Best Betting Sites for Horse Racing in UK 2020

Find Your Online Bookmaker for Horse Racing

The following guide presents some of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK and describes our review process for those bookies. A myriad of website characteristics are discussed and the importance of each is weighed accordingly. The best betting sites for horse racing in the UK is the focus of this article and the best online bookmaker for horse racing among our current bookies is Bet365.

Who Should Make Use of the Comparison?

This review is accessible to punters of all skill levels, from the yearlings and newbies to more experienced punters. This review is intended for everyone. If you’re looking for a new bookie, or for the best online bookmaker for horse racing, then one of the sites in this review is bound to meet your needs. Here you’ll find reviews of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK.

Betway, Bet365, William Hill, and NetBet are some of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK and any could be considered as the best online bookmaker for horse racing. If you currently have qualms with your bookie, or just want to experience a new race, then this review will meet your requirements and introduce you to the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

When searching for a new bookmaker, be sure to check the licence and security section. It should be clearly listed at the bottom of each bookmakers webpage. Each bookie is required to have a gambling commission registration number and without that number it’s difficult to judge the reliability and credibility of that bookie.

Don’t sign up for a bookmaker that doesn’t allow you to transfer funds. Most reputable bookmakers allow their punters to transfer funds from other sources and bookmakers. This is a sign of a highly respected bookmaker. In the event that you’re limited to just the funds of that particular bookie, then make sure that they allow you to withdraw with your preferred payment method.

Read the Terms and Conditions that go along with each bonus offer, especially those that seem a bit too good to be true. Extremely generous bonus offers also tend to have extremely stringent terms and conditions.However, as there are many available bookies with countless varieties of bonus offers, it’s likely that you won’t need to look too far to find a more reasonable offer. Most bookies will offer a deposit match or similar sign up bonuses. The majority are legitimate, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm the conditions of its offer.

Check to see that the operator provides the cash out markets that you’re looking for. A list of available cash out markets can be found online for most bookies. Bookmakers will also include a symbol that marks eligible cash out markets, sometimes on the bet slip. If the cash out markets are listed on the bet slip, then you’ll be able to easily identify them when placing live wagers by finding that symbol. Cash out markets usually include the most popular sports provided by the bookie and sometimes a selection of niche markets too. Check out the availability for markets like football, baseball, horse racing, cricket, boxing, and basketball.

The final step to testing whether a bookmaker is one of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK is to test its customer service. The best online bookmaker for horse racing should have great customer service that provides several contact options. You should look for reviews of the bookie that provide a positive review of its customer service options. In the event that the opposite is true, be sure to test out the customer service options provided by that bookie. Usually bookies with a live chat, telephone, and email have the best quality in customer service.

Editor’s Recommendation – Bet365

Bet365 is consistently listed as the best online bookmaker for horse racing available to punters. There are other crowd favourites like 888Sport, Betway, Betfair, and William Hill Casino, but Bet365 finishes at the top of the heap. If you’re looking to find the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK, then look no further.

Bet365 has the highest rated platform for horse racing of all of the bookies examined. As well as great races, it offers many alternatives at the sportsbook and live casino. We recommend checking out both its bonus offers and live casino. An honorable mention also goes to 888Sport; you also won’t want to miss its sportsbook and sign up offers.

How We Test Operators

Our experts conduct a thorough analysis of every bookie, so that you can save time when searching for the best online bookmaker for horse racing in the UK. Each operator analysis includes a review of the key characteristics of the bookmaker’s website including:

  • Bonus Offers & Free Bets: The ins and outs of bonus offers and free wagers are considered and explained for you in this section. We lay out all of the details for you so you can take advantage of your favourite bookmaker.
  • Usability, Look & Feel: Every bookie likes to organise its information a bit differently. This is where we tell you how each particular bookie has organized its information and how accessible it is. We give details on the load time and intuitive features that are part of the interface.
  • Payment Methods: This section is self-explanatory and you’ll find everything you need to know about available payment methods here.
  • Customer Service: Another self-explanatory title, here we give you the details about customer service provided by the bookie and how quick its representatives are to respond. Most bookies provide customer service through a combination of live chat, email, and telephone.
  • Licence & Security: Here we detail the licence and security information that every one of the best horse racing betting sites should include.
  • Rewards & Loyalty Programme: In rewards and loyalty, we break down the benefits offered by your favourite bookie and give you an idea of what signing up and being a member of the best horse racing bettings sites can look like.

Finding the Right Operator for You

Are you currently looking for a new bookmaker to spice up your gambling life? Maybe you’re looking to find one of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK. If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at, we consider all of the key ingredients of your favourite bookies. Get ready to learn about the best horse racing betting sites.

You should keep a few things in mind when looking for a new bookmaker. First, the bookmaker should offer top website security, usability, and customer service. That means that its website shouldn’t have any obvious glitches or extremely long loading or wait times, especially when uploading your payment methods. Great sign up offers don’t hurt either.

Your main concern when looking for a high quality bookie to meet your gambling needs should be security and customer service.

Most Important Sections of the Site

Each of our reviews of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK</a> include the following sections.

1) Casino comparison

The casino comparison contains all of the information necessary for you to make the most of the time spent spinning slots, playing a hand of poker, or placing wagers on your favourite sport. It also includes details on blackjack, roulette, and other live dealer games, if they’re offered by the bookie. Most top-line bookies offer a wide variety of all of these classic casino games and more. Some bookies are known to offer an amalgamation of more than 900 casino games.

2) Bonus comparison

The bonus comparison shows you which bookmakers offer the best bonuses, so you can win big without having to invest your gambling allowance all at once. Here you’ll find the details of each bonus and how to redeem or play into each one. Bookmakers are famous for their intricate terms and conditions when touting bonus offers, so we’ll let you know when a bonus is too good to be true.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews

Each operator review includes all of the sections mentioned in this review guide. Bonus reviews include a summary of all available bonuses that the bookie offers. In contrast to the bonus comparison, the bonus review focuses on the sign up offers of one particular bookmaker.

4) Games/Slot

All of the game types and slots offered by the bookmaker are listed in this section ,with popular games and new releases to give you a taste of the bookie’s variety. If you don’t find the game that you want in this section, then check out the casino comparison. Most gamers find at least a couple of enjoyable games in this section. The slots are offered by providers like NetEnt, Thunderkick, Evolution, and Red Tiger Gaming Limited.

5) Payments

The payment section is important for players looking to find a new bookie. All of the accepted payment and deposit methods are listed so that you don’t have to spend time checking each bookmakers website for your preferred payment method. Most bookies offer a range of payment methods, usually anywhere from 10-20.

6) Strategy

The strategy section of each bookie review discusses basic strategies that you can use when placing wagers in order to ensure that your efforts bring winnings and not a net loss. Most bookmakers provide a couple gambling guides to different website sections and commonly played casino and live dealer games.

Not much strategy goes into the slots and other casino games, but the classic table games and sportsbook require at least basic strategies. The strategies listed here and on bookie websites will help you in your quest for the best online bookmaker for horse racing in the UK.

7) Guide-wiki

The guide-wiki provides a list of all available bookie reviews, and their ratings, so that you can have a quick overview of the services they provide. The wiki also lists the bonuses offered by each bookmaker.

Developing A Strategy

If you’re in need of a strategy for betting at the races then look no further than the race card. The race card contains all of the information that you need to make an informed betting decision for single races. It contains a horse’s stall number, cloth number, previous odds, and current odds. The horse’s record at the particular track where they’re racing is noted along with whether or not they’ve won at the distance of the current race before.

For experienced punters, there are a number of popular strategies available for placing effective wagers. Among them are dutching, laying the favourite, and value betting. Handicapping methods can also be useful when developing a strategy and that can involve knowing the history of several horses and their records at the track. It’s not just about picking the horse with high odds and hoping for the best!

Betting at Reputable Sites

One of the challenges of finding a good bookmaker is the volume of available bookmakers that are currently on the market. Just like any consumer-driven market, the number of options and decisions can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve conducted thorough analyses of the most prominent bookmakers on the market. With our comprehensive reviews, you don’t need to go through the tedious work of detailing each operator; we’ve done that part for you. So, by using our master comparison, you’ll be easily able find which bookie fits your gambling preferences.

How to find the perfect bookie for you!

An exhaustive list of points to go through one by one to find out what type of gambler you are and how to find the best UK bookmaker for horse racing is listed here.

  • When do you find yourself gambling? Morning, evening, nighttime?
  • Is horse racing your specialty or are there other niche markets you invest in?
  • Do you have a budget for your gambling habits?
  • How much do you usually spend on sports betting, poker, or other casino games?
  • Do you stop when you lose money or do you tend to continue gaming?
  • Do you have a preferred gambling platform? Tablet, laptop, or desktop computer?
  • What is your preferred bet type? Each bookie has a list of common bet types and their available bet types are listed on their websites.

What operator do we use?

Our experts like to use Bet365 and 888Casino. They find that these bookmakers are some of the >best betting sites for horse racing in the UK. With many available sports and great customer service, these bookies are the top UK bookmakers for horse racing.

Bet365 has great bonus offers, a high level of useability, and high quality customer service. 888Sport also offers a plethora of different options, including tennis, golf, cricket, and even NBA. When it comes to the best online bookmaker for horse racing in the UK, Bet365 and 888Sport battle out for the title.

Whether you’re looking for the best online bookmaker for horse racing or just a new experience, these bookmakers have what it takes to get you what you need and more. In terms of UK betting sites for horse racing, you can’t go wrong with either of these two.

Online vs offline gambling

Online Gambling


  • No need to get in the car and drive to the nearest casino
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A variety of payment methods
  • Access to nearly all of the services available at a physical location with the comfort of remote use


  • Cash out waits can be longer
  • Cash out options may be limited
  • The bookie may not have all of the table games offered at physical locations. Not every UK bookmaker for horse racing offers a variety of sports.

Offline Gambling


  • No wait time for cashing out


  • A limited number of payment methods when compared to available online payment method
  • Players must travel to gamble and place bets

5 Ultimate Tips

  1. Make sure the bookie is registered with an accredited gambling commission.
  2. Be sure to confirm that the bookie offers horse racing or your preferred betting market.
  3. The top UK betting sites for horse racing are listed in this article and on our website with their corresponding bookmaker reviews. Check out reviews before deciding on which bookie to invest in.
  4. When making live wagers, ensure that the current market is an eligible cash out market.
  5. Make sure that your preferred payment method is accepted before signing up.


The bookies mentioned here are the candidates for the best online bookmaker for horse racing and also the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK.

The best online bookmaker for horse racing in the UK doesn’t have to be the most well-renowned, but it must offer top service in all of the areas mentioned in this article. The casino, bonus offers, the sportsbook, gambling strategies, and guide-wiki all play important roles in the review process.

The bookmakers mentioned in this review are the best bookmakers reviewed on our website and some of the best betting sites for horse racing in the UK. They have the largest array of gambling options and the best bonus and sign up offers to boot.

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