Best Bitcoin App for Android & iOS

In today’s trading scene, it is vital that all traders have access to a platform that allows them to complete their trades as the markets change. A Bitcoin app provides the ideal opportunity for online platforms to provide this service.

By making use of an app, you will eliminate the need of having to be at your computer to make trades. Due to the volatile nature of crypto markets, it is very important that you are able to complete transactions as fast as possible. Having an app allows you to access your trading platform and complete transactions on the go.

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Who should use the Bitcoin trader app?

If you are new to the crypto industry and are looking how to buy Bitcoin, you will still be finding your feet when it comes to all of the available services out there and our pages intend to bring you all the unbiased information you need to decide on which operator is the most suitable for you. There are so many active traders within the crypto industry today and each of their trading styles will be unique to their needs and goals. If you are a long-term investor in cryptocurrencies, then you won’t necessarily need an app as your trades will not be taking place very frequently. That being said, it is very convenient to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency price in case you wish to sell off your crypto units before a decrease in their value takes place. You can find out the best Credit Card To Buy Bitcoin here.

If you are a very active trader and you are looking at making use of some trading strategies to make you money from the volatile crypto markets, then you will certainly need a Bitcoin trader app. These apps are usually available for most mobile devices and allow you a mobile optimised-experience of the online service. This will allow customers access to their accounts when they are away from their computers and give them the chance to make trading decisions before dramatic price changes can occur.

Deciding which is the best Bitcoin app is quite a challenge for even the most experienced of crypto traders out there. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before determining if the app is ideally suited to your trading needs. You may have the latest iPhone while another trader may prefer an Android device. You will then need to search for a Bitcoin app Android or a Bitcoin app iPhone and while they are both usually on offer, the best app for Android may not be the best for Apple devices. Luckily, our team here at have taken a close look at each online operator as well as the app that they have put on offer. This will provide you with a glimpse of the service you can expect to receive, as well as the quality of the app that is included within this service.

Trading platforms offering an app

In this section, we will take a look at some of the online service providers on the market that offer a Bitcoin trader app. There are a number of online brokers and if you are on the market for one that specifically offers a mobile app, then this list will offer some suggestions of operators who have managed to perform relatively well in our reviews. Be sure to read through their in-depth reviews thoroughly to find out if there are any aspects of their service that fall short of your requirements.


Zeply is an online trading platform that specialises in trading Bitcoin. Their service has managed to score remarkably well within our reviews and their reputation on the market speaks for itself. Any interested customers will have the ability to buy Bitcoin in an instant with the Zeply service and they are currently working on a mobile app to help you send and receive Bitcoin on the go. Check out our Zeply review for more information on this provider.


Another great app on offer within the crypto trading industry is eToro. The online broker has been on the scene for a number of years now and offers an efficient trading platform with a global reputation. Signing up with eToro is a breeze and you can browse through our comprehensive review of the online operator to find all the details surrounding their offer.


IG is another giant within the online trading scene and have also put together a fairly comprehensive mobile experience. All customers are able to download the mobile app and make use of their trading service. IG managed to perform well within our broker reviews and you can feel a certain degree of safety when using their services.

Finding a Bitcoin wallet app

Before you are able to sign up with the best app to buy Bitcoin, you will first need a Bitcoin wallet to store your crypto units. There are plenty of trading platforms out there that include a wallet within their service, but if you are looking to simply trade for the base currency, then all you will need is a wallet. There are plenty of them on the market and each of their offers differ. Our team of experts have put together a wallet review that covers all of the most crucial elements that are sought out within the service itself.

These different categories are then evaluated with the crypto wallet service and the structure is maintained between the various operators. This allows our team to give the wallet a numerical rating in each category and get a final score to determine who offers the best Bitcoin wallet app. You might find that the ideal wallet app out there for you is not the same one that our experts found to be the best here. This is usually because of the difference in needs between various traders out there. You may prefer the option to use ewallets as a payment method while our experts prefer an operator that has minimal fees associated with their service. Fortunately, our reviews detail each and every aspect of the service to ensure that you can find all the information you need to make your decision.

What goes into our Bitcoin app reviews

As with all of our reviews, we bring readers information that is relevant to the service in such a way that the details are easy to understand for both new and experienced traders out there. Our team here at boasts a fair amount of experience within the crypto industry and have put together a comprehensive review structure to evaluate the variety of online operators out there on the market. This review structure includes a close look at the mobile support that is included within the service and we browse through the website to determine if there is a Bitcoin app and whether it is available on Android and/or Apple devices.

We then download the app on both and make some trades using it to see just how easy the entire process is. For customers who are only able to make use of their mobile device, we also take a look if you are able to register for the online service through the app and what is required to do so. Our operator reviews take a look at the entire service that is on offer, alongside the app. This allows readers a detailed page where they can find the full extent of the online trading service that is available. You may find that a below-average service provider has a great app and while you may be able to enjoy the functionality of the app, the service itself may lag behind.

What to look for with the best Bitcoin trading app

Each customer will have their own specific requirements from a Bitcoin trader app and it is important that you identify what it is you are looking for before you begin your search. When our experts take a look at an app, the first consideration is the functionality of the app itself. Are there any bugs that still linger within the app, or is everything optimised to such a point that your service experience will be smooth. We then look at the Bitcoin trader app, just how easy it is to complete transactions and if you are able to make use of the full trading service offer within the app. The best Bitcoin app will offer a mobile experience that gives you access to the conventional analysis tools, learning resources and market transaction area that is associated with the computer version of the online service. Hopefully, your service provider will offer a functional and easy experience.

We then move on to the look of the app itself. Is it designed with a modern layout and does it look the part of an online trading platform? A clunky app can sometimes cause the entire experience to become tedious as opposed to how easy it could be. It is also important to determine if your preferred methods of payment are covered with the mobile app. The best Bitcoin app will offer a wealth of options for customers to use to deposit and withdraw their funds. You should also have access to the entire online service through the app, sometimes an online operator may leave out features that are available with the computer trading platform and you might be missing out. Be sure to read through our detailed review before you make the decision to sign up with an online service provider.

3 ultimate tips to find your perfect Bitcoin app

Before you get started with your best Bitcoin app, it is important to consider these 3 tips that have been put together by our team of experts to ensure that your mobile trading experience is as smooth as possible.


Your first consideration will need to be the support that is available with the mobile service offer. Is your mobile device able to download the app that is most suitable to your needs? You will also need to take a look through our detailed review to determine what level of customer support you can expect to receive from the online operator. This will allow you to make use of the service with confidence as any queries should be resolved fairly quickly. Be sure to keep the levels of support in mind when you are browsing for a Bitcoin trader app.

Platform review

While the app could be world-class, the platform itself may be lacking. Our reviews take a close look at the trading platform and evaluate it in terms of the most crucial elements sought out in the usage of the platform. You should have access to a large variety of tools and indicators to help make your buy and sell decisions. There should also be learning resources that are made available to help you figure out your unique trading style and the service itself should also have met our requirements. All of these factors are discussed in detail within our operator reviews.

Payment methods

Finally, you need to ensure that your preferred payment method is on offer within the app. While there are usually a large variety of payment methods available with each online operator, they may differ within the mobile platform. Be sure to check what methods are supported by the app so that you can rest assured that you can transact with the mobile service. Our payment section of operator reviews detail exactly what methods are available and the specific of each of them, such as their processing times and fees applicable.

Conclusion – Finding the best Bitcoin app for you

By now you should have the necessary tools to find your best Bitcoin app. There are plenty of offers out there and our pages serve as your one-stop information portal to find all the specifics surrounding any aspect of the online crypto industry. Make sure a Bitcoin app is suitable to your trading needs and decide whether or not you need a crypto wallet to complete your trades or if the trading platform has you covered. The best Bitcoin app is out there and it just takes a little reading to get all the details of an offer. Check out some of our other articles here at to learn more about the online crypto trading world.

Bitcoin App FAQ

📥 Where can I download a Bitcoin trader app?

If you are looking to transact with cryptocurrencies from your mobile device, you will most likely need an app that can satisfy your needs. It is important to remember that the app that is available may not be supported by your mobile device and it may also just be outdated. Our reviews here at take a close look at each online service offer on the market as well as their apps that they have made available.

🤔 What online operators have a Bitcoin app?

It is quite common for an online operator to not have an app included in their service just yet. Developing an app generally takes a fair amount of time and requires a large customer base before the app becomes worth the endeavour to the company. Our gambling site reviews take a close look at what apps are available and if they are any good. Be sure to read over a couple before you commit to an online operator.

🥇 What is the best Bitcoin app?

Our team of experts here at have put together a comprehensive review structure using all of their years of experience within the industry. This allows them to evaluate operators on the most crucial aspects related to an online service. This includes mobile support and the quality of the app that is available. We take a comprehensive look at all the apps on offer and rate them accordingly.

📄 What do I need to trade Bitcoin on an app?

With each online service, you will be required to submit some documents before you are able to transact and purchase some Bitcoin, even using an app. Our articles take a close look at the entire procedure with all of the online operators out there and provide you with all the details you need to know what you will need to get trading. Be sure to read through some of our Bitcoin wallet reviews before you decide to join the industry.

💵 Do I have to pay for a Bitcoin trader app?

For the most part, an app is included within an online service offer. It is also the case that you will sometimes need to pay before you can make use of an app. Our reviews and latest news take this into consideration as well as any additional fees that may be applicable within the app service. We’ll also let you know if you can buy Bitcoin with credit card or any other popular payment methods. This should give you a clear indication of whether or not the app offer manages to keep up with the competition out there or if it is still lagging behind.

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