Best Betting Sites for Greyhound Racing in UK 2021

Find your online bookmaker for greyhound racing

Looking for the best bookies for greyhounds? Greyhound racing might not be as popular as horse racing, but it does have its unique niche of supporters. If you want to get into this classic sport, we can help you find the best betting sites for greyhound racing in Great Britain. Famous for its fast-paced action, and its daily races, there’s no longer a need to stand in the rain to watch a greyhound race with the top greyhound betting websites. Instead, you can bet on your favourite greyhound from the comfort of your chair and with your chosen UK bookie for greyhound racing.

Many bookmakers offer the sport as it’s got a long history and boasts widespread popularity. We’ll explore which are the top UK bookmakers for greyhound racing, so you can put your money in the right place at a trusted greyhound betting site. At, we bring you new greyhound bookmakers as they become available, enabling you to delve into the world of betting on dogs and the prizes available to players who want to wager on greyhounds at races.

Who should make use of the new greyhound bookmakers comparison?

Are you a seasoned punter who already knows the best online bookie for greyhound racing for you? Maybe you’re new to the sport and curious about what greyhound racing is all about. Either way, we will provide you with the correct information regarding the best betting sites for greyhound racing in the British Isles.

If you know your stuff already, you might realise that you would be better off with the best bookies for greyhounds. Sometimes we get too comfortable with our current offering and don’t realize that there are better options out there.

We’ll explore the best bookies for greyhounds for you, though, so you can make a more informed decision of which is the best online bookie for greyhound racing.

Operator checklist: Top5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience at greyhound bookies

There are certain factors that you need to consider before choosing the best bookies for greyhounds. Take a look at the five steps below for selecting your ideal greyhound betting site.

These will help you to ensure that you choose not only the best online bookie for greyhound racing, but also that you can play safely on your chosen website for greyhounds.

Step 1: New greyhound bookmaker’s site safety and security

Always check the sportsbook provider’s security features prior to joining. It needs to have the same level of protection as a banking site. There should be no secondary measures when dealing with your hard-earned cash. The best betting sites for greyhound racing in Great Britain have this covered – and you can always consult our betting sites list.

Step 2: Reputation of the best bookies for greyhounds

Check any reviews of the greyhound bookies from previous punters. These reviews will give you an insight into how the greyhound betting site deals with any problems, and how good its customer service is for new customers.

Step 3: Deposits and withdrawals at greyhound racing betting websites

The process of depositing funds and withdrawing winnings should be quick and seamless at all good greyhound bookies. Make sure that your bookie of choice has your preferred method of moving funds. Many have a broad range of options such as betting sites with Skrill, but a few are still behind the times and don’t offer cryptocurrency or even Paypal.

Step 4: Betting options at the best greyhound betting sites

Looking for betting sites with high odds? Serious punters already know the importance of the best odds and betting options when gambling with the best betting sites for greyhound racing in the British Isles. Research your favourite online bookie and see what it has on offer – it could be one of the best greyhound betting websites around. Watch a few races and get an idea of whether or not the greyhound bookies are offering value bets for each greyhound race and the best odds compared to other providers.

It’s also good to choose a provider that allows you to cash out when you place a wager on greyhounds who race. If that market price changes before the race starts you could make money for nothing. UK betting sites for greyhound races don’t always have this available, but it’s handy to sign up to at least one greyhound betting site that does.

If you’re not convinced that the bookie has the best odds, then start by betting small. If you’re happy with the performance after that initial bet, then you can scale up. This is an excellent way to find the best online bookie for greyhound races when you are uncertain whether your bookie has the best odds.

Step 5: Simplicity rules when greyhound betting UK

Is the site and process for placing bets on a dog straightforward for new customers? If you struggle with understanding the bookmaker’s rules and procedures for betting on dogs, then it might not be the best one for you.

Beware of complicated terms and conditions at greyhound bookies. Instead, choose a provider who is upfront with all the betting information you require for betting on dogs and wagering on each greyhound race.

Editor’s recommendation – the best greyhound betting sites

Best Betting Sites for Greyhound Racing

Although the bookmakers that we reviewed are all worthy of your attention, 888sport was one of the best betting sites for greyhound races in the UK for us.

It accepts almost any type of withdrawal or deposit option. You have a choice between different kinds of cards, e-check, wire transfers, and e-wallets. You can make a deposit with any of the options and the transfer is instant.

It has a license with the Gibraltar Gaming Commission as well as with the UKGC. You’re protected by these authorities and the applicable laws and legislations.

You can get hold of them via email, or on the website via a live chat option. It even has a direct line straight through to customer service. This is exactly what you would expect from such a well-established and reputable online bookie.

Along with their live chat provision, the site’s interface is efficient and user-friendly. Not only does it look amazing, but since the company uses its software, the site is super fast, and the navigation is straightforward. It gives you more time to focus on the bets you want to place on your chosen dog and less time trying to figure out your way around the dog betting site. 888sport is undoubtedly one of the best sports betting sites for greyhound racing in Great Britain, with a responsive service provision to match.

This is how our experts test the best bookies for greyhounds

We take the role of reviewing online bookmakers and the best UK greyhound betting sites very seriously. In order for us to recommend an online bookie, it has to conform to specific standards and meet certain criteria for placing a bet on a dog. Our experts use the formula, listed below, to establish which provider is the best online bookie for greyhound racing and how they compare with other greyhound betting sites around the world.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals – For an online betting site to get onto our recommended list, we investigate how efficient it is in processing your deposits or withdrawals.
  2. Safety and Licensing – We check to make sure that online betting sites have specific safety and security measures in place. It also needs to conform to any licenses required in its area.
  3. Reputation – You can’t be one of the best betting sites for greyhound racing in the British Isles with a bad one. We only suggest sites with outstanding reputations and excellent client feedback.
  4. Site navigation – We judge which have the simplest sites and test them out, ensuring each online betting website isn’t confusing or clunky.
  5. Payments – Your bookie needs to be able to offer you that banking option of your choice for placing a greyhound bet in order to be considered as a potential best online bookmaker for greyhound racing.
  6. Live streaming – In these modern times, it is obvious that live streaming is a necessity. We explore which of the providers offer this live streaming service to registered dog racing punters and the benefits of live streaming services for players.
  7. Mobile App – Any online sportsbook that is worthy of a great reputation must have a mobile app so that you can bet anytime, anywhere.
  8. Bonuses and Promos – We’ve scoped out the best online bookie sites with the most generous bonuses and promotions for new customers – such as our latest BetVictor promotion code and BoyleSports sign up bonus guides.
  9. Customer Service – You want to have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong when placing a greyhound bet, you can contact someone for help. This is particularly important for new customers who are unfamiliar with these sites and may find live chat particularly beneficial.
  10. Favourable odds – We identify which providers offer the most favourable odds consistently.

Finding the right operator for you

Whether you’re brand new to the world of dog races or a seasoned dog racing punter, you want the best online bookie for greyhound racing to be available at your fingertips.

Our comparisons show you exactly what the strengths of each dog racing bookie are, and why they might be an ideal fit for you. Discover the best betting sites for greyhound racing in Great Britain with us here to guide you.

Whether you’re not happy with your current greyhound race operator and are looking for a new one to bet on greyhounds, or you’re new to greyhound racing and not sure where to start, we have the reviews and guides you need to get into the world of dog races.

Most important sections of the site

Casino comparison

We focus on operator’s product offerings, legalities and which are the best betting sites for footballboxing, greyhound racing, online betting cricket sites, and more.

Bonus comparison 

If you’re looking for the best bonuses and promotions, then head over to our bonus comparison section. Find out which bookie has the most generous offers and which offer the best welcome bonuses. The best betting sites for greyhound racing in the British Isles will have event specific offers for loyal punters, too. Have a look at our Guts deposit bonus and Mr Green sports bonus reviews for good examples.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

This is a more in-depth look at the various operators. Read about what games are offered and the types of welcome bonuses/promotions the provider has available. We also include comparisons for best online sportsbooks and bookmakers, alongside the best online bookie for greyhound racing.


Variety is the spice of life. In this section, we focus on the types of games and slots available and the features that each one has. It will give any player a solid idea of what games they might enjoy and where to find them.


Find out who has the best, fastest and safest payment options for online sportsbooks and gambling sites. Discover the top greyhound racing betting sites with the best deposit and withdrawal facilities. We also look at the providers who let you bet and win as much as you like without limits.


If you’re not sure how to wager on greyhound racing or any other games, then you will need to have a look at our strategy guide. We show you the rules and the tricks of the trade that will get you going in the right direction. Even if you’re signed up with the best betting sites for greyhound racing in the UK, you won’t win often without understanding strategy.


Browse our collection of descriptions to help you better understand the terminology of gambling and betting phrases. It includes both sports betting and the world of online gaming.

History of greyhound racing

Predominantly a UK and Ireland-based sport, racing greyhounds, has been around for over 200 years. The first official course meeting was held in 1776.

It originates from a type of field-sport named coursing, which is when the dog chases live game such as a rabbit. ‘Live game’ was originally used and the rules stated the rabbit must have a 240-yard head start and that only two dogs were allowed to course one rabbit or hare.

Methods evolved over time from live game chases to a mechanical form of coursing, but that didn’t catch on until 1926 when both the mechanical rabbit and the oval-shaped track were established. Growth in support for this method was slow, but enough funds were gathered with significant persistence.

This helped to launch the Association for Greyhound Racing. The first official dog race took place on the 24th of July of that same year, with close to 2,000 spectators in attendance. Seven dogs raced around an oval track to try and catch the mechanical, artificial rabbit.

The first few years were a massive success and the sport has grown tremendously since then. With advances in technology, it was only a matter of time before betting was taken online.

Nowadays, many people no longer attend races, but prefer to watch them on television via live streaming for a more relaxed way to enjoy some greyhound betting UK. These immersive live streams are something that a number of British bookmakers offer.

Different types of competitions for greyhound betting UK

There are various types of competitions available in greyhound racing, some of which have substantial sums of prize money to reward betting enthusiasts. We’ve listed some of the different ones below to try when greyhound betting UK:

Greyhound Events

The event must offer at least a pot amount totalling £50,000 to be considered a Greyhound Derby. A Derby consists of 6 rounds and attracts roughly 180 entries per year. There are two major Derby events in Britain; these are The Scottish Greyhound Derby and the English Greyhound Derby, with the English Greyhound Derby boasting a rich, historic heritage.

Category One Race

The prize money for these races must be at least an amount of £12,500. They are allowed to be held over one to four rounds, but must be completed within 15 days. Unless there are any exceptional circumstances, and even then, the competition must be completed within 18 days.

Category Two Race

Prize money must be at least £5,000 for these races. They are allowed to be held between one/two/three rounds and must be completed within 15 days.

Category Three Race

Races classed as category three have prize money of at least £1,000. They are allowed to be held between one/two rounds and within 90 days. Category three races can also be staged over one day, but must have prize money of £500.

Invitation only race

This is a special kind of race usually staged by the promoter in support on the night of other open races. Racers will be invited to the competition by the promoter, rather than entering via the normal procedure. The prize money for these races must be at least £750.

Minor Open Race

This is any other open race available to all racers. The prize money for these races must be at least £150.

Types of bets with greyhound online betting sites

There are a few different ways that you can wager on greyhounds and enjoy greyhound racing events, with the emerging live streams trend proving particularly popular with players. We’ll explain the different types below and also offer a few hints and tips to placing those winning bets in the wonderful world of dog betting. Check out how to bet on greyhounds for a complete overview.

  • Win or place – The most common bets placed is to pick a particular dog to win. But there is also another option, and that is to bet on the dog to place. In this case you will win some money if the dog can finish in the top place or even second place.
  • Forecast and tricast – Forecast betting is when you predict the first and second place in the correct order. So if you place a bet on trap 3 and trap 6, then trap 3 must place first, and trap 6 must place second.

A dividend is then returned per stake, which is usually £1. You should try a combination of selections to increase your chances when greyhound betting UK. You can choose three dogs and then cover all of the combinations to place them first and second. Tricast goes one step further, whereby you choose which dogs will place first, second and third. This is quite a challenge, but the rewards are excellent.

  • Ante-post – There is an excellent opportunity to pick up some competitive odds when major competitions are being hosted. This is because there are so many entries for bigger events.

The excellent thing here is that you usually require your dog to reach the finals to receive some type of compensation.

  • Challenge of the Trap – This type of bet is where you back a particular trap for the entire day’s races.

You win if the trap that you picked won the majority of its races throughout the day. So if you picked Trap 5 and there are 15 races, then Trap 5 needs to win the majority of them.

  • Distance Betting – Similar to the trap challenge, this takes the entire greyhound card into account when looking at the results. It is all based on distance.

For example, on a 15-race card, the mark may be 35 lengths. If you believe that the winner will win by a more considerable distance, then you can bet ‘overs’ on this.


Greyhound racing is an exciting sport that has evolved into one of the most popular games in the UK from its humble beginnings. Now you know how to find the best greyhound racing betting websites, you’re good to go.

With technology moving the game into the online greyhounds arena, it is essential to focus on choosing the best online bookie for greyhound racing if you hope to win on your greyhound betting UK.

Remember to choose a bookie whose focus is not only your security and safety when playing online, but one that also offers the best odds and a seamless gambling experience, with immersive live streams of all your chosen events.

Follow our recommendations for betting on greyhounds, choose the best betting sign up offers, and you won’t go wrong in finding the best UK bookie for greyhound racing. See you at the races!

Looking for more sports tips? Why not check out our best horse racing betting strategies guide or discover what the best app for horse betting is?

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Best Online Bookmaker for Greyhound Racing FAQ 

🎈 Where do I find the best online bookmaker for greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing has been around for a long time. As such, it is a sport with a lot of tradition. Betting on greyhound racing is immensely popular and still enjoys an avid following. To find the best online bookie for greyhound racing, check out our coverage on You’ll find the best possible platform to follow and bet on greyhound racing.

🌏 Can I bet on international greyhound races with online bookmakers?

Betting on international greyhound races is relatively easy in the modern age. There’s no need to run down to the local betting shop in order to place a bet on upcoming races. With, we bring you a selection of online bookmakers that cover domestic, and international, races. To find bookmakers with a wide selection of greyhound races, check out our coverage. 

What are the odds at the best online bookmaker for greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing is an enthralling sport to follow. Betting on it is just as riveting. You’ll want to find a bookmaker that offers competitive odds, giving you a higher chance of realising a decent return. In our bookmaker reviews, we highlight the relevant odds on offer. This allows you to pick the top greyhound betting sites that have odds that are better than average. 

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