Best Gambling Affiliate Programs 2022

If you are new to the world of online gambling, you might not be aware of gambling affiliate programs. They are, after all, not the kind of thing that the average punter tends to give that much thought to.

As you become more experienced as an online gambler, though, the term ‘affiliate program’ is something that you might come across more frequently.In this article, we’ll take a closer look at gambling affiliate programs for you.


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Best Gambling Affiliate Programs - All You Need to Know

WBest Gambling Affiliate Programs in the UKe’ll define what they are, and give you more information about how they work. You can also find out where to find gambling affiliate sites, and you can pick up some handy tips about where to discover the best gambling affiliate programs too.

Read on to find out how gambling affiliate marketing works!

If you are unfamiliar with gambling affiliate sites then the first thing that you need is a clear definition of what they are.

The best gambling affiliate programs are an important method for operators to generate revenue from the gambling industry, and they work in tandem with major gambling operators such as online bookmakers. They take a variety of forms, and we’ll look at a few of them here.

In simple terms, an affiliate is basically a website that generates traffic for an online gambling operator. These betting affiliates can take a variety of forms. You may have seen a Facebook page offering football betting tips, for example, or a golf news blog that also carries links to major golf betting pages.

These kinds of websites or social media channels will carry banner advertising, links and other types of content that leads readers to the betting operators with whom they are affiliated. In return for providing the operators with this traffic, the affiliate is rewarded with a percentage of the money spent by punters who use the operator via one of the affiliate links. They usually need to sign up with the operator via one of the links. The affiliate will then usually receive around 30% of that player’s losses.

Of course, the more punters that the affiliate persuades to sign up for an operator, the more chance they have of receiving lucrative amounts of revenue from the partnership. It is therefore in the interests of affiliates to produce interesting and entertaining content that can drive more traffic to the operator’s website.

Gambling Affiliate Networks - Reasons Why Operators Love Affiliate Traffic

So why do betting operators, who make such huge profits anyway, need affiliates? Well, the best gambling affiliate programs are a great way of replenishing player numbers. Punters fall away from gambling sites for a number of reasons. Sometimes they just get bored, or they open an account with another operator. Sometimes, they might be too successful and have their account limited by an operator, or they stop gambling entirely. People drift away from operators for a whole variety of reasons.

This makes replenishing the player base a vitally important aim for all gambling operators. Affiliates are a cost-effective and relatively simple way of driving player numbers upwards.

Gambling affiliate network programs are therefore really a type of marketing agency. The concept has been used in industries other than the gambling industry. It is used by the vast majority of operators in the gambling industry in some form or another, though, and remains absolutely central to how gambling websites continue to enjoy profitable success.

So how can you become part of the best gambling affiliate programs? One way that you can do this is via us here at We’ll tell you a bit more about how to join online gambling affiliate programs.

Online Gambling Affiliate Programs - Become an Affiliate with

So you have decided that you want to become part of one of the best gambling affiliate programs, what is the next step for you? If you’re looking for guidance as to how to find which operators you should be affiliating with then can help.

Our guide articles can help you spot the right online gambling affiliate programs for you, and remove a lot of the effort of researching the topic for you. They can help you spot which operators’ brands fit the type of content you want to create, as well as identify which operators have the fairest revenue share arrangements. In the next section of this article, you can see which five characteristics you should always watch out for when considering becoming an affiliate.

Best Gambling Affiliate Programmes - 5 Things to Consider

Gambling Affiliate Network in the UKIf you’re planning on becoming an affiliate then you need to know how to identify what the best gambling affiliate programs look like. We will take a closer look at how you can spot the right sort of operator with which to affiliate here.

Most of the features for which you need to look are fairly obvious. As with anything related to online gambling, it is always best to find operators that are transparent and honest about what they can offer you.

Choose Your Brand - Gambling Site Affiliate Programs

Most gambling operators out there will offer some kind of affiliate program that you can become part of. You need to assess which of the many brand names out there suits your content. There is a huge variety of brands out there now in the gambling industry. They all have their own particular niche in the market too. From bingo sites to live casinos to football betting – each operator has its own particular speciality that relates to the audience it is hoping to attract.

This is related to tailoring your content appropriately. For your affiliation to be a success, your content needs to match the brand with which you are affiliating. There is little point in developing relationships with gambling affiliate sites that specialise in bingo and aim at a middle-aged female demographic if you run a blog that features tips about betting on American sports betting. Always choose a brand that suits your content. You can find out more about the brand identity of various operators by checking out our reviews here at

Match Your Favoured Type of Gambling

Obviously, if you are going to become an affiliate you need to match your content on your website or social media channel so that it suits the operator with which you have affiliated. There is little point, for example, in developing an affiliate relationship with an online casino that specialises in slots if you are producing a website devoted to betting on the Premier League. Similarly, there is little future in your rugby union betting tips Facebook page affiliating with a poker site.

Before you commit to signing up with an affiliate, make sure that there is a good fit when it comes to content. Otherwise, you will not be taking the right kind of customers to the operator. Your website or social media channel needs to have an appropriate audience for your affiliated operator.

Check the Revenue Share Arrangements 

When it comes to generating revenue for yourself from the affiliation partnership you need to check that the operator is being fair with you. There are two types of revenue arrangement that are generally used by affiliates. One is where you and the operator have a long term relationship where you receive a percentage of all the money spent at the operator’s site by players that you refer. Percentages vary for this, but they usually work out at between 25% and 45% in the best gambling affiliate programs. You are usually paid a share of the money that players lose. As long as those players keep playing, you will continue to receive commission.

Another possible arrangement is a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) type deal. This is where you will receive a flat rate for every player who makes a deposit that you have referred to the operator. This type of arrangement pays out commission to you whether the players you refer win or lose. In simple terms, the more traffic that you send over to their site, the more money you earn.

Whichever type of arrangement you prefer, you need to check all gambling affiliate programs to make sure that you are being fairly compensated as part of the deal. can, of course, help you to identify the operators with the fairest revenue arrangements in place.

Regulation and Licensing Need to be Right

A really important part of finding the right gambling affiliate programs for you is checking the licences held by a potential affiliate. It goes without saying that any gambling operator that is operating in the UK and does not hold a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) should be avoided.

A licence is necessary to demonstrate that an operator remains committed to certain standards of fairness and safety. It is a sign that they can be trusted to offer fair odds, legitimate markets and that their casino games are tested regularly to ensure that they are not cheating customers in any way. You can usually see what licences an operator holds by checking at the foot of their homepage, so this is not a difficult thing to check. For more specific information, check with the operator’s customer service team.

Check Customer Safety Arrangements

Customer security is a massive issue for all online gambling operators. If you are looking to become part of one of the best gambling affiliate programs then you need to make sure that the operator with whom you wish to affiliate looks after its customers. This does not just mean making sure that they encrypt all data and keep financial transactions secure, but also that they protect their customers from falling prey to compulsive or addictive patterns of behaviour.

A reputable operator should always provide contact details for bodies like Gamblers Anonymous that can provide support to customers who suspect they might be developing a problem. There should also be the facility on the operator’s site for the customer to more easily control their own spending and betting patterns. An operator should always, for example, provide the means for customers to set their own limits for spending on their account.

If an operator does not show its customers sufficient levels of care in this area then you should be wary of affiliating with them. Of course, one of the simplest ways to spot the best gambling affiliate sites in this regard is to use the range of resources on offer at

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Online Gambling Affiliate Programs in the UKNow that you know a little bit more about gambling affiliate sites you can check out some of our more specialised guides here at

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Conclusion - All the Tools YOU Need to Become an Affiliate

As you can see, gambling affiliate sites are an important part of the way that the gambling industry operates these days. The best gambling affiliate programs allow you to generate revenue by directing customer to gambling operators. You can find many of the best operators by checking out our guides here at Our articles and guides are packed with the kind of intelligent and well-informed details that can help you pick the best gambling site affiliate programs.

If you need further tips and advice about gambling affiliate sites make sure you come back to as often as possible. As well as the specialist guides we mentioned above, we cover a whole host of other topics too. Whether you are looking for recommendations for the best bookies for sports betting or where you can find the best variety of slots games, can help. Make sure you bookmark our homepage and we look forward to seeing you back here again soon!

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