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Welcome to the homepage of trading reviews and broker ratings provided by Throughout this page, we will be taking a look at the online trading industry and what information you will need to get a head start.

Online trading has been made more accessible than ever before and it is now fairly common for just about anyone to have some sort of investment. Trading may seem like a complicated industry to get into at first and our service aims to bring you the latest information in an easy to understand format.

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Why You Should Use Our Reviews

If you are interested in beginning an online trading career, you will find that the most crucial of tools that you can have, is information. Our team of experts have been in the online trading industry for plenty of years and there are many things they wish they knew when they got their career started. For this reason, we have put together our comprehensive review structure that combines all of the most important details within an online trading service. These reviews take a close look at factors that will make your trading career considerably easier. The information is also presented in such a way that anyone can make use of our reviews and comparisons, from the experienced traders looking for the bare details of the service to the newcomers to the industry seeking the best starting broker out there.

With our trading reviews, you will find the unbiased details of each operator’s service. Our team has taken a look at every offer on the market and using their experience, they are able to rank each of them accordingly. This will provide any reader with an informed opinion before they make the crucial decision of whether to open an account with an online operator or not. The reviews can also be used alongside our UK broker ratings in order to narrow down the potential service providers suitable to your needs by using our broker comparison tool. It costs nothing to use our reviews and you will find our information to be up to date and comprehensive.

Staying Safe Online

Whenever you are looking at signing up with one of the many broker websites out there, your first consideration should always be your safety. There are plenty of scams and hackers out there looking to take advantage of the general public. Hopefully, an online operator will have security measures and procedures in place to protect your data and personal information while you are making use of their service. It is also very important that your funds are kept in a way that makes it virtually impossible for you to be at risk financially. Our reviews also take a close look at these safety methods and there are a couple of points that you can be on the lookout for to lower your risk online.


The licenses that an online broker has managed to obtain is one of the most important categories within our broker ratings. These licenses are always awarded by an external regulatory commission and this commission ensures that the broker maintains certain requirements within their service. The broker is also constantly evaluated by the regulatory body and this ensures that customers are in for a safe and fair experience with the online broker. In the UK, most of our broker reviews found that online operators generally have licenses from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If you are looking at stocks trading online, be sure to double check the licenses that the broker has managed to obtain. Be sure to read through this section of our broker reviews thoroughly to better understand the legitimacy of the service.

Security methods

Once the licensing has been confirmed, our team then takes a close look at the security methods that the broker has put in place to protect both themselves and their customer base. The most basic of security methods, Transport Layer Security (TLS) should be in place on all of their pages and this will ensure that any data of yours is protected while you are browsing the site. You can usually confirm that this is applicable when the URL of the site starts with https://. We also take a look at the privacy policy to determine exactly what is done to protect customer details that are stored within the online service’s database.

Having online security is not the only test that brokers will have to pass. Our reviews also try to find out exactly what is done with the storage of customer funds. It is quite common for operators to store the funds in separate tier one bank accounts and it is important to keep in mind exactly where your money is at all times.

Online reputation

With a recognised license and adequate security measures put in place, you can have a certain degree of safety but researching the online reputation of a broker will provide you with information from customers who have been in a similar position to yourself. While our trading reviews do take a close look at the service that is on offer, there may still be plenty of controversial cases surrounding the service provider and the only way to find unedited information would be to take a look through an online service review platform where customers can post their feedback.

Our team of experts does take a look at the online presence of a broker before assigning them a score for their security and licensing. Our broker ratings will also offer an insight into the service level you can expect but previous customer stories will detail exactly what they received. Always remember that online customer reviews tend to be negative and you would have to browse through a couple before deciding if the online broker is legitimate or not.

What Goes Into Our Reviews?

Understanding exactly what goes into our online broker reviews will allow you an insight into the service you can expect to receive from each of the providers out there. Our trading reviews format has been carefully put together by our team of experts here at to bring you all the crucial information about each service offer. By maintaining the same format within each review, we are also able to rank the brokers in each category of their service and establish some numerical broker ratings.

General user experience

Our reviews start with a brief introduction to give a slight bit of information surrounding the bookmaker service. We then take a look at the offers and new customer experience that is available with the online broker. This includes any promotions that may be available and just what is done to make the entire experience as user-friendly as possible for new customers. The next category of our trading reviews would be the general usability of the site. You will be spending a fair amount of time on the website and trading platform, so it is essential that both services are easy to use for anyone, independent of their technological knowledge.

Accounts and fees

We then take a close look at the range of accounts that are put on offer by the online broker. There are numerous online service providers out there that have more than one account option and we detail the specifics of each of them to identify exactly which one is most suitable to your requirements as a trader. Our broker reviews UK also provide an in-depth look at the fees that are associated with each service offer. The industry is so competitive that brokers are constantly seeking to claim the lowest fees in the industry and we compare the applicable fees to the average out there to get a better idea of how low the fees really are.


The next factor determining our broker ratings would be the trading platform on offer and the payment options to compete trades. We take a look at the variety of platforms that are included in the service and whether or not there is mobile support alongside the desktop version. You also wouldn’t be able to complete trades if your preferred method of payment is not covered, we take a look at all the supported options and factors such as a minimum deposit and processing times applicable to each method. If you are interested in the trading instruments you may find with various brokers, head to our ETF trading UK guide.

Service and Security

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of our broker reviews can be found near the end of each page. First, our team takes a look at the customer service offer that is included with the service. How many options are there to contact the broker, what languages are supported, the hours of support and the speed of the response we receive. You are bound to run into an issue at some point and it is important to know that you have support when you need it. Finally, we take a look at the regulations that the broker has to abide by and if there is any sort of insurance on your funds that are held by the broker. Any additional features will also be found in this section before we conclude our online broker review.

These reviews should give you a clear indication of what you can expect from the online operator. Our trading reviews will also run through the available trading instruments in our product verticals section after the general review. These can be used to determine the quality of each trading instrument that is on offer. You can find all the specifics of the markets you are interested in relevant to the broker of your choosing.

Starting Point

While our reviews are concise and to the point, there are plenty of brokers out there and it might be a challenge for any reader to browse them all. For this reason, we recommend that you compile exactly what points you are looking for within a trading service. You can make use of our information throughout this page to formulate your requirements and then you can compare these to the broker offers presented in the comparison tool. Once you have done this, you can narrow down the list of potential brokers out there and start reading the comprehensive reviews of each of them.

With a smaller pool to choose from, you can then begin the process of checking out their pages to see if they have a demo account option available. Using the information that you would have gathered from our reviews, you can sign up for a demo account at some of the operators that you are interested in and gain a further glimpse into their service offer. By making use of a demo account, you can also get a feel of just how the markets behave and whether or not the service is really suitable for your needs. If you would like some more information on the various trading instruments out there, head to our bond trading online guide.

Conclusion – Time To Get Reading Our Trading Reviews!

By now, you should have a solid understanding of why our broker reviews have been compiled for the various online brokers out there. It is important to also remember why you should be using these trading reviews to help you along in your trading career. By doing this, you can avoid any below average service offers out there and find your perfect broker ratings the first time. One of the most crucial aspects of trading online, would be to ensure that you are safe while doing so. By reading through our staying safe section, you can have a constant reminder of what to be on the lookout for within each broker’s service.

You can then make use of our world-class trading reviews to gain a further insight into each of the broker ratings out there. The various sections of our broker reviews all have numerical scores assigned which helps us put together our broker comparison tool. This tool can be used as an indicator of broker ratings and will help any interested reader to identify the broker that they are looking for.

Trading Reviews FAQ

💯 Where can I find UK broker reviews?

Finding reviews and trading guides is crucial if you are looking to get a head start with your trading career. A review will provide you with crucial information about an online service operator before you have committed anything to the service. This can save you both time and money as the first broker you choose will manage to meet all of the requirements you are looking for. Be sure to read over our reviews to get an informed opinion before signing up.

✒️ How do I sign up with UK brokers?

Once you have found a broker that manages to check all your boxes, you will surely be very keen to get signed up and begin trading. Luckily, our team of experts here at have taken a look at exactly how you can sign up with your broker of choice. Our reviews detail the full extent of their service and take a look at exactly how the sign up procedure is done. You will be able to find all of this information in our broker reviews. 

❓ What are the broker ratings in the UK?

Having a rating system for online brokers will allow any interested customer to quickly glance over the offers within the industry and have a numerical method to have an opinion on who is the best broker out there. Our reviews have been structured in such a way that they rate the most crucial service aspects from each broker and assign a score to them. This allows us to put together an informative rating system for stocks trading and more.

📄 What documents do I need to begin trading?

Once your account is open with your broker of choice, you will need to verify a couple of details before you can begin trading. This will include a number of documents that need to be submitted and each broker’s requirements may differ in some way or another. Our reviews run through what documents are usually required and our team keeps an eye out for the odd document that is not standard.

⚖️ Is online trading legal in the UK?

Whenever you are dealing with financial transactions, it is best to make sure you are on the right side of the law. Depending on how you plan on trading, you may be using some services illegally. We try to give you as much information as possible to consider your case and discuss the licensing that each broker has managed to obtain. Read through our reviews here at to see if there is any applicable information for you.

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