Best Betting Sites for Tennis in Uk 2020

Find Your Online Bookmaker for Tennis 

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the UK, so if you’re searching for the best online bookmaker for tennis, where do you start? That’s where we come in. This article can act as your guide to the best betting sites for tennis in the UK. We’ve compiled an extensive list of the best sportsbooks around, and graded them according to strict, objective criteria. If you want to know which are the best UK betting sites for tennis for you, read on.

Who Should Make Use of the Comparison?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a longtime tennis fan, Wimbledon regular or erstwhile tennis player, anyone who likes wagering on tennis matches can make use of our comparisons. In other words, there are UK betting sites for tennis suitable for all levels of players. The best online bookmaker for tennis could vary from player to player based on personal needs and gambling habits.

Punters should also take into account what area of tennis they’re interested in, or fancy wagering on. There are a lot of tournaments to choose from, such as Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the US Open, the Fed Cup, or the Davis Cup. Below, we’ve put together further details on how we grade the best betting sites for tennis in the UK.

Operator Checklist: Top5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

Whether you are betting on golf, tennis, or the NBA, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind.

It seems that every week there’s a new online sportsbook trying to tempt players with killer promotions and a decent spread of sports to bet on. However, it’s not always easy to keep track of which sites are legitimate and worth using. Our top 5 steps are useful tips to keep in mind when looking for the best online bookmaker for tennis (or even greyhound racing).

Availability of matches

If you’re looking to gamble on tennis then, of course, you’re probably going to want as wide a choice of events as possible. This includes if games are live-streamed and have decent odds, two critical factors when deciding on the best online bookmaker for tennis.

Check for security protocols

There are two surefire ways to know you’re wagering on tennis in a safe environment. One clue involves checking for Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protection, as this uses 128 or 256-bit encryption to hide your data from hackers. Also check a site for any mention of Verisign, as this company verifies security certificates.

Privacy Policies

The best betting sites for tennis in the UK clearly spell out how they use personal information. Anyone interested in wagering on tennis, or sports in general, should make sure the site has a clear privacy policy that doesn’t hide important information behind complicated legalese.

Terms and Conditions

If you’ve got your eye on a UK bookmaker for tennis, but something about the site seems too good to be true, you should read the small print. Many online betting sites have strict bonus terms or hide wagering requirements behind layers of conditions. Don’t get caught out.


As we mentioned at the top of this article, with so many sportsbooks now available, how can punters be sure they’re using a trustworthy site? Many of the best betting sites for tennis in the UK may not be based in the UK, so pay careful attention to who the site is licensed by.

The good news is, if you pick any of our recommended UK betting sites for tennis, you don’t have to worry about any of this. However, it’s still always better to be safe than sorry and to make sure you have a secure gambling experience.

Editor’s Recommendation – the Best Operator

Even though all our picks for the best online bookmaker for tennis are worth your time, there’s always going to be some that are marginally better than others. Our editor handpicks which sportsbook they consider the cream of a particularly tasty crop, to help you make the most of your betting experience.

In this case, it’s Betfair. As well as having a substantial selection of sports overall, they are one of the few sites that actually provide streaming of tennis matches. The tennis section covers featured games, exhibition matches, the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open and Australia Open.

All matches have continually updated odds, which can be viewed as decimals or fractions, and wagers can be made by game, point, set, handicap and specials. It’s for these reasons our editor is happy to recommend Betfair as one of the best betting sites for tennis in the UK.

Whether you’re gambling on cricket, or you’re a tennis supporter to the core, this site is worthy of your attention. If you’re having a really bad betting streak, you could even stream some of the boxing matches to blow off steam while enjoying the benefits of one of the candidates for best online bookmaker for tennis.

This Is How Our Experts Test Operators

To ensure all UK betting sites for tennis mentioned in this article are worth punters’ time, we subject the websites to various strict and objective tests, factoring in the following points:


Does the sportsbook use Verisign and industry-standard SSL to protect customers’ data?


Which gambling commission regulates the site, and does the license permit gamblers from different countries?


Are the bonuses something punters can make good use of, or are they subject to strict or unreasonable terms?


Does the UK bookmaker for tennis you’re considering give decent odds that reflect the state of play, or have usable unique wagers?

Privacy Policy

What protocols does a site use to protect customers’ information, and is there a way to opt-out of data collection?

Terms and Conditions

Are the stipulations clear when it comes to joining the sportsbook and using promotions? Does the website keep deposit, withdrawal, and processing times hidden?

Available sports

If tennis is the only sport you’re bothered about betting on, then fair enough. However, what if you fancy a change or want a sportsbook that covers all your favourite teams?

Wagering options

Does the sportsbook allow different types of bets? Are the wagers specific to the sport, or can they be mixed and matched?

Live stream

What’s the quality of the live games like? Is the stream clear and free from digital noise? Is there a live centre for statistics?

Available tournaments

Specific to tennis, does the sportsbook provide betting opportunities on games played outside the UK? If so, which ones?

Finding the Right Operator for You

Don’t be fooled by websites that over promise and under deliver. Trust our authenticated and secure reviews and expert picks if you want to get the most from UK betting sites for tennis.

A wide variety of UK sportsbooks have been carefully inspected by our top team of expert sports punters. When you’re looking for the best online bookmaker for tennis, you should know if the bookie is considered reliable, which you can quickly see thanks to our sportsbook comparison guide.

It doesn’t matter whether you can name every player in the current French Open or simply enjoy watching tennis. Our selection has been handpicked to make sure all punters make the best personal choice when it comes to choosing between the best betting sites for tennis in the UK.

Most Important Sections of the Site

Depending on which UK bookmaker for tennis you choose, you’ll discover it has different site sections. Likewise, with our website, which includes a comprehensive insight into all these areas:

1) Sportsbook comparison

Take a peek at the top of the article, and you’ll see our comparison guide to all the best betting sites for tennis in the UK.

2) Bonus comparison

Whichever sportsbook or betting site you visit, you’ll find a bunch of bonuses and promotions. Many are very similar, but there are usually subtle differences in the terms. Our bonus comparison can highlight the differences so you can choose the right offer from the best online bookmaker for tennis for you.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews

Our reviews are unbiased and objective so that when you’re choosing between UK betting sites for tennis, we do the hard work so you can concentrate on having a decent wager.

4) Games/Sports

Some sportsbooks only offer a limited amount of sports but cover a lot of leagues/tournaments/etc., within those sports. We look at which sports different bookies offer, including virtual ones.

5) Payments

Not all UK bookmakers for tennis support the same payment methods, or if they do, they may incur different charges or fees. We carefully sift through the fine print to find out which payment options work best for which bookie.

6) Strategy

Every type of sports wager involves its own strategy, so we carefully consider the best route to take when wagering.

7) Guide-wiki

If you’re new to betting on sport, many of them have their own unique wagering vocabulary. We highlight any bookies that make the extra effort to provide betting guides, so you don’t have to worry.

Checklist: This Is How You Find Your Perfect Bookie!

By now, we hope you’ve got a good idea which of our recommended best betting sites for tennis in the UK you’d like to take a punt on. In case you’re still struggling to make up your mind, here are some more top tips to consider, which will help you decide.

What type of tennis matches do you want to bet on?

When it comes to tennis, there’s a staggering variety of match types, court conditions, and tournaments to consider. As well as the four Grand Slam’ major’ tournaments, there are nine non-major tournaments, too.

The Grand Slam matches include those played as part of Wimbledon, the Australian Open French Open and US Open. Overall, 128 tennis players take part in just the singles matches of these tournaments, which means that there is no shortage of games to bet on.

As for the non-major, ‘Masters’ matches, these include: the Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters and Madrid Open. Some of these matches are also played on clay courts, or other hard surfaces, which can drastically affect a player’s style.

So, just looking at these, it’s easy to see how international a sport tennis is, and that’s not even taking into consideration the ATP matches for the world’s best tennis players. In other words, anyone looking to wager on tennis is spoilt for choice!

What type of punter are you?

If you’re interested in UK betting sites for tennis, chances are you know your onions when it comes to the sport. Who’s the current top-ranking player in the world? How many doubles matches have they played? What are the court surfaces like in Paris? How many umpires does a tennis match have?

All these questions are a good test of your knowledge, but also give you a barometer for what type of wagers to place. If you’re only interested in finding the best odds, then fair enough. Otherwise, if you’re keen on statistics, player history, and so on, the best betting sites for tennis in the UK also cater to your needs.

How important are bonuses?

The choice of sportsbooks bonuses these days is almost as exhaustive as the number of bookies themselves. All gambling sites, from sportsbooks to casinos, offer promotions and bonuses because they’re the best way to attract and keep punters. Are you a punter who’s won over by promotions? If so, what kind of bonuses catch your eye?


If you’re eyeballing the odds on a tennis match and they seem too good to be true, what’s the bookie’s reputation like? When you’re searching for the best online bookmaker for tennis, the trustworthiness of the website is incredibly important. If you’re ever unsure about the security of a bookie, check our reviews.

What operator do our experts use

Our list of the best betting sites for tennis in the UK was designed as a starting point for new punters, and a reference point for experienced gamblers. Whichever level you are, you’ll be sure to find a sportsbook that suits your needs.

However, as we noted in our editor’s recommendation, it’s a simple fact that some bookies are a little better than others. Although this can be a highly subjective thing, our experts still heartily recommend individual tennis bookmakers. As well as our editor’s top pick, Betfair, 10bet is another bookie with tennis live streaming. Bet At Home has a good choice of sports, including tennis, and an excellent sign-up bonus with a lengthy expiration date.

Online vs offline gambling

There’s no doubt that the biggest draw to gambling on tennis in real life is the pleasure of watching a live match. The meaty POCK! of each hit. The growls and yells of effort as a player pummels balls across the net. The scuffle and sweat as players shift around the court like anxious parents watching their kids start their first day of school.

Tennis is a game of high emotion and energy, so why choose online gambling? Online sportsbooks indeed lack the atmosphere of actually being present at a match. However, if you find an operator that offers live streaming, you can experience some of the excitement and watch the odds change as the match progresses.

2 Top Tips

Live Streams

Does the bookie you like offer tennis live-streaming? Is the picture quality good, if not excellent? Does the sportsbook offer matches from across the globe? Should you be the type of tennis fan who relishes live matches, but either can’t afford to travel or would prefer to watch from home, then live streaming is super important. The best online bookmaker for tennis should have this covered.

Know The Terms

We can succinctly sum this tip up as “read the terms and conditions.” Sure, they might seem boring and be tough to get through, but you may just notice something otherwise hidden. For example, the bonus bet you just earned might not be available for use on tennis matches. Or, cashouts might be subject to a lengthy processing time.


Now we come to the crux of the matter. When you’re looking for the best betting sites for tennis in the UK, there are various points to tick off. Whether they’re relevant to every punter is a matter of personal taste, of course, but they should help you decide. Which way to go.

Always pay attention to the licence, too. The last thing you want is to wager on a site only to find you’re not technically allowed to. Be aware of the privacy policy and check how a bookie collects and stores your personal data. Lastly, if tennis is your main interest, focus on bookmakers that provide extensive coverage.

In short, always think about what you like, and don’t be swayed by a flash-looking site or a tempting, but not entirely useful, promotion. It’s worth taking the time to find the best online bookmaker for tennis, so check out the reviews on our site.

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