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Best Betting Sites for Cash Out 2022

Find the best Bookmaker for fastest payouts in the UK 2022

Cash out allows players to conclude a wager before the event has finished. The amount a player gets back is determined when cashing out. Cash out values depend upon the current likelihood of the wager winning. You can use a bookmakers cash out facility to protect a winning bet from last minute changes that may happen in the event you’ve bet on, or to decrease losses on a wager that looks likely to lose.

Finding the best betting sites for cash out in the UK depends on different factors, which we’ll look at below. This comparison will help you discover the best online bookmaker for cash out on the market today.

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Who should make use of the comparison?

The best betting sites all offer different incentives and conditions. Since cash out offers are subject to live wagering markets, they can be volatile during an event, especially towards the end.

In other words, the cash out option can change drastically as the likely outcome becomes more obvious.

This is where we should state that any regular punter can make use of this comparison, whether they're a professional or newbie. However, the cash out option can be less effective if you don’t make an informed judgement at the right time. It’s crucial to follow a strategy to do so successfully as relying on luck could cost you in the long run.

Operator Checklist: Top5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

It can be tricky to pick between betting sites, given the volatility of cash out offers and variance of available markets. We've compiled a list of things to pay attention to in order to ensure that you get the best betting experience possible.

  1. Terms and Conditions

Ts & Cs are especially relevant, seeing as we're talking about cash out options. Double-check to make sure that you're aware of the bookmakers policy when it comes to cashing out. Once you’ve completed the cash out, the funds will display in your balance and can be withdrawn or staked again.

  1. Relevant sports

The best betting sites for cash out in the UK provide the option for a variety of sports, but not all teams or tournaments are always covered. If you like to have the chance to cash out on your favourite sport, check first before wagering. Many sites will cover markets like football or tennis, but that's not good enough, not only do you want cash out, you also want the best football odds you can find and tennis best odds too.

  1. Check for security protocols.

There are two surefire ways to know that you're wagering in a safe environment. The most critical is SSL (Secure Socket Layers technology), as this incorporates 128- or 256-bit encryption. The other is checking if a site uses Verisign, as this is a company that certifies security measures.

  1. Privacy Policies

The best betting sites clearly spell out how they use personal information. Anyone interested in cashing out on sports should make sure that the site has a clear privacy policy. Check how your information is being collected and stored, and if there's an option to opt-out of third-party agreements.

  1. Licence

A new bookie seems to appear online every other day, so how can punters be sure they're using a reputable site? Some of the best betting sites for cash out in the UK may not actually be based domestically, so keep on eye on which commission is responsible for the licence.

Fortunately, none of the above is a concern if you choose the best online bookmaker for cash out that we recommend. However, we would also suggest that it's better to be safe than sorry, to ensure your betting experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Editor's recommendation – the best operator

It can be tough to pick an absolute favourite, since so many bookmakers now offer a cash out option on various sports and because these offers can vary wildly. However, that hasn't stopped our editor.

Of all the best betting sites for cash out in the UK, our editor favours Ladbrokes. It’s not only one of the most well-renowned betting companies in the UK, but it also offers various cash out markets to players.

An early pioneer of the cash out option, Ladbrokes currently offer it for almost all sports, including horse racing (but do check regularly, in case this changes). As an 'old school' trackside bookie Ladbrokes also specialise in offering the very best horse racing betting odds too. So whilst cash out bets on horse racing are available, we recommend you take full advantage.

Overall, our editor considers Ladbrokes to be the best online bookmaker for cash out, so why not have a look and see if they cover your favourite sport?

This is how our experts test operators

Any punters looking for the best online bookmaker for cash out would do well to bear the following points in mind. This is the criteria we subject all of our recommended best betting sites for cash out in the UK to. These serve as sensible considerations for whatever sportsbook you choose.

  • Legitimacy

Who's responsible for the website's licence, and is it a commission that you're legally allowed to wager with?

  • Security

Are industry-standard protocols in place to protect punters' personal and financial data?

  • Privacy Policy

It always pays to check how personal information is being collected and stored, and if there's an option to opt-out of any third party agreements.

  • Terms and Conditions

Are there any hidden terms relating to cash out options or fees concerning payment methods and withdrawals.

  • Bonuses

All sportsbooks offer bonuses, but are they also subject to unreasonable terms and conditions. This could be excessive wagering requirements or very short windows for use of the bonus. Make sure you read the terms and conditions in detail before you commit. Have a read of our William Hill new account offers and BetVictor sign up bonus guides for a good example.

  • Odds

Does the bookie offer respectable odds that adequately reflect the state of play? This aspect is especially crucial when it comes to cashing out. Look for the bookmakers with high odds on your favourite sports.

  • Available sports

Not all online bookmakers have a massive selection of sports, so you may need to decide which is more essential: quantity or quality? You might want the best bookies for greyhounds or even somewhere to try out your betting strategies for horse racing. You may also want them to offer more up to date betting markets, such as CS:GO and eSports.

  • Wagering options

Does the sportsbook allow multiple types of wagers, such as accies, over/unders, next player/team to score, and half-time/full-time. Can they be mixed and matched, or are the bets specific to the sport?

  • Live stream

With cash out offers being highly volatile by nature, it's crucial to see how a team is playing, or the horse is running to make a calculated cash out wager. The best online bookmaker for cash out will offer live streaming for the sports not covered by high-value TV deals. You’ll never find Premier League games available to live stream on a bookmaker, but La Liga is often provided.

  • Cash out markets

Lastly, and most critically, which markets are covered by a cash out option?

Finding the right operator for you

At we pride ourselves on giving you the lowdown on the latest and greatest betting sites in the UK.

Finding the best online bookmaker for cash out can be a challenging task, and you can't always be guaranteed to be 100% satisfied with any sportsbook. However, we're confident you'll find exactly what you're looking for with our objective and fair comparisons, even if you're looking for the best options for something niche like telephone betting.

We’ll share everything that we keep in mind when compiling our reviews with you, so have a read and see what you think. Maybe your favourite bookie is already on our list!

Most important sections of the site

As well as covering the best betting sites for cash out in the UK, we also look at various other relevant sports- and casino-related options.

1) Bookmaker comparison

We have a lot of different comparisons to offer gamblers of all levels. This article covers the best cash out betting sites in the UK, but we have so much more on the other parts of our website, including bookmakers without limits.

2) Bonus comparison

You're sure to find a selection of promotions and offers, whichever bookie or casino site you visit. From deposit matching to cashing out, punters are spoilt for choice. Luckily, our bonus comparison highlights the similarities and differences, so that you can select the right bonus. Our BoyleSports bonus code and Guts bonus code reviews are a great example of this.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews

All our reviews are conducted by experts according to objective criteria, whether they're for the best online bookmaker for cash out options, best payment methods or for the best promotions.

4) Games/Sports

As more and more bookmakers offer different activities (MMA, eSports), we look at which sites cover which sports, and also how many teams, leagues, etc.

5) Payments

Our reviews always pay close attention to which payment methods are available, and what the deposit/withdrawal fees and limits are like. Check out our Revolut for online gambling and sports betting Skrill deposit guides for a good example.

6) Strategy

Whether you like to wait until the last minute or have some other plan in mind, we take a look at the different strategies. Have a look at our best horse racing betting strategies guide for a good example.

7) Guide-wiki

We focus on sportsbooks and provide betting guides so that you can keep up to date with all the latest wagering trends and operator news.

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect bookie!

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing between the best betting sites for cash out in the UK. We will take a look at a few of these in more depth below.

What type of sports do you want to bet on?

The main thing to keep in mind when talking about cashing out it’s volatile nature, but that it also changes depending on the sport.

For example, should you want to bet on football, you'll find the cash out value is more stable until you get towards the end of the match or the result looks beyond reasonable doubt.

This depends on the winning margin of either team (assuming you’ve wagered on a win/lose market. For example, if your chosen team is winning by 3 goals, your cash out will be close to the final total return you would have received if the bet comes in.

Understanding how the offer can change according to what you've wagered on is a big part of finding the best bookmaker for cash out for you. You’ll be pleased to hear that almost all sports are covered by cash outs at the majority of bookmakers.

What type of punter are you?

Following on from the above point, understanding the sport itself is crucial. It's obvious, sure, but be honest: how often do you pick a bet because the odds are good, or choose a wager because the stats and research you’ve done tell you there’s value in doing so?

Chasing high odds is a perfectly acceptable way to wager, even if it means the chances of winning are reduced. If you prefer to calculate the risk then there's another answer. Take the time to understand the strategy that works best for you on the sport you want to bet on most.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether you like to chance your arm or weigh up the risks. The fact is that the more you research and understand the statistics, the more times you’ll make successful bets. If you take unreasonable risks, it makes no difference whether you’re using the best online bookmaker for cash out or the best betting sites with high odds, you’ll still lose money over time. You should only place bets that are well-researched, and we can help you with that here at


All UK betting sites for cash out offers should display a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Having a different licence doesn't necessarily mean that the site's illegal, but it does mean that you need to be sure that you're okay to use it.

Plenty of sportsbooks operate under Gibraltar law, which is fine for UK punters. However, say you find an attractive cash out offer, but if the site's American, make sure that you're allowed to gamble on it.

What operator do our experts use

Our comparison guide acts as a decent starting point when you're considering which UK bookmaker for cash out to wager with. However, if you prefer to put your trust completely in our hands, then why not give the editor's recommendation a go?

Otherwise, many UK betting sites for cash out have similar offers and benefits. As well as Ladbrokes, our experts suggest Paddy Power and BetVictor as contenders for the best online bookmaker for cash out crown. Both bookmakers have a wide choice of cash out markets and the reputation to back them up.

These sites, as well as a few other bookies, even allow punters to cash out a bet placed in retail locations!

Online vs offline gambling

Gambling has a strong tradition and history in the UK, and betting shops have been a feature of our high streets since the 1930s. There’s nothing quite like sitting in your favourite betting shop with other punters sharing tips and tricks while watching the various screens and browsing the weekend’s football coupon.

Online gambling brought another dimension to the market, with many now choosing to stay at home and play online. It has its advantages as it’s much easier to shop around and find good odds online. You’ll also find welcome bonuses and offers to make it even more worthwhile without ever needing to leave the house. Take a look at our best cricket betting app and best horse racing betting apps to see what's on offer. Otherwise, find out more about the best odds snooker.

Both options have benefits, and there’s still nothing quite like the nostalgia of visiting your local bookmaker. Online gambling is here to stay, though, and we couldn’t be happier. As the market becomes more competitive, bookmakers are seeking ways to make their offer more attractive than ever before, which means more opportunities to place sensible bets and have fun from your home. Have a read of our guides to bookmaker Android apps and mobile casino bonus to see how simple it is to get started with online gambling.

3 Ultimate Tips

Check out our 3 ultimate tips to improve your chances of cashing out successfully more often.

Live Streams

Given the volatile nature of cashing out, bookmakers use a time delay to make sure that the price you accept is correct at the moment you click cash out.

Often this timeframe is only around ten seconds, but anything can happen in that time. Therefore, the offer will be replaced with a new amount if something unexpected or counter to the cash out offer happens.

So, a bookie with high-quality live streaming, free of lag and poor picture quality, is essential. If it doesn’t offer this, it can’t be considered the best online bookmaker for cash out.

Responsible Gambling

To comply with the UK Gambling Commission, the best betting sites for cash out in the UK have to make information related to gambling safely available.

If you find yourself on a sportsbook, but there's no mention or link to a responsible gambling site/organization, then we suggest giving that bookie a wide berth.

Protection of customer funds

This is something that likely escapes the attention of many punters. Any gambling business registered in the UK, including all of our recommended best betting sites for cash out in the UK, have to make clear how funds are protected.

What we mean by this is that if that bookmaker were to become insolvent, then there should be protections in place for all funds belonging to players, but sometimes there isn’t. The provider must make it clear if your funds are protected or not. Any unclaimed winnings or deposit amount could disappear if the bookmaker doesn’t offer fund security, so keep this in mind.


The best betting sites for cash out in the UK all follow and adhere to our criteria. However, if you decide to try a different bookie, or even dabble with an online casino, then many of the same considerations still apply. You should always be careful who you're trusting your personal information with when you're gambling online.

Keep these simple tips in mind when searching for the best cash out offer: Make sure the bookmaker has a wide choice of markets. Check that the quality of live streaming is high and that your preferred sport is covered. Lastly, never give your financial information to any site that isn't clearly regulated.

Best Betting Sites for Cash Out in UK FAQ

🌟What is the best cash out betting site?

The option to ‘cash out’ has revolutionised the UK sports betting industry. Pioneered by Ladbrokes, the practice has now been taken up by the overwhelming majority of sportsbooks nationwide. Because there are so many different options, whittling them all down to just one would be a daunting task for the average punter. Here at though, we have years of experiencing testing bookmakers so you know you can trust our rankings of the absolute best cash out betting sites around. 

❓Should I cash out my bet?

Cashing out is a controversial subject among punters. Essentially it involved the bookmaker offering odds calculated in real time for you to call your bet in early. Cashing out can be a great way of saving money on a bet you no longer think will come, however it can also backfire. Before you decide whether to cash out your bet, ensure you are playing at an operator that offers the very best cashing out options by checking out our rankings.  

💷Which is the best online bookmaker in the UK?

In a crowded marketplace, figuring out which online bookmakers can be trusted and which ones cannot is a difficult task. Your best port of call is always’s no nonsense gambling site reviews which test those claiming to be best around so you don’t have to. Our expert team looks for all manner of things from good sportsbooks, including usability, customer service and of course, great odds and security. 


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