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ecoPayz is an online payment method which allows one to deposit and withdraw funds domestically and internationally. As there are various payment solutions, one can never be sure which one will meet your needs best. Interestingly, ecoPayz has been around for a considerable time. However, it is not as well-known or widely used as other payment solutions when linked to betting sites. This isn’t to say ecoPayz is sub-par, it’s just that they’ve only recently started venturing into the online betting world. Below, you’ll find a detailed review of ecoPayz – from favourable multi-currency options; fast deposits withdrawals; and the Best Betting Sites with ecoPayz in UK.

Making a payment with ecoPayz

First and foremost, you’ll need to visit the ecoPayz website and create a free account. You’ll need to provide a username, email address, and password. This will allow you to access your own profile/account.

After you’ve created an account, in order to upgrade and deposit and/or withdraw from an operator, you will need to pass a verification process. Provided you can submit an identification document, proof of address, and clear photo, you shouldn’t experience any delays. Once verified (takes a day or two), you can now deposit and withdraw funds. You can do so by using a debit card. It is also possible to directly transfer funds into your new account or go to a bank teller and do it in person.

Once your e-wallet (ecoPayz account) has been funded, you’ll want to deposit funds from ecoPayz to your respective operator. Do so by choosing the ecoPayz option (click on the logo) when you’ve logged into your betting account. This is instant. You can thus immediately start betting, playing the slots, or doing whichever you fancy. When you want to withdraw funds from your online bookmaker with ecoPayz, simply choose the ‘withdraw’ option and confirm that you’ll be sending the funds to your ecoPayz account. Once the online bookmaker has confirmed the transaction, your funds should appear immediately.

Average time of ecoPayz for deposits and payouts

When depositing funds from your ecoPayz account to a betting site, there should be no waiting time. The transaction should be processed immediately. Your account on your chosen betting site while being topped up and you can continue with your endeavours. However, it is important to remember that withdrawals depend more on the Online Bookmaker than ecoPayz. With certain bookmakers, it will only take up to 24 hours to clear. In reality, this might only take a couple of hours. Furthermore, other sites might have a longer waiting time, anything from 2-3 days. With Energybet, it can take 7 days for your withdrawal to reflect in your ecoPayz account. Of course, that would be an extreme case. When taking the overall average time, expect your withdrawal to take between 1 and 2 days. 3 days would be considered a stretch. When looking at an Online Bookmaker with ecoPayz

ecoPayz verification requirements

There is no verification process for you to create a free account with ecoPayz. Naturally though, you’ll want to upgrade your account in an effort to link it to your chosen online betting site in the UK. This requires certain documentation. Firstly, you need to provide an identification document – a copy of your passport, ID card, or driver’s license. Secondly, you need to provide proof of your residential address. This can come in the form of a utilities bill, bank statement, and the like. Lastly, you must upload a photo of your face next to your chosen identification document. If you’ve ticked off these three requirements, you are good to go. You can now start enjoying your ecoPayz account and top up your betting account when needed.

The history of ecoPayz

PSI-Pay Ltd is the principle owner of the ecoPayz payment solution. ecoPayz was established in 2000, which makes it one of the oldest e-wallet options still in existence. This payment solution is aimed not only at individuals, but businesses too. With a wide range of services including and not-withstanding, virtual account services, and physical card options. In 2008, PSI-Pay Ltd was regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Allowing ecoPayz to become an authorized electronic money issuer. A year later, Mastercard membership was attained. Physical card issuance became synonymous with ecoPayz. The following decade has seen ecoPayz evolve in terms of online presence and services provided. In 2014, an app was introduced and implemented across virtual platforms. This has given customers access around the clock. A notable improvement was the 2-step process that has provided customers with added security – something that is very important in ensuring secure accounts and successful transactions. In 2018, a new partnership was formed with Western Union, which has ensured ecoPayz has global reach in terms of sending and receiving money. ecoPayz continues to evolve with the times, updating and improving their accounts and subsequent apps.

ecoPayz to other providers compared

There are various benefits that can be experienced if you decide to use ecoPayz as your chosen payment solution. They offer a wide range of different currencies and provide varying account options. You’re able to decide on the best option for yourself personally, and go from there. This gives you more autonomy in terms of depositing money, but also allows you to choose an option if you prefer to limit your activity. The ecoVoucher from ecoPayz allows one to use a prepaid option which will mitigate potential losses. You also have quite a few options in terms of funding your account (bank transfer, using a debit card, or even doing so physically at the bank). Trying to figure out how to transfer money from your account? Follow the bank transfer guide for more information.

One major highlight is the expedient deposit and withdrawal times. As with any payment option, there are certain facets that need attention. There aren’t as many Bookmakers with ecoPayz than you’d hope to find. This is the same with regards to the amount of Sports Betting Sites with ecoPayz. You’ll also find certain fees attached to when topping up your account. Other than this, ecoPayz is a secure and reliable payment solution. A complete overview of all deposit methods is available with our deposit methods guide.

Most popular payment methods

When entrusting an entity with your money, you want to be absolutely sure that there are secure protocols in place that will protect your money and your identity. This is a natural response from any person. In terms of ecoPayz, they have implemented a two-step process in order to maximize their security operations. If you want to check out other solutions which operate in the similar vein as Online Bookmakers with ecoPayz, you can check out the Neteller deposit guide or the Skrill deposit guide.

As a customer, you can be sure that your money is safe. Furthermore, you have the added knowledge that your financial details are not being shared with any third-party agents. ecoPayz is also authorised by a host of regulatory bodies which means that their practices are upheld and certainly more than capable of withstanding breaches in security. This is also the case with the best betting sites in the UK. They’re required to submit bi-annual security audits which ensures that there are safe, secure, and reliable practices and systems in place.

ecoPayz FAQ

Below are 5 common questions and answers about deposits which will help you avoid making a mistake and having a negative experience.

Q1. Can I use ecoPayz to deposit money on all betting sites in the UK?

No, it is not possible to deposit money on all betting sites within the UK. ecoPayz does not necessarily have a prominent presence like Neteller or Paypal, but there are still very reputable betting sites that have ecoPayz as a payment option. 888Sport, Royal Panda, bwin, and NetBet, are but a few who do have ecoPayz as an option. Want to take a look at a Paypal overview? Follow the PayPal deposit guide.

Q2. I have deposited funds but my account has not been credited. Where is my money?

It depends on which payment method you used to top up your account. If you used a debit card, this transaction should be immediate. However, if you made use of a wire transfer, it can take up to 4 days for your account to be credited. No luck after this period? It is important to send an email outlining the payment option used and you’ll receive help.

Q3. Am I eligible for a bonus if I use ecoPayz?

Yes, there are certain online bookmakers with ecoPayz that will provide bonuses. Many other payment solutions might exclude you from claiming your bonus. ecoPayz is competitive in this sense as you can still access sign up bonuses when playing on various sites. An Online Bookmaker with ecoPayz will most likely offer up weekly bonuses.

Q4. Do I pay fees when depositing funds?

Yes, you will pay a fee depending on your payment option. This is also true when you deposit funds from your ecoPayz account to your chosen bookmaker. ecoPayz tends to charge a relatively high service fee for such deposits. Be sure to look at the respective fee percentage for your transaction before you deposit.

Q5. How do I choose ecoPayz as my payment option?

Transfer funds from your ecoPayz account to your chosen bookie is very simple. You will find a section for deposits on your bookmakers site, click on it, and then simply click on the ecoPayz logo. Make sure you do not choose one of the other payment options as this will not allow you to access your ecoPayz account.

Best Betting Sites with ecoPayz in UK

If you decide to use ecoPayz as your preferred e-wallet, then it would be prudent to know which sites accept it as a payment option. In the UK, there are various online operators that do include ecoPayz. Betsson, 888sportl, BetWay, and Pinnacle to mention a few.

With the establishment of ecoPayz as a MasterCard affiliate, it will actually allow you to sign up pretty much any online bookmaker with ecoPayz. You can bypass certain sites by just entering your details as seen through MasterCard. There might be an added hassle though. To avoid this rather just stick to the Best Betting Sites with ecoPayz in UK. If you aren’t sure if your account will be MasterCard or Visa, simply take a look at your bank card. There will be a logo on the front. If you’re interested in finding out more about credit card options take a look at our credit card guide. However, from April 2020, you will no longer be able to use credit cards for depositing funds to online betting sites.

Secured Privacy

People value their privacy and want insurances that their details are secure and will not be distributed at random. This is a major concern for all entities that operate on the web. There are various opportunities for such companies to be hacked and their customers details to be shared to third parties. EcoPayz and online bookmakers with ecoPayz have checks in place to ensure this does not occur. As mentioned previously, a two-step verification process for transactions provides a secure platform for the flow of funds. Over and above this, the transactions that take place will not form part of your monthly bank statements and therefore remain anonymous. You can be rest assured that your activity on ecoPayz and subsequently, on all the best betting sites with ecopayz in UK, will not become public knowledge. Bookmakers that are prominent on the web and ones that you will be acquainted with will also have stringent privacy policies. You are able to do so on your own terms with the peace of mind that your transactions are secure.

General pros and cons of adopting ecoPayz as your payment solution


ecoPayz is widely accepted across the world. They’ve managed to include a vast number of different currencies and are available worldwide. If you’re travelling and still want to use their services to capitalize on ongoing bets, this won’t be a problem. If you’re using the ecoAccount, there are no credit checks or verification processes. You’ll find the user platform to be easy to navigate and there is customer care 24 hours, 7 days a week. This certainly gives users a sense of reassurance. Things do not always work 100% and having the option of immediately speaking to someone and potentially resolving the issue is a great plus. Deposits from your bank account into an ecoPayz account and furthermore, into an operators account of your choice, is instantaneous. This allows you to top up on the go with no waiting time. Particularly important for punters who enjoy the live betting that the Best Betting Sites with ecoPayz in UK have to offer.


Most importantly, ecoPayz has not been adopted by all bookmakers as of yet. Some of these are popular bookies within the UK. This will limit your scope when deciding on attractive betting sites if you’re using ecoPayz. The reason for this could be attributed to the fact that ecoPayz wasn’t initially created for the online betting market. As it continues to diversify and extend its reach within said market, it is most likely more bookmakers will adopt it as a valid payment option. Fees associated with transactions also tend to be higher than payment solutions such as Neteller and Skrill.


ecoPayz has truly evolved as a payment solution, particularly in the online betting space. Added security features, desktop and mobile apps with 24/7 customer care makes it a competitive method. ecoPayz has a wide variety of currency options, and notably quick deposit and withdrawal times. They have managed to access and fully emerge themselves in emerging markets where regulations are more relaxed. This allows for lower withdrawal limits and easier transactional processes. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that ecoPayz is confined to such markets. It competes in more mature markets but still needs to gain necessary credibility with established bookmakers who are yet to adopt ecoPayz as a payment option. If you’re looking for another exciting payment solution that could serve your needs, visit the Bitcoin deposit guide.

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