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Blacklisted Bookmaker Online

Last Updated on 04/07/2024
Fact checked by: James Leeland

Believe it or not, there are some bookmakers that don’t play by the rules. These are the bad guys. Luckily, we’ve gathered all information on the major blacklisted sites to avoid here in this guide.

Nobody wants to be ripped off by a deal that looks too good to be true, so make sure you follow our guide when thinking about putting money into a new bookie. We all want to stay safe at the end of the day, and beat the goons trying to rob you. We’ve got your back.

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Why Punters Should Be Aware of Blacklisted Bookmakers

Have you ever placed a winning bet only to be told that you are unable to claim your winnings or deposited cash and found that your bank details have been compromised? It is likely that you have done so with an illegal bookmaker or a betting site that cannot be trusted. Online betting can be both enjoyable and rewarding, however, punters should only ever get involved on trusted platforms.

Some bookmakers, some of which we will outline on this page, have received negative feedback for their work up until now or do not have the necessary security measures in place to be deemed reliable and safe, areas in which their competitors score highly in. So, to make sure that you are betting safely at all times, we recommend steering clear of the bookies found on our blacklist.

Top 5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

While it is commonly understood that betting online is a legitimate pastime, some may well be unaware of the certificates, features and measures to look out for when selecting a betting site, areas in which illegal bookmakers will fall down in. As a result, the following 5 steps have been put in place to help betting customers in signing up on nothing but secure and fair sites, with each being of huge importance.

  • Gambling License - In order for a bookmaker to be legal in the UK, it must hold a license from the Gambling Commission, which demonstrates that the betting site has been marked as being safe, fair and trustworthy. While anyone can apply for a license, as long as they pay the application fee, being issued with one is a different story, with many failing to meet jurisdiction requirements.
  • Safety Measures - The best online bookmakers ensure for the safety of their customers by utilising features such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology and firewalls, which help to keep personal and banking details away from third parties. Some betting sites may not invest sufficiently in this area, often to their own detriment.
  • Payouts - It may seem hard to believe, but some bookies fail to honour winning bets, effectively disappearing with customer funds in the process. Such betting sites are likely to quickly gain negative reviews from former punters, which will quickly put them on such blacklists. So, be sure to check out reviews online before registering, especially when it comes to new bookies, with sites who process withdrawals late also being a concern.
  • Auditing - Bookmakers who are trustworthy will have been independently audited, which demonstrates that the markets and services in which they are offering are fair for all parties. If a betting site does not display such a certificate or achievement, then they may well be worth avoiding. Auditing is more common when it comes to online casinos, however, sportsbooks require testing too.
  • Customer Support - The most successful betting sites make it easy and convenient for their customers to get in contact with them, which cannot be said of others. Whether it be via telephone, email, live chat or social media platforms, questions and queries will ideally be responded to quickly, however some bookmakers may look to avoid difficult situations by effectively ignoring such messages or only being available at inconvenient hours.

While this page is designed to help punters in avoiding unreliable and potentially unsafe bookmakers, it is well worth checking out a bookie which sets the bar in all areas, with 888Sport certainly being such a site. Holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission, as well as under the laws in Gibraltar, not only does 888Sport offer a great number of markets and appealing odds, their site is certified by eCOGRA, one of the leading independent auditing organisations, while 128-bit SSL encryption technology is used to protect customer details. The bookie processed payments quickly, including withdrawals, with positive feedback having been written about them when it comes to payouts. 888Sport also scores highly surrounding bonuses and ongoing promotions, with their sportsbook site attracting new players on a daily basis, with the fact that it is trustworthy, safe and has a good reputation being major selling points.

How Do We Test Online Bookmakers?

We do not take things lightly when it comes to blacklisted bookmakers, with thorough testing and research being carried out in order to ensure that we are 100% sure about a particular betting site. Sometimes it will be clear almost from the outset that it is an illegal bookmaker, however other platforms try their best to appear safe and reliable, even when they are anything but. Testing involves looking into gambling licenses, how quickly payouts are processed and feedback from former customers, as well as taking a detailed look at the following areas:

Appealing Odds

The prices offered at online bookmakers will ultimately determine how much punters make when placing successful bets, with sites offering the best odds likely to attract the attention of potential customers. Illegal bookmakers may try and attract punters by offering odds that seem too good to be true.


The usability of a sports betting site is another good indicator as to how much work has been put into it, with leading bookmakers ensuring that their platforms work well on both desktop and mobile. It should be easy for punters to access their preferred markets, as well as locate features including customer support and banking, with illegal bookmakers potentially failing to put in the effort in such areas.


While they should not be the single reason as to why a betting customer registers with an online bookmaker, promotions can certainly be a useful tool. A blacklisted bookmaker online will sometimes introduce bonuses that seem too good to be true, with the terms and conditions surrounding them making withdrawals unrealistic. With that being said, the best bookies will offer promotions that give punters a good chance of earning something at the end of the process.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is now one of the most in-demand features at online betting sites, due to the fact that it allows punters to follow the action as it unfolds, adding another dimension to sports wagering in the process. Whether you are looking to watch football from one of Europe’s biggest leagues or weekly tennis tournaments, many top bookies now make it possible via live streaming. A blacklisted bookmaker online or illegal bookmakers are unlikely to have the budget to offer such a service.

Market Coverage

Bookmakers today have to cater to the needs of all punters, which means covering a large number of sporting events. Markets must include traditionally popular betting sports, such as football and horse racing, as well as more diverse disciplines, including eSports and MMA.

Customer Support

Should punters have to wait extended periods for a response from their bookmaker or only have a small number of communication methods available to them, it potentially means that they have something to hide or are trying to avoid dealing with issues. Ideally, a bookmaker should offer 24/7 customer support, with contact being available via telephone, email, live chat and social media platforms. You might not find this with a blacklisted bookmaker online.

Bet Types

The modern-day punter wishes to place a variety of bet types, meaning that bookmakers must accommodate this if they are to be a success. Pre-match and in-play markets should be found, along with the opportunity to place accumulators, Asian handicap, over/under and total bets, among others.

Betting Limits

Some bookmakers have a habit of placing restrictions on winnings, which can be hugely frustrating for those involved. The limits set by bookmakers should be apparent from the off, both in terms of maximum bets accepted and the highest winnings that can be made. Meanwhile, any trustworthy bookie will deal with customers in a fair manner when it comes to this issue.

How to Find the Right Bookmaker for You

While we, of course, recommend steering clear of the blacklisted bookmakers found on this page, including Betonline review, 5Dimes review and Intertops review, there are a host of trustworthy, secure and fair betting sites available in the UK today, which can be found by accessing our comparison page. All of the bookies found here hold a license from the UK Gambling Commission, as well as offering different services and features surrounding markets, odds, payments and promotions, among other things. So, be sure to draw up a list of the most important features to you, before selecting the bookie which best meets your demands.

What is a Blacklisted Bookmaker?

Betting sites and sportsbooks will, unfortunately, sometimes engage in activity that is either illegal or dishonest. As a result, it perhaps comes as little surprise that such platforms are put on a blacklist, whether that be in a particular country or globally. The main reasons as to why a bookmaker finds itself blacklisted are because they choose to operate without a valid gambling license, they cancel or void winning bets, deliver poor customer service, close accounts, fail to process withdrawals or confiscate deposits made. Blacklisted bookmaker online on our site include Bodog review, Bovada review and My Bookie reviews.

How to Spot a Blacklisted Bookmaker Online?

With many blacklisted bookmakers online or illegal bookmakers working hard in order to come off as a trusted and safe betting platform, by offering modern designs and attractive features, spotting such sites is not as easy as you might think. While we have put forward some sites that are blacklisted by us, which you can find information on from our 10Bet review, GT Bets review, BetClic review and Bet Hard review the following factors should also be taken into consideration by punters if they are in any doubt:

Bookmaker’s Location

The location of a bookmaker is potentially a good indicator as to whether it is an illegal bookmaker where you are, with those who are based in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Ireland being less of a threat to punters. This is due to the fact that they will be operating under strict regulation from the relevant gaming commissions, who are always on the lookout for fraudulent activity. A blacklisted bookmaker online might be more commonly associated with areas such as Eastern Europe and Asia, however, this is not always the case. In the event of a potential bookie being located away from the UK or the other countries already mentioned, be sure to carry out stringent research before signing up. Reliable betting sites will display information such as where their gambling license is from and where their headquarters are found.

Bonuses that are Too Good to be True

Blacklisted bookmakers and illegal bookmakers are effectively hoping that customers will deposit funds on their site, which can then be stolen. As such, illegal betting sites will often offer bonuses that seem too good to be true, and are. So, be sure to look at the bonuses offered by trusted bookies in relation to that found on a potential blacklisted site, as it should be pretty clear as to whether it is realistic or not. Also take into account the wagering requirements surrounding bonuses, which also help to identify blacklisted bookmaker websites.

Customer Complaints

People will be quick to make complaints or leave bad reviews when it comes to poor service at a blacklisted bookmaker online and illegal bookmakers, which includes bookmakers. Whether it be in forums, dedicated complaint websites or mobile app stores, be sure to check out the feedback of punters, as this is another good indication of a bookie’s reliability.


As well as at, there are a number of sites aiming to warn punters when it comes to a blacklisted bookmaker online, which can be useful sources for betting customers. Some bookmakers will make their way onto such lists because they are illegal in certain countries and others because they do not appear to operate from a strict address. Betting sites which offer a good amount of information when it comes to licensing, their locating and other certificates are unlikely to appear on blacklisted pages.

Unrealistic Terms

With many players failing to take the necessary time to read terms in detail, betting sites will often look to exploit this by introducing unfair conditions. While this is often seen as unethical, it is not technically illegal, with fair and trustworthy bookmakers ensuring that such information is clear from the off. However, it is ultimately the terms themselves that are disappointing, with there having to be something in place for all parties.

Changing Terms

Meanwhile, terms and conditions at untrustworthy or illegal bookmakers may well change from time to time, which is another clear sign that they should not be trusted. While small adjustments may be required every now and then, some sites will make changes to suit their narrative, making it harder, or even impossible, for players to win. Terms and conditions pages online are normally lengthy, making it difficult for punters to keep up, especially when such changes to occur. Whether it be the rules surrounding a particular sports market or a game of blackjack changing, regular adjustments are certainly not fair.

Trusted Bookmakers

In order to feel completely comfortable when betting online, as well as ensuring that you are not operating at an illegal bookmaker, the easiest thing to do is to select a bookmaker which is well established, has a good reputation within the industry and is clearly licensed in your country. We offer a large number of appealing betting sites at, who also have a clear protocol when it comes to disputes and customer complaints. Such bookmakers will also generally offer better services and features, including odds, promotions and sports markets. If you're researching a bookmaker, be sure to look on trusted betting affiliate sites.

Why Our Reviews & Blacklist Can Be Trusted

Punters may have questions surrounding whether our opinion can be trusted, however, all that we can say is that our reviews and blacklisted bookmaker online list are created using strict criteria, which we have already outlined, including licensing, payouts, odds, markets and customer support. Reviews are completed based on personal experiences and thorough testing, meaning that they are never false or for our own game. We also take on board feedback from other punters, which also help to provide detailed explanations surrounding ratings.

What to Do if You Think You Have Been Scammed by a Blacklisted Bookmaker Online or Illegal Bookmaker?

In the event of being scammed by a blacklisted bookmaker online, there are a few steps in which punters can take in an attempt to retrieve their funds. The government has measures in place to assist betting customers, with organisations, such as IBAS, working in order to prevent fraud and assist those who have been scammed. While looking to get in touch with the bookmaker itself may be worth a try, it is likely that a blacklisted bookmaker online will not be in a hurry to respond.

Can Blacklisted Bookmakers Online and Illegal Bookmakers Improve Their Reputation?

While our list of blacklisted bookmakers online has been fact-checked, there is nothing to say that betting sites and casinos can make their way off the list should they improve upon their current operation. This is unlikely to be something that happens overnight, with bookmakers having to work hard over an extended period to enhance their reputation, however, it certainly is possible! We are constantly monitoring and reviewing gambling sites in order to see whether they should remain on our blacklist, so be sure to keep a close eye on our site for potential updates and changes. There are plenty of examples of bookmakers turning their negative reputation into a positive one, with change of ownership or an overall revamp often being catalysts.

It is only worth signing up on such sites when they have well and truly turned themselves around however, with those who are already registered being advised to withdraw any funds in which they may have in their account. It is also wise to warn others when it comes to risky sites, which can be done by leaving a review based on your experiences, whether it be surrounding withdrawals, payouts, bonus terms or fraud. Contact can also be made with the relevant licensing bodies, which may potentially lead to an investigation, should enough complaints have been received.


Blacklisted bookmakers may be a new concept to some, however, it should quickly become apparent that there are some betting sites out there which are not reliable or trustworthy. Aiming to con customers and effectively steal funds, such bookies should be avoided at all costs, with licensing, location and feedback from former customers being the areas to look at. It has never been more important than now to place bets on nothing but regulated online bookmakers, so be sure to factor in the blacklisted sites mentioned on this page, before instead signing up on one of our recommended platforms.

Looking for trustworthy bookmakers? Head on over to our cricket bet app and best greyhound betting sites to see which sites we rate highly.

Blacklisted Bookmaker FAQs

❌Why do bookies restrict accounts?

Bookies can restrict punters’ accounts for a wide variety of reasons, and not all of them may initially seem that fair. This can be a problem if you are betting using blacklisted operators. If you want to find a selection of legitimate operators that can provide fair betting terms and conditions to all punters then check out our bookmaker reviews at

🍾Why do bookies always win?

The idea that bookies always win is down to the fact that they always ensure their books are balanced on every market. You can find out more about how this process works by checking out our sports betting section here at There, alongside reviews of legitimate operators in this sector, you’ll also find plenty of useful information about how sportsbooks operate in general.

🎲How do bookies set odds?

Bookmakers do not just conjure odds out of nothing, there is always a lot of thought and planning that goes into odds. The reasons for this are many, but you can find out what they are by looking at the sports betting section of A bookie needs to ensure that they are going to make money not lose it, and the setting of the odds plays a significant part in this process. You can see how in our specialist articles on the topic of odds, including our guide to the best betting sites with high odds.

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