s social lives in the UK. But playing bingo online has exploded in popularity in recent years, with many people receiving their first introduction to the game thanks to the internet. As with anything, bingo can look a little baffling to newcomers, though, which is why we have turned our expert attention to the game here at As you would expect from us, we have a great deal of knowledge about bingo at, so we’re going to share that expertise with you here. If you want to know how bingo is played then this article is what you need.

Here, you’ll be able to read what bingo rules UK players usually have to stick to, as well as the different types of bingo UK sites that you can find online. We’ll also give you a few tips about shaping a strategy, as well as how to safe online when you are playing bingo. If you want to know all about online bingo – how to play, how to win and how to avoid running into problems – this is the article for you.

Bingo – The Basics

So, you’re a complete newcomer to the game and you’re wondering how bingo is played, where should you start? Here would be a good place, as we’re going to run through the basic rules of the game for you. Buy the time you have read this section, you should have a pretty good idea about the kind of bingo rules UK punters have to stick to when they’re playing. Here are’s bingo rules for dummies.

Whether you are playing online or offline bingo, the basic principles are the samef for any game of bingo. How to play the game is not hard to learn. Each player is given a card with numbers on it. As numbers are called out, the players cross off the numbers. To win, you need to cross off all of the numbers on a line on your card or achieve a ‘full house’ by crossing off all the numbers on the card.

The numbers used to be on balls which the caller would take from a machine. This is why you will see different forms of bingo described as ’90-ball’ or ’75-ball’. Obviously, if you are playing online bingo things work differently, but the basic principles of the game are the same. In online bingo, the numbers are crossed off automatically. But that is the only real difference with offline bingo. When it comes to learning about bingo, how to play it and how to win, it really is as simple as that.

So when you log into your bingo account at the website you have chosen, how do you get started? The first thing to do is choose which kind of game you want to play. You will notice when you sign up for an account that the different varieties of bingo are usually referred to with a name that includes the number of balls used. The balls, of course, in online bingo are really just numbers. The amount of numbers has to be limited, so you will see 90-ball bingo, 75-ball bingo and sometimes other types like 60-ball or 45-ball. All of these variants of the game adhere to the same basic principles, though.

One thing that you might like to know and that could come in handy while playing is the nicknames for the various numbers. Here are some of them to give you a flavour of what you can expect, with each nickname for the first five numbers.

  1. Kelly’s Eye – At the Beginning – Nelson’s Column
  2. One Little Duck – Me and You.
  3. Cup of Tea – You and Me – One Little Flea.
  4. Knock at the Door.
  5. Man Alive.

How Does Online Bingo Differ to Offline Bingo?

The main difference between online and offline bingo is the caller. Obviously, offline bingo takes place in a club, and part of the challenge of the game is listening to the caller read out the numbers and marking your card. Keeping up with the caller is a real part of the fun, especially when they are using nicknames for numbers like the famous ‘two fat ladies’ for number 88.

Online bingo cannot replicate that experience, for obvious reasons. But what it can provide is a different kind of social experience. While the players at a real-life bingo hall tend to socialise between games, online bingo allows players to socialise while the games are taking place. This is one of the major attractions of online bingo, and has become a big part of the overall experience of bingo. How to play the game is just one of the things that you pick up.

The other major difference is that the numbers are ‘crossed out’ automatically rather than you having to keep up with the caller. This gives you more chance to chat and socialise, of course, as well as making playing the game simpler. The bingo rules UK players need to stick to are very simple when playing online or via a bingo app, and this simplicity and accessibility help to make online bingo as popular as it has become in the last few years.

Shaping a Winning Bingo Strategy

While online bingo is really a game of chance, there are elements of skill to it that you can use to shape a strategy that is more likely to bring you success. Knowing as much as possible about bingo, how to play, its different varieties, the nicknames for the numbers and other things, is bound to help you with this.

Once you know bingo rules, simple strategies are pretty easy to put together. You will always be at the mercy of fortune, but you can improve your chances of winning by playing with more tickets. The more cards or tickets that you have the greater your chances of crossing off more numbers. If you want to improve your chances of winning then playing with more than one card is a good way of doing it.

Another simple step you can take to boost your chances of winning is to play at quieter times of day, if you can. This means that there are fewer people competing for prizes, so your chances of winning are increased. This does not guarantee victory but it does mean that there are fewer people competing for the same prizes.

There is also something called the Granville Strategy, based on ideas formulated by an American stockbroker called Joseph Granville. His analysis states that the choice of bingo card is the most important thing. According to Granville, you should choose a card that is roughly split evenly between high and low numbers and odd and even numbers. If they know the bingo rules UK players might benefit from using this strategy.

One thing that you should always be careful about is bankroll management. Never spend more than you can afford to lose when playing bingo online. Keeping a close eye on the funds will mean that you stop playing at sensible times and always stay in control. Never become reckless, even when you are on a winning streak – as with all kinds of gambling, your luck can change pretty quickly when playing bingo. How to play the game well is about being careful and making sensible decisions about what to spend and when.

Staying Safe When Playing Bingo Online

Obviously, playing any kind of gambling game online has risks attached to it. This is why it is important to choose a bingo site with a good reputation that is properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. They should be transparent about their banking arrangements too and have a customer service team that is easy to contact. The more evasive a bingo site is about details like this, the more caution you should show when considering whether or not to sign up for an account with them. You should also check that they have proper encryption in place around all of their transactions.

Obviously there are other considerations around safety when playing bingo live online. How to play bingo is a simple thing to learn, but the game’s simplicity can make it easy to fall into compulsive or addictive patterns of behaviour. Simple knowing how bingo is played will not keep you safe from this. Setting a personal limit on the amount of time you spend playing is a good way of staying safe. Many bingo sites also offer you the facility of setting financial limits on your account. This can be an effective way of staying in control of your gambling. Always remember that while bingo is a fun game, it is gambling and can become compulsive. Keep things lighthearted too – always walk away if you are feeling angry or frustrated.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Bingo Site

There are a few things to consider when selecting a website where you can play online bingo. Here are some of the criteria that we recommend that you use to shape your choice:

  1. Reputation of the site: When you have learned how bingo is played and you want to pick a good site, choose one with an established reputation. Many of the larger online casinos and sports betting sites also offer bingo, and it is a good idea to look at these first.
  2. Check the site’s social scene: As we have mentioned above, a big part of playing bingo online is the social scene. Check out the chat functions that the site offers while you play. You can also look at reviews to see what others are saying about the social side of the game at different sites. As well as helping with the bingo rules UK players can also make new friends by chatting to other players.
  3. Look at the variety of games they offer: No one wants to get stuck in a rut and bored when they are playing bingo, variety is the spice of life after all. You should make a point of making sure that there are several different types of bingo on offer. It is also a good idea to see if games like keno are available and if there is also a conventional online casino at the site, giving you the chance to play slots and table games.
  4. What are the bonus offers and promotions like?: Another area that you should always pay close attention to is the kind of promotional offers that a bingo site offers. Is there a tempting bingo bonus code? Are there ongoing offers for established customers? Can you join a VIP scheme? If you find the answers to these questions then your search should be easier.
  5. Customer service and security: If you have a query about how bingo is played or about your welcome bonus you need it answered quickly and efficiently. Always look at the customer service provision – you should be able to get in touch with the site quickly and easily, preferably via live chat, if you have any kind of query that needs resolving. Check the security side of things too – the encryption and licensing are two key areas here. When it comes to bingo, how to play is just the start of the journey.

Editor’s Recommendation

Here at, we would recommend that you consider using two bingo sites: Sun Bingo and William Hill. Both sites have an excellent reputation and offer a good variety of bingo games. There are some good welcome offers for new customers and a thriving social scene around the games at both sites. If you need any further tips about how bingo is played you can also find some god guides and details on both of those sites. You should take a look at both, we at think that they are among the best out there when it comes to online bingo.


There is an awful lot more to bingo. How to play the game is just the beginning of your online bingo journey. This article should have helped you understand the bingo rules UK players stick to, and also to have spurred you into thinking about how you can put together a strategy for your future games. If you’re looking for about bingo – how to play, how to shape better strategies and how to find the best bingo sites – we at can help too. If you love bingo, bookmark and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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