Classic Handicap Explained

Classic handicap explained – What is a classic handicap?

If you’ve ever wanted classic handicap explained, then you are in the right place. We are here to answer all of those important questions like ‘What is a classic handicap?’ so that you can hopefully make a little extra out of your sports bets. So keep reading to have classic handicap explained and discover the best ways to use this betting strategy.

Classic handicap explained in simple points

  • Get better odds for backing the favourite
  • Teams or players put at points disadvantage
  • Applicable for sports like football, tennis and more
  • Used for match winner bets and outright bets
  • Get more consistent wins when betting on underdogs

What is a classic handicap?

We can have classic handicap explained through saying that it will put one team or player in a sports bet at a points disadvantage that they would have to overcome for you to win your bet. This means that that team or player would have to win by a greater margin, which in turn means that you could get better odds for putting down a bet on this selection. As a result we can see that handicap betting could help you to make bigger profits when backing a favourite.

But it’s important to note that handicap betting can also work in the other way. This means that you could put down a handicap bet that puts the underdog at a points advantage. By doing, the underdog might not even have to win the match for you to win your sports bet. This would give you a better chance of winning your bets when you bet on those teams and players with long odds.

As a result, we can see that classic handicap betting gives you much more flexibility over how you use a bookmaker’s odds. It’s the perfect kind of bet to use if you want to bet on a favourite like Liverpool in a football match, or Novak Djokovic in a game of tennis, but you can’t find any sports odds that are worth betting on.

Plus if your favourite football team isn’t that good, then you can still get some winning bets through the team by laying down some handicap bets. All of which means that handicap betting could prove to be an invaluable weapon in your sports betting arsenal.

Classic handicap explained with a simple example

If you are still asking ‘What is a classic handicap?’, then it might be helpful to explain classic handicap betting through some examples from the sports world. You’re probably most likely to try a handicap bet on football, so it makes sense to see how handicap betting would work here.

Betting on the favourites with a handicap bet

Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on Manchester City to win a Premier League match against Southampton. Manchester City were the clear favourites and you could only find odds of 1.57 for the team to win the game.

By using handicap betting, you could put Manchester City at a one goal disadvantage which would mean that they’d have to win by two or more goals for you to win your bet. By doing this, you might be able to get odds of around 2.40 for a Manchester City win.

The more disadvantages that you give a team, it means that it makes it harder for them to win, but you’d stand to get longer odds. So if you put Manchester City at a three goal disadvantage, you could hope to get odds of around 10.00 for the team to win by three goals or more.

Betting on the underdogs with a handicap bet

If you wanted to bet on Southampton to win this match, you could improve your chances of winning by putting down a handicap bet. The team might have odds of around 5.75 to win the game through a standard match winner bet which makes it fairly unlikely that you’d win your bet.

But if you used a handicap bet to put Southampton at a one goal advantage then you’d get odds of around 2.40 for the team to win the match. While the odds are shorter, it would still be great news as it would mean that the game could end up as a draw and you’d still win your bets by backing Southampton with a +1 handicap bet. However if Manchester City managed to get a 1-0 win, you’d have a losing bet by putting Southampton down at a plus one goal handicap.

What is a classic handicap like for different sports?

From having classic handicap explained, we can see that handicap betting offers punters a great chance to try and level the playing field when two mismatched teams or players are about to compete. What’s best is that handicap betting can easily be applied to many more sports.

You can try handicap betting for anything from darts to ice hockey, baseball and so much more. Here is a quick look at how handicap betting could work to give you even better profits for betting on your favourite sport.

Tennis handicap betting

For this kind of handicap bet you would apply the handicap to the number of games that a player wins over the course of the tennis match. So the overall result of the match won’t matter here as you’ll be focusing on how many games each of the players win.

Let’s imagine that you’d bet on Simona Halep to win a tennis match against Ashleigh Barty with a three game handicap. By the end of the match Halep had won 15 games compared to Barty’s 11. The handicap bet would come into force and it would mean that Halep would be deemed to have only ‘won’ 12 games which would mean that you’d still win your bets and make better profits through the longer odds.

Rugby handicap betting

It’s easy to put down a rugby handicap bet. If you wanted to bet on England to beat Scotland in the Six Nations, but couldn’t find any decent odds, you could put a handicap on England which would give them a points disadvantage.

So you could try giving England a 13 point disadvantage which would mean that they would have to win the match by a much larger margin, but you’d stand to make much larger winnings as a result.

Snooker handicap betting

Handicap betting also works perfectly well with snooker. Here you would get to put a particular snooker player at a points disadvantage in terms of how many frames that they have to win by. It’s fairly common to see this displayed in terms of half frames to ensure that the bet won’t end in a tie. So if you wanted to bet on Judd Trump to win his next match you could give him a handicap of -5.5 frames and hope to make some bigger winnings.

What is a classic handicap outright bet?

You don’t just get to try handicap betting on the winner of a single sports match. This is because most decent bookmakers will also allow you to place outright handicap bets on the winner of a particular season or tournament. This makes having classic handicap explained even more worthwhile.

To do this, you will have to put down your handicap bets before the competition begins. You will only get to know whether you’ve won your bet once all of the handicaps have been added or subtracted to the relevant teams or players at the end of the contest.

What other betting guides and strategies are available?

Once you’ve mastered handicap betting, there are some other great sports strategies to try, which is why we at have provided a range of strategies and guides for you to browse. You’ll need to have lay betting explained to make the most of any betting exchange, and you should get a multiple bet explained to see how you can make some massive winnings out of sports betting.

It could also be worth having an over under bet explained as this can be used on a range of different sports. Don’t forget read through our backdoor cover explained guide, as this is an important part of any spread betting technique, while you should have bad beat explained so that you can come to terms with any unexpected sports betting loss.


It’s easy to see that handicap betting offers you an excellent way to get more flexibility of your sports bets. Not only can it help you make much better profits from betting on the favourite, but it can also help you pick up more wins when backing the underdog, all just by having classic handicap explained.

While it can take some skill and luck to make handicap betting work for you, it’s the perfect way to put the bookmaker’s odds in your favour. By theoretically levelling the playing field, you could open yourself up for bigger profits and more winning bets.

What’s best is that handicap betting works for a massive range of sports so that you’ll always be able to get something extra for your bets on your favourite sport now that you’ve had classic handicap explained.

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