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If you are a newcomer to the world of sports betting, you may not be familiar with what a betting affiliate program actually is. The chances are, though, that as you become more experienced in the world of online gambling, you will come across the term increasingly frequently. Becoming an affiliate is a way for you to generate some personal revenue by referring other punters to a certain bookie.

In this article, we’ll give you a detailed rundown on what you need to look out for when you’re seeking out the best betting affiliate sites. We’ll give you a definition of just what an affiliate is, as well as the five key features of a good affiliate. By the time you have read this guide, you should be able to identify the best sports betting affiliate programs out there. Finding one to suit you should therefore be much easier. Read on to find out all you need to know!

What are Sports Betting Affiliate Programs?

So what actually is a betting affiliate program? Basically, it is where a content creator partners up with a sports betting operator. Their content then drives traffic to the operator’s website. The content creator and the betting operator then share the revenue generated by that traffic. This might be worked out as a percentage of however much every referral loses in bets, or sometimes a simple rate paid for every deposit a referred player makes.

You may have seen some of these affiliates in action. Links and banner advertising are used on the content creator’s pages to drive the traffic to the operator’s website. The content can take a wide variety of forms these days. Sports news blogs are very common as affiliates. Social media channels are also used too. You might see a Facebook page offering football betting tips for example, or perhaps a horse racing YouTube channel, where links to certain operators are placed.

If you’re looking for the best betting affiliate sites then can help. We can help you spot the most attractive affiliate deals that can best match what you want to achieve. We’ll outline the details about how we do this later on, but first let’s answer the question of why betting operators like sportsbooks need affiliates.

Why do Bookmakers Need Affiliates?

Bookmakers make use of the best sports betting affiliate programs because they need to keep their customer numbers replenished. Affiliate programs are a great way of bringing new customers into a bookie’s website. It is important for bookies to freshen up their market share like this as customers drift away from bookies all the time.

Customers may see more value in another operator, or find that a different bookie has better deals for their favourite sports. A customer may have their account limited by a bookie because they have been winning frequently. Punters drift away from bookies for a wide variety of reasons, which is why gambling operators need to keep an eye on boosting their customer numbers all the time.

A betting affiliate program is a great way of doing just that. Rather than the operator undertaking the biggest share of the promotional work, their affiliate partner provides the promotional content that brings new punters in. With the revenue shared, it’s a situation from which both sides of the partnership can benefit. But you must make sure that you identify the right partner – here are some tips on what to look out for to find the right affiliate operator for you.

5 Features to Look for when Choosing an Sports Betting Affiliate Program

So you want to enter into some affiliate relationships with betting operators, what’s the first step to take? If you’re serious about finding the best betting affiliate sites then there are a number of features that you need to look out for. We’ll examine these in more detail here.

Decent Revenue Share Arrangements

Of course, a really important part of finding the best sports betting affiliate programs is how the revenue is split between the partners. You do not want to feel that you are on the wrong end of an inequitable partnership deal that does not provide you with fair recompense for your efforts. After all, it will be your content that is driving more potential customers to the affiliate’s website.

Most affiliate programs will offer you some kind of revenue share arrangement based on the money that a customer loses at their site. The figures for this are usually between 25% and 45%, though they can vary. An alternative way of sharing the revenue is for you to be paid a flat rate for every player who you refer that makes a deposit at the affiliate’s site. This is called a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deal.

You need to check that your affiliate is prepared to share their revenue on what you feel is a fair basis. An operator should always be open and transparent about how they plan to share the revenue with you. You can often get a good idea for the transparency and honesty of an operator by checking their licensing arrangements. We’ll look at how you can check those next.

Licensing and Security

If you are trying to find the best betting affiliate sites then you also need to check the licence of an operator before you commit to any kind of commercial relationship with them. Holding the appropriate licence or licences cements the reputation of an operator as being above board, fair to their customers and honest in all of their dealings. To hold a licence, an operator is subject to stringent checks to ensure that all aspects of their services are up to scratch and legitimate. An operator with a proper licence is not likely to be engaged in behaviour that could be construed as dishonest.

If you live in the United Kingdom then the licence you should be checking for comes from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The UKGC licence is a sign that an operator is allowed to operate in the UK, and that they are regularly audited for the fairness, security and legitimacy of their business. All operators offering gambling services to British residents should carry a licence from the UKGC. It is also one of the world’s most stringent gambling regulatory bodies. The best betting affiliate sites in the UK should all carry a UKGC licence.

Match the Affiliate’s Branding to Your Content

Every sports betting operator out there has their own brand identity. You can see it in things like Paddy Power’s irreverent advertising campaigns, or William Hill’s classy website design. A brand identity is how an operator would like to be seen by its customers and potential new punters. When you are seeking out the best sports betting affiliate programs, it pays to consider brand identity very carefully indeed.

This means that the content on your website or social media channel should be chosen so that it matches the brand identity of the operator with whom you have affiliated. There is little point providing betting tips for Gaelic sports, for example, if your chosen operator only has a limited number of markets available. On the other hand, if they feature plenty of promotional offers relating to betting on soccer with accumulators, they would be a perfect fit for your football news blog.

Types of Betting and Brand Identity

If you’re looking to team up with an operator as part of a betting affiliate program then you also need to make sure that the content you are creating on your affiliate channels is appropriate. This means checking the brand identity of your affiliate partner. For example, Paddy Power is known for its irreverent marketing campaigns, so this might suit a football blog that takes a quirky look at the latest soccer news stories.

When you are trying to find the best sports betting affiliate programs then it is essential that you match your brand identity and the type of betting you talk about to that of your potential partner organisation. There is little point affiliating to a sports bookmaker that doesn’t offer any political markets if you run a politics news site, for example.’s reviews and other articles can help you find the best sports betting affiliate programs for your type of content.

Customer Safety from Addiction

Another feature of the best betting affiliate sites is that they look after their customers. Reputable gambling operators put in place structures and features that can protect their players from harm as well as keeping their data and transactions safe. Gambling can be a risky activity, and people can fall prey to patterns of compulsive or addictive behaviour. If you are going to team up with an operator in a betting affiliate program then you need to feel reassured that they are going to be looking after their punters in this regard.

Before entering into a betting affiliate program with an operator you should check the help section of their website to see what protection they have in place for their punters. Punters should have the option to set limits for their account, in terms of the sums that they can bet. There should also be plenty of details provided about how to contact bodies like Gamblers Anonymous who can intervene and provide support if a customer has concerns about their betting patterns. If you are going to partner up with an online betting affiliate then you want to preserve your own ethical reputation as well as theirs.

Use to Find the Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Of course, one of the best ways to find good betting affiliates UK customers can sign up with is to use We have comprehensive reviews about most of the sports betting operators that function in the British market. You can use our reviews and other guides to find the best sports betting affiliate programs out there.

Our reviews and other guides can take a lot of the hard work out of you finding the best betting affiliate sites. If you look out for the features that we have identified above as being key then you should not go far wrong. Our guides and other articles will help you spot the most important features of potential affiliate partners much more easily then you having to do all the legwork by yourself.

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Of course, we cover much more than affiliation as a topic too. You can read about a whole host of subjects that are related to gambling at Whether you want to check out the latest Bundesliga betting tips or read a review of the latest slot sensation, you can do it here. Bookmark and we look forward to seeing you here again soon!


The important thing to remember about entering into a sports betting affiliate program is that you need to trust the operator with whom you are affiliating. One of the best ways of establishing that an operator is trustworthy is to check their licence, and if they hold a UKGC licence then that is a very good sign indeed. Your content should also match your affiliate’s branding, and you should also make a point of checking how revenue will be shared.

If those points, as well as the other features that we have identified above, all check out then you are well on the way to entering into a successful affiliate partnership. If you need further advice about anything relating to gambling, make sure you come back to We can given you all the tips you need about betting and much, much more – from the best horse racing betting apps to the best bookies for greyhounds!

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