Comparing The Best UK Bookmakers 2020

The United Kingdom is known for its extensive gambling history, with countless bookmakers attracting the players with their unique features. While in the past, gambling was common in offline mode, through physical bookmakers, now with the popularity of online gambling, online bookmakers are gaining rapid popularity, largely because of the convenience and enjoyment they offer. The best bookmaker UK, therefore, does not necessarily have to be based within the UK but should offer services to the residents of the region.

The best thing about UK gambling is that it is legally authorised and regulated, meaning that you can gamble safely and securely. Under the guidance of the UK Gambling Commission and the Gambling Act, online gambling in the UK is very strictly regulated. If you’re wondering “What are the best bookmakers in UK”, there is a very wide selection indeed. In order to make things simpler, here’s how you can find the best bookmaker UK 2020 with bookmaker ratings, bookmaker reviews and’s very own expert reviews and comparisons.

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  • All major sports covered.
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What is the best bookmaker UK?

When looking for the best bookmaker UK, there isn’t a simple answer, as different people have different preferences and interests when engaging in online gambling. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider when selecting the best bookmaker UK, whether you are looking for the best betting sites for football in UK or the best betting sites for csgo.

Let’s start by answering these questions:

  • What is the betting style that you have adopted?
  • Do you prefer casino games, sych as slots and table games, or sports betting?
  • What sport do you like? – tennis, ice hockey, cricket, football, basketball or horse racing?
  • Are you only after the good old leagues, or do you want a top online bookmaker that lets you participate in all the tournaments?
  • Are you seeking the best bookmaker UK punters can find, with high deposit and withdrawal limits, or are you here just for the best bonuses?
  • What do you prefer between live betting and spread betting?
  • Are you a fan of Asian handicaps?
  • What do you prefer among exchange bets and fixed odds?
  • Do you fancy betting on greyhounds? If yes, do you prefer weather betting, or one of the other bet types that UK gambling offers?

Nobody knows the answers to these questions better than you when it comes to your gambling preferences. Each bookmaker in the market has a separate set of strong points and advantages. With we help you thoroughly understand the top bookmakers in the market so that you can choose the best bookmaker UK punters can find.

Here are a few things that you should consider apart from the bookmaker reviews, bookmaker ratings, and bookmaker complaints to decide about which is the best bookmaker UK bettors can find.

  1. Gambling Laws in the UK
  2. Betting Limits
  3. Betting Exchanges
  4. Betting Promotions
  5. Competitive Odds & Payout
  6. Reputation & Reliability

Gambling Laws in the UK:

In the UK, gambling of all kinds, online and offline, is legal for anyone above the age of 18 years, and moreover, there is no tax on wins from gambling. Regarding online bookmakers, the operator must either have a license from the UK Gambling Commission or a license from any of the gambling authorities recognised by the UK Gambling Commission.

It is very important to check the gambling laws in the UK before you decide on the best bookmaker so that you can rest assured that all your bets are legal, safe and secure. The initial step of choosing the best bookmaker should be checking out the applicable gambling laws, followed by checking the certification and licensing of the bookmaker.

You might have already heard that it is very important and preferable not to limit yourself to one bookmaker. So, to have multiple options, start investigating as soon as possible. Keep taking notes on various bookmakers and put all the notes together for shortlisting them.

Always ask yourself about the common type of sports, markets, and leagues that you can bet on. Once you know your answers, compare the bookmakers’ offers with answers and discover whether you really want to go with this particular bookmaker. You can also check out if the payouts are higher in your preferable markets. does the hard work for you, and you can check our detailed comparisons to help you find a suitable bookmaker.

Betting Limits:

Bookmakers tend to set different betting limits for different sports. These can vary quite considerably, so it is always a good idea to check the terms and conditions at each bookmaker. You can usually find the betting limits for each sport in the help section at a bookie’s website. You should always make sure that the limits are suitable for your budget for the sports on which you like to bet before you commit to a particular bookmaker.

In the bookmaker list of best bookmakers in the UK, only a few bookies don’t limit the winners. They do their best to restrict the bets of very successful bettors so that they can increase the profits. A way to bypass the limitations is to opt for betting exchange operators or gather required information of the bookmakers from our bookmaker ratings, bookmaker reviews, and bookmaker complaints.

Betting Exchange:

If you are one of those gamblers who don’t like betting limits, then you should look for betting exchange sites. The sports betting exchange sites are known for providing you with the best odds that you can find, especially when it comes to the betting opportunities. With so many third-party traders and apps in the picture, finding better odds and favourable circumstances has become a tough job.

However, the betting exchange sites will help you in finding the best odds by comparing the bookmaker vs. betting exchange in terms of odds, leaving you with a list of the main advantages of the best bookmaker UK 2020. So with the possibility of selling odds and bets against the score and with the ability to bet without limits, the betting exchange sites might be preferable for you. Betting exchanges can be used for everything from the top betting sites for horse racing in UK to the best betting sites for tennis.

Betting Promotions:

Although betting promotions are not the only characteristic of a great bookmaker, they do go a long way in helping enhance your betting experience and providing you with an added boost while betting. You can benefit from other betting offers, betting promotions, enhanced odds, Acca insurance, accumulator bonus, and bonus bets on the constant run. The bookmaker with feasible betting promotions will help you in reducing the house edge, so it is worth checking out which bookmaker has a variety of promotions.

Similar to the bonuses, the bonus bets of a bookmaker should not have any criterion in order to avail yourself of winning money. So, along with the promotions, also read the terms and conditions before you make this particular decision. Apart from betting promotions, analyse other things like live streaming, customer support, cashing out, live betting, payment methods, and customer support. Also check if the operator is an online bookmaker for cash out.

The critical approach of selecting the best bookmaker UK is to research everything that plays an important part in your gambling. By evaluating each aspect, you can compare and decide which bookmaker is most suitable for you. It is important to check to see if the bookmaker promotions are available in your territory and for your preferred sports as well.

Competitive Odds & Payout:

Odds indicate the likelihood of an event to take place, and as such, have a major impact on the success of your bets. The range of betting markets and the value of odds does vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. By using odds comparison sites, you can better assess which bet types and markets are likely to bring you success.

When it comes to types of odds, there are often vast differences between guaranteed odds, betting promotions, and enhanced odds. This is why you need to be very careful and pay close attention when you are evaluating odds. This is especially important if you enjoy value betting, something that you can read about at

Most of the renowned betting platforms provide regular competitive odds, and based on our bookmaker list of regulated bookmakers in the UK, the best bookmaker UK sites feature reasonable odds on their website for different markets. An interesting fact to know is a bookmaker retains different commissions for the fixture when you’re participating in live betting. This is why it is important to compare the odds with a cool head and not become too emotional when betting on in play markets.

Reputation & Reliability:

In order to be the best bookmaker UK punters can use, a gambling portal has to offer more than just competitive odds and alluring promotions. The reputation and reliability of the bookmaker on the web are very important to notice. Based on our bookmaker reviews, bookmaker ratings, and bookmaker complaints, you can learn if bookies can be trusted or not.

Finding feedback and bookie reviews can help a new player understand the dynamics of gambling. The same procedure is also applicable for the betting sites which offer betting exchange as well. Looking at the relevant feedback of an online bookmaker in UK is the same as checking reviews before you purchase a product or looking for previews before you analyse a football bet in a particular league.

By paying attention to our detailed bookmaker reviews, bookmaker ratings, and bookmaker complaints, you can see if a particular bookmaker is legit or not. The goal of every punter is to find a suitable bookmaker, which helps them in winning decent money. In order to succeed at that, it is needed to analyse carefully and not be distracted by those flashy promo codes and bonus offers. Make sure that you are betting with a trustworthy gambling site to land a profit in the longer run.

How to choose the top UK bookmakers

Before getting started, it is important to know that there is a reason why has decided to rate the best bookmakers in the UK; to help you find the best. There is a set of parameters that each bookmaker has to meet in order to be recommended by us.

The list includes:

Competitive odds

Odds are one of the most important aspects of betting that influence your winning potential when you gamble online. High odds indicate that you have less of a likelihood of winning, but if you win you will gain a greater profit, while low odds refer to a high possibility of winning but lower winnings. Therefore, bookmakers who offer good odds are recommended.

Ease of use

When you engage in betting, having a confusing website interface can dampen the whole betting experience, and so we closely examine the website of bookmakers to make sure they are easy to use and navigate. In case you’re using the mobile, no one wants to tap the screen multiple times to find the relevant and needed buttons.

Good bonuses

Everyone loves a bonus as it makes you feel that you have already won half of the money that you have invested. A high bonus adds to the bankroll while allowing you to wager in a versatile way. Bookmakers with loyalty programs and large bonuses are naturally recommended as long as the bonus is not a compensation for poor odds. Check before you proceed.

Quality streaming

Live streaming takes betting to another level. Poor quality streaming reduces the fun and excitement of a live match. This is why it is important to go with bookmakers with quality streaming as you don’t want to watch poor quality streams of top level sport. Live streaming is especially popular on the best betting sites for NBA and the best betting sites for greyhound racing.

Range of markets

The higher the number of markets, the higher the profits, and the more chances to stick around a bookmaker. It is important to have choices on the bets. If you feel that a particular bet is not working out, you can always shift yourself to another bet that you’re more comfortable with.

Customer support

A lot of gambling portals outsource customer support from service agencies, which can result in disappointing service for punters. Only low budget bookmakers these days opt for third-party customer support to cut down their costs. Most of the best bookmakers in the UK will have in-house knowledgeable and empathetic customer service, who put the client as the central priority.

Variance in play

Similar to the pre-matches, there should not be restrictions on the market options in live betting. In other words, you should find all the selections available for betting even before the match has started, keeping the goals and results aside. With such variance in the play and the markets, you can win a lot of money without even investing too much effort.

Early prices

Shopping early should be a major advantage for the players. The ones who have come first should be able to negotiate to find profitable situations even before the bookmaker starts balancing the odds. Early prices may not matter a lot in the sports bet, but they create an impact in the races where the early prices differ highly from the board prices. The bookmaker, with feasible early prices, offers the best odds to the players.

Fair limits on winning

It is sad to know that online bookmakers do not seem to love winning bettors. Very few bookmakers in the UK allow the winners to continue betting without any limits. Most of the existing bookmakers place restrictions once they know that you have earned a sizeable share of the money. Trusted brands will deal with you fairly when it comes to this issue, though.

Key characteristics to identify the best UK bookie

The UK gambling industry has countless bookmakers who keep claiming that they’re the best in the market. However, it is not easy to answer the question ‘what are the best bookmakers in UK?’ The bookmaker list of best bookmaker UK 2020 is filled with not just local British bookmakers but also overseas operators who are keen for a share of the lucrative UK market. Keeping things simple, the key points that you should cross-check when you come across a new UK bookmaker are:

UKGC license

As mentioned, it is important to check if your bookie is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or an authority recognised by it before you start with the registration. A simple scroll down to the bottom of the page should display you the logo.

British Pound compatibility

It is important to check if your bookmaker is allowing you to deposit and withdraw funds in GBP to know if it’s really a UK bookmaker or just one who is posing as one. The legally licensed bookmakers have this option enabled.

English customer support

Any bookmaker in the UK will have English as a main language for customer support. If customer support is not fully compatible with English as a language, they risk misunderstanding complaints and causing further problems for themselves.

Payment methods

A true UK bookmaker would accept most prominent payment methods including Master, Maestro, Visa cards, and Skrill, and some might also accept British banking options like Stripe and Ukash. There are many best online bookmaker with PayPal as well, since PayPal is a popular payment option.

British sports

A lot of gamblers love to punt on horse races, football and tennis. These three sports are the some of most exciting and most exhilarating for punters around the world. The best bookmakers in the UK also offer other sports like netball, badminton, darts, rugby union, rugby league, cricket and snooker. All of the sports offer varied betting opportunities with different kinds of markets. The best betting sites for golf and the top sites for cricket are among the most frequented by Britsh punters.

Sports categorisation

Though it doesn’t seem very important in the beginning, it is important to see if the bookmaker has categorised the sports correctly. Finding your preferable events and leagues at the top of the section can save a lot of time for you. It also impresses you as the player and encourages you to be more invested in the interface.

Best odds

Always check the odds on offer from a bookmaker for value. While most UK bookies will offer pretty similar odds, you can find good value if you keep your eyes sharp and are prepared to do a little patient research.

Special markets

Royal specials, entertainment, and politics are some special markets that can offer some entertainment as well as chances for punters to make a bit of profit. Some bookies offer promotions that apply to these special markets, which can be well worth looking out for. Even if you do not usually bet on events such as this, markets like this can be fun. They can be even more fun if you pick up a bonus bet that can be used on them, so keep an eye out for offers on special markets.

Regular bonus bets

Apart from receiving a bonus bet when you have signed up as a new customer, it is important to get extra bets every now and then. Therefore, extra bet promotions are one of the key factors in identifying the best bookmaker UK.

Acca offers

Special offers like Acca insurances and boosts are the most favourite promotions for any punter. The best UK bookmaker will have boosts, cashbacks, and additional bonuses along with the best Acca offers. Be sure to check them out.

British terminology

You can easily tell the difference between international football and American football through the terminology. By having a proper British terminology, you can keep yourself immersed in the portal instead of losing interest while engaging with a poorly translated bookie.

Biggest UK bookmakers vs new UK bookmakers – Which one is the best online bookmaker?

Every year, the UKGC approves numerous UK bookmakers in order to expand the gambling market. As there is no limit placed on the number of license holders, the bookmaker list is increasing with each passing day.

Even though the UK Gambling Commission is strict in auditing the new bookmakers and there is no reason to suspect them, not all the new bookmakers are as efficient as the old ones. They are safe, but they can’t gain the trust of the players like the big UK bookmakers did. They can lack experience when it comes to dealing with the specific concerns of UK-based bettors.

A lot of players switch to a new bookmaker when they are bored with the old one, but our advice is to go with a trusted bookmaker instead of choosing a new one. Despite the safety, the new bookmakers are not so versatile when it comes to some bets. This doesn’t mean that we are asking you not to have an open mind towards the new UK bookmakers, but we are simply advising you to research more to find out everything about a bookmaker before you start betting with it.

Why should a comparison site such as be used?

With the knowledge of our experts, we’ve been analysing betting sites for some time now. At first, we look at the betting markets available when we are reviewing the best bookmaker UK, followed by other important aspects. As a result of the experience we bring to the table, we provide deep insights about each online UK bookmaker in the market. With us, you don’t have to do any groundwork. Instead of researching a bookmaker, you can simply sit back and read our reviews, which do all the work for you. We take all the factors into consideration with real-time exploration.

We know that a bookmaker is way more than the sportsbook they offer. As a result, we examine each and every feature by considering the updates as well as history. Bookmakers are known for constantly improving their services. We keep a note on the history of their services, and we upgrade our evaluation based on these updates. After deeply analysing the various elements, we put our observations together to give you valuable input into consideration of your issues/questions. We know the important elements that punters want to know, which is why we keep our reviews straightforward and to the point.

We recommend the best bookmakers in the UK who have the ability to live up to the standards that players expect of them in terms of quality. After the results are put together, we test them by being a punter on these websites and trying out the services. At, we make sure that you find a reliable partner to place your bets. We also consider your requirements in terms of variety, value, and security while wagering. Using our bookmaker list, which  is compiled using our expert knowledge and is highly trustworthy, you can find the best bookmaker UK punters can use.


Although betting and gambling are not a new past time, online betting sites have become the new trend, and it’s a trend that is expected to stick around. It is almost impossible to define a particular best bookmaker UK with so many options. However, even among the best bookmakers in the UK there are certain bookmakers that will be more suited to your preferences compared with others.

The question, “Which one is the best online bookmaker?” seem to be difficult at first, but with, all your answers are right here. With our in-depth reviews and comparisons, you can easily find the best bookmaker UK for you.

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