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Trading Signals Online Reviewed

Have you found yourself wondering what trading signals are? Many new and even experienced traders ask themselves the same question which is why we have put our trading signals guide together.

Our trading signals guide will help you better understand how trading signals are generated and how they can serve your overall trading experience in an advantageous way. Furthermore, we pick out some of our favourite trading signals online providers like Learn2Trade, Elliott Wave Forecast and Direct Forex Signals. We give you a detailed look at why these providers are some of the best in the industry right now.

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What are Trading Signals?

Trading financial instruments is an excellent way for people to make sound investments and to turn a profit from smart trading positions. However, these trades and investments don’t always go to plan which is largely down to the fact that traders either haven’t done enough research or they just haven’t had the right tools at their disposal.

Enter trading signals. Trading signals are indicators for when you should buy or sell a financial instrument such as stocks, bonds or anything that you are interested in. They indicate when the best time is for you to execute a trade and at what predetermined price. There are a few different ways that these trading signals online can be generated.

Automated: An automated approach can be done by employing computer software that tracks and analyses market prices of financial assets based on a specific algorithm. There are fewer traders these days who opt for automated trade signal generation as they prefer to have more direct control over their analysis.

Manual: Which brings us to a manual approach. Manually generating trade signals can be done in a number of different ways but the two main approaches are based on technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis reviews historical factors of financial assets while fundamental analysis takes a look at present-day economic and market factors.

As you can see, there are a couple of different approaches you can take to generating useful trading signals but it depends on what is going to suit you best. If you are someone who is short on time and can’t spend hours doing research then you will probably want to go with an automated approach or simply sign up to a trading signals provider. If you want to hold your trading destiny in your own hands then you will likely opt for a more manual approach to generating trading signals.

What Trading Signals Can Do for You

Now that you have a better idea of what trading signals are and how you can generate, the question still remains: are trading signals online worth your time, let alone paying for them? The simple answer to that question is yes. Whether you pay for trading signals from one of the best signal providers or if you try to generate them on your own through analysis trading signals are always useful.

The best trading signals UK can help traders and investors find other opportunities for investment in markets that they may not have been paying all that much attention to. There is a real versatility to trading signals which is what makes them so useful. Not only can you have your inputs generate trading signals for markets you maybe haven’t tapped yet but you can also sign up to signals providers which will save you time and energy. Before you know it, you will have a host of tips and trading ideas for you to capitalise on should you so wish. The beauty is in the options for expanding your trading horizons.

While you can of course generate your own trading signals UK it can be quite a time consuming if you are not using any software. That is why so many people turn to signals providers to generate the signals for them. However, choosing the wrong signals provider can lead to you paying for a service that is mediocre where you won’t even get your money back from successful trades. So, what should you look out for in the best trading signals UK provider?

What to Look For in a Quality Trading Signals Provider

Just as you can choose from a number of different online brokerage firms in the UK you will have just as many options for your trading signals providers as well. So, how can you tell which of these providers is going to do a good job in providing you with genuinely promising trading signals? Here is what we look out for in the best trading signals UK providers:

Functional platform

The very first thing you see and the part of the provider you are using the most is the actual platform. If the platform is difficult to use, confusing and just generally laid out in a disorganised manner then your trading signals experience is going to be marred by these negative aspects.

The platform should be clear about how often they will send you signals and how they will alert you to new opportunities as well. While the platform may not be the most important aspect of trading signals it is still vital that it operates seamlessly and without too much clutter.

Amount of signals

Now we come to what most traders are after and that is the trading signals themselves. Whether you are after CFD signals or forex trading signals you don’t want to sign up to a provider’s site and only receive a nominal amount of monthly signals. The number of signals you receive will almost always depend on how much money you are willing to spend but there is still an industry standard for each bracket of payments.

If you are signing up for free you should still receive about 4-5 signals a month. After that, there is more variation but if you feel like you are paying too much for a set of signals per month then take a look at our site to compare some of the providers you might be interested in.

Fair costs

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph the pricing on these signals provider platforms can vary greatly. With that being said you should not be made to pay an arm and a leg for a handful of medicare trading signals. The pricing on these sites should be fair and not be charging exorbitant amounts of money for a monthly subscription fee. Always make sure that you shop around first to check out the prices on these platforms and as we say check out our site at to see more reviews on the pricing of these providers.

The Best Trading Signals UK Providers

There are a plethora of online trading signals providers currently available for you to choose from which makes finding the best one all the more difficult. You now know what to look out for in these providers to assure quality but even knowing that can still make it a trying task to find them. As such, we have decided to put together a list of some of our favourite trading signals providers:


Learn2Trade has been an active signals provider in the UK scene for a couple of years now and has continued to go from strength to strength. Learn2Trade offers its users a number of different educational resources like learning courses, forex guides and articles. Learn2Trade originally started as an algorithm which is why they have grown into one of the best trading signals UK providers. Learn2Trade uses the latest AI technology and machine learning to scan financial markets 24/7 for the latest breakouts. You will find a predominate forex focused feel on the site but that is not all they offer.

Our trading signals review found that you can sign up to Learn2Trade and receive 3 trade signals per week. This is a stellar offering as it is a free account. However, if you want to upgrade to the premium account you will need to pay around £25 for a one-month subscription. You can also pay £85 upfront and gain access to the service for 6 months effectively making it around £15 per month.

Elliott Wave Forecast

Elliott Wave Forecast is one of the more pricey trading signals online providers you can access and for good reason. The company is one of the largest technical analysis firms in the world covering financial assets that include forex, cryptos, commodities, stocks and more. You have access to in-depth educational tools and market opportunities. You won’t be disappointed with this signals provider as the diversity of their offering speaks for itself.

Now as a result of the diverse range of financial assets and trading signals on the site the price is fairly steep. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to test out the site but should you decide to sign up you will need to pay around £70 per month for the silver tier account. If you want to sign up for the diamond tier account it’s going to set up back around £290 per month. This may deter some new users looking for trading signals online but the 14-day free trial period is a great way for you to test out the service and see whether the juice is worth the proverbial squeeze. If you are looking for trading signals that work then Elliott Wave Forecast is a great place for you to start looking.

Direct Forex Signals

If you’re looking for trading signals that work then look no further than UK-based signals provider Direct Forex Signals. This signals provider has a fantastic reputation which its 12,000 active members can attest to. Direct Forex Signals leans towards forex signals as the name suggests but there is enough diversity on the platform to satisfy all types of traders. You can even access a 30-day demo account on the site to see if the service meets your expectations.

Direct Forex Signals has a fantastic streamlined mobile app where you will receive your trading signals. You don’t have to download the app if you don’t want to, as you can also receive your trading signals via email. Although we would highly recommend using the app as signals can sometimes disappear as quickly as they are found so it’s best to receive them without having it first access your emails.

As far as some of the costs go to use the platform our trading signals review found that if you sign up on a month to month basis you will pay £25. Should you pay for a 3-month package you will pay £55 where a 6-month package will set you back £85. That works out to £14 and £18 per month respectively. The pricing is very reasonable for the service you receive.

Time To Use Trading Signals To Your Advantage

Hopefully, you are now well-informed about what trading signals are and how they can serve your trading endeavours in the best way possible. And with more knowledge comes more power as you begin to decide what trading signals provider you think is going to do the best possible job for you. You can use some of the main aspects we pointed out to discern whether a provider is going to work for you or not. Or, you can always just choose one of the options we have given you as we can assure you these providers are of the highest quality.

Once you have nailed down where you are going to receive your trading signals from then the next step is finding the best online broker in the UK. There are a staggering amount of options in this regard which is why we highly recommend that you check out our website. We review all the online brokers available so you can get a clear picture of the service they provide and how well they operate. This makes it easier for you to find the best online broker out there.

Trading Signals UK FAQ

📈What are trading signals UK?

Trading signals are an exciting avenue for traders new and old to take their trading prowess up a notch. At, our guide gives you a detailed breakdown on exactly what trading signals entail. We try to give you a simple yet informative guide and what these signals are and how they are generated.

✨ How do trading signals improve my trading success?

There is never a guarantee for trading success no matter what anyone tells you. The financial markets can be quite fickle when they want to be so there is never a 100% guarantee. However, trading signals are a great way to shore up your trading position and guide you in the direction of some promising trade opportunities. We don’t want our readers missing out on this knowledge which is why we give you a detailed look at how you can make trading signals work in your favour with our trading guides.

💷How much do you pay for the best trading signals online?

There are a number of different ways for you to get your hands on the best trading signals UK. There are times where you will need to pay for these signals depending on the site you want to use and the amount of trading signals you would like to receive each month. So, our trading signals guide gives you an idea of what some of the costs involved are and how they might vary from broker to broker.

❓Can I get trading signals online for free?

Trading signals are generally an advantage that you will need to pay for. However, they have been trading signals that you could procure for free in the past. As such, our trading signals guide takes a look at the current standing of most of the signals providers out there to see whether or not you can get your hands on some premium trading signals without having to spend a penny of your own money.

💯Who is the best trading signals online provider?

There is a plentiful supply of trading signals providers in the industry at the moment which can make it tough to find the ones that are operating the best platforms. At we want to make this a little more clear for you by picking out some of our favourite trading signals online providers who we think are some of the best in the business. With our guide at, you will be able to find the best provider out there and get straight to getting your hands on the best trading signals online.

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