Telephone Betting Accounts

If you want a personalised betting service without leaving the house, then telephone betting is exactly what you’re looking for. And it doesn’t mean missing out on all the offers you’ll find with online betting either! 

We’ll tell you all about how telephone betting bookmakers offer excellent bonuses to match any online sportsbook. It’s easier than you might think. Alternatively, if you want to dive in straight away without the hassle of ringing someone up, why not try one of the easy to use online bookmakers below?

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What is Telephone Betting?

You don’t need to be Sherlock to figure it out, as it is exactly what says on the tin – you can place bets, over the telephone.  True, it’s a bit old fashioned, and we’d recommend online betting over it any day of the week. However, for those who are interested, there are still a few telephone betting companies out there that you can freephone today, register an account and place your bets with.

You can also pay using an unregistered card over the phone, leaving no paper trail – we’ll tell you more about why that can work to your advantage later on! Telephone betting has been around as, well, almost as long as the telephone really. Ask any old nags punter down your local and you can bet your house that they’ve phoned up a racetrack in their time!

Does phone betting have a place in today’s world? Kind of, but why not check out out top recommended online bookies first!

As well as the old school method of phoning them up directly, most telephone betting sites also offer text and WhatsApp betting services. It’s a natural evolution of betting really – we went from face-to-face to phone, to text, to WhatsApp & ultimately online betting. Almost all bookmakers have their own app as well, so finding the best Android betting app or iOS betting app gets thrown into the ever growing methods of placing bets. The more traditional telephone betting methods, however, have never fully gone away.

Therefore, we’re duty-bound here at to tell you how you can open telephone betting accounts today.

Who can make use of telephone betting?

Most of you reading this will already have at least one betting app or online betting account, and we’d still say that’s the best way forward these days. However telephone betting companies aren’t only marketed towards the older punter. You might have an image of some old geezer in a flat cap who can’t be bothered to stroll up to the bookies after studying the Racing Post.

This does make up a large part of the market who uses telephone betting accounts, but they don’t speak for the everyone, no matter what some other telephone betting reviews might tell you.

The younger generation might like the speed, quickness and diversity that online betting offers – as do we!  Though there arguably is still a place for telephone UK bookmakers and the personal service they can offer. With WhatsApp & text betting, telephone betting companies have modernised themselves to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the digital age. Ultimately, however they just can’t keep up with the services and online betting apps offer.

Head to the website of any telephone company and you’ll find bonuses as well, however they can’t keep up with the sheer amount of quality bonuses offered online.

What we suppose online betting can offer is the personal aspect. Speaking directly with a trained member of staff means you can ask all sorts of questions regarding the best betting odds and best betting offers UK. Telephone betting accounts aren’t strictly for sports punters only either, look hard enough and you’ll also find telephone and poker and online casino services out there as well.

To summarize, it doesn’t matter what age (as long as you’re over 18, of course!) or type of punter you are, telephone betting definitely has something to offer you, but at the end of the day it just can’t really compete with the likes of NetBet and similar sites that rank amongst the best online betting sites out there.

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The Top 5 Advantages of Telephone Betting

Placing bets over the phone will never be able to rival the range and flexibility that online betting site can offer us today, but there are some advantages. We’ve detailed some of the top selling points that telephone betting companies can offer you below.

A more personalised service

Placing bets online might be quick, easy and diverse, but it’s not that personal. When placing your bets over the phone, you’re dealing directly with a fully trained, expert member of staff, who’s actually a human being! Therefore you can place the exact bet you want and have any questions you want answering right there and then.

No more having to contact the customer service team via a live chatbot when things go wrong, all of the questions you need answering can be asked and settled right there and then. Moreover, you’ll leave feeling like a more valued customer and can also have a tidy bit of banter with whoever’s at the other end of the phone.

Less faff

Most of the best online betting sites today are relatively bug-free and have easy-to-use bet builders, however some people might find them fiddly. With telephone betting companies, you just call them up, say what you want and the job is done. No need to contact the customer service team when things go wrong as you’re already speaking with them!

It can be better for your credit rating (seriously!)

Bit of a curveball here, and it’s fair to say it might surprise you, but betting over the phone could be better for your credit score. How, you ask? Please allow us to explain! Did you know that many lenders now monitor what are called lifestyle transactions?

This means that betting with some online betting sites can, in some cases, have a negative impact on your credit score. Depositing into an over the phone account can often be an untraceable transaction that can’t affect your score with lenders.

Easier to get bets accepted

True, most online betting sites these days have bet builders, some are extremely flexible with a diverse range of options. However, if you’re unable to create the bet you want, or doesn’t get accepted by the system, you’re stuck – or you have to contact customer service directly.

However, if you’re able to phone the bookie up directly and speak with a member of staff at the other end of your phone, you can detail your desired bet clearly and negotiate there and then. Ultimately, this means there’s more chance of your bet getting accepted.

Easier withdrawals

Now don’t mistake us here, we’re not promising that your withdrawals will be any quicker than they would be with online betting. Generally speaking, the processing times are the same, with credit & debit card withdrawals taking 2-5 days. In fact, online betting sites that accept cryptocurrency now have instant withdrawals in some cases! However, phone withdrawals are subject to a lesser pending approval period and you can more easily track your withdrawal progress by calling the company up to see how things are going.

Also, if you want to withdraw an amount higher than the limit stated within the T&Cs, telephone betting companies are generally quicker to respond to such requests with written permission than their online counterparts.

How to Open Telephone Betting Accounts

There are two ways in which you can open a telephone betting account. The first, and more traditional way, is to do everything over the phone. You simply call up the company number and set up your account by speaking directly with the gambling company’s member of staff. Just be 100% sure that you’re calling the legitimate number before giving out any details over the phone.

Most phone betting companies will also give you the option to sign up via email as well. The most modern ones will have some form of service where you can register online, and then place bets with them by calling up or sending your account idea to the stated number via either text message or WhatsApp.

In fact, many of the big online betting companies actually offer a phone betting service as part of their operation. For example, Irish betting giants Paddy Power has a phone betting service line available for use. This means that you don’t have to dive headfirst into the world of phone betting – you can combine it with online betting at great sites such as STSBet, along with retail betting.

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How do I pay when betting over the phone?

There are two ways in which you can pay when betting over the phone, which methods are available depends on the company you are using. Firstly, you can register on the site, via email or over the phone and have a credit/debit card or other forms of payment account (such as PayPal, or Neteller) linked up directly to your account.

If you want to go down the more old school route, you can also pay per bet by entering your bank or payment details each time you bet. Note: no company should ever ask you to give your payment details orally over the phone – they should always be entered into the keypad. We’ll explain this in more detail in the section below.

Top Tips to a Safe & Secure Telephone Betting Experience

Make sure your betting with legit telephone betting companies

Although some of the big-name betting giants, like Paddy Power, do offer a phone betting service, most of them don’t. Therefore, if you’re an online punter venturing into betting over the phone for the first time then you’ll probably come across a lot of company names you’ve never seen before.

The good news is that phone betting companies are subject to the same license and regulations as online betting companies. Therefore look for the same stamps of legitimacy – UKGC, IBAS, 18+ and so on.

Don’t give out details over the phone

This is why, where possible, it’s best to enter payment details when registering your telephone betting accounts online in advance. However, we do understand that some of you may be attracted by the pay-per-transaction option that phone betting offers. As long as you’re comfortable that you’re doing this with a legit operator, then that’s all well and good.

One sure-fire way to know that an operator isn’t legit when speaking with them is if they ask you to say your payment details or password aloud over the phone. By law, merchants have to ask you to enter your card details manually using the keypad on your phone. Therefore, if you’re asked to say any details verbally, hang up and report the incident.

Don’t get reeled in by sales patter

The people at the other end of the phone when you’re placing bets with your telephone betting accounts will generally be sound folk. That being said, they are doing a job at the end of the day, which may involve upselling you or convincing you to take a bonus or place extra bets.

We’ve experienced this in the past, from phone companies pushing an upgrade to the geezer in curries trying to sell you a 5-year warranty you don’t want. You’ve phoned up knowing the bet you want to place and should hang up having only placed that bet – say know to any offers.

If an offer sounds decent, check it out online or ask to be sent the details by email so you can read the terms and conditions. Fortunately betting companies are subject to stricter regulations that general retail and can’t be too pushy.

Make sure you’ve got your bet right before you call

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s especially important if you’re making multiple or a fairly complex bet – make sure you’ve got your bet right. The personalised experience of betting over the phone is great, but it does leave the possibility that we might forget or miss something out, and then we only remember once we’ve hung up and it’s already too late.

Try to avoid this at all costs, perhaps by writing your bet down before you call up to place it. It might sound silly, but trust us – it definitely does help and is worth it just in case!

Read the T&Cs before registering your telephone betting accounts

This is especially important if you choose to register your account over the phone as well as placing your bets. When registering a betting account online, you’ll always get the box you have to click to verify you’ve read the T&Cs. Sure, there are plenty of us out there who don’t bother to read them, but at least it’s clear we’ve been given the chance to read them and have opted in.

With many telephone betting companies, you’re deemed to have agreed to the T&Cs by phoning up and registering your account, while with others they will briefly read them out to you or ask for verbal confirmation you’ve read them. We know the small print is boring, but as with all betting companies, it’s vitally important you read them so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


So to summarise, telephone betting definitely isn’t the best gambling method around, and definitely can’t rival online betting, especially given the incredible variety and ease of use offered by standout sites such as Bet365 . However it is still around and can serve punters young and old here in the UK. So if you miss the personal experience and the banter that used to come with walking into a retail bookie, but still want to get things done on the move, then sure, give phone betting a chance today. That being said, we’d still recommend using your online bookie as your primary betting source.

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Telephone Betting FAQ

📞 Can you place a bet over the phone?

You might think that picking up the phone to enquire about something is a medium that’s fast being resigned to the dark ages, however, it’s very much alive and well. It’s even adapting to the ways of the modern world. But has it been picked up in the gambling industry – follow the link here at to find out more – it just might change the way you bet!

📱 How can I place a bet over the phone?

Placing a bet over the phone is easier than you might think, and to start off, you need to create your telephone betting accounts. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to easily place a bet over the phone here at Additionally, you’ll also find plenty of Telephone Betting Reviews to help you find the best providers available today in 2021.

🏇What’s the best phone betting site?

It might surprise you, but there actually are still plenty of telephone betting companies out there in the UK today. You can find out all there is to know about their companies, and which ones are the best, by heading on over to Information on how to place bets, over the phone, via text & WhatsApp can be found right here as well as constant updates – so bookmark this page today!

🔒 Is phone betting secure?

Phone betting and gambling can be done safely and securely in 2021, but you do need to be aware of scams. Discover how you can safely place a bet over the phone by heading over to, where the dedicated team of experts will keep you right.

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