Find Your Online Bookmaker for Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is well known as an extremely popular esports game. Nowadays there are a range of esports CS:GO gambling sites out there that you can gamble on. But how can you find the best bookie for CS:GO?

We're here to help! To make sure that you are using a safe and legal service, which has the best odds and bonuses, such as the popular no deposit bonus deal, we have researched the best CSGO gambling sites for this game in the UK. Check our top-list out below, or read further for more info.

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Who Should Make Use of This CS:GO Betting Sites Comparison?

csgo betting ukIf you’re new to betting on the best CS:GO gambling sites and seeking the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike, then this article is for you. Or, perhaps, you’ve been in the game for a while but you’re looking for a new edge. Maybe you’ve been gambling on live sports, and want to try your hand at esports. Might even be that you’re a game junkie and would like to add another level of interest to your obsession.

Whatever the case may be, we’ve got information that could prove useful to you. Unlike wagering on horse racing or tennis, which are considered mainstream, CounterStrike is a reasonably new arrival on the wagering scene.  A sub-genre of shooter video games, this first-person shooter game is growing in popularity.

You don’t really need live streaming to bet on golf, but it’s essential when you’re wagering on Counter-Strike. To consider any operator the best betting site for CS:GO in the UK, they must have live streaming of the game.

In this article, we will dissect what makes an operator the best betting site for CS:GO in the UK. We’ll be looking into how secure and safe they are, which provide the best odds, and how simple it is to deposit and withdraw funds.

Top 5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience – What to look for in an online bookmaker for Counter Strike

Today, we will be helping you beat the odds that can sometimes seem stacked against you finding the best online bookmakers.

When you’re searching for the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike, your safety is of paramount importance. However, how do you know what to look for from a security perspective? What are the main things that an operator should offer so you can gamble safely and securely?

According to our research into safety measures at online operators, any online casino should offer the following:

  • Up-to-date SSL encryption
  • A license from a Gaming Commission or Gambling Authority
  • Reliable and efficient customer service
  • Independent testing of games by an outside auditor
  • Straightforward and reliable payment methods that clear promptly

Security and Support – Is the bookmaker secure and reliable?

Any operator, whether it be a casino or a sportsbook, should offer reliable website encryption to ensure the safety of your data. With many operators, data is now kept offsite at a server farm run by security specialists.

Another critical aspect is the operator’s data encryption, which should always be up to date and abiding by the latest security protocols.

Last, but not least, it’s essential that the operator you choose is licensed to operate in your jurisdiction, and offers a reliable customer service provisions in case something goes awry.

Licensing and Legislation – Does the bookmaker have a genuine license?

Each of the UK wagering sites for Counter-Strike that we suggest have been fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The best CSGO gambling sites display their license number, customer advice and information, corporate details and anything else you may need to ensure the most transparent and safe betting experience. If they don’t adhere to these guidelines, then they don’t make the list.

Odds and Pricing – Do they have competitive odds?

For some users, the best odds and prices offered by a bookmaker is the only reason for choosing one gambling site over another. The UK Gambling Market is extremely competitive and the change in odds of one event across various accounts can be significant.

Therefore it is handy to research more than one site, to ensure you are getting the best value for each bet that you place. The best wagering sites for CS:GO gambling enthusiasts in the UK will feature attractive odds, including high odds and fair pricing.

It’s similar to browsing the internet to buy an item online. The price will change from several different providers. You may want to pay a bit more to receive an item faster, or perhaps to receive specific loyalty points, but often these decisions come down to price.

User Experience – Is the website easy to use?

When you’re using a specific operator, you don’t want to struggle to find what you’re looking for. It’s always wise to consider how user-friendly the website is. Whether you want to bet on tennis or another sport, the site should be simple, efficient, and easy to use.

All these questions are critical for gauging whether gambling on a particular site is secure and fair. If you follow these guidelines, betting on Counter-Strike Global Offensive is quite as safe as betting on cricket. The best wagering sites for Counter Strike Global Offensive in the UK will provide you with a smooth, hassle-free user experience.

Industry Reputation – Are customers happy with the bookmaker?

It is also good to check out the reputation of your chosen UK gambling site on forums and other review sites. Often if it is a large reputable brand you will find some extremely insightful knowledge from previous and existing users.

This type of information source is invaluable when making your decision, and something we used to help select the best online bookmaker for CS:GO.

Editor’s Recommendation – Our top betting sites for CS:GO in the UK

best csgo betting sitesOur experts divulge in extensive research into numerous sites, to find one that stood out to us as the real deal when it comes to UK wagering sites for Counter-Strike.

A lot of egaming betting sites are relatively unknown, jumping onto the new phenomenon. However, some of the more well-known brands are joining the scene and striving to be among the best csgo gambling sites for this game in the UK.

One of the greatest strengths that our experts look for when comparing the best CSGO gambling sites is making sure their welcome bonus to new users is second to none. Welcome bonuses should be lucrative and with minimal strings attached. This is quite rare, as most sites caveat ‘free money’ with a first deposit being required.

Another strong reason to consider when picking the leading UK bookmaker for Counter-Strike is a brilliant mobile app which puts CSGO betting sites to the very top of our list for innovation. As far as wagering on egaming, mobile apps play a huge part in that. It should provide a seamless user interface, making it easy to keep up with action and place bets as and when you want to on live-action, to make it as the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike.

Not only should you be able to bet on match winners, but you should also be able bet on how many maps you think a team will win by, how many rounds which team will claim, all the way down to whether the team of choice will win an odd or even amount of maps.

Add to that live in-play betting, and operators begin to have the makings of the top CSGO gambling sites for CS:GO gambling enthusiasts. These aspects are all considered by our experts when choosing the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike.

We also feel it is vitally important that the customer service is top quality. There needs to be a variety of help and support options available on the betting website. For example, a ‘contact us’ page, FAQ page and some general helping tips throughout the website. The best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike should be intuitive and informative.

These often cover a lot of the answers users are looking for, however, there should be other options available for further help, should it be needed. The best betting sites for CS:GO gambling enthusiasts in the UK take that into account.

How Do We Test Online Bookmakers with Counter Strike Markets?

Our experts sifted through a range of different CSGO gambling sites, testing out everything from their operating systems across all devices, customer support and care options, such as live chat and comparing odds across a range of different sites to find the best CSGO betting sites in the UK. In fact, there were 10 key criteria that needed to be assessed in order to meet our criteria for our top site so you can play on CS:GO gambling sites with confidence;

1 – Welcome Bonus – What bonuses are on offer for new users looking to gamble on CS:GO? Take a look at our BetVictor promotion code and BoyleSports bonus code reviews for an example of how we test bonuses.

2 – Usability – How easy it is to navigate the site to the CS:GO tournament of choice is a key influence on choosing the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike.

3 – Mobile App – Is the site also functional for CS:GO wagering on mobile or tablet

4 – Licenses – Does the site have all the necessary gambling licenses to operate in the UK

5 – Customer Support – Are there fast and supportive customer care systems in place, such as options for live chat

6 – Payment System – Is it quick and easy to deposit and withdraw money, and are there a range of options in place

7 – In-play options – Are there opportunities to bet on the CS:GO tournament action whilst it is ongoing? In-play betting is huge on CSGO betting sites, and a necessary feature in the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike.

8 – Range of betting options – Other than tournament winners, are there other events that can be betted on? The best wagering sites for CS:GO in the UK have a range of options available.

9 – Tournaments Covered – Does the site cover all the main CS:GO tournaments

10 – Online Reviews for Existing Users – What do current users of each site think and what is their feedback on CS:GO wagering on the site?

Finding The Right Bookmaker for CS:GO for You

Looking for a good operator and not 100% satisfied with your current one? We have all the information you need to find the top CSGO site in the UK right here.

We’ve put our heads together and created a library of reviews that will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best online bookmaker for Counter-Strike.

What are the most important parts of

So what are the key aspects that make the best betting comparison site in the UK?

  1. Casino Comparison– We have an extensive and in-depth casino comparison, using key pros and cons to score each site accordingly.
  2. Bonus Comparison – As part of that, we also review each company’s bonus scheme – such as our Guts bonus code and Mr Green sign up bonus reviews.
  3. Operator Reviews – We also have an extensive review for each individual operator website, going into further depth on each site’s key features and offerings.
  4. Games & Slots – As part of each operator’s review, there is also an extensive list of casino games, such as CSGO Roulette, Crash and slots available on each site, as well as in-depth reviews of specific games and popular slots, as well as any real money prizes on offer.
  5. Payments – We also go into details over payments on CS:GO gambling sites, whether that be depositing options or how quick and efficient withdrawals are for each site.
  6. Strategy – Where we excel over other comparison sites is in our strategy section.

This Is How You Find YOUR Perfect CS:GO Betting Site!

We know that the perfect operator for us may not be YOUR perfect operator. To accommodate this, we’ve made a list of questions that you can answer to help you find the operator that’s perfect for you from the top gambling websites available.

Are you a wide-spectrum bettor?

If you like betting on more than one kind of sport, or varied casino games, you’ll want to look for an operator that offers fantastic odds on the sports of your choice, and not only on CS:GO. You may have to compromise a bit on one of the sports, but most of them should have good odds.

Variety: the spice of life?

We know you like to play CSGO on one of the best CSGO betting sites around, and maybe like to play slots, or poker too. However, is variety important to you? If you like variety or enticing real money prizes from casino games, you may not be content with a single slot game, or one type of poker. Take this into consideration when choosing an operator.

What kind of gambling are you after?

A lot of people like to vary their betting activities with progressive jackpot games. Not only can progressive jackpots offer a fun variation to your activities, but they have rollover jackpots that can reach millions of dollars. However, not every operator has them, so establish which games you prefer, such as Roulette, Crash or Dice and the gambling websites that have them.

Does it matter which way the cards are dealt?

If you’re looking for an operator that offers poker, in addition to CS:GO, then a pure sportsbook won’t serve your purposes – you need an all-rounder. Some sportsbooks will allow you to bet on poker, but not offer poker games.

Are you a seasoned gambler?

Whether or not you’ve gambled online before, and have experience, can be a vital factor when choosing your operator. If you’re new to the gambling scene, you want a beginner-friendly operator.

What kinds of betting do you expect to focus on?

If you’re expecting to do a lot of in-play betting, then you should look for an operator that offers in-play betting. If you prefer money-line bets, then in-play betting is not essential. The perfect operator for you, must offer the type of wagering that you prefer and your chosen betting markets.

Which platform do you prefer to gamble on?

Along with the influx of online casinos and online sportsbooks, came a variety of platforms with apps of their own. Perhaps you like gambling on a desktop, perhaps you prefer an iPad, or maybe you’re an Android person. Whichever platform you prefer, you’re going to want an operator that offers an app for it. Take a look at our bookmaker apps for Android guide for tips on mobile betting.

Which Gambling Site Do We Use?

When you’re looking for your favourite variation of CS:GO betting, you don’t want to spend too long searching for it. Therefore, any operator that we review should have a clear, concise website that is easy to navigate.

The site should also cover all types of gambler. There will be more basic and simplistic bets for new users, such as who is going to win each match. But for more experienced and ambitious gamblers, there will be a wide range of different in-play options to choose from, as well as live statistics and live stream.

Another area that impacts our experts choice of operator is the various in-play betting options, which isn’t an option all sites offer, especially on such a new market such as eSports.

In the age that we live in, most people want things to be instant or available on the go. It’s certainly no different with casino operators. One of the critical aspects of our reviews is to analyse the operator’s app. A good app results in higher ratings.

They should also offer prompt, efficient customer service with staff that can quickly and easily resolve questions or complaints.

Top Tips – Finding the ultimate CS:GO wagering site in the UK

Some key tips to consider when you are gambling online are as follows;

Welcome Bonuses

Most reputable casino operators and sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses to encourage new memberships. Welcome bonuses usually come in the format of deposit/matched deposit deals, where the operator increases your funds by adding a certain percentage of your deposit – at no charge to you.

Other operators may offer free bets, risk-free bets, or free spins. Depending on what you’re wanting to gamble on, you’ll want a welcome bonus that suits your purposes.


Do your research. Make educated and informed bets wherever possible. Sure, you may still lose from time to time, but you’re more likely to succeed in the long run than if you are betting on Division 3 Russian Ice Hockey. Succeeding in the best wagering sites for CS:GO in the UK means knowing the field, the game, and the market.

Know When to Stop

As long as you stick to rules that you set for yourself, and only ever play with money you can afford to lose, then you shouldn’t have any issues. If you’re betting with money you can’t afford to lose then it’s time to stop.

Conclusion – Our final tips on choosing the best CS:GO betting sites

As the CS:GO wagering field grows, more and more in-depth wagering options are becoming available. Whatever site you choose, make sure it’s one of the top CSGO sites in the UK.

As for bonuses, make sure that you are taking advantage of welcome offers. Also make sure that you are checking the Ts and Cs on these! Not all bonuses are legit, if it looks like a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. Read up on our betting sign up offers for different sites on our list before committing to a single bonus!

Regarding customer support, should you ever need it, it’s important to have chosen a site that has solid and responsive customer support. There is nothing worse than being stuck mid-way through a tournament and missing out on all the fun!

Best Betting Sites for CSGO in UK FAQ

❓How do you bet on Counter Strike?

In recent times, betting on eSports have become increasingly popular among sportsbook customers. Previously considered a niche market only covered by a small handful of online bookmakers, Counter Strike tournaments now attract a great deal of gambling traffic. If you have never placed a bet on CSGO before, never fear. has compiled a brilliant guide to help you out.

🌟What is the best CSGO gambling site?

As more and more UK betting sites have begun to accept gambling on CSGO tournaments, working out which is the very best operator is becoming increasingly challenging. Here at, our expert team have years of experience reviewing bookmakers and we know exactly what a truly brilliant operator looks like. Recently we compiled a list of the best betting sites for CG:GO, taking into account a host of different factors including: odds, user experience and customer service.

🔒Are there any legit CSGO gambling sites?

As it is a brand new betting market, some players may have some trepidation over trying out CS:GO betting sites. Esports betting is still an emerging phenomenon and this makes it hard for the average player to recognise a reliable operator. Luckily, our experienced team at has compiled a fantastic in depth guide to the CS:GO betting sites. If you follow this, you will only ever find yourself playing at the very safest sportsbooks in the UK.  

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