Trading Strategies UK 2021

Trading Strategies That Work

Online trading has gained more customers than ever before and just about every trader out there is looking for trading strategies that work. Throughout this page, we will be running through the most popular strategies on the market.

This page will detail exactly what strategies are used on and why they should be added to your arsenal of trading tools. There are plenty of different types of trading strategies and it is important to identify which of them will suit your trading style.

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Why You Should Use Trading Strategies

If you are interested in the online trading industry, you will undoubtedly need some tips and tricks to get your career going. Fortunately, our team of experts have put together some of the most well-known strategies out there. We have also started from scratch to bring you some strategies that will be useful when you begin online trading and also listed the various other techniques throughout this page as well. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of trading or if you are a newcomer to the markets, you will find all the information you will need right here at

Every trader needs to make use of some strategies and techniques to maximise their gains from trading. The concept of trading has been around for so long that plenty of professionals and experienced hands have developed concepts that have been working for hundreds of years. There are also new strategies that have been developed with the use of mathematical progression and these can also aid any online trader on their journey. If you are serious about online trading and would like to make some money from it, you will need to at least understand the strategies out there to gain a more informed opinion regarding market behaviour. If you decide to steer clear of the strategies you may miss drastic swings in the markets from other traders who are making use of the strategies.

To get started with this page, we will be taking a look at what strategies beginners can use right off the bat. Then we will take a look at the most popular strategies out there and some of these trading strategies examples will be described in each of their sections. To find trading strategies that work, you will also need to consider your specific trading technique to determine which strategies would work well with it.

Trading Strategies For Beginners

If you are a newcomer to the online trading industry, you can make use of the following trading strategies for beginners to get started. While they are not overly complicated, they are crucial for any trader before they can begin looking at more advanced techniques. Our team of experts have plenty of years of experience in the industry and their advice is based upon what they have learnt during their careers. While the information will give you an informed opinion, markets may still behave erratically which can result in losses.

Small steps

When you are getting started with online trading, it is important to keep your initial investment relatively small. Most newcomers to the market are overconfident and invest in the wrong trading instruments which could result in large losses. For this reason, it is always recommended that new customers start with a small initial investment to get a feel of the markets and how they behave. By doing this, you can lower your risk of loss and gain experience with online trading. There are also plenty of demo account options available with online operators. This will allow you to invest a number of dummy funds with an online broker which will follow the real-world performance and you can determine whether or not your venture will be profitable.

Do your homework

While no one wants to hear that sentence, it is important that you know what you are investing in. Depending on your interests, your investment portfolio should look very different to other traders out there and this is because you should stick to industries that you know a lot about. If you are a specialist in software engineering, you would likely end up investing in software companies that you are familiar about. It is also important to diversify your investment portfolio, this lowers the chances of losing a lot of money with a single investment. When diversifying, be sure to do all the research you can about the markets you are looking at and keep up to date with any developments that may happen while you own the trading instrument.

Buy low, sell high

Once you are set up with a reputable trading platform, you will have made your initial deposit and surely be itching to make some trades. Hopefully, you would have done the necessary research and determined that the chosen investment opportunity is right up your alley. It is then crucial that you take a look at the charts of the asset price over time. This can provide you with information to determine if the price is at an all-time high or if you are buying in a dip. The key point to remember here is to buy low and sell high. While this may seem obvious to most readers, there are a number of factors that influence it and we will discuss this in more detail in the trading strategies section.

Be patient

Trading may be used as a short-term tool or a long-term investment. Depending on what you have decided to invest in, you will need to remember that the potential gains/losses will depend on time. You will not see money immediately, but if you have made the right trade, your money will grow over time. It is important for all new traders to be patient when it comes to their trades. That being said, it is also recommended that you set limits for yourself to minimise any losses from an investment that may steadily be decreasing in value. Simply look at the amount you have invested and if it drops below a certain threshold, sell it off. If you have done the necessary research and think an upward trend is about to end, be patient and sell your asset at just the right time to maximise your gains. These trading strategies for beginners will certainly help any newcomer to the industry and it is highly recommended that you memorise and make use of them.

List of Trading Strategies

The following strategies are some of the most used strategies by most of the big traders in the industry. If you are looking for trading strategies that work, browse through these to see if they manage to fit your trading style and try applying them to your investments.


This trading technique is used by plenty of online traders and the basic concept is that you will complete your trades just before the markets close. You will be able to use this technique by looking back at the price performance and making an informed guess as to where the market will open the next day. This strategy is perfect for anyone working an 8 to 5 job who does not have much time to study markets and can set aside some time at the end of the day to make their trades. This strategy would be the easiest to employ within your trading arsenal as it requires the least amount of effort, there is always the risk of overnight swings but these can be overcome by setting stop-loss or limit orders.

Swing trading

A more advanced trading technique would be swing trading. This is a fairly rapid strategy when it comes to online trading but it can be remarkably profitable. Any customer who has seen a price chart of a stock price is familiar with the oscillations in price while maintaining a steady upward, or downward trend. Swing traders make use of these oscillations to buy when the price is on the brink of turning and then selling as soon as they believe the price will drop a bit. As with any trading technique, you will require a lot of information to make the most out of this trading strategy but using this technique to profit off the minor movements as opposed to the larger trend can be profitable with most trading options.

This strategy will definitely be more applicable to the long-term traders out there. Trend trading is the larger picture option when compared to swing trading. Instead of relying on minor changes in price, trend trading is based upon the general shape that a specific asset price chart exhibits. This may be a steady incline or a steady decline. Investing in trends requires deep knowledge of the specific asset and is based upon the concept of investing in a company or commodity’s growth over time. You will need to be able to identify bullish and bearish markets in order to maintain your rules for investing within the trend. There are plenty of data analysis tools available within each trading platform and customers should take advantage of this to further inform their decision to buy or sell the relevant asset. There are plenty of opportunities to begin trend trading on the market today.

News trading

As you may have guessed, news trading involves making trading decisions based on the latest news and developments within the industry that are relevant to the markets you are invested in. For instance, the news surrounding an election may lead to a drastic change in forex prices involving the specific currency pair. News trading is one of the most useful techniques today as plenty of information can be obtained on the internet at a moment’s notice. It is highly important that you make use of reputable news sources when using this technique as one fake article may lead to unexpected losses. You will also need to have a set threshold of buying and selling. If the developments are not playing in your favour then it may be more beneficial to cut your losses.


The final trading strategy would be scalping. These are very short trades that are completed with minimal price movements. The benefits of this strategy include many small gains over time but a major drawback would be a large swing that results in a loss exceeding these gains. Using this strategy eliminates the risk of the price changes once markets are close and also allows a large degree of freedom to the trader. You can scalp for 5 minutes and make a small profit but as with any of the other techniques and strategies listed here, you will need to be well informed to be able to make any gains and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of these small price changes. This strategy is also the most attention consuming as you will need the absolute latest price of the asset to ensure you can make the correct decision to buy or sell.

Finding the Right Tools

Once you have identified the strategy you would like to use within your trading style, it is important to make sure you have the right tools to maximise your potential gains. The most important of these tools will be the trading service provider that you have chosen. Fortunately, our team here at has put together a comprehensive review package that brings you all the necessary details surrounding each broker’s offer and you will be able to gain an insight into the service you can expect to receive once you have made up your mind. A trading platform will also include numerous tools that you can use to analyse markets and gain more information before making your decision. It is important for any trader to have a trustworthy information source as there is plenty to learn when it comes to online trading. You will want to stick to the reputable sources out there.

Using These Strategies To Your Advantage

This brings us to the end of the trading strategies page. Just about every online trader will need to make use of these strategies at some point in their career and it is very helpful to learn them. IF you are just getting started, make use of our trading strategies for beginners and once you are ready to broaden your trading horizons, try out our more advanced trading strategies that work.

Trading Strategies FAQ

♟️ What are the best trading strategies for beginners?

Once you have joined the world of online trading, you will definitely be on the lookout for tips and tricks from experts in the industry. Here at, we have put together a comprehensive page of all the strategies you can use to kick start your career at broker websites. These trading strategies are great for beginners but can also be used by experienced readers as well.

🔎 Where can I find online trading strategies

Knowing where to find the best strategies out there is probably the most crucial piece of information to getting ahead of the pack. There are plenty of sites out there all sharing the same information. Our team of experts have scoured the internet for the most popular, and the more niche strategies out there. You will be able to find all the information you are looking for right here at

⚙️ How do I use trading strategies?

Having the strategies in mind would be no use if you could not use them in your day to day trading. All of our pages detail exactly how you can use each of them and you will find these examples alongside the information you are looking for. The strategies are also presented in such a way that any reader can understand what to do to make the most of the information – such as our forex strategy that works guide.

📕 Are trading strategies easy to learn?

You may think you need a fair amount of knowledge about trading before you can begin to use strategies on the markets. Luckily, our team of experts have put together all the information in a way that is easy to understand, from trading signals to the best forex strategy. We steer clear of any language that could confuse newcomers to the industry while still getting all the crucial details across. Head to our site now to see exactly what we are talking about.

₿ How can I use trading strategies with crypto?

Crypto markets have managed to become the talk of the entire financial sector. This is due to the large amount of different opinions surrounding cryptocurrencies themselves. If you are looking at using some of the most popular strategies on the crypto markets, then look no further, our page here at details exactly which markets the strategies can be used on.

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