PayPal Casinos With Real Money

When you are looking to start playing in an online casino your choice of payment method is really important. You need to select a method that is flexible, safe and allows you to deposit and withdraw funds into your account as quickly as possible. PayPal has emerged over the last two decades as one of the world’s most popular online payment methods, so it is not surprising that many online casino gamers and sports bettors like to use it to fund their accounts.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how things work at an online casino with PayPal. We’ll let you know how to play in a casino online with real money where PayPal can be used. We’ll also tell you a little bit about the history of PayPal and why it has become so popular with online casino gamers and sports betting fans. Read on to find out more!

Top PayPal Casinos

888 Highlights
  • 170 different games in its casino database
  • Live casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette.
  • Daily as well as monthly promotions available.
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Betway Highlights
  • Over 750 casino games.
  • Betway software gives you 100 games to choose from.
  • The live casino offers 14 table games as well as over 65 video poker games.
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Bet365 Highlights
  • Wide variety of Live Casino and slots games.
  • They offer Live Casinos where the punter can interact with other players.
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Betfair Highlights
  • 200+ games.
  • Over 50 Live Casino tables.
  • Wide range of regular table games.
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William Hill Highlights
  • 390 slots games, 13 Roulette games & 10 Blackjack games.
  • Live casino includes Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold'em and more.
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Sportingbet Highlights
  • Uses NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming software
  • Over 200 games available
  • Offers a live casino
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Betvictor Highlights
  • Over 1,000 different casino games available
  • Excellent live casino
  • Casino app available
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Rating Highlights
  • Game portfolio includes big-name developers
  • Jackpot games included
  • Expansive live dealer options
Rating Highlights
  • Over 350 casino games
  • Live casino with 40 tables
  • Anywhere from £1 - £10,000 betting limits
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Making a payment with PayPal – Step by step

PayPal is sometimes referred to as an e-wallet, which basically means that it is an electronic means of storing and spending money. Widely accepted at a huge variety of outlets all across the internet, it is very simple to open and use a PayPal account. In order to open one, you need to have a debit or credit card, or a bank account. Once you have an account, you can send funds to anyone else with an account by using their email address. You can also pay for a huge range of goods and services from the internet, including at online casinos.

Using a casino with PayPal deposit options is therefore very simple. First, you need to check that the casino accepts PayPal as a payment method. If it does, you need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your verified funding source to cover the amount that you want to deposit in your casino account. The vast majority of PayPal customers use a debit card associated with their bank account to fund their PayPal transactions. There are other options that you can use, though.  You can see how to deposit funds in your casino account below.

  1. Go to your account page at your online casino and look for the PayPal button. Click on it.
  2. You should then be taken the PayPal website. This is where you choose the amount you want to deposit.
  3. Review the casino information and the payment amount and check that everything is in order.
  4. Click on ‘send money now’. The money will usually be transferred to your account within seconds.

Average time of PayPal for deposits and payouts

If you are playing at a casino online with real money and PayPal then the average time for deposits and withdrawals is very short. An online casino with PayPal deposit and withdrawal options will usually process transactions immediately, meaning that money will move between your casino account and your PayPal account within seconds. Withdrawals of winnings may take longer if you are playing at a casino online with real money and PayPal, but this is usually because casinos can sometimes require further verification of your identity before they allow winnings to be withdrawn. The casino itself may also process payments of winnings more slowly, but the actual PayPal process is usually very fast indeed. Even if casinos take longer to process winnings, your money should be with you within two to three working days of you making your request.

PayPal verification requirements

Before you can use your PayPal account to pay for anything you need to verify it. This is a very simple thing to do, and you should make sure that you do it before you play at a casino online with real money and PayPal. To verify your PayPal account you need to add and confirm the debit card with which you are funding your PayPal spending. Alternatively, you can add and confirm the bank account that you are using. Once this has been verified by PayPal, you can start using your account o pay for things online. This includes an online casino. PayPal is available to be used at many online casinos and sportsbooks nowadays.

The history of PayPal

So what is the history of PayPal? The brand began life as Cofinity in 1998, when it was set up by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek. Since then, it has mutated through several existences and has been owned by Elon Musk and eBay at different times in its existence. By 2010, it had over 100 million verified accounts, using 25 currencies in 190 territories.

This shows that playing at a casino online with real money and PayPal is very safe, as you are relying on a company with a proven track record of keeping customers secure. This makes it ideal to use if you are playing at an online casino. PayPal has shown over the course of its history that it is very convenient and safe. If you find an online casino with PayPal deposit and withdrawal options you are in good hands.

PayPal to other providers compared

If you’re playing at a casino online with real money and PayPal then you are ensuring that your transactions are safe, secure, and speedy. If you’re playing at an online casino PayPal definitely helps you stay safe and in control of your gambling. We’ll outline a bit more about that later in the article, but rest assured, if you find a good casino with PayPal deposit options then you can maintain good control over your bankroll.

As we have said elsewhere, the main drawback of e-wallets like PayPal is that they can sometimes rule you out of being able to claim bonuses and promotional offers. You may see this as a fair trade-off for the convenience and security that PayPal provides, however. PayPal also allows you to carefully manage your gambling funds in a more focused way than is possible with some other payment methods. Casino bonuses can often be hard to turn into real cash too, as they often carry very stringent wagering requirements. Never rule out using PayPal just because you might not be able to claim a welcome bonus.

Most popular payment methods

While using a casino with PayPal deposit options is very convenient and easy, there are other methods that offer a great deal of convenience and flexibility. PayPal has certain benefits, but debit cards are by far the most popular method used by online gamblers in the UK. You need to remember that you cannot use your credit card to fund your casino account anymore, after the law changed in April 2020.

PayPal is a useful method to have up your sleeve when you are online gambling, not least because it is so secure and safe. While you may not be able to claim every bonus on offer from online casinos if you use PayPal, you can rest assured that all of your transactions are kept safe and secure. All payments are processed very speedily and efficiently too.

PayPal FAQs

Can I always claim a casino welcome bonus when I use PayPal?

This is something that you need to check carefully if you want to use an online casino that accepts PayPal. Not every online casino with PayPal allows you to claim the welcome offer or any other bonus if you use certain payment methods. If you are gambling at an online casino PayPal can sometimes not be valid as a payment method that allows you to claim a bonus. The same is true of other e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. Before you commit to signing up for an account and claiming a bonus you should read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully. If you need any further clarification about whether or not using certain payment methods rules out you claiming bonuses, check with your casino’s customer service team.

Is PayPal accepted at every online casino?

No, it isn’t. Just because one online casino has PayPal it does not follow that another will accept it. Before you commit to signing up for an account you need to check that the casino accepts the payment methods that you will be using. While there are many online casinos in the UK that accept PayPal, it is not a universally accepted payment method. Always check with the casino’s customer service team if you require any further clarification about whether or not they accept PayPal as a payment method.

Does PayPal charge me for making deposits and withdrawals?

No, PayPal transactions for online gambling are normally free. PayPal does charge small fees for some of its transactions, but this should apply to you if you are using a UK casino with PayPal deposit options. Most charges are for large transactions that cross international borders. If you are in any doubt about whether charges will be applied at your favoured online casino, PayPal can probably clarify matters for you. Contact their customer services team or your casino’s customer service teams if you are in any doubt.

Use PayPal to stay in control of your gambling

If you’re playing at a casino online with real money and PayPal it is vitally important that you retain careful control of how much you are spending. Good bankroll management is a vital part of being a successful online gambler. It is very easy to lose track of how much you are spending and this can sometimes lead to problems in your life. No one wants gambling to turn into an addiction. Using PayPal can actually help you stay in control of your gambling, and we’ll outline how here.

Managing your bankroll carefully is a good way of keeping the stress and frustration out of gambling. Setting limits for yourself is a good idea. You can do this via your account at your chosen online casino. Another way of doing it is to keep your casino funds in your PayPal account and when they are exhausted do not top them up. This is a good way to use PayPal to keep an eye on how much you are spending on gambling. You can also set time limits – so that you only gamble at certain times of the day. This helps to keep your casino gaming fresh and fun and stops you from becoming jaded.

Knowledge is a good way of making sure that you make judicious choices when it comes to your casino gaming. If you know a lot about table games like blackjack, roulette, or poker then you are more likely to shape a successful strategy. This makes it more likely that you will win more often. The same goes for slots games. If you play some slots in demo mode before risking any of your real money on them then you will be more familiar with how they work, and how you can improve your chances of success. This will mean more enjoyment for you.

But whether you are playing at a casino with PayPal deposit options or not, one thing you must always remember is to walk away from gambling if it is not fun. If playing in the casino is stressing you or making you angry, it is a sign that you need to stop. Always remember that gambling is not a way to make a living or solve financial problems in your life. Gambling in the casino is entertainment, and if it is no longer entertaining you need to have a think about what you are doing.


If you want to play slots or other games at a casino online with real money and PayPal you have plenty of options. You should be able to find a casino with PayPal deposit options very easily. One thing that you need to consider carefully, however, is whether you will be able to claim bonuses if you use PayPal as your chosen payment method. Of course, you are not obliged to accept a bonus from a casino. So if the convenience of PayPal outweighs the benefits the bonus brings in your opinion, don’t accept the bonus.

PayPal has some significant benefits as a payment method for online casino gamers. You can manage your bankroll more effectively with it, and also set yourself spending limits that allow you to minimise the stress of gambling and keep it fun. PayPal should definitely be an option you seriously consider when it comes to your favoured casino payment method.

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