Halftime bet explained – How does a halftime bet work?

With our guide to halftime betting, you’ll get the answer to the question of ‘How does a halftime bet work?’ and you’ll have a halftime bet explained in simple terms that just about anybody can easily understand. We’ll have a halftime bet explained for top sports like football, rugby and basketball, and once we’ve answered ‘How does a halftime bet work?’ we’ll outline the pros and cons of this bet type. Plus we’ll even throw in some tips for halftime betting too. So keep reading to have a halftime bet explained.

Halftime bet explained in five simple points

  • Bet on what happens in a sporting event before half-time
  • Unlock better value for your sports bets
  • For use in football, rugby, basketball and more
  • Bet on half-time score, number of goals and so on
  • Combine with match winner result for better odds

How does a halftime bet work?

A halftime bet is where you’d make a prediction on what happens in a sporting encounter up until halftime. This can be anything from the overall match score at half-time to the number of goals, points and so on.

The very nature of halftime betting means that it’s only applicable for those sports that are divided into two separate halves. This means that you should be able to enjoy halftime betting on sports like football, rugby, American football, basketball and Australian rules football. While a one-day cricket match might appear to have two halves, it’s not applicable to halftime betting. Obviously sports ranging from tennis and boxing to motor racing and horse racing won’t work with this kind of bet.

To place a halftime bet, you would just have to go to a bookmaker’s site, head to the relevant sporting encounter, and you’ll probably find a tab that has all of the halftime betting markets. Simply put down your predictions, and by the end of the first half your bet will be settled and you’ll get to see whether luck was on your side.

All of which shows that halftime betting is very similar to standard match winner betting. But there are many advantages to this type of sports bet that we’ll go into later.

Halftime bet explained with examples for different sports

In order to answer the question of ‘How does a half-time bet work?’ we thought that it would be helpful to give you a few examples for sports like football, rugby and basketball.

How does a halftime bet work for football?

All football fans can enjoy placing halftime bets on the sport. You’ll find that all decent bookmakers will give you a wide range of halftime betting markets and it’s a matter of finding the best value bets.

So for a standard Premier League game between Crystal Palace and Manchester United, you could get to bet on which team was winning at half time. Plus you should also be able to bet on the correct score at halftime, and try and predict whether both teams will score in that half or whether either of the sides would get a clean sheet.

Other football halftime betting markets could include options where you get to bet on whether there will be a goal in both halves, and you could take an over/under bet on the total number of goals scored in the first half, or even whether there was an odd or even number of goals.

We should also note that all of these bets will normally be offered for the second half of the match. Plus you should be able to combine the halftime bet with the overall match result for even better odds.

Halftime betting for rugby

It’s very easy to put down a halftime bet on rugby. Common half time betting markets for rugby matches include the likes of whether the home team or away team is winning or whether there’s a draw at halftime. Other betting options could include predicting which is the highest scoring half, and you might also be able to predict whether there will be an odd or even number of points scored in each half. All of which can help you enjoy much more value with your rugby bets.

Halftime bet explained for basketball

Although a game of basketball is divided into four quarters, you can still enjoy some halftime betting on the sport. This will allow you to try predicting the total number of points scored in the half, along with who is winning the game overall at the halfway point. You’ll also be able to put down a points spread bet for halftime and even combine it with the overall match win/draw/win markets.

Advantages of halftime betting

Halftime betting works well when you want to back a favourite to win a match, but you cannot find any decent value odds for this option. This is because there will be much greater variance in halftime betting odds, and the same could also work well for backing the underdog. After all, it’s easier for a less favoured team to somehow claim an early advantage in a game and hold onto their lead until halftime rather than being able to stay ahead for the full duration of the match.

Disadvantages of halftime betting

Halftime betting is probably something that you should only consider trying when you have a good working knowledge of how the teams are performing. After all, halftime betting can require a little more skill to take advantage of the odds as there’s a greater margin of error. But on the whole, halftime betting remains one of the more easy-going alternative sports betting options.

Simple tips to try when halftime betting

If you’re determined to put down a halftime bet, then you will need to do plenty of research on all of the relevant teams and players. After all, there are some teams who always seem to start the match strongly, while other teams are notorious for taking a long time to settle into their games. You can usually find a good amount of statistics that can help you in identifying which teams could be capable of making a strong start to their matches.

It’s also worth noting that halftime betting is something that can work well with live betting. Here you will get to take advantage of the constantly changing odds to put down a halftime bet when a particular team has made a strong start.

You’ll need to be quick to try this kind of in-play betting, but it’s all part of a successful halftime betting strategy. Don’t forget that most decent bookmakers will allow you to cash out your halftime bets early. This is an excellent way to hang on to whatever profits you’d made or minimise your losses before the whistle for halftime goes.

We would also recommend combining a halftime bet with a match winner bet. This would enable you to tie these two bets together to unlock even better value, and it’s a good tactic to try when you think that a team has a strong chance of winning the overall match. By putting down a halftime bet as well, you’d be able to benefit from greater odds than you would have just by backing the match winner.

Great betting strategies to try

Once you’ve got an answer to the question of ‘How does a halftime bet work?’, you’ll probably want to expand your knowledge of sports betting even further. We would recommend taking a look elsewhere in our guide where you can have everything from an oddsmaker explained to the rising method explained to take your sports bets to the next level.

By having a halftime bet explained, you’ll also be in a good place to have a value bet explained so that you can identify any undervalued odds. Plus you’ll want to have a head to head bet explained in order to take advantage of any of those big grudge matches. All of which should help you make some decent profits with your sports bets, and you can even have being a high roller explained if you manage to make some spectacular winnings.


By now you should have got a good answer to ‘How does a halftime bet work?’. You’ll understand that this is a kind of betting market put on by a bookmaker that requires you to predict on the state of a game by half-time in anything from a football match to a game of basketball. This kind of bet is a great way to unlock more value in the bookmaker’s odds if you can’t find any decent standard match winner odds. While there is always a little more risk involved in a halftime bet, it’s still an excellent way to use your sporting expertise to get more from your sports bets.

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