CS:GO Betting Odds Today 2022

Find the best CS:GO predictions for all matches!

Let’s face it: Esports are absolutely massive at the minute. Pro gaming tournaments throw up incredibly crazy opportunities to win some money, and all you gotta do is watch some video games.

No, it’s not some 13 year old's cheese dream, it’s quite literally the case. And on top of that, 888 will give you £30 in bet credits to get you started. You don’t need to know everything about Esports betting, because we do. Here’s our guide to the Esports gambling markets and how to find the best odds.


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Most important reasons to compare odds

Searching for best betting sites with high odds? There are many reasons why we think you should use a CS:GO odds comparison service to get the best prices on Counter Strike, not least of all because the whole idea of betting on eSports is relatively new. The numbers may seem favourable at first, but you never know what the prices are going to look like elsewhere, so even more so than with other sports it’s important to double check.

If you’re planning on utilising any betting strategies to get the best betting odds for CS:GO, it’s also very important that you use a CS:GO odds comparison to maximise your profit. The slightest dip in the numbers can throw you off your game and amount to big numbers in your overall winnings, so quickly looking at the available offers is a great place to start.

As a punter, comparing odds also gives you a certain level of perspective that you wouldn’t get otherwise, and is one of the key components to getting the best betting odds for CS:GO.

Online vs. Offline: chasing the best odds

A lot of serious punters still haven't made the switch from betting shops to online gambling. If you’re one of these punters though, then even if you want to do the bulk of your gambling in store, if you want the best betting odds for CS:GO then you’re going to have to take the dive into the online world.

The promotional bonuses online are on another level, opening up plenty of proper opportunities for cash and giving you a helping hand on the long road to profit. The welcome offers alone make the sporadic deals offered by betting shops look like pick n mix, the ability to use a CS:GO odds comparison isn’t the only reason to make the switch.

The convenience of online gambling is awesome. Being able to check in on your account at any point, place bets on live events and browse the brand new promos is invaluable, and it’s the only way to get the very best betting odds for CS:GO. So, be sure to read up on our bookmaker Android apps and bookies offers guides to ensure you're getting the best Counter Strike betting odds UK.

The history of betting odds in CS:GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO) is a 2012 first person shooter video game developed by Valve and boasts one of the biggest and most well known global championship tournaments in the world (a great chance to test your online gambling skills and get the best betting odds for CS:GO).

Immediately following its release, the game became a fan favourite, quickly gaining cult status and becoming a staple action game for anyone with a PC to play it on. We don’t think anyone predicted just how big the game would get, with the world championship regularly offering a total prize pool of well over $1 million.

For the gamers though, it’s about the prestige. Such is the respect around CS:GO, that the players involved in the tournaments actually formed a union to further establish eSports in the world of professional sporting competitions and secure the rights of the players. The sport even suffered its first match fixing scandal recently, with team iBuyPower purposefully losing a match late in the tournament. They were subsequently banned from the world championships, and although the first serious scandal to hit CS:GO, it definitely won’t be the last.

Here’s a rundown of the various odds types you’re likely to see while browsing for CS:GO betting odds UK and even eSports odds in general:

Decimal odds

Used mainly in Canada, Australia and Continental Europe, these odds are written as a single decimal number and represent the amount you’d win if you wagered £1. For example, a £1 bet on odds of 2.0 would win £2.

Fractional odds

Odds demonstrated as fractions are mainly used in Britain and Ireland, and show the ratio of money wagered to potential winnings. Odds of 5/1 would yield £5 profit from a £1 bet.

Many of the best betting odds for CS:GO will be formatted like this, as displayed on our CS:GO odds comparison.

American odds

You’ll probably see these kinds of odds the least, and are mainly used in North America. Favourable odds are denoted with a minus sign (-) showing the punter how much they would need to wager in order to take £100 profit. Underdogs are denoted with a plus sign (+) showing how much profit you would earn from a £100 bet.

How are odds being calculated

Bookmakers use a blend of: stats, historical data, form and public opinion to form their odds, as well as incorporating many other minute details relevant to the match itself. The best betting odds for CS:GO will be made up of many facts and figures, so it’s hard to really get down what the most important factors in making these odds are.

It’s worth noting here that because CS:GO betting odds UK is a relatively new field, the odds set by the bookies are more than likely not going to be a true reflection of the actual probability. While operators are obviously trying to roughly estimate the real chances of an event happening, it’s the historical data and figures than ensure they’re as close as possible - basically, the more often an event happens, and the more data is available, the closer the odds will be to the actual probability.

Even the best betting odds for CS:GO won’t be a true reflection of the actual probability, due to the scarcity and youth of the market, so when putting money down you should always know there’s a certain level of speculation when betting on Counter Strike betting odds UK.

One thing you can do though is try to work out expected value, which is something most punters will have at least a small amount of knowledge about. There’s an actual mathematical equation used to work out expected value (EV), and is found by multiplying each outcome by the probability they will occur, and then adding those numbers together. The answer to the equation will be either a positive or negative number, and this represents the hypothetical value of the CS:GO betting odds UK to you.

The higher the number the better, but always be aware, not every bet with positive value will win and not all bets with negative value will lose, but the number is a rough indicator as to how profitable that wager has the potential to be.

Odds betting strategies

There are many betting strategies you can use to take advantage of CS:GO betting odds UK, many are directly taken from the sports betting arenas as it works in a similar way. We gotta say right now, using any or all of the tactics online will, if noticed by the bookmaker, either get you banned completely or your account restricted, which can leave you without access to the best bookmaker odds for CS:GO in the worst case scenario. It may not seem fair, but bookies will do everything to protect their profits, so if you’re planning on putting these into your game, be aware that restrictions will likely follow.

The arbitrage betting strategy is one of these techniques, which involves taking advantage of discrepancies in odds pricing between multiple bookmakers to guarantee profit. Sadly, it’s not really something we can teach you here - to make this betting strategy work properly and make the most of the best betting odds for CS:GO you’d have to practice for years and years. This betting strategy is best used on an event with literally only two outcomes (usually win or loss) which makes it perfect for betting on Counter Strike if you manage to employ it properly.

The matched betting strategy is another similar tactic, but there it’s about using the promotional offers given by an online bookmaker in order to profit. Matched betting is literally about making profit from nothing, and again will take some practice before you can get it right everytime. You’ll need to back (using a bonus bet) and lay bets on the same event, an explanation that makes it easy to see why bookmakers prohibit the activity. Both of these strategies will involve focusing on finding the best CS:GO betting odds UK, but as we mentioned, both will also almost certainly get your account restricted.

  • Tournament outright winner: The team that you think will win the overall CS:GO tournament
  • Match winner: The team you think will win the specific match
  • Map betting: Here you’re betting on individual rounds within the match and which team will win them. Odds change all the time with CS:GO betting odds UK, so in between rounds is a great chance to review your bets and the odds on offer
  • Handicap: Just like other sportsbooks, a handicap bet in CS:GO betting will place a clear favourite at handicapped odds
  • Correct score: Although, much like other sports, you can bet on the correct score of a Counter Strike match, we can’t encourage it. The possibilities of scores is nearly endless, with some matches lasting as many as 30 rounds, a team could score literally almost any number of wins and/or kills
  • Overs/Unders: Betting on a match to last a certain number of rounds


Odds comparison FAQ

Q1: Is your odds comparison free?

Many odds comparison services actually charge you a fee to use, so make sure before you commit to any of these websites that you double check what you’re going to be charged. In all likelihood, the money you’ll save by using a CS:GO odds comparison will outweigh the cost, but you never want to be unexpectedly charged for anything.

Q2: Are there differences between offline and online odds?

The short answer is yes, there’s a massive difference between online and offline gambling odds. First off, if you want to bet on Counter Strike, you’re going to find it difficult to find an accurate odds prediction and a bookie that will take them. Online - and with a CS:GO odds comparison -  is the only way to do it.

Besides that, the numbers are literally better online, meaning you’ll be winning more for risking that same amount just by using your mobile phone. You’ll also have access to the massive number of promotional offers online, which should go a long way to getting you started with the best betting odds for CS:GO.

Q3: Am I managing my bankroll properly?

One of - if not THE - most important aspect of a successful online gambler is the ability to manage your bankroll. Making sure you’re stable enough to make the bets you want to is essential to your success, and it’s not just about saving you money. It’s also about giving yourself the right chances whilst using a CS:GO odds comparison.

Imagine some online bookie comes out with a fantastic bonus offer, but you can’t take advantage because you have no funds in your account, or the odds for Nadal to win sky rocket for only a few seconds, and you missed the chance because you needed to go through the deposit process.

It’s good practice to always bet relative to the size of your bankroll, always remember that when using a CS:GO odds comparison.

Q4: Is this bet good value?

We spoke about noticing value earlier (actually calculating the mathematical expected value) but we can’t say enough how important this concept is for being successful online gambling. It might take you a while to develop, but an innate sense of value is very important to a gambler and a great skill to have if you’re looking for the best CS:GO betting odds UK.

Q5: Can I get a better deal elsewhere?

We don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but perhaps the most important question to ask yourself when online gambling is “can I get better odds elsewhere?” The answer is almost always a resounding yes for anything from NBA odds comparison to esports, so we can’t recommend highly enough that you use our CS:GO odds comparison anytime you’re thinking about betting on Counter Strike, so you can be sure you can access the best CS:GO Betting Odds UK players have available to them.


Overall, the CS:GO betting odds UK aren’t as varied as some other sports due to its infancy on the gambling scene, but the excitement of the events and unpredictability of the odds gives the eSport a feel that you just don’t get while betting on other sports.

You have to know though, if you’re going to put money on any CS:GO tournament, that you will be risking your money in the truest sense of the word - even if you use a CS:GO odds comparison or ensure you find the best bookmaker for CS:GO odds. Given the relatively minute amount of historical data we can provide for CS:GO competitions, you’re going to be in for an unsure ride when betting on CS:GO betting odds UK.

At Betting.co.uk, we not only offer guides on e-sports. Take a look at our best greyhound betting sites and horse betting system guides for more!

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