Best Betting Sites for Boxing in UK 2020

Find Your Online Bookmaker for Boxing

There’s a medley of different and unique bookmaking sites used by the online gambling community that cover a vast amount of sports. They range from football to eSports and include everything in between.

The adrenaline-fuelled arena of boxing rates as a high favourite among online bookmakers and gamblers. This sport has created world-renowned legends and continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

Our experts investigated the top bookmakers for boxing and compared these in an objective, transparent and fair manner. This comparison will make it more straightforward for players to choose the best online bookmaker for boxing.

Who should make use of the comparison?

When it comes to boxing, all bets are on the table and the most crucial thing that the bettor needs to know is how to understand where to put their money. Boxing betting may not be as cutting edge as fresher markets, like the controversial CS:GO skin gambling, but it still draws punters in droves.

This comparison will give you the tools you need to find the best UK betting sites for boxing. We’ll take you through what you should expect when placing bets with the top providers. The best betting sites for boxing in the UK all have established reputations, and we’ll explore what that means in greater depth.

Bookmakers of this pedigree safeguard the online gambler and offer a level of service above and beyond the rest. It’s unlikely that you’ll find the best online bookmaker for boxing has many bad reviews, but how can you be sure that they cut the mustard?

Here you’ll find a detailed comparison of the best betting sites for boxing in the UK. This article puts the essentials at your fingertips. We’ll even tell you which one our editor uses to place their boxing bets.

Newcomers to the world of bookies can gain insights into how to select the best online bookmaker for boxing that suits their individual needs. Advanced and professional gamblers can validate whether they are using the best online bookmaker for boxing already, and even pick up a fresh tip or two.

This comparison contains a wealth of information to ease your boat’s transition through the waters filled with boxing bookies claiming to be number one in an overcrowded market. There’s never been a better time to take advantage with a cheeky punt on boxing events.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

Security and fairness in an online operator remain a must, no matter whether you’re an experienced gambler or a hatchling discovering the wide world of online betting for the first time.

There are dubious sites on the web and you’ve got to keep your wits about you. Some are like purse-snatchers down dark alleys, just waiting for a chance to grab your money and run. Of course, It’s not quite that dramatic, but you get the point.

So how can you find the best online bookmaker for boxing? Our team has compiled a 5-step checklist to ensure you’re placing your bets with a secure and fair operator. Follow this and you’re sure to find the best betting sites for boxing in the UK more often than not.

Step 1: Is Your Operator Licensed and Legit?

The best online bookmaker for boxing will always have a license and be registered with bodies like the International Betting Integrity Association. These providers are regulated by the UK Gambling Board and promote responsible gambling. You should never put your money into a bookmaker without the correct licenses.

Step 2: Check the Providers History and Reputation

A provider that’s well-known and has been in the market for a while guarantees a more secure environment. This operator has undergone its teething stages and has lived to tell the tale. You can also be sure that the odds will be better value too, due to the range of markets that betting giants have on offer.

It should have games from the leading software providers, the latest encryption and a variety of payment methods including Paypal and other e-Wallets.

Would you rather be working with a provider that’s new to the industry, or one that’s proven itself as one of the best online bookmakers? Go with the ones you know you can trust based on experience in the industry.

Step 3: What do Players Say?

Read customer reviews to understand what other users see as the best betting sites and why. There’s no better way to get an insider’s view of what a best online bookmaker for boxing should be about.

Although player reviews tend to be one-sided and subjective, you can still glean valuable information about gamblers’ experiences on UK betting sites for boxing. Our bookmaker comparisons will help you decide if the reviews are legit.

Step 4: Seek Value Odds and Rewarding Offers

The best boxing betting sites will provide customers with more valuable odds on fights around the globe. This is down to the range of markets that top providers have available.

Bookmakers can offer better odds value by having a wider scope of available sports. This is achieved by providing some negative value odds, which reduces the risk of giving customers positive value on certain markets.

There should also be a competitive range of offers and promotions for new and regular customers, live betting and streaming, and a cash out option for when you feel the time is right to take the money and run.

Step 5: Check the Security and Customer Service

The best online bookmaker for boxing will have the latest in SSL encryption. These technologies protect your personal and financial data. SSL provides a secure link between the player’s personal device and the bookmaker’s website.

You should also ensure that you can get help when you need it. There’s nothing more frustrating than an unresponsive operator. It’s a good idea to send a query or two when you sign up to see how helpful the customer service team is.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Best Betting Site for Boxing in the UK

There’s a myriad of online bookmakers competing to be the best UK betting sites for boxing. We’ve explored the most prominent aspects that make an online bookie worth joining and we’ll tell you which one our editor recommends.

We compared the welcome bonuses, promotions, VIP programmes, payment plans, and customer services of the seven biggest names in the online betting market in order to find the best online bookmaker for boxing.

These operators all have excellent reputations when it comes to placing online bets on boxing, but the one that stands-out is BetVictor. This provider offers amazing odds on all of the sports it offers, not just boxing.

BetVictor is a well-known UK bookmaker for boxing and has been around for a long time. It gives its customers years of backed-up experience. What’s more, the online ratings and reviews indicate trust in the BetVictor site.

We can recommend it with confidence as the best online bookmaker for boxing in the UK.

How Our Experts Test Operators

When our experts searched for the top UK bookmaker for boxing, they developed a score sheet containing ten criteria to test for performance, transparency, and fairness. The following will give you the benchmarks we use at

We determine whether the online bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, how it promotes responsible gambling, and whether or not it’s listed with bodies like GamCare.

Size and Age

The years of experience behind an online bookmaker and the variety of games on offer are indicative of a bookie’s ability to deliver on what it promises. A provider can’t be considered as one of the best boxing betting sites on day one.

Platform Functionality

An eye-catching website with funky colours is inviting and appealing. As well as the design, we also check how functionally a website is laid out. Can you find what you want in just one or two clicks? Does it have a best mobile betting app available?


An online bookmaker’s SSL encryption has to be both secure and current. We inspected the security offered by the best betting sites for boxing in the UK in terms of the protection of personal and financial data.

Customer Service

Customer support and service are paramount when it comes to online betting. We determined how the best betting sites for boxing lived up to any customer care promises.

Special Services

Our experts evaluated whether the best boxing betting sites have special add-ons to make them more accessible to a larger online gambling community. The top providers out there will ensure you can use the website in various languages.

Welcome Bonuses

Our experts compared the welcome bonuses of the best boxing betting sites. If the welcome bonuses don’t give you what they should, we’ll tell you about it.

Promotions and Tournaments

Understanding the frequency of promotions and tournaments on offer by the best boxing betting sites is crucial when it comes to deciding which one leads the way.

VIP Programmes

The availability of VIP programmes offered by the providers is a must for those we consider to be the best betting sites for boxing.

Payment Options

The availability of payment options that are supported is another area we’ve looked at in detail. We also look at which sites let you deposit large amounts and place bets without a limit. If you can’t get your winnings easily then it’s not worth it.

Finding the Right Operator for You

Are you unsure about your current online bookmaker? We’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the right operator for you.

Selecting one of the operators here already safeguards you against going with a fly-by-night scamming online bookmaker. Bonuses, promotions and VIP programs are compared. Different payment options are evaluated.

These will all help you make an informed choice if you’re just starting out in online gambling, so check them out. If you’re an advanced player, you may find something better than your current operator choice.

Most important sections of the site

All of the best betting sites for boxing in the UK complied with the following:

  • Licensed, regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and promoted responsible gambling
  • Offered a wide variety of games and sports to choose from and experienced in the online market
  • Well designed websites that were user-friendly
  • Good security and SSL encryption to protect personal data

Our experts here at compare the bonuses, payment options, customer services and VIP programmes of every bookmaker in the UK worth knowing about, including the best betting sites for boxing in the UK.

Check out the Casino Comparison pages. We’ll go into detail about all of the providers and what each offers players. We look at the range of games available, the software providers, the app quality and various other areas that casino fans expect from their chosen favourite.

The Bonus Comparison part of our site is all about what sort of welcome you can expect to get when you join one of the best betting sites for boxing in the UK. It doesn’t stop there as we also rate all offers available for existing customers and special events.

The Operator/Bonus reviews on go into even greater detail on the above. These reviews give players the key insights that they can’t get anywhere else.

Our slots review section dives into which games you should be playing and where they can give you the most return for your stake. The best slots on the planet can be found here.

No bookmaker or casino provider review site would be complete without a nod to payments and withdrawals. You’ll find out everything you need in this section of the website.

A proven strategy is the key to successful betting, and we take a detailed look at how you should be playing the bookmakers to your advantage.

The last section of our site is all about guides. We’ll share the wealth of our experience and knowledge with you to make sure that you get a decent return on your gambling activities, more often than not.

Know Your Sport to Know Your Bookie

To find the best betting sites for boxing in the UK, you need an adequate background knowledge of the world of boxing. Knowing the sport well enough will help you to define the odds value provided by your preferred bookie.

It will also help you to analyse the offered odds. Is your current bookmaker comparing a goldfish to a shark perhaps? In other words, do the odds offered make sense in terms of what you know about the sport?

There are quite a few prominent questions that need answering when it comes to a bet on a boxer. Has the boxer been injured recently? What does the opponent’s record reflect? What’s at stake? Understanding these pre-fight will increase your chances of winning.

With that said, the best betting sites for boxing in the UK provides the information that enables you to make an educated guess. Gambling is gambling, and chance is the only constant winner, but knowledge does increase your chances of success.

Boxing is an exciting, adrenaline-fuelled sport, but your bets need not be driven by the same impulse.

How to Find YOUR Perfect Boxing Bookie

You can find the bookmaker that is just right for you by applying the following questions to the best betting sites for boxing in the UK.

  • Does the site you’re interested in offer you the odds and bonuses that cater to your needs when it comes to betting online?
  • Does the site have security measures in place to guarantee that your personal and financial information remains safe and secure?
  • Do the reviews of this site put your mind at ease?
  • Are there support platforms in place to help you out with any questions you might have?
  • Do the bonuses and promotions fit in with your betting style?
  • Is it considered to be one of the best mobile betting apps?

What Operator Do Our Experts Use?

Our experts look for a high rating throughout all its evaluation criteria. Any operator rated as one of the best boxing betting sites should hit the mark when it comes to crucial factors like security, licensing and customer services. We only use operators that tick all the above mentioned boxes.

Online vs Offline Gambling

When it comes to sports betting, online gambling has distinct advantages over offline gambling. Online sports betting allows you to place your bet quickly without having to leave the house. You can do this within seconds and browse odds across various providers to find the best value.

Ultimate Tips

Check out these tips for finding the best boxing betting sites.

  • Don’t have favourites when betting online. Just because you like a fighter, doesn’t mean that you’re on the winning side of the equation.
  • Research the sport that you plan to bet on. Know your fighters and understand their histories and recent form.
  • Stick to the original amounts that you wish to gamble. Gambling addictions are real, and you should seek help and support if you’re concerned.


This comparison should help new and old players to decide on the best boxing betting sites that suit their individual needs. In addition to this comparison tool, players should also look and listen to what other gamblers and experts are saying.

You can make an informed choice by taking all of this into account and win more often! Online sports betting is an enormous industry, so be careful to steer clear of scam operations. Make sure your preferred operator is both legal and licensed.

Betting on a fight night is thrilling, especially when you use the best online bookmaker for boxing. Don’t get caught up in the adrenaline rush and make impulsive decisions when it comes to your money!

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Best Betting Sites For Cricket FAQ

🏏What are the best real money betting sites for boxing?

Boxing is a sport that is loved throughout the world. It’s also one of the most popular sports to bet on. As such, there’s a huge amount of choice in terms of betting sites offering a wide range of boxing betting markets, many of them excellent. This means that today, there is an overabundance of choice. We’re going to break down for you what we consider to be the absolute best betting sites for boxing from all around the world so you can find the operator that’s perfect for you.

❓What kind of online markets are available on boxing?

One of the really cool things about the world of online gambling is that it has meant a whole world of market variety has opened up across all kinds of different sports. In other words, you’re not just stuck with backing a team to win and nothing else. Many different facets of every sport and every game can now be assessed, predicted and wagered on. This variety is one of the many things we consider when analysing the best betting sites for boxing.

☝Where do find the best odds for boxing?

A lot of different things go into making a betting site right for you. Of course, some measures are subjective: you may prefer one’s design or interface, for instance. Some things, however, are much more objective, like good customer service, reputation, security, etc. Well, there’s nothing that’s more of an objective advantage than better odds. While these aren’t always uniform, quality odds are something that we take very seriously in our analysis of the best betting sites for boxing.

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