Best Betting Sites for High Odds in UK 2020

Find Your Online Bookmaker for High Odds

Online and offline sports betting is one of the largest industries in the UK and comes from a long history of betting shops on the high street since the beginning of the 1960s. This makes perfect sense if you think about the nation’s passion for football, tennis, cricket and horse racing.

In our comparison of the best betting sites for high odds in the UK, we stacked up the candidates for the best online bookmaker for high odds wagering crown. We strive to be fair and objective in our comparisons, to help you select the best UK bookmaker for your needs. You can find everything you need to know about gambling in the UK on our website. We even cover strategies and keep you up to date with the latest news.

We don’t discriminate and focus on one sport. We won’t show you only greyhound racing when what you really want to do is take a swing at golf (pun fully intended). is your one stop shop for choosing the best operator with the highest value bonuses and offers available on the market today.

Why Compare Operators

Whether you’re betting on the NBA or hoping to make a run at the various cricket markets available on the top websites, comparing the best online bookmakers for its offers you can use on high odds will save you many a headache down the line. There are essential ins and outs that an online gambler should know.

Payment options, bonus offers, betting odds and the availability of VIP programmes are but a few. But don’t fear. We’ve outlined all the negatives and positives so that you make the right choice. It’s much easier to make the right decision on a provider when you have the correct knowledge in your pocket.

Players new to the world of online gambling will gain essential information to make the right choice. Old hands at online gambling will have the benefit to see what’s new out there and maybe decide to change operators. Betting successfully is like everything else in life; the more you know about it, the better your results and level of entertainment. It’s worth taking in all the information you can to make the best decision on a provider for betting at high odds.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps for a Secure and Fair Gambling Experience

You’ll definitely want to sign on with an online bookmaker that is secure and fair. But how do you know that your chosen operator is just that? has five steps to test whether the best high odds betting sites offer fair and secure online gambling services.

Step 1: Is Your Operator Legit?

Make sure your chosen online operator is licensed and regulated by a recognised gaming authority, like the UK Gambling Commission. Unlicensed and unregulated online operators are risky, because it may be nothing more than a scam.

They’ll take your initial deposit and evaporate like a fine mist. You’ll find the licensing and regulatory info of an online bookmaker at the bottom of its home page. The best online bookmaker for high odds will be properly licensed and regulated.

Step 2: Terms & Conditions

The best online bookmaker for high odds, as with all the others, will have specific T&C’s. It is essential that you read and understand these. For instance, if you don’t know what the T&C’s are regarding your welcome bonuses, you may forfeit them by not following the right steps. So, reading the T&C’s (all of them!) is very, very important.

Step 3: Betting and Wins Limits

In sports betting, the best online bookmaker for high odds will have certain limits on how much you can bet and how much you can win. Check these out, and make sure you’re happy with what is being offered.

Step 4: Identity Verification

You’ll have to prove that you’re over 18 and that you are YOU. This identification verification will be required with both registration and when you wish to withdraw money. Be sure to have a look at the identity verification procedures required by the best online bookmaker for high odds.

Step 5: Compare Bonuses, Promotions and VIP programmes

Bonuses, promotions and VIP programmes will differ from online bookmaker to online bookmaker. You’d want the best deal – so compare, compare and compare! It’s the only way you’ll see what the best online bookmaker for high odds is offering.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top Operator

Our experts compared them all to find the bét UK bookmaker for high odds. Pre-match odds on soccer matches start at roughly 96%, while those for other sports start at no less than 92%. In-play odds for soccer kicks off at 89%, while those for other sports remain at 92%.

There is very little difference between the 10 online bookmakers that we compared. The section with the detailed breakdown of each best online bookmaker for high odds has a closer look at things like promotions and VIP programmes. Cast a careful eye over these sections, as you may decide that certain offers are worth more than high betting odds.

This Is How Our Experts Test Operators

To determine the best high odds betting sites, we rank the key features you should find when working with the best online bookmaker for high odds. Then, we compiled the top 10 operators that ticked enough boxes to be in with a chance of becoming our best online bookmaker for high odds. Ten criteria are used to evaluate each high-odds bookmaker.

Licensing and Legality checked whether the best betting sites for high odds in the UK were all licenced and legal.

Pre-Match Odds

The pre-match odds of the best betting sites for high odds in the UK were compared.

In-Play Odds further looked at what the best betting sites for high odds in the UK offered their players in terms of in-play odds.

Welcome Bonuses compared the sign-up bonuses offered by the best betting sites for high odds in the UK.

Tournaments & Promotions

The frequency of the presentation of tournaments and betting-specific promotions was compared. The top 10 betting sites for high odds in the UK all run tournaments and promotions on a regular basis.

VIP programmes

We had a look at the VIP programmes on offer by the top 10 betting sites for high odds in the UK.

Payment Methods

Our experts tested the payment methods – both in respect to deposits and withdrawals – of the best betting sites for high odds in the UK.

Responsible Gambling

We determined if the top 10 betting sites for high odds in the UK support responsible gambling. If a bookmaker supports responsible gambling, it will have an identity verification process and be registered with associations like Gam Care and Gamble Aware, which address gambling addictions.

Customer Services

We tested the effectiveness of the customer care of the top 10 betting sites for high odds in the UK.

Platform Functionality

Lastly, we evaluated the functionality of the operator’s platform and its availability on mobile and desktop devices. It looked specifically at ease of navigation.

Finding the Right Operator for You

This comparison of the best betting sites for high odds in the UK has a look at all the aspects that are essential for online sports betting players. Each category is concisely compared and summarised. This enables you to access what you’d like to know with just a click.

Not too happy with your current online bookmaker? Have a look at the comparison of the best betting sites for high odds in the UK. The odds are that you’ll find something better that suits you.

These comparisons and objective reviews make it easy to decide between the various best betting sites for high odds in the UK.

Most Important Sections of the Site

At, we have an ample selection of resources for gamblers of all kinds. The following are the most important modules. We look at so much more than just the best online bookmaker for high odds. Whatever your gambling needs or preferences, we have something for you.

1) Casino Comparison

In the Casino Comparison module, you’ll find detailed comparisons of different online casino operators. Comparisons exist across a number of interesting categories, so you can find the top casinos that fit your style.

2) Bonus Comparison

In the Bonus Comparison module, we take a close look at the sign-up offers, free bets and bonuses that operators offer. We compare and contrast operators across offering different kinds of bonuses and promotions.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews

Operator and Bonus reviews house our most detailed inspections of specific gambling operators. Our experts conduct exhaustive tests to take every operator to the limit, and determine real-world performance.

4) Games/Slots

In the Games and Slots module, our experts produce in-depth reviews of the most popular online slot machines and casino table games. If you want to know which games you should be playing, take a look.

5) Payments

In the Payments section, you’ll find extensive comparisons of the best operators available for every payment method imaginable. We also discuss the convenience, features, processing speed and fees of the most popular payment methods.

6) Strategy

In the Strategy module, you’ll find the most up-to-date strategies for all kinds of online betting. Our experts analysed and compared the best strategies for both casino gambling and bookmaker sports betting.

7) Guide-wiki

In the Guide-wiki section, you’ll find helpful educational resources to brush up on your gambling fundamentals.

Most Popular Betting Sports in the UK

The most popular sports to bet on in the UK are football, cricket, tennis, horse racing (very popular), greyhound racing, and snooker. They’re usually all available at the best betting sites for high odds in the UK.

The top 10 best betting sites for high odds in the UK listed here all support the above-stated sports. But that’s not all. These operators also cover a wide variety of other sports, from familiar sports like NBA basketball and golf to more exotic markets, like handball.

How you find YOUR perfect Bookie

Betting on sports is super exciting and fun. Wagering real money gives online sports gamblers a jolt of adrenaline that has them coming back again and again. It’s the reason this pastime has maintained its popularity throughout the ages, and continues to do so in the online world we live in today.

But, at the end of the day, it is your money, and you’re betting it to make a buck. So just how do you find that perfect bookie to home your money?

  • Look at what odds the bookmaker is offering. You’ll want high odds for sure
  • Go with a recognized and reputable name. Smaller and lesser-known bookmakers cannot offer you the odds that the big names can
  • Welcome bonuses, regular promotions, and VIP programmes can render nice rewards and are nothing to turn your back on
  • Excellent customer service is a definite must. After all, you’re the paying client and need good advice and backup
  • Changing odds – stick with a bookmaker that doesn’t chop and change its odds too often without good reason. Of course, odds should change based on the market conditions, but too much fluctuation without reason should ring alarm bells. Comparing odds between sites is an excellent way to be sure of getting good value odds
  • Make sure that the deposit and withdrawal methods suit you and don’t have unreasonable withdrawal times. It’s easy to check how long it should take so you can decide if the bookmaker is dragging its heels intentionally on payments.

Online versus Offline Gambling

Without argument, online gambling has taken the industry by storm over the past two decades. Online casino sites continually endeavor to provide better gaming opportunities.

Online or offline gambling really relies on personal choice. Some people prefer going to an actual building, while others love to be alone and gamble in the comfort of their own environments.

Online gambling gives you the luxury to play at your own pace and at times that suit you. Offline gambling gives you the advantage of cashing in on your winnings immediately, without having to wait three or four days.

A Parting Word

You need to know and accept that there is an element of risk with any form of gambling. There are times when you will lose. But, there are also times that you will win! Choose a bookmaker that you are comfortable with.

Test the payment methods (including withdrawal methods) and customer services. Have a look at all the finer details – especially the fine print – before jumping in and betting away.


The UK is abundant with bookmakers and is one of the most competitive environments available anywhere on the global market for online gambling. Thus, finding a legit bookmaker that suits your needs is not always the easiest thing to do. There is a tidal wave of information, terms and conditions, and offers to swim through before that first bet is placed.

We’ve compared the best betting sites for high odds in the UK so that you don’t have to sit for hours trying to sort through the clutter. You can trust our experience and integrity when it comes to deciding whether to sign up for that welcome bonus with that operator covered at We are gamblers, so we know what you need to keep in mind when making your choice.

Use all the articles on our website to help you to find an operator that is best suited to your needs. Always make sure that your preferred operator is licensed and regulated, or choose one we’ve already reviewed here at Don’t shrug it off – read the fine print! And, lastly, have a blast on the ponies or matches!

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