Vantage FX Demo Account UK 2021

Set up your Vantage FX Practice Account

If you are interested in beginning your online trading career, you will need to get started with a demo account before committing any real funds. We will be running through the Vantage FX demo trading account throughout this page.

By making use of a Vantage FX test account, you are able to gain a preview of what service you can expect to receive from the online broker once you have signed up. A demo account allows interested customers the opportunity to get a feel for the markets before they have actually committed any of their funds.

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Essential Questions About The Vantage FX Demo Account

What is a Vantage FX practice account?

A demo account is an account option on offer with most online brokers within the trading industry. The demo account offers a preview of their unique service and any interested customers can take a glimpse into the service offer before signing up and committing real funds. With Vantage FX, you gain access to the full extent of their online trading service while your account is credited with a certain amount of fictional funds in the currency of your choosing. These fictional funds can be invested in a variety of markets and the price of the asset will follow the real time performance. This will give you an insight into how markets perform and you won’t have to lose any unnecessary money simply by being inexperienced.

Not only does this give you a clear indication of the online broker service, but you are also able to see just how successful your trades would be with a Vantage FX demo account. You will be able to run through their entire registration process, determine which markets and trading instruments are on offer and take a look at their trading platform. Our review of Vantage FX details the specifics of their online service and it is always recommended that you browse through some reviews before you make the decision to sign up with an online broker. Vantage FX does offer demo account options to anyone in the United Kingdom and you will not be limited with your practice account, you can see the full extent of what they have to offer.

Where do you download the Vantage FX practice account software?

If you have read through our review and made the decision to open up a Vantage FX practice account, you will most likely be wondering exactly where you can download their service software. Vantage FX is an Australian broker but their service has extended its reach to all over the globe. Signing up to their service has never been easier and you will simply need to visit their website to begin the process of becoming an online trader. Once you have arrived at their homepage, you will quite clearly see the account options in the top right of the screen. If you have experience trading and are convinced that Vantage FX is the way you’d like to go. You can go ahead and follow the ‘Live Account’ option to become an active trader.

For the newcomers, you will be able to make use of the demo account option in the top right of the screen. This will redirect you to another page where you will input your details to open a demo account. This includes an email address and phone number that will be linked to your account. Once you have completed this, you will need to select your trading platform, account type, currency, leverage and balance. The third party software that Vantage FX makes use of is MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. When you have selected all of your preferences, you will be able to download the software of your choosing. To get an idea of another online broker’s software, head to our HYCM demo account page.

Why use a Vantage FX practice account?

Many new traders make the crucial mistake of skipping the Vantage FX demo account option. The usual motivation for this is that the gains you make will not be able to be withdrawn as the initial investment was fictional funds. However, if you are new to the industry, it is quite likely that your first trade will not amount to gains and you may end up losing some funds right at the start of your career. This can scare off new traders and for this reason it is highly recommended that all beginners first try their hand with a Vantage FX practice account before investing their funds into the online service.

Not only does a demo account offer you protection from initial losses, it also offers a glimpse of the online broker’s service as a whole. You will be able to make use of the service as if you were a committed client and this will provide you with an insight into the compatibility of the online broker. If the service and platform are suitable to your trading needs, you can go ahead and invest those fictional funds in the trading instrument of your choosing. This will also allow you to determine which instruments may become a part of your investment portfolio. You can judge your performance on the markets without having to invest some of your funds from the start. All of this information is crucial if you intend on maximising your chances of making some gains. If you are interested in other demo account options, head to our Eightcap practice account and Robinhood test account pages.

What can you trade on the Vantage FX free broker account?

After you have completed the sign procedure for the Vantage FX demo account, you will need to verify your email address and phone number if you would like to include two-factor authentication. With your details submitted, you will have full access to the Vantage FX online trading service. This includes a trial of the MetaTrader 4 software. The MetaTrader software always has a strong focus on the forex trading instrument and you will find all of the available currency pairs listed within the software. For customers looking to keep up to date with the software releases, you can also select the MetaTrader 5 option. There are over 40 currency pairs available within their forex trading service and you can select your own currency of preference. These currency pairs are also available to trade with some very low spreads applicable to the available options.

If you browse a bit further with your online demo account, you will find plenty of CFD options available as well. These include commodities, shares and indices. You will be able to invest your fictional funds into any of these markets and those funds will follow the real-time price performance of each asset. You can also make use of different leverage options with each of these trading instruments to get a feel of the common trading mechanism. The amount of CFD options was fairly limited when compared to other operators in the industry and the spreads applicable on shares were relatively high.

Our Experience With The Vantage FX Demo Account

When I arrived at the Vantage FX homepage, I could tell that the quality of the site was already above par when compared with other online brokers in the industry. The overall look of the site is very modern and illustrates the level of professional service that you are in store to receive. The first section of the site to catch my eye was the demo account and live account options which have been discussed earlier. While browsing further, you are able to see their 4 main trading instruments included within their service; forex, commodities, indices and share CFDs. Each of these instruments will have a brief description and a general overview of some of the most traded options within each instrument.

The site then goes on to elaborate just how the entire Vantage FX service is regulated and what licenses they have managed to obtain. For the more experienced traders out there, you can also browse through the account options besides the Vantage FX demo account. There are PRO and RAW ECN accounts and a Standard STP account. The amount of options available with Vantage FX is unparalleled within the online trading industry and you will definitely be able to find a perfect fit for your trading needs.

Besides the comprehensive service offer, you can also claim a 50% welcome bonus that is mentioned on their homepage. This will allow you to receive 50% on top of your initial deposit to be used throughout the extent of their service. Once you feel comfortable with your Vantage FX practice account and have decided to deposit some money, make sure to opt in for this offer. You will then be able to make use of their lightning-fast trading platform to put the promotional funds to use. This is a fairly scarce offer from an online broker and make sure to meet all the terms and conditions to put it to good use.

With each account option, you will be able to apply various amounts of leverage in order to maximise your potential gains. Be careful when doing this as the reverse may be applicable and you might lose a drastic portion of your funds. In order to minimise your chances of losing funds, it is important to stay up to date with all the developments concerning your investment. To help customers, Vantage FX also includes a comprehensive news section on their page which includes articles from the most reputable news sources out there.

Not only will you be receiving a world-class trading service from Vantage FX, you will also have access to the entire MetaTrader platform with your mobile device. The software has been ported to both Android and Apple devices and you will be able to monitor your investment performance from just about anywhere. The entire experience I had with Vantage FX was certainly a positive one and opening an account was a breeze. If they manage to check all of the boxes of your online broker requirements, then you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

Beyond Demo Accounts: Useful Information About Vantage FX

Our full Vantage FX review found that there was plenty more on offer with the online broker than just a great demo account option. Once you have spent enough time on your Vantage FX practice account, you may be wondering just what more there is available to look forward to. Vantage has managed to claim some prestigious awards including the title of the Financial Trading Services Provider of the Year in 2020. You will also be able to take advantage of a relatively scarce welcome offer when you have decided to join their service.

Besides this, your general trading experience will be on one of the most reputable trading platforms on the market, MetaTrader. To top it all off, the commissions and fees will vary with each account option but they are relatively standard or below the industry par. You won’t have to forfeit some of your hard-earned gains simply to account fees with Vantage FX. The spreads within each market option are also competitive with other service providers. Be sure to browse through our comprehensive review before committing to the online service. If you would rather take a look at another online broker, head to our HotForex demo trading account page.

Get Started With Vantage FX 

Getting your career started with Vantage FX has never been easier and you should have just about all the information you will need to get going. Once you have arrived at their page, select your preferred sign up option and submit all of your details to open your account. Be sure to submit your details correctly as a confirmation email will be sent to your account.

With an active account, you will need to verify your email address before you can begin trading and you may also have to verify your mobile number if you are opting in for two-factor authentication. Once this is done, you will finally be able to get trading with Vantage FX.


The Vantage FX practice account is a crucial step in deciding just which online broker service you are planning to use. Not only does the demo account give you the opportunity to feel how the markets behave, but it also provides an invaluable insight into the online trading service as a whole. You will be able to find out just how compatible the trading software is to your needs while you catch a glimpse of your own investment performance. Be sure to keep this page open while you sign up for a Vantage FX demo account to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Vantage FX Demo Account FAQ

📜 What do I need to open a Vantage FX practice trading account?

Opening a demo account can sometimes be a troublesome procedure with some online brokers. Many of them require documents and details before you are able to open an account and begin trading. Here at, we take a close look at all of the brokers out there and exactly what is needed to get your online trading career underway. Head to our page to find out more.

🤔 Does Vantage FX offer a demo account option?

There are plenty of online brokers on the market at the moment and many of them do offer demo account options. It is also fairly common for a demo account option to be in the works or the online broker may have just missed it completely. Our reviews at detail exactly what is available with each broker and bring you all the necessary information surrounding the online broker – answering all your questions including “Can you buy bitcoin?”.

💸 Is it worthwhile using a Vantage FX demo account?

Demo accounts on brokerage platforms can be incredibly useful for those who are new to online trading. If you’d like to see the features of the Vantage FX demo account, our latest demo review will take you through all the steps you need to create your own account on this popular trading platform.

💳 Do I need to pay to open a Vantage FX practice account?

Some online brokers will require your payment details before you are able to open a demo account within their service. There are also plenty of them that simply need your details. Depending on which broker you are interested in, you will need to browse through our reviews to find out exactly what is required before you are able to make use of a demo account.

🔧 How do I open a demo account at Vantage FX?

Each broker will have their own unique registration process that will have to be completed before you are able to make use of the demo account option. Our team of experts have gone through the entire Vantage FX registration process and have put together all of the necessary information to make the entire process as easy as possible for you.

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