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Operated by the Paysafe Group, Neteller is an online e-wallet popularly used within the online gambling community. Neteller provides an online service which allows you to send and receive funds in many different currencies quickly and securely.

Within this article, we’ll advise you on using Neteller as an online deposit method. Below you’ll find the best betting sites with Neteller in UK, as well as an explanation of how Neteller works, and much more besides.

Here's why you should bet with Neteller:

  • Ultra-fast Neteller deposits
  • Speedy Neteller withdrawals
  • Good to keep your betting budget separate
  • No need to enter in bank/card details

Making a Payment with Neteller

When using an online bookmaker with Neteller and therefore Neteller as a deposit method, the only time you will have to give your card or bank account details is when you are creating your Neteller account. Afterwards, you simply need to login to your Neteller account through the bookmaker’s site. We’ll take you through the full process of creating your Neteller account right through to using the best Neteller betting sites.

  • Sign up to Neteller
  • Link your bank account or card
  • Pick a Neteller bookie
  • Make a Neteller deposit
  • Put your bets down!

Step 1 - Create your Neteller account - Head to Netellers website and begin the sign-up process by clicking ‘join for free’ which is displayed at the top right of the site. Follow the instructions to enter the requested personal information. Ensure that these are the same details used to create your online bookmaker with Neteller account otherwise. If the details do not match, the deposit method will not be valid. Read through Netellers terms and conditions and click ‘open account’ to agree to them and complete creating your account.

The whole process of signing up to Neteller should be fast and simple. We managed to set up a Neteller account in just a handful of minutes. This is because Neteller has worked hard at ensuring that just about anybody can get a Neteller account. Don't forget that Neteller also has an excellent customer service team if you need any help in registering your account at the ewallet brand's website.

Step 2 - Connect your card or bank account - Login to your Neteller account with the credentials created in the above step. Find the cashier tab and click ‘deposit’. A standard payment portal will pop up and on there you can choose whether you would like to deposit money via bank transfer for example, directly onto the e-wallet or simply link a debit card to the account. Whichever option you click, fill out the requested details to complete this step. If you change bank accounts or would like to add another bank card, follow this step in the process again. Keep in mind that credit card services will be removed from April 2022 for betting sites in the UK.

Neteller will commonly have minimum and maximum deposit amounts but all of these should be free of charge. Bear in mind that Neteller might include some charges from withdrawing that we will discuss later. However, making a deposit at Neteller with a debit card should be almost instant. It could take a little longer if you link up your bank account with Neteller and make a deposit. But the whole process shouldn't take longer than a couple of days.

Step 3 - Choose an online bookmaker with Neteller - Use the many guides and reviews that we provide here at to help you make an informed decision when searching for the best betting sites with Neteller in UK. We suggest making a pro/con list specific to what you want from an online bookmaker with Neteller and use this to find a site suitable for you.

The key thing to remember is that you won’t be restricted in your choice if you choose to use a Neteller bookie. This is because all decent UK betting sites now take Neteller payments. This means that you should be able to sign up to a classic UK bookie who excels at horse racing bets, or even an innovative online betting site with top esports odds. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to bet on it with a Neteller payment at all good UK bookmakers.

Step 4 - Deposit funds to your chosen online bookmaker with Neteller - This step may vary depending on which online bookmaker with Neteller you choose but the general process is as follows. Login to your online bookmaker with Neteller and find the deposit portal. If you’re struggling to locate the deposit portal, bookmakers usually have a search bar at the top. Search deposit and this should bring up the deposit portal or a link to the deposit portal. Once on the portal, select Neteller as your chosen deposit method and enter the amount of funds you wish to deposit to your betting account. When the page redirects, enter your Neteller login details, confirm the amount you would like to deposit and follow any remaining steps to complete the deposit process.

Bear in mind that there might be a minimum deposit threshold. This can vary between bookmakers from between £5 and £20 at a time. There might also be a maximum limit on how much you can deposit, but this usually runs into thousands of pounds so you shouldn’t have to worry about this! No UK bookmaker should charge you money for making a Neteller deposit. If they do, then run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. After all, there are dozens of Neteller bookies who’ll take your deposits without any annoying fees. The Neteller deposit should show up almost instantly in your account and then you’re good to start betting!


Average time of Neteller for Deposits and Payouts

As with other major e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, the deposit and withdrawal processes between your Neteller account and your chosen online bookmaker with Neteller are instant, meaning the process will be complete within a matter of minutes.

Withdrawing funds from your Neteller account to your bank account is likely to take much longer than transferring funds between Neteller and your chosen online bookmaker with Neteller. As we’ve already stated, transferring money between your online bookmaker account and Neteller account will be instant so long as there are no issues. Transferring to your bank account will depend on the bank you have an account with but the usual process can take up to 5 working days.

To withdraw money from your Neteller account to your bank account, you simply need to enter your login credentials on Netellers website, click ‘money out’ which is located on the right hand side of the page. The amount you are able to withdraw will be displayed however, this may be limited if you have not yet verified your Neteller account. The processing fee of withdrawing from your Neteller account to your bank account will be 3.99% of the withdrawal amount with an additional 3.99% charged if the currency you are withdrawing is different to your account currency.

In order to deter money laundering, online bookmakers may not allow you to withdraw funds if you are attempting to use a different payment provider to the one you deposited funds into your betting account with. Therefore, we always advise that you use the same payment method when depositing and withdrawing funds to your account.

Neteller Verification Requirements

Verifying your account is a key step to ensuring your funds are safe and secure and like with most online payment providers, your Neteller account will be limited until the verification process is complete.

Complete Netellers account verification process in these four easy steps.

Step 1 - Fund your account

Once you have logged into your Neteller account click ‘money in’ which is located on the right hand side of the sites homepage and follow the steps to depositing funds.

Step 2 - Verify your identity 

If you have not yet verified your account, when you login to Neteller, a banner should be displayed at the top. Clicking this banner will begin the verification process. If you have not yet verified your account and the banner isn’t showing, you just need to click ‘account’ in settings and this will take you to the same page. You are able to verify some of your personal information using your Facebook account which may save a little time at the cost of linking your chosen online deposit method to social media. You will be given two options to verify your identity. The first option is to download the Neteller app to your mobile device and use it to take and upload photos of your proof of identity. Otherwise, the other option is to upload images or use your webcam to take photos of your proof of identity. ID documents accepted by Neteller are passports, driving licences and identity cards. You’ll also be provided with a phrase of which you’ll be required to hand write as a note and upload a photo of yourself with. Once you have uploaded the images and selected the country of issuance, this step will be complete and your documents will be in review.

Step 3 - Verify your address 

If you have linked your Facebook account or previously shared your browser location, this step may already have been automatically completed. If the step is showing as completed, please check the details are correct and amend them if not. You can do this in the settings section of your Neteller account. Otherwise, you should automatically be taken to the “verify your address” section. If you cannot verify your address using your browser location, you will need to upload official documentation of proof of address. This can be in the form of a bank statement or utility bill.

Step 4 - Summary 

After completing the above steps, you will be redirected to the summary page which will show confirmation of the completion of the above steps. You should also receive confirmation as an email. If you do not receive confirmation in either form, it’s likely that your documents have not uploaded properly. Contact Netellers customer service team for assistance if this is the case.


The History of Neteller

Owned and operated by Paysafe Group (or at that time Optimal Payments Limited), Neteller was launched in 1999 and swiftly began servicing the gambling industry in the early 2000s. The company originated in Canada but moved to the UK in 2004. By 2005 Neteller was a payment method used by 80% of gambling operators in the world. In 2007 the company's founders were arrested. In the US gambling was made illegal but Neteller continued to operate as an online payment method resulting in the arrest as well as having all their US accounts frozen. At the time, about 95% of their revenue came from the US.

After a long healing period, Neteller built a solid reputation and their service is now reaching over 80% of the world’s online gambling merchants with a total of 95% of their revenue being generated from transactions between bookmakers with Neteller and their punters. They are now one of the world’s leading e-wallets and deposit method providers and are widely accepted by bookmakers across the UK.

Neteller to other providers compared

As the online gambling industry has advanced, so has the online deposit provider industry, This advancement has led to the rise in the number of bookmakers with Neteller, but has also created significant competition, even after one of the larger competitors Skrill was acquired by their parent company Paysafe Group. Whilst Neteller provides a decent e-wallet and online payment method, its competitor PayPal excels in many ways. Firstly Neteller fees are higher than PayPal’s, despite providing a very similar service. Secondly, PayPal betting is available at more online bookmakers and casinos. Thirdly, no e-wallet or online payment method can compare to the speed of PayPal's transactions. That being said however, Neteller is a trustworthy, reputable online payment provider and offers its punters the cashback loyalty scheme, cash rewarding customers with a high turnover so we’re happy to endorse it.

PayPal - PayPal is one of the most widely accepted and low cost online payment method providers in the world. They are a highly reputable company known for their speedy transactions.

Skrill - Sharing owners with Neteller, Skrill is another highly popular e-wallet and Skrill betting is now becoming widely available throughout the UK gambling industry.

Debit Cards - Debit cards are accepted by the majority of online gambling operators. Online betting sites won’t charge a fee to deposit using a debit card but some banks may charge their own fees.

Credit Cards - As of April 2022, the use of credit cards for gambling online and offline will be completely banned in the United Kingdom.

To find out more about the less-commonly used deposit methods found on bookmakers’ websites, check out our articles about ecoPayz bookmakers and gambling with Bitcoin at


We hope our article on the best betting sites with Neteller in UK has been useful to you and helps you have a fun and secure gambling experience.

When looking for the best betting sites with Neteller in UK, you’ll find there to be a lot of choice. You’ll therefore want to ensure you are making a well informed decision. We advise researching  the above and creating pro/con lists for each site to help you decide which bookmakers with Neteller are best suited to you. For those of you who prefer to weigh up your options, take a look at our coverage of gambling sites with PayPal.

You’d be right to trust Neteller. They’re safe, reputable and highly experienced in the online gambling industry. Their VIP rewards and high turnover loyalty rewards are very appealing to the gambling community, especially those who intend to win big. With over 23 million account holders worldwide Neteller are one of the best e-wallets and online payment method providers you’ll find.

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Best Betting Sites with Neteller in UK FAQ 

🔔 Can I get a Neteller bonus?

Unfortunately, as is the case with Skrill, it’s unlikely, but not completely out of the question. At, we’ll notify you if any online betting bonuses become available for Neteller. They are fairly scarce, but not non-existent. Take a look at our deals coverage to find opportunities to claim bonuses when using Neteller.

📲 Where can I download the app?

The Neteller app is only available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. By staying in the loop with our coverage of the best betting sites with Neteller in the UK, you’ll be the first to know if the app is available on other platforms. Be sure to stay updated.

🔎 How do I find the best betting sites with Neteller in UK?

Use our guides! Along with this, provides various other guides which can assist you to choose the best betting sites with Neteller in the UK for you. You’ll also find a range of bookmaker reviews. In these reviews, we dedicate an entire section to payment methods. By reading these reviews, you will be able to identify the best bookies that accept Neteller.

📝 Do I need to create an account to use Neteller as a payment method on betting sites?

Yes, you’ll have to create an account and add funds or attach a bank card before you can use the platform on any of the best betting sites with Neteller in the UK. TO find out how to go about this, visit and read our coverage of the best payment methods. You’ll be one step closer to ensuring a great betting experience without any mishaps.

🔗 Why is my account limited?

If your account is limited, it’s likely that your account has not been verified. See above for Neteller’s verification requirements. If you have received confirmation of your account verification and are still experiencing limits on your account, contact Neteller’s customer service team. For any of of your gambling queries, visit and check in on our vast pool of gambling resources.

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