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If you have been enjoying online gambling for a while now, you may have come across the term casino affiliate marketing. These casino partnerships with big name brands are relatively common in the world of online gambling sites, though newcomers might not be aware of them.

Basically, they are a way that you can generate revenue for yourself by helping to promote an online casino via a casino affiliate program. You refer customers to the casino sites and get paid in return via a variety of payment methods. And this page will take you through everything you need to know about the best casino affiliate programs UK punters enjoy.

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The idea of casino affiliates sounds very simple, and in many ways it is. As with anything in gambling, though, it is not something that you should just be floating into doing.

If you are considering the idea of casino brands to work with then you need to know exactly what to look out for before you make any firm commitments. Just as choosing the right online casino is important if you are a punter, it becomes even more important if you are considering the question of the best casino affiliate programs available on the market today.

Here, we’ll run through the basics of casino affiliates for you. We’ll define the term, and also tell you why casino stalwarts favour this type of arrangement. We’ll also let you know exactly which features define good casino operators with whom you can enjoy positive casino partnerships with big name brands. Read on to find out more!

What are Casino Affiliate Programs?

A casino affiliate program is where a content creator features links and banner advertising on their website or social media channels in return for a share of the revenue generated. The revenue is shared based on the number of customers who sign up for accounts as a result of clicking on those links. You will usually be paid a share of each customer’s losses, but sometimes a flat rate per sign-up is paid out.

Good candidates for the best affiliate deals with online casinos include online slots news blogs and social media channels that discuss casino game choices, tips and tricks for playing online slots or new players with a flair for creating and promoting good content. There are plenty of options out there nowadays for the best gambling affiliates.

Why do Operators Need Casino Affiliate Programs?

So why do operators in the gambling industry use casino affiliate programs? Well, the main reason is that they are a relatively simple way of promoting their casino and replenishing their customer base with new casino players so that the brand can compete with other industry stalwarts. Punters walk away from online casinos all the time for a wide variety of reasons. They may become bored with the range of amusements on offer, or have had their account limited for some reason. There are dozens of reasons why punters change their favoured online casino.

That means that casino stalwarts need to tempt new customers to their websites as often as possible and work on promoting their key USPs to punters. Casino affiliate programs are an easy way of doing this. The content creators do the hard work of promoting the operator in return for a share of the revenue generated by the customers they refer to the operator, meaning they get paid for raising awareness. If everything works smoothly, such partnerships with big name brands can work out very well for both the operator and the content creators who regularly get paid for their efforts.

But if you are a content creator looking for the top casino affiliates then there are a number of things that you need to watch out for. In the next section of this article, we’ll identify five features that the best affiliate stalwart should have in place.

5 Features of the Best Casino Affiliate Marketing Programs

casino affiliate programs uk

When you are looking for the best casino affiliate programs available today in the industry there are a number of features for which you should be looking on their websites. In this section of the article we will outline the five key areas that you should always be checking before you commit to any online casino affiliate programs available on the market today.

Check the way revenue share works

In many ways, the most important thing to check is how the revenue from the affiliate partnership is going to be split, whether you will be paid per sale or per month. Currently, cost per acquisition (CPA) is the main method favoured by content creators. You should also check to see how your share of revenue is generated per month. Many operators will pay out a share of the losses that new players sustain after they have signed up for an account. Others will pay flat rate per month based on the number of people who open an account at their site after being referred from your content channels. This latter is called a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deal.

The model of recompense that you opt for is really down to you and your preferences. Both types of deal have their advantages and disadvantages, so whether you decide to go for cost per acquisition (CPA) or prefer the alternative option to CPA, you'll find a deal that suits. The important thing is that it must seem fair to you. If you feel that an operator is looking to take advantage of your hard work through a low CPA structure, rather than offering a competitive cost per acquisition (CPA) offer, then the partnership will not work.

Match the operator’s brand identity to your content

One of the more important factors to consider when you are trying to identify positive casino partners in the industry is the operator’s brand identity in your marketing. You need to match the content that you are creating on your channels to the operator’s messaging on their sites to generate the most traffic and make a success of your content marketing. There is little point, for example, creating lots of content about bingo if your affiliate’s main feature is the variety and choice of slots game options on offer and tips for playing slots. Similarly, it is not really worthwhile writing a blog about cricket betting if you want to affiliate with an online casino operator whose range of casino table game options is outstanding.

You also need to think about the tone of the content that you create and how that impacts the amount of traffic and hits on each platform. Some online platforms may favour a more irreverent approach to things to generate interest and traffic that mirrors their own marketing, while others might be targeting a more sedate demographic for their customers. Writing edgy content about sport, for example, and then posting links to a site that is looking to attract more conservative women to its bingo pages would be an error.

Your content needs to match the operator’s focus to generate the most amount of traffic. If it does, you are sure to drive more traffic to their website. You will also be rewarded by more traffic at your own channels. You can use our resources here at to find the most appropriate matches for your channels and how to drive more traffic to each network.

Check the range and type of casino game options on offer at an operator

It is also important to make sure that the casino operator with whom you are looking to affiliate has a good selection of amusements and other entertainment on offer. If you write poker tips for a social media page or are a UK based media mogul, for example, you need to check the poker offerings from an online operator very carefully. There should be plenty of options on offer for new customers to explore. If there aren’t, then they are unlikely to commit to opening accounts and your revenue levels will suffer as a result.

You should be developing casino affiliates with platforms who provide their customers with a good selection of activities. They should have slots from major developers like Microgaming, Net Ent as well as slots from Play ‘N GO. It is also important that they provide a good variety of table game options, with several versions of blackjack, baccarat, roulette and video poker available. If your content on your channels is tailored towards poker players, you should also ensure that the poker room is up to scratch in terms of choice and opportunity for players.

Another important development in the online casino world in recent years has been the progress made by live casinos. Online live casinos combine the convenience of internet gambling with the excitement of a trip to a real life casino. Many more operators are now offering their customers the chance to partake of this excitement. Partnering up with stalwarts in the industry who provide live casino game options can be a good opportunity if you’re looking for the best affiliate deals in the industry.

Make sure that the operator is properly licensed

A vitally important thing to check before you commit to any kind of affiliate deal is the licence that an operator holds. Any online casino operating in the UK should really have a licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This industry body regulates all operators in the UK, ensuring that they are fair, secure and safe for customers to use. The UKGC is one of the world’s most stringent regulatory bodies too, so any operator that holds a licence from them is audited regularly to ensure that they are adhering to the required standards.

If an operator does not hold a licence from the UKGC then you should be very wary about entering into any kind of affiliate partnership with them. A licence is the best possible indication that an operator is legitimate and above board in all of their dealings. If an operator is not licensed by the UKGC then you should not affiliate with them, especially if the content on your channels is aimed at residents of the UK.

Ensure that the operator protects punters from addictive patterns

Another important thing to check when you’re looking for casino affiliates to partner with is how your potential affiliate protects their customers from the more negative possible consequences of gambling on slots game options and casino favourites. Anyone playing slots or other casino game options can slip into compulsive or addictive patterns of behaviour and it is vital that an online operator provides some form of additional protection for them.

A reputable operator will allow customers to set their own limits on their account, so that they can control their spending and manage their bankroll properly. They will also provide contact details for bodies such as Gamblers Anonymous who can provide more extensive support for anyone who suspects that they might be developing a problem or an addiction to slots games and casino games websites. You want to form casino partnerships with reputable and ethical brands when it comes to this issue.

Use to Find the Best Casino Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Of course, one of the best resources available to you when it comes to seeking out good casino partnerships is this website! At we pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible advice about the gambling industry. That is no different when it comes to casino partnerships. Our online operator reviews and other guides should help you identify which platforms are the best for you personally when it comes to casino affiliate partnerships.

If you use our list of features above, and couple it with the expert information provided in our reviews and articles, you should be well on the way to finding the top casino affiliate choices out there. And remember that we cover much more than just affiliate partnerships and online operator reviews too on the website. There is heaps of great content for you to explore here at!

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Now that you know a bit more about how gambling affiliate programs work, you should make sure that you check out the other gambling guides that are featured here at As well as this guide about casino partners, we also have a guide for you that deals with sports betting affiliate partnerships on the website.

But it is not just the affiliate programs available on the market that we write about, obviously. There is a huge breadth and scope to our gambling coverage here at As well as our weekly betting tips for many top sports, you can also read the latest sports news at our site. If you’re in any way interested in online gambling then you should bookmark’s homepage. From letting your know about the top online casino with fast payouts to the best online casino for roulette, we look forward to seeing you here again soon!


You should now have a pretty good idea which casino affiliate programs available today are worth pursuing and what trusted betting affiliate sites entail, as well as how you can go about looking for the affiliate partnerships that will best suit you. Always bear in mind that you need to be affiliating with a properly licensed operator that matches the brand identity of the content that you create. You also need to look for online operators that care for their customers when it comes to the safety and security of all their transactions. But they should also look out for their customers’ mental health too, and help to prevent them from falling prey to any negative patterns of behaviour associated with gambling. Last, you need to check the revenue sharing arrangements to make sure that they are fair to you.

If you check those things thoroughly before you commit to signing up to any casino partnerships with big name brands then you should be well on the way to making a success of things. As always, check back with for further advice if you need it! For more affiliates casino games guides, check out our UK casino deposit bonus and mobile casino free bonus reviews.

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