How does Accumulator Betting work?

If you are new to the world of gambling, you will need to know the ins and outs of different kinds of betting in order to increase your chances of success. A positive step in that direction is to know how an accumulator bet works and whether or not it may be the right type of betting strategy for you. At first an accumulator bet may appear a little more complex than your average single bet but – once you have a basic understanding – the pieces will all fall into place, revealing a fun and exciting betting strategy that could work exceedingly well for you. Look out for the term “acca” when placing your bets with bookmakers, this is just another, shorter term for the word accumulator. As such, let’s begin by trying to answer the question of “how does accumulator betting work?”

The Basics of Accumulator Betting

Accumulator betting are wagers which consist of two or more events on one betting slip. You can bet on more than two elements, but this will be explained later in the guide. Accumulator betting can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker in terms of your win conditions. Some bookmakers will allow an element of your bet to fail while still giving you the win. Others are far more strict and should one or more legs of your acca fail, your wager is then lost.

Your average punter will go with different match results to make up their accumulator betting slip, predicting whether team A will win, team B will lose and team C will draw. For example, if you are betting on Premier League football fixtures, you may predict that Manchester United will lose, Aston Villa will draw and Arsenal will win. Depending on your bookmaker, should you get all your components correct on your accumulator betting slip, you will have won your wager.

The point of this betting strategy is you can design your own betting slip so to speak. It doesn’t just have to be match results of certain fixtures, you could also bet on who will score first, if a team will score more than two goals or if a team will win both halves. There are many different options available to you. However, it is important to note an example of two elements affecting the outcome of each other. This is not allowed on your betting slip. Should you bet on, say, Tottenham to beat Everton and Everton to beat Tottenham, then your bet would be void as the two are different permutations of the result in the same game. With fundamentals down, you are already halfway to answering the question of “how does accumulator betting work?”

Different Types of Accumulator Betting

There are a host of different accumulator bets you can place, the limit is not set to solely two or more. This is largely what makes the accumulator bet fun and exciting as you can have your hand in many different outcomes for your betting slip. The common denominator in the different kinds of bets is that there are always different elements making up one betting slip, no matter how many elements you decide to go for. To answer “how does accumulator betting work?” we need to understand the different kinds of bets. As such, let’s take a look at the different accumulator terms and bets available to you:

A double: whereby you have placed a bet on two different elements that need to be successful.

A treble: you would need three of your components to be correct to win the wager on this acca.

A four-fold: anything upwards of four components starts being named “five-fold” and “six-fold” etc. The four-fold bet needs four elements to land in order to be successful.

There really are no limits to the amount of different components you can add to your accumulator betting slip. Although, some sound advice would be to start smaller with your bet, try not to be sucked into making complex and difficult acca bets right from the jump. Keep it simple, and work your up to bigger bets as your understanding of how to be successful develops.

How to Be Successful With Your Accumulator Bet

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for instantly becoming a successful punter when it comes to acca bets. However, there are steps you can take to at least mitigate your losses and give yourself the best platform to have winning wagers in the future. Here are a few things to keep in mind when placing an acca bet:

Know Your Sport

The importance of this tip cannot be stressed more, having good knowledge of the sport you are betting on drastically increases your chance of success as you already know what to look out for. If you are a new punter, it is always the right idea to place your acca bet on the sport you are most comfortable with. You can always branch out to bets on different sports later, but for the initial part of your betting experience it’s best to stick to what you know.

Use the Data Available to You

Having as much data at your disposal is incredibly valuable when placing your acca bet. For example, should you be an avid football fan and want to place an accumulator bet, then having the information of a teams’ current form, their injury list, head to head history against a certain team and who their top goalscorer is will only benefit you in the pursuit of a successful wager. There are many more elements to the data surrounding a team, try to familiarise yourself with these statistics going forward.

Pros & Cons of Accumulator Betting

There are both positive and negative facets to the acca bet that you should always keep in mind when placing your wager. Here are a few pros and cons to look out for in the future:

Pros of Accumulator Betting

From an enjoyment perspective, there are few betting strategies that provide quite as much fun and excitement as an acca bet. Aside from that, the acca bets on average provide substantially larger winnings than your single bet would. Furthermore, many bookmakers will offer you acca insurance on your bet slip which means that should one of your elements fail, they will return your stake in the wager. Some bookmakers may not return your stake in cash to you, but will offer you the same amount as a bonus bet on their site to play with. That bonus bet will almost certainly need to be used within a specific period of time after claiming it, so be sure to remain on top of that.

Cons of Accumulator Betting

There is only really one significant con to the accumulator betting strategy to keep in mind when comparing to other strategies you may wish to use. Acca bets are fun, but they can be difficult to achieve success with your wager. In predicting several different factors for a fixture, you have more chance to lose the bet. Even with a fountain of knowledge on a particular sport it is always going to be difficult to win every single one of your components on your betting slip. That is why we have previously suggested to start smaller with your acca bet as opposed to going straight for five-fold bets for example.

What Other Betting Guides & Strategies Are Available?

With the question of “how does accumulator betting work” answered, it is worth taking on new information about different useful betting strategies for you to use. Take a look at some of our other guides to help you garner a better understanding of betting all together. For example, it would be in your best interest to learn about combined-betting and betting exchanges for your future wagering endeavours.

You may also wish to learn about different kinds of bets such as a system bet or a draw no bet which will aid you in further developing your wagering prowess and your knowledge of the gambling landscape.

Lastly, it would be beneficial to understand how free bets work and what the different terms and conditions are that are usually attached to them.


With acca bets now explained, you are more equipped to answer the question of “how does accumulator betting work?” Accumulator betting adds plenty of fun and excitement to your betting journey while offering you a chance at much larger pay-outs than other single bets. While it does appear to be a more risky bet in terms of all the different factors to your betting slip, with a more refined knowledge of the sport you are betting on you have every chance of being successful.

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