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We imagine the vast majority of you are aware of Sky. In fact, many may have grown up with one of their satellite boxes sitting happily beneath your television. Fewer may be aware of Sky Bet. Although this multimedia giant is many different things to a lot of people, their advertising campaigns and general success in the world of online gaming has proven this is a serious arm of their empire, not some mere afterthought.

However, on the off chance you aren’t aware, Sky Bet is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications and media companies’ foray into the world of online betting. Here, you’ll find an absolutely monstrous amount of betting markets, across many sports and leagues throughout the world. And it doesn’t stop at the sportsbook either, as Sky Bet also offers a dedicated casino, poker rooms and even bingo and lotto facilities.

They are a jack-of-all-trades, and what truly impresses most is their ability to maintain their quality throughout. One example of their always thinking ahead attitude is their promotional efforts, including the Sky Bet welcome bonus of a £10 free bet, which you can access without the need for a Sky Bet voucher.

The claim the latest Sky Bet voucher bonus in detail

The basic concept behind this welcome bonus is really very simple. You simply stake £5 and get £10 to use across free bets. There’s no Sky Bet voucher or confusing hoops to jump. However, promotions are all about those important details. So, buckle up while we deep dive into everything that makes this welcome bonus tick.

What do you get?

Well, the actual amount in bonus funds is advertised right there in the title. You get £10, and you get this in return for a £5 qualifying stake. However, it’s very important to note several things which really colour the quality of this promotion.

Firstly, the free bet cannot simply be withdrawn when you receive it. Otherwise, people with no interest in using Sky Bet could simply stake £5 for the sake of doubling their money. Naturally, this wouldn’t be very business savvy. That is the difference between a cash refund and a free bet. If you got money in cash, then you would be able to do with it whatever you wish.

Of course, you would likely never find a legitimate promotion that offers double your money back to withdraw as you wish – at least, we can’t think of an example where that would be the case. After all, most promotions like this, such as the Betfair welcome offer, are aimed at securing new and loyal customers.

Instead, what you get here is the ability to bet £10, and if you win, you get to keep the winnings. Another important distinction here is that the £10 stake is not included in the winnings: another difference between a free bet and a cash offer.

It may not be the largest welcome bonus in the world, and some – especially those who may be high rollers – may be disappointed by this fact. While it’s certainly true that there are larger welcome bonuses, we would still say that this offers great value.

For a start, this promotion doubles your money for a free bet, which is quite an increase considering the small stake. On top of that, larger bonuses generally come with much tougher restrictions. We’re yet to get into terms but if they’re reasonable, this fact will make this bonus – which once again requires no complicated qualification nor a Sky Bet voucher – an excellent one.

What can you use the bonus on?

The next thing we’re going to look at when it comes to evaluating the quality of this promotion is what the bonus amount can actually be used on. Saying you have a free bet is one thing, but if you can only redeem it on a few things that aren’t of interest to you, then its value immediately plummets.

Well, the goods news here is that this £10 free bet is available to use on quite a lot, with a couple of caveats. The main thing to note is that you can only use it on Single and Each Way bets. Beyond that, you’re free to explore the whole of the sportsbook as far as we can tell.

Unfortunately, you can’t utilise this promotion on the casino, poker, bingo or lotto parts of the Sky Bet site. Although considering this is standard across competitors, such as with the Betfair free bet, and those sections have their own Sky Bet new customer promotions, it isn’t something we consider to be too much of a letdown.

Back to the sportsbook and what a choice it is. As far as the terms and conditions go, no sports are ruled out, meaning you can take full advantage of everything Sky Bet has to offer.

What important terms do you need to consider?

Let’s first, for the sake of clarity, confirm what we mean when we say terms and restrictions. Terms are what we consider the more general aims of the promotion with regards to the target audience. So, for instance, needing to stake £5 on the sportsbook would be a term. The lack of a need for a Sky Bet voucher is also something we would consider a term, because it shows that this is aimed at a casual audience. Restrictions, on the other hand, are more technical points regarding the rules, such as the age restriction of 18 years.

When it comes to which terms to consider when deciding whether this promotion is right for you, the key thing is that you need to be interested in online sports betting. Realistically, that is going to be true of most people signing up to Sky Bet and reading this. Some people may only be interested in the casino side of things, for instance, but assuming the restrictions are fair here, this should appeal to a hugely broad audience.

This offer is also, naturally, aimed at new users, which is a mixture of both a term and a restriction, as existing users are not eligible.

Claim the latest Sky Bet voucher restrictions – know before you bet

Now we’ve gone through who this promotion is aimed at, it’s time to assess whether you can actually utilise this promotion when we look at the terms and conditions. The main thing we want to note here is that there are no restrictions on the winnings themselves.

In other words, if you meet the requirements, stake your £5 on a Single or Each Way bet, wager your free bet bonus and win, the money you receive is available to you without additional restrictions in the way of wagering requirements. This is absolutely vital, as wagering requirements are one of the most common reasons a great looking promotion goes from a stud to a dud.

There are, however, other restrictions. Starting with the obvious, you must be aged 18 years or more, which is the legal age for gambling. Also, note in the terms of qualifying restrictions that the qualifying £5 bet needs to be wagered all at once and smaller bets will not count. Also, the £10 free bet acts as a token. Yes, there may be no Sky Bet voucher but the free bet does operate similarly to one, in that you must use it all at once and can’t break it down as you could your own cash.

Another key restriction is, of course, that this is for new players only, meaning those with an existing account, including for any other part of the site, will not be eligible. This is completely fair as other similar offers, like the Betfair no deposit welcome bonus for instance, are aimed at getting new users to register.

There’s also the ever-important one promotion per customer rule, which you will find in pretty much any and all comparable examples. This is, naturally, to prevent people from taking advantage of this very generous offer.

Finally, customers using Neteller or Skrill payment methods don’t qualify, which is typical for welcome bonuses, with or without a Sky Bet voucher. Do note that the full terms can be found on the site itself. We’ve only highlighted the most relevant restrictions here, so any additional queries can be resolved by visiting Sky Bet yourself or contacting customer service.

With that said, we think this is a great promotion, and the restrictions don’t change that fact. They are all standard, expected and fair. We also want to point out that they do not, unlike most of their competition, have a limit on when the free bet can be used. It will be deactivated after 24 months but can be reactivated on request.

Check out Sky Bet’s other bonuses in 2020

That’s far from all that’s available from Sky Bet. There’s plenty more available on the sportsbook side of things alone, with amazing bet boosts across all kinds of games, an in-play promotion, accumulator promotions and, best of all, these are constantly changing, being updated, enhanced, replaced and added to. Not only does this create an amazing variety, but also gives a sense of pace and intrigue to the site. It feels alive, and like something you want to be a part of.

All that does not stop at the sportsbook either, with other promotions, including their very own welcome bonuses being found on the casino, the poker, the bingo and even the lotto site as well. This is important due to the value they exude, as well as the fact it means you don’t need to look elsewhere if you want to try out a little bit of everything when it comes to online betting.

Sky Bet, from the variety of their content to the sheer amount of quality promotions, can be a one-stop-shop for all your betting needs.

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