Best Betting Sites for Cricket in UK 2020

Find Your Online Bookmaker for Cricket

Welcome to our guide to cricket betting sites. For sports fans and pro gamblers alike, betting on sports like cricket isn’t just about chance. It’s also about informed decisions, educated guesses, and strategy. It’s a thinking man’s wager, especially if you know the sport and understand the odds at the betting sites for cricket. So if you like betting cricket is a great option.

Our job is to help you to find the best online bookmaker for cricket. Use our guide to search for an operator from a list of the best betting sites for cricket in the UK. We’ll share some expert tips and highlight how top bookmakers will look.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes the best UK bookmakers for cricket, how you can get started with betting on this historic game, and some other crucial tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your gambling. Let’s get started with why our comparison will help you stay on the right track.

Who Should Make Use of the Comparison

When it comes to choosing the best online bookmaker for cricket, the burden shouldn’t bend your back. Whether you’re new to gambling or a pro, we’ve compiled some stats that you should check out.

If you’re willing to wager on a match at cricket betting sites, then you shouldn’t have to wager on whether or not your bookie is legitimate. We’ll teach you what to be on the lookout for and how to avoid common pitfalls. Testing online betting sites is what we do!

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps for Secure For a Secure and Fair Gambling Experience

We live in an era in which some of us feel comfortable making transactions online, whereas others aren’t too sure about it. Whether you’re accustomed to using online merchants or not, we have some helpful steps for you to ensure safe and fair play. We hope that you find this section helpful.

  1. You’ll be able to find out if the operator is licensed. The best betting sites for cricket in the UK make this information accessible. A good company will display this as a badge of honor. Look for licenses from Gibraltar or the UK to guarantee regulation.
  2. When you’re sending banking information and ID over the internet, you want the connection to be secure. Find out what type of encryption software they have. You want SSL or better. Again, any reputable company will display these credentials
  3. When choosing the best online bookmaker for cricket, make sure that they’re an advocate for Responsible Gambling. A forthright operator will have links all over its site where you can access help for problem gambling.
  4. If the previous criteria pass, then the operator should also be able to process all payment methods. Cards leave paper trails, and anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to leave a paper trail has something to hide. Don’t gamble with people who have something to hide.
  5. One thing to consider that’s often overlooked is what their policies are regarding privacy. Every trustworthy betting site has a policy and terms of use document. If they don’t, then that’s weird. If they do, make sure you know what’s in agreement. It’s up to you if it seems fair.

These 5 steps will help you recognise the best betting sites for cricket in the UK.

Editor’s Recommendation- The Best Online Betting Cricket Site

best betting sites for cricket

The number one operator of all the best betting sites for cricket in the UK is our all-time favourite, William Hill. As the UK’s premier betting site, they offer good odds and live betting options.

They offer one of the widest ranges of sports betting markets, and are up there with the best cricket betting providers.


This is How Our Experts Test Operators

How do our experts test the best online bookmaker for cricket? It’s quite simple; they sign up and try out various cricket betting sites! The criteria that our experts base their opinion on looks something like this:

Before anyone should even think about giving any personal information, they should verify that it’s a legitimate and regulated bookmaker. Is this site secure? Check to make sure that it’s using the latest encryption technology. The provider must be ethical through and through, and poor security should ring alarm bells. Read through forums and ask the customer service team questions whenever you need help. There should be 24/7 customer service with multiple points of contact, as this adds to the player’s experience.

Are the payment options quick and convenient? If the answer is no, then this operator is not for you. What are the sign-up offers? Is it no deposit, or do they match your deposit? Your gambling habits will dictate the best type of offer for you. The website should also be smooth to play on without becoming non-responsive at crucial moments. Make sure that your operator has excellent software to support this.

Is live streaming an option for cricket? You need to be able to watch the competition if you’re going to make any in-play bets, and it makes sense to be able to do so on the operator’s site so you can keep an eye on the odds easily. Is there a reward or loyalty program? What about a VIP invite? These features can give you access to exclusive offers and prizes.

All of the best betting sites for cricket in the UK meet the criteria above. See the comparison chart up top for a list of those that could be the best online bookmaker for cricket.

Finding the Right Operator For You

If you’re not satisfied with your operator, don’t worry because you can always look for other cricket betting sites. You might as well because they’re very competitive these days. We give you the tools to make a comparison between the best betting sites for cricket in the UK.

Our expert reviews at will tell you at a glance what the differences are between the rivals for the best online bookmaker for cricket title. Use the five steps and any other criteria we have provided, and you can’t go wrong.

We assist all players at any level. If you’re seeking the best betting sites for cricket in the UK, then you have come to the right place. Let us give you a competitive edge.

Most Important Sections Of the Site

To recap, we’ll go over some main points before you make any comparisons of cricket betting sites. Having a plan will help you stay focused. Let’s not get distracted when seeking the best betting sites for cricket in the UK; it could cost you money.

First, look at our list with the options we have for the best online bookmaker for cricket crown. Are they trustworthy? Remember to refer back to the five steps.

Then, make comparisons in terms of the bonuses offered. Every online casino has welcome bonuses. Choose one that matches what type of wagers you want to make. For example, it doesn’t matter how many free spins it gives when you’re betting cash on a cricket competition.

After you figure out your top choices, read some reviews on your own. You can compare how operators do in areas of your concern. Pay attention to reputation and security.

As soon as you choose your operator, it’s time to activate an account. What’s your preferred method of payment? Are you a PayPal person, or do you prefer Visa? Can you provide a photo ID? Can you provide proof of address? You’ll need all of that information to complete your activation.

After you’re set-up, pick a strategy. Always practice responsible gambling. Our guidelines will protect you.

This Is How You Find Perfect Cricket Betting Sites

How do you find your perfect UK bookmaker for cricket? It’s as easy as checking out our list of best betting sites for cricket in the UK. Whether you want to gamble on boxing, orFootball, prefer greyhound racing or the NBA, our guides can help you out!

Our experts all agree that it’s mostly a personal preference. That’s why you’ll want to try a few different online betting cricket sites, and hedge your bets. It’s a good idea to have multiple betting accounts with various gambling operators. This gives you much better options when it comes to comparing odds and taking advantage of offers.

What Online Betting Cricket Sites Do Our Experts Use?

How do you want to bet on cricket? Do you think a team will be the best? Which side do you think will do the worst? Who gives the best odds?

Expert bettors used to ask themselves all the above questions relentlessly. Now they know what to do without self-doubt. That is what makes them experts.

So what do they do? They consider the laws of probability, and never let themselves be limited to one possibility. One key to success is to get yourself immersed in the sport. Have patience, and take your time to learn everything you can about the sport you like to wager on most.

Online Vs. Offline Gambling

Saturated markets can be a benefit to consumers. There’s competition online, which leads to better promos, higher wagering limits, and faster payouts. Online gambling has revolutionised the way we play.

Quick and convenient online gambling from the comfort of your device will allow you to log on and log off whenever you want.

Another advantage when selecting the best online bookmaker for cricket is that you’ll have more competition to choose from. This is because there’s no need for a physical space. When all bets are remote, there’s no limit to how well you can play.

It’s vital for the player that an operator has lower overhead. With less cost, an operator is more flexible. There aren’t as many restrictions to minimum/maximum bets. It can also offer better rewards to its VIP members.

An excellent welcome bonus when you’re trying an operator for the first time can be helpful if the promise matches the outcome. Look for a premium that offers to match the deposit at a good online betting cricket site. When you use your cash and combine that with a bonus, once you win, the reward will count as long as you play through.

Ultimate Tips

  • The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to bet on who wins. You can bet on points, favourite players, a single match, or the outcome of a tournament. Betting on a sport gives you an excellent reason to pay attention. Even if you’re not a cricket fan, become one and start looking for the best online book maker for cricket.
  • The best thing is to experiment with different operators. But before you do anything, be aware of the different types of bets, and what you need to know to make a successful pick. In this guide to the best betting sites for cricket in the UK, we’ll get you going with the following list of bets you can place:
  • An introduction to more sophisticated betting involves betting on the number of runs scored during the first inning. Typically, you either bet over or under the bookmakers’ wager. Do your homework if you want to be good.
  • It’s useful to know what to expect. We could tell you everything you need to know, but we’re just getting the juices flowing. Start with a low match bet, research the odds, and read about the leagues and players before visiting online betting cricket sites.
  • To understand odds better, try to stick to one sport and become a specialist. Each betting market has its complexities, so you’ll increase your chances of successful betting by focusing on one sport at the beginning of your gambling journey. This could be cricket, football, tennis, or golf; it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re interested in it and can take the time to learn some relevant strategies. Soon you’ll have enough sports knowledge to impress anyone.
  • Excitement increases when you have something on the line. Bonuses are high and all, but watch out for the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are the number of bets you must play to make your bonus count.
  • Just because you’ve had some beginner’s luck doesn’t mean you stop there. Give yourself a ten bet limit, increasing each bet by two each time you lose. Extend 12-15 changes depending on if you won any stakes between the 6th and 10th. Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose, and keep in mind that betting online is supposed to be entertaining.
  • Complicated strategies are not for beginners. You’ll get there, believe us. In the meantime, use the internet, the advice of experts, and improve your knowledge of cricket and betting strategy.
  • Get your feet wet, though. If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to contact customer support. Do you remember one of the steps when verifying an online bookie? If they don’t have proper licenses, security software, or promote responsible gambling, then they can’t be trusted.

In this comparison of the best online bookmaker for cricket in the UK, we’ve given you the top of the top. Making a wise decision won’t be difficult at decent online betting cricket sites.

Concluding Thoughts on Cricket Betting Sites

Here at, we hope you understand the philosophy of taking a look before you leap. See the comparison chart up top to discover the best online bookmaker for cricket, and take advantage of our tips for a better gambling experience. It’s worth taking the time to look at our guide and strategy section for more valuable advice on how to get the very best experience from online gambling when using online betting cricket sites.

We’ve reviewed all the top operators available in the UK, and not just for cricket. Why not take a look at some of the other sports markets covered on our website? You might find something new that adds another dimension to your betting experience. Remember that the most essential thing is to enjoy yourself. Online gambling should be fun, and with the right knowledge, you could even make a profit.

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