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Welcome to’s broker comparison page. With so many online operators out there at the moment, it is difficult to find out exactly which one of them is the best. This page aims to solve the puzzle.

By making use of one of the best online brokers out there, you are ensuring that your trading career will progress as smoothly as possible. It won’t mean guaranteed gains, but it will allow you to make transactions quicker than anywhere else and to pay minimal fees for the service you are receiving. Keep reading to find out more about this great tool.

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Why You Should Use Our Broker Comparison

If you are interested in joining the crypto trading industry, you will have to sign up with an online broker at some point. To find out just who is the best online broker, we have put together this page of online brokers compared. The broker comparison aims to help any new customers identify exactly what it is they are looking for on the market today. For the more experienced customers out there, you can use this comparison tool to find the latest information about the offers that are currently on the scene. Be sure to check back every so often to find any new services that may have been established since your last visit.

Any customer should be using a compare stock broker tool in order to narrow down their possibilities of potential service providers out there. Luckily, you have stumbled upon one of the most informative and unbiased information sources for the online trading industry and our comparison tool will prove to be a great help when you are shopping around for a broker. Our team of experts boast a wealth of knowledge surrounding the industry and have put together renowned reviews and guides to help you along your journey within the online trading world.

By using this tool to have online brokers compared, you are gaining an informed opinion surrounding the service offer you are interested in. There are plenty of online brokers on the scene and their services can completely differ. With so much competition in the industry, each broker is trying to outdo the next in hopes of being classified as the best out there. Our team knows exactly what to look for in each of their services and bring all the crucial elements to the surface so you don’t have to go digging through an endless list of sites. To take a look at a few comparisons that our experts have put together, check out our Webull vs Robinhood, Fidelity vs TD Ameritrade and eToro vs Trading 212 pages.

How Do We Have Online Brokers Compared?

It is one thing having access to a service to compare stock brokers. It is another understanding exactly what is done to compare their services. To help our readers in their search for their ideal broker, we have put together the following sections so anyone can understand exactly what has gone into our comparison tool in order to make the most use of it.


The first step of compiling our broker comparison tool is to conduct our comprehensive reviews of each of the broker service offers that are out there. These reviews have been put together by our team of experts to cover the most crucial of elements required from an online broker. The body of the review works with a uniform structure that allows us to fairly evaluate each of the service providers. There are too many services out there for one person to consider and our reviews serve as the basis of the comparison tool. Our team has gone through just about every offer out there to have all of the online brokers compared and presented in an easy to follow manner right here.

Numerical ratings

Within the review, we have a variety of sections that each broker is evaluated on. These sections have all been studied very closely and compared to the rest of the service providers out there to determine exactly what is average within the industry. Once we have a baseline of what to expect from an online broker, we can then take a look at each of them individually and compare their service offer to what we found as the industry standard. If an offer manages to be above average, we assign it a numerical score to represent this. With each category completed, we can then sum up the broker’s performance with these scores to compare stock brokers using the same metric.

Uniform structure

With our unique review structure, we are able to fairly have online brokers compared. This structure is maintained for any broker out there and there are certain key points within each category that are followed within each review. Not only does this allow the service to be fair and comprehensive, it also allows for the specifics of each broker service to be validated and presented. Things that are important to our team of experts may not be the most significant for your trading needs. For this reason, our broker comparison tool has been put together in such a way that you will have a brief but informative take on each broker service out there. You may find exactly what you are after within the tool and it might not be one of the best performing brokers out there.

For this reason, our team highly recommends that each reader put together a checklist of the requirements that you are looking for to compare stock brokers. You can make use of our review structure that will be discussed in detail here to get a better idea of things that are important to you. You can then use these points that you have set out to cross-reference what you are looking for with our tool. Your preferences will also need to be added and once you have narrowed down your list of potential brokers, you can then check who manages to cater to your individual preferences and make your decision even easier than before.

What Goes Into Our Reviews?

Knowing exactly what goes into our reviews will make this list of online brokers compared even more useful. You can put yourself in the shoes of one of our experts who have had to conduct the reviews and this allows you to further inform your opinion on the service offers out there. This is also useful to understand exactly what it is you are looking for with an online broker offer. There are plenty of them out there and each of them advertise to have unique features that might be exactly what you are looking for. We take a look at all of these factors within our reviews.

User experience

When you have signed up for any online service, the most important aspect of the service will be the user experience that you receive. To start our reviews off, we briefly provide an overview of the broker to tell you what they are all about. We then take a look at any offers or promotions they may have available. These can be incredibly useful when you are trading for the first time and may offer you an ideal way to get used to the markets. We also take a close look at the new customer experience that is available, does the broker make trading easy for the newcomers or are you just thrown in the deep end.

When we have our online brokers compared, we take a close look at the usability of the website, trading platform and app, if there is one. All of your time trading will be spent on these various methods and it is important that you are able to use all of them fairly easily. The experience will also need to be intuitive and conform to a modern design to score well in this regard.

Applicable fees and account options

Our reviews then cover all of the account options that are available with the online broker. In order to compare stock brokers, we took a close look at the variety of trading account options on the market to determine if a variety is better than one standard account. This will come down to your personal preference as some account options cater more specifically to certain trading instruments. We will have all of these options detailed within our broker comparison to give you a detailed overview of what accounts you can expect to find at the online broker.

Once the account options have been evaluated, we take a look at the fees applicable to the service. With an established industry average, it is fairly easy to determine if a broker’s fees are above what is expected or if they have managed to put out a better offer. By doing this, you can gain an insight into funds that will be lost with each of the online brokers compared.

Platform and payments

Our team then takes a close look at the trading platform that is on offer. We have been through countless platforms out there and know exactly what to look for with each of them to compare stock brokers.  It is important for a broker to offer a variety of methods to access their service in order to score well here. The trading platform is usually the most important element of any online broker service and our team compares the platform on offer to similar service providers in the industry. We also take a look to determine if the platform is a third-party service or if it simply a web-based tool that customers are using.

We also take a look at the payment methods that are put on offer to ensure that your preferred method is covered with the broker you are interested in. This will also discuss applicable minimum deposits and the processing times of each. To get an idea of what payment methods are mentioned within our broker comparison, check out our Plus500 vs Trading 212, eToro vs Plus500 and eToro vs IG pages. We’ll answer all your burning questions, such as “Can I buy Bitcoin with credit card payments?”.

Customer service, regulations and instruments

Our reviews then take a look at the customer service team that is available with the online broker. This includes the amount of contact options that are available on their site and just how fast they manage to get back to you. It is also vital for a broker to have round the clock support to score highly in our broker comparison. We also look at what regulations the broker has to fulfill to ensure that they are legally operating in the UK. Another consideration is whether or not there is insurance assigned to your funds and if there are any additional features within their service.

Finally, we include a brief overview of the various instruments on offer with the online broker. This should provide you with the necessary information to find out if their service fits your investment portfolio perfectly. These product reviews will detail all the necessary aspects of each individual trading instrument that is available with the online broker.

Stock Broker Comparisons Made Easy

This brings us to the end of our page to compare stock brokers. Having access to a tool that allows you to compare the variety of offers out there is crucial if you intend on narrowing down your options to a realistic number. This tool can be used by both new and experienced customers as the information is presented in a way that is both informative and easy to understand. Trading veterans will find the specifics of the latest offers right here and newcomers will be able to see the specifics of each service out there without having to browse too far.

We have also detailed exactly how our comparisons have been conducted in order to give you a clear understanding of the entire process. We have evaluated a number of online brokers side-by-side to provide even further information to make your decision easier. Knowing exactly how our reviews are conducted is crucial if you are looking to make the most of the information presented here. You can use all of the details presented alongside your own personal checklist to find the ideal option of online brokers compared that is just right for you.

Compare Stock Broker FAQ

🔍 Where can I find an online broker comparison UK?

If you are interested in joining the online trading industry, you will need to sign up with one of the many broker offers out there. These broker services have become very competitive as more customers are looking to enter the scene than ever before. To find the right service for you, you will need to make use of a service to compare stock brokers and that can be found right here at

🧰 What can I use to compare stock brokers?

There are so many different features associated with each of the online broker service offers out there that it is difficult to identify exactly what it is you can use to compare their offers. Our team of experts boast years of experience within the industry and know what to look for in an online broker service, you can use our comparison tool to get a better idea of the suitable service providers out there.

💰 Is there a free way to have online brokers compared?

Here at, we pride ourselves on bringing you quality and unbiased information surrounding the online trading industry. Our comparison tool has been assembled using our unique review structure that allows us to go into detail of each of the service offers out there. These are all available to anyone interested out there and they come at no cost to you. You can find all you need right here at

🔑 Why should I use a broker comparison?

Once you have decided to sign up with an online broker, you will need some way to identify which service will suit your trading needs the best. Each customer’s needs and investment portfolios differ, so it is important to identify which broker will cater to your circumstances. By making use of our online broker reviews, you gain an insight into exactly what kind of service you can expect to receive. Head to our page now to find out all you need to know.

🥇 What is the best broker compare UK page?

There are plenty of comparison tools out there and having access to the best will allow you to find the most accurate and informative reviews out there. Our service aims to do exactly that and you will find all the information of just about any broker offer out there right here at Our unique review structure also allows us to assign a numerical score to each online broker and compare them with more than just an opinion.

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