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Confused about the world of online trading, brokers, and related investments? Yep, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone: it’s not exactly the easiest thing to get your head around, with a whole new whole of terminology and concepts to contend with.

However, with interest rates are historically low, investing is the one of the only viable options available to anyone seeking to ensure a decent return on their savings. The downside is that the world of trading and brokers are the exact opposite of accessible: until now, that is. is here to shine a light for all would-be traders to follow.

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Broker Of The Month – The Best Online Broker Right Now

Each month we’ll be showing off those brokers who have put on the best trading service. After all, there are many decent broker websites out there, and it can be easy to overlook some of the best trading sites. This is especially true as there’s been an explosion in the number of online broker sites recently and we want to make sure you find your perfect trading platform. Simple!

Our broker of the month feature will pay special attention to those new trading sites who have only just arrived on the scene. Plus we’ll highlight each broker that has an interesting new product. Basically, if there’s something worthy of your time, we’ll be sure to bring it to your attention.

Take a look below and you’ll find three brokers who have managed to routinely outclass all other trading sites. We reckon you could pick any of these broker sites and start trading in style.

Above all, our broker of the month feature is designed to get you up to speed with those trading platforms who are pushing things forward. A lot can change in a short space of time when it comes to online trading. So keep checking back to see how the current broker of the month is taking online trading to the next level.

Broker Comparison – Sifting Through The Good, Bad And Ugly Broker Websites

We’ve created a great comparison that shows off the best online broker platforms in the UK right now. You can just check out the comparison, pick a broker, open up your brokerage account and start trading. As easy as that!

It’s always a good idea to compare brokers before you start some financial markets betting. After all, each broker will offer different services and you’ll need to make sure that your chosen platform truly meets your needs.

Plus it’s worth noting that each broker will have different fees for each trade that you make. As such, it’s essential that you use our comparison if you’re in the hunt for some commission free trading.

Don’t forget that there are plenty of rogue trading sites out there, and our comparison can be used to avoid those dodgy brokers. Instead, you can pick any of the broker websites on our comparison and know that you’re getting a safe and legal trading service.

We should note that our pick for the best online broker is completely fair and impartial. This is because our comparison is based on the result of our expert trading reviews. So check out our comparison and get ready to create your first brokerage account.

Trading Tips – Don’t Make A Mess Of Your Brokerage Account!

We’ve created some solid trading tips that you can use at all good broker websites. These tips will help you avoid making some daft mistakes when you first start trading. Obviously, you’ll still need to take care, but we reckon that our tips offer you a shortcut to some decent trading practices.

Our tips are designed for all levels of trading. We can show you tips to use at the best online broker for beginners, and you’ll also get to read about our advice on the best dividend stocks to invest in.

From day trading advice to some of the best tips for gold trading UK has to offer, you’ll never be short of inspiration when you log into your brokerage account. So keep checking back here to discover the best ways to trade at all good broker websites.

Bonus Comparison – Perks Of Signing Up To The Best Online Broker Sites

Want something extra from your trades? We’ve got some great news and that’s that lots of brokers will give you freebies for signing up to their sites. These are bonuses that can be used to get more from your trading.

There’s always lots of small print with these special offers. But we’ll sift through the waffle so that you don’t have to. This means that you’ll work out which bonuses are worth picking up and which should be lobbed in the bin.

Our bonus comparison gives you a simple way to see the best deals on the market. It’ll be updated every time one of these trading sites attempts to lure you in with some outlandish special offer.

Some of these bonuses just give you money off your commission fees. Not amazing, but still helpful in making more cash. While other financial betting sites will even help you put down a larger investment. Need help making sense of these deals? Then just use our bonus comparison.

The Best Strategies – Fire Up Your Brokerage Account And Trade Like A Pro!

We believe that you don’t have to wear a ridiculous pinstripe suit to trade like a professional. Instead, you can get by with a laptop, an internet connection and our trading strategies. OK so we might not be able to make you the next Elon Musk, but we reckon that everyone has to start somewhere.

Our strategies will start off by highlighting those daft mistakes that most newcomers make. After all, there’s much more to trading than cliches like ‘buying low and selling high’.

So we’ll walk you through all of the strategies used by professionals so that you can make sustained gains at the best online broker sites. From identifying which forex signals you should use on forex trading platforms to knowing when that Bitcoin bubble is going to burst, you’ll always be able to trade with confidence.

Payment Options Comparison – Depositing Cash To Make Cash At Broker Websites

OK, we don’t want to talk to you like you’re a complete numpty, but you’ll obviously need to invest some of your own cash in order to start trading. The good news is that most decent brokers let you make deposits with lots of different payment options.

Some sites expect you to make a bank transfer, while others take card payments. We’ve even seen some brokers who take payments with some newfangled thing called Bitcoin.

Each of these payment options have their own pros and cons, so we couldn’t resist setting up a payment options comparison. This outlines which broker takes which payment methods. Plus you’ll be able to see how things like processing times, limits and fees could influence your choice of payment method. All you need to make some smart investments.

Trading Apps – The Laziest Way To Access Your Brokerage Account!

Nobody wants to have to sit in front of a desktop computer to execute their trades. So we’ll see what mobile trading options are available at each online broker site.

Most decent brokers now have apps that you can download so that you can trade from your sofa, bed or even bath. This is important as you’ll need the flexibility to buy and sell in the 24/7 global trading environment.

Forex Signals – Know Which Forex Pair To Trade At Top Broker Websites

You’ll probably know that forex signals aim to show you which currency pairings you should be buying. But which forex signals can you trust? We’ll be on hand to showcase what you should be looking for in forex signals.

After all, these are all predictions on how the market is going to fluctuate, and we’re pretty sure that not even the best online broker has a crystal ball. So be sure to keep checking back here to get our advice on the latest and greatest forex signals.

News Section – Way More Entertaining Than The Financial Times!

We’ll bring you breaking news from the financial markets from around the world. You’ll see how big stocks like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook are performing. There’ll be reports on commodities like oil and gold, and we’ll make sure that you know whenever anything weird like that Gamestop scandal happens again.

After all, you’re not going to know what assets to buy and sell unless you stay informed. So our news service gets straight to the heart of the matter in language that you can actually understand. The easiest way to learn what’s going on in the global trading markets.

Broker Awards – If Carlsberg Did Broker Websites…

Some brokers routinely outclass their rivals with their exceptional trading platforms. So it’s only fair that we created an awards section that shines a spotlight on those brokers who are simply the best.

We won’t just say which is the best overall broker. You can check out the awards to find the best spread betting UK brokers, the top forex trading sites, the best crypto trading platform UK has at the moment and much more. It’s never been easier to see the top brokers in the universe!

Special Offers And Bonuses – Get Freebies For Opening Your Brokerage Account!

The best brokers don’t just give you an easy way to trade online. Some of these sites will even give you a helping hand in the form of a bonus. These kinds of special offers are designed to act as a decent introduction to the trading action. While they won’t necessarily give you free money, they will aim to make your trading more profitable.

The trick is to always read through the small print of these deals. It’s only by doing this that you’ll work out whether these bonuses are worth picking up or not. So we’ll do the dirty work for you and sift through the small print so that you can instantly see the best trading bonuses on the market.

Our Criteria For Broker Reviews… – Hunting Down The Best Online Broker Sites

We’re always careful to review each broker site in a completely fair and impartial manner. This means making sure that each broker is reviewed according to the same test categories. So expect to see helpful information about what you can trade at each site, what fees you might be up against, and everything else you need to know about the best online broker sites.

Stocks – Here’s where you buy shares in companies ranging from Apple and Amazon to HSBC and BP.

ETFs – An ETF gathers together stocks in a bunch of different companies and you can trade it on the stock exchange like regular stocks.

Bonds – These are loans made by companies or governments. Investors can buy these bonds and then hope to make a profit.

Commodities – Here’s where you can buy and sell anything from oil to gas and beyond.

Forex – You can buy and sell top currencies like US dollars, British pounds, euros and so on.

Cryptocurrencies – Many brokers now allow you to trade cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and much more.

Broker Quick Facts – The Lowdown On Broker Websites

Which licenses should I trust?

We’d only recommend that you sign up to online brokers who have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  in the UK.

Can I sign up with multiple operators?

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from signing up to lots of different brokers. Bear in mind, that it might get a bit confusing!

How can I decide which operator is best for me?

We reckon you should start off by looking at our broker comparison and then check out our broker reviews. Doing this means that you can quickly see what each broker site is all about and see whether it meets your trading needs.

What are the signs of a good broker?

You want to see FCA regulation and a trading site that is realistic about the fact that trading can be risky. If you see a broker site that promises the world, then the chances are that it’s going to deliver nothing.

Which payment methods can I use?

You’ll normally be able to fund your trading account via a standard bank transfer or with a card like Visa or MasterCard. Some broker sites allow you to deposit with ewallets and cryptocurrencies.

Best Online Broker FAQ

🏆Who is the best online stock broker UK has right now?

Good question! And it’s one that we’re determined to find the answer to in our guide to stocks trading online. We’ll show you what you should be looking for in a stock broker so that you can find one that meets your needs. After all, each trading platform will have something slightly different to offer. But by reading our guide you’ll see which broker websites will work best for you.

🏅Who is the best online stock broker for beginners?

It can be easy to forget that stock trading is something that requires plenty of skill and knowledge. After all, the chances are that you probably don’t know the difference between bond trading online and trading stocks when you start out. But don’t worry as we’ll make sure that you get help in finding the best online broker for your individual needs. Perfect for those who are completely clueless about online trading!

💪Which is the best trading platform overall?

This basically depends on what you’re looking for. You might be looking for the best platform for ETF trading UK has at the moment, or you might just want to buy some Bitcoin. Thankfully all of this is covered in our guide to broker websites. This means that you can simply check out our guide, read our broker comparison and find a trading site that’s right for you. Easy!

❓How do I use an online brokerage comparison?

Any good comparison of broker sites will always make sure that it’s as easy to use as possible. After all, there’s no point in having a brokerage comparison unless you can actually understand what you’re looking at. Check out our broker comparison for a good example of what you should be looking for. Don’t forget that we’ll also show you how you can set up your brokerage account for the very first time.

👀Who are the best online brokers for non-US residents?

You’ll probably have found that many online brokers are only set up for use by residents in the USA. This is pretty annoying and so we’ve made it our mission to show you those brokers who can be used by UK customers. So that whether you want the best platform for gold trading or CFD trading UK residents will never find it easier to discover the best online broker in our nation.

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