BDSwiss Demo Account UK 2021

Set up your BDSwiss Practice Account

Before you begin to trade, you will need to choose a broker as it is the broker who will be your gateway to the market and will be the company that executes all of your trades on your behalf.

Beginners and professional traders need to take the same amount of in depth research to decide who to trade with as brokers are crucial to your success and goals. Most brokers offer a free practice account or demo account to traders at registration to experience using their platform, gain valuable insight into their trading conditions, instruments, features and options.

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Pros and Cons of Trading with BDSwiss 

  • Reliable broker, regulated and established with headquarters in Switzerland
  • Offers multiple trading instruments including Forex and CFD
  • Trading technology offering both MT4, MT5 trading platforms
  • Demo Accounts let you trade with virtual cash provided by the broker
  • Quality Customer service although the call centre hours of operation are limited

Your Guide to the BDSwiss practice account

What is a BDSwiss Practice Account?

A BDSwiss test account is a free account that is provided by the broker. It is set up automatically when you register and allows you to practice trading free of charge with the exact same functionality of a live trading account.

Brokers understand that trading on a new platform is challenging for any trader. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional. This is because the platform is unfamiliar even when you have carried out all of your research. That is why brokers provide you with a demo account as it is important to practice trading on a new platform for all users that are new to their service. To check out other demo sites take a look at our review of CMC Markets demo account and the Pepperstone practice account.

A BDSwiss Demo account allows you to use a real-time version of the live environment. This means that demo and live accounts are the same with real price trends and swings, offering trading tools and indicators, and delivering an overall realistic experience. The main difference is that with a demo account, you will not spend your own money on trades which makes trialling a new broker risk-free.

A demo account is the best way to learn the basics of trading Forex, stocks, commodities, and just about any financial market. By using a demo account for trading, beginner traders can understand the ways in which the foreign exchange market works, as well as find out which instruments are most suitable, and which strategy works best.

It is also used by experienced traders who use the demo accounts to try out advanced trading tools and experiment with their complex strategies. When they need to test out a new trading strategy and find out how different spread levels work for them, a demo account is used as a free platform for traders.

For more information see our BDSwiss Review article.

How do I locate the BDSwiss Practice Account?

The BDSwiss Practice Account is easy to locate and use. It is available once you register with BDSwiss. The registration process is simple and will only take you a few minutes. Once complete will provide access to both your demo account and a live trading account.

Let’s take a closer look at the BDSwiss registration process. Once this is complete, you will have access to your trader profile, all of your BDSwiss trading information and access to your demo and live trading accounts. Simply follow these steps and you will be well on your way.

  1. Visit the BDSwiss website and select ‘Sign Up’ and you will be redirected to an online application form.
  2. Simply enter your name, your phone number and choose a username and password
  3. Check the Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Information Acknowledgement page
  4. Select ‘Create Account’

Your registration and setup is now complete!

Here you have access to the trading platform where you can perform all of your trading activities. You can also personalise and complete your trader profile information.

You will now have access to your demo trading account and BDSwiss provides you with free virtual currency worth $10,000 to start your practice trading. You are ready to go!

What are the advantages of using the BDSwiss Practice Account?

The BDSwiss Practice Account is beneficial for traders of all experience levels. BDSwiss provides a demo account for traders to practice and use as a risk-free trial.

Beginner traders can take advantage of demo accounts as a good way to get started with trading with not only BDSwiss but with all traders. At the same time, you can get to know how to use their trading platform. The benefits that come with the demo account are endless because as a beginner you can practice trading for free in a real trading environment.

It is recommended that all beginners start with a demo account before operating in a live trading environment.

Experienced and professional traders also benefit from the use of demo accounts by being able to get a feel for the trading environment and work on their strategies to gain a valuable edge for successful trading.

With the BDSwiss Practice Account, you can build up your trading skills by actively participating in trades and trying out and developing trading strategies without the risk of live trading. They can also trial how their strategies perform within the BDSwiss environment.

The BDSwiss Practice Account is designed for traders of all experience levels from beginners through to advanced traders. These BDSwiss Practice Accounts provide you with the opportunity to explore all of the great features on the BDSwiss Trading Platform. You will be able to try features that are only available on the BDSwiss site. To compare the features take a look at our reviews for Capital-com demo trading account and IG Markets test account.

What can I trade on the BDSwiss practice account?

Many experienced and successful traders within the BDSwiss community will always advise new members joining to use a demo account before engaging in live trading.

The BDSwiss Practice Trading Account is a risk-free way to trial the broker platform without risking your hard-earned money. Trading directly on a live account without first using the BDSwiss Practice Account is not recommended.

Without the knowledge and experience that is gained by using the BDSwiss Practice Account the risk is dangerously high. Therefore, it is best to use a  demo account before live trading.

By using the BDSwiss Practice Account you will gain valuable knowledge such as which trading instrument is most suitable which you should test and carefully consider and the best time of day to trade – this is especially important for day traders. You will also be able to test effective strategy to execute trades by trying different strategies and approaches.

The most effective way to achieve your best results is by experimenting and testing within a demo account to discover the best individual trading strategies and significantly increase your skills.

Traders can test and change their strategies as many times as they wish within a demo account before they implement them into live trading. For example, a trader may wish to try several different combinations of trading techniques.

The fact that there is zero risk traders are free to explore different features and strategies without losing any of their own funds. This allows more freedom to experiment.

Once you start using your live account you are trading from your real funds and therefore you must carefully consider your trading decisions as there is certain risk involved with live trading. Practising with a demo account lowers this risk.

This is the only difference between a demo account and a live trading account. Demo accounts have all of the features of a live account.

Our Experience With The BDSwiss Demo Account

In any financial market, whether it’s Forex, stocks, or anything else, when you trade you are usually offered two types of trading accounts: a live trading account and a demo account. While a live account is used for the actual trading with real deposits, online trading practice accounts are dedicated to practicing new skills and strategies.

When I started out using the BDSwiss Broker Platform, I started by using the BDSwiss Demo Account. Whenever I start using a new broker I always start by using their demo account. My experience working with the BDSwiss demo trading platform and the features the broker has to offer was easy from the start and overall a good experience. The platform is easy to use and they have a great support service.

The process for opening an account is quite simple. To open the demo account, I selected ‘Sign up’ and followed the prompts. Upon completing the signing-up process, the demo account was created automatically. I then had access to my account on my Dashboard.

Here I was given the option to go directly to the trading account, but I highly recommend you make use of the demo account first. In the case of going to the trading account, simply select your preferred account type and click on ‘open’. You will be required to input your personal details as well as other trading-related information. Once you have successfully registered for an account, you will obtain the trading platform’s login details.

You will need to take an Appropriateness Test which I found very interesting and useful. Then I was able to start using my dashboard to access my account, view my information, and make deposits or withdrawals.

The broker has excellent educational resources to increase the trading skills and knowledge of beginners as well as experienced traders. The BDSwiss Trading Academy is one of the best I have seen and in my opinion better than other broker sites. It offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

The demo account offers forex and CFD instruments to trade. The brokers trading conditions suitable for traders of different levels of experience. Its trading platforms and education resources add value to the firm’s ecosystem.

BDSwiss’  well-established customer support is extremely easy to connect with, a number of options to choose from and the service is user friendly and very responsive. Their support includes Whatsapp, Live Chat, Telegram, and Email. The call centre is available 24 hours on business days only. Overall I found that they had a good choice of features, comprehensive education resources, responsive customer care team, advanced trading platforms, and updated market news.

The site is well developed, has a good layout and is user friendly. I have been able to easily test different financial markets and to discover what was suitable for me.

For example, I was able to figure out the best time of day for me to make a trade which meant making many trades at many different times and work out comparisons.. The BDSwiss site is easy to get used to and transitioning from one market to another or changing up and testing my trading strategy is easy.,

Because BDSwiss offers such a wide range of trading currencies and options, as well as the ability to trade in a variety of markets such as the forex market meant that the demo account was extremely useful to try options to see what worked best.

After learning the platform through practice, I found it easy to transition into my live trading account with the added comfort of using my deposit of funds to trade in the exact same environment where I safely learnt how to trade.

I also found that I can also do it on the move thanks to the BDSwiss mobile trading options, making my account accessible on the go. I have since made some very successful trades, the deposits and withdrawals are on time and their support and learning resources are a great addition to the free learning experience.

Beyond the Demo Accounts: Useful Information About BDSwiss

BDSwiss offers brokers leading technology and a well-designed website which makes it a great platform to use. The BDSwiss platform offers both an excellent website layout and the mobile apps can easily be used by beginner traders and are a popular choice amongst experienced traders. The broker is recommended for traders of all experience levels.

BDSwiss has three types of fore accounts Each of these accounts is designed to suit the unique needs of traders. The accounts offered include VIP, Raw, and Classic.

With BDSwiss, there are commissions or fees on most trades. However, the trading fees are charged in the form of spreads.

The value of the spreads varies throughout the day depending on volatility and conditions in the market. Different BDSwiss accounts have specific spreads. The VIP, Raw, and Classic accounts have spreads that start from 1.1 pips, 0.0 pips, and 1.5 pips respectively.

BDSwiss offers the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. MT4 has all the fundamental features that individuals need to trade successfully. It is especially helpful to beginners. In contrast, MT5 is a more advanced platform that has additional features including hedging options.

BDSwiss’ website has detailed information on the differences between the two trading platforms. These details will help you make an informed decision. You can download and use either of the two trading platforms on an Android or iOS device as well as your MAC or PC. The BDSwiss mobile app and the BDSwiss webtrader are also part of the firm’s trading platforms.

Get Started With the BDSwiss Practice Account 

The BDSwiss Practice Account is a great choice if you are a new trader as the broker provides an excellent platform to practice trading when starting out. It is a risk-free way to find out whether trading is for you while at the same time you can make a practical decision as to whether BDSwiss is the broker to choose.

With no fees or charges to trade and no obligation when you set up your demo account, it’s a great option.

All you have to do is register in a few simple steps and you will have access to your demo account to start testing out the brokers platform.

Simply start using the BDSwiss Demo Account and you will be able to take advantage of the dummy funds; cash provided by BDSwiss valued at $10,000 and yours at no cost. It is so easy.

Conclusion – Our Final Verdict on the BDSwiss Demo Trading Account

The BDSwiss Practice Account is an excellent option with great features. The demo account is a dedicated space for risk-free learning and developing new skills and strategies. Unlike a live account, a demo account is completely free and allows you the freedom to experiment and test different features, functions as well as strategies.

BDSwiss offers one of the best demo accounts which means you can try out all of its unique features, experience the broker’s advanced technology. Don’t forget the virtual cash provided to you at no cost – valued at $10,000 to practice your trading.

Demo accounts are useful for traders of all experience levels and are a valuable tool that can make any good trader, a great trader.

BDSwiss Practice Account FAQ 

BDSwiss Demo accounts have all of the features of a live trading account. A trader will normally set up a demo account before they open a live account. This gives a trader a good feel for the platform. With a BDSwiss demo account, there is no requirement to make the real deposit to your account.  A BDSwiss Demo Account is also completely free of charge. It is risk-free and quickly set up and ready to start. To find out more, be sure to take a look at our latest review at

With a BDSwiss demo account you can practice using the brokes site free of charge. You can make the most of a demo account by experimenting with different trading markets, trading times, and strategies and determining which one works best for you. By practicing on the BDSwiss Demo Account you can play around and develop your own various trading techniques on a virtual market and you’ll be able to develop your own trading style that is useful for traders of all experience levels. To see how the BDSwiss will benefit you, be sure to read our latest broker review at

A BDSwiss Demo Account can help you gain valuable information about how the BDSwiss site works. Some users find it has certain drawbacks. When you open a broker demo account you are not taking on any risk of a real trade. You can get a good feel for the BDSwiss trading platform and find out if BDSwiss is a good fit for your new or existing trading strategies. For comprehensive advice and information, be sure to read our latest trading guides and reviews at

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